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Live review HELLOWEEN, 'Pumpkins United', 013, Tilburg, 20.11.2017

Veröffentlicht am 21. November 2017 von Markus W. in Helloween, Pumpkins United, Michael Kiske, Kai Hansen, 013, Tilburg, Heavy Metal, Speed Metal, Power Metal, Keeper of the Seven Keys, Live, Live Review, Tour

Live review HELLOWEEN, 'Pumpkins United', 013, Tilburg, 20.11.2017
Helloween, 'Pumpkins United', 013, Tilburg, 20.11.2017

2017 is coming closer to an end, a year that had many highlights with one announcement that was sticking out - the Pumpkins United tour. Actually the first news came out in 2016 with things getting more concrete in spring this year. Helloween's 'Pumpkins United' tour feels like a dream that became true. Instead of performing some shows in an 'old-school setup', Helloween decided to go for a slightly different approach. 'Pumpkins United' includes all the current band members with the addition of no less than Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen. Even Ingo Schwichtenberg, who passes away in 1995 far too early, was and is part of this tour. The band honours the drummer with a drum solo via the backdrop screen, a solo he does together with Dani Löble. You can't interpret the word 'united' much better than this.

As a part of the world tour the band had a stop in The Netherlands on November 20th. It was the 013 in Tilburg that hosted a fantastic three hour show, featuring finest heavy metal. Helloween bridged in a perfect fashion old and new; not only when it comes to the line-up. The focus was, how could it be different, on the two parts of the 'Keeper of the Seven Keys" album. Five songs each turned the venue into a madhouse.

It was the Robbie Williams smash hit "Let me Entertain You" that acted as an intro to an unforgettable night of which "Halloween" was the starter, followed by "Dr. Stein" and "I'm Alive". These songs are classics and pure energizers.

Next to the great songs, the excellent musicians and the very well-done sound it was the stage scenery that completed a perfect metal show. As mentioned already earlier, it was a big screen that acted as a backdrop. Helloween used it to make Ingo Schwichtenberg part of this three hours metal journey. Next to this highlight of the night, one out of many, it has been short intermissions with Seth and Doc that have been placed after every second song. These nice and amusing breaks were the icing on the cake. Each of the short clips included a twinkle in the eye, stating the humour Helloween stand for.

Being grown up with the 'Keeper'-albums it felt like a journey back in time. Listening to the brilliant medley "Starlight/Ride the Sky/Judas" (from the "Walls of Jericho" release) and the epic "Keepers of the Seven Keys" was a delight for fans and metalheads. Of course time didn't stand still and we all got older. However, the magic survived and after all the decades that passed it's still a pleasure to listen to these classics in metal.

An exciting thing with this line-up is the fact that Helloween can benefit of three guitarists, providing a lot of riff-power and an extremely powerful sound. Next to the three axemen it's Andi Deris and Michael Kiske that performed more than well. It's the rougher voice of Deris that feels like an excellent counterpart to Kiske's high pitch moments, all climaxing when both have been on stage together, performing as a duet. It never felt like the one being better than the other or the both competing. It was more a completion of Helloween's sound. Still I must say that I was impressed how good Kiske's voice is after all these years. This man was and is one of the most influential singers in heavy metal - or how he stated towards the end of the show: "I lost my hair, but I didn't lost my voice". And he's so damn right - with both.

Time was flying that night and even the best things come to an end. The Grand Finale that night included two more classics. "Future World" and "I Want Out" have been excessively celebrated. The ending of a show couldn't have been better than with these two Helloween-hits.

Initiating 'Pumpkins United' was an outstanding idea. This set-up is fun for everybody. The band seemed to enjoy every single minute and also fans finally got what they were asking for such a long time - Helloween from then and now, all in one package. A night to remember and, at least when it comes to me, the by far best show in 2017.



Veröffentlicht am 8. August 2017 von Markus W. in Helloween, Pumpkins United, Tour, Live, 013, Tilburg, Heavy Metal, Speed Metal, Power Metal

The announcement of a 'Pumpkins United' tour was a sensational news for metal fans all over the place - especially for the ones following Helloween since their very early days. What sounded like almost being too good to be true became reality.

Michael Weikath, Kai Hansen, Michael Kiske and Markus Grosskopf will embark on a world tour, playing Helloween classics together on one stage. These four guys will also be accompanied by the rest of the current Helloween line-up which means that Andy Deris, Sascha Gerstner and Dani Loeble will be part of this unqiue moment in time as well.

The tour will start on October 19 in Mexico and will include shows in South America, Europe and Japan. This unique package will also perform a gig in The Netherlands. It's the 013 in Tilburg that will host a 'Pumpkins United' show on November 20. Up to date this s the only show in the Benelux and tickets are available HERE.


CD review MASTERPLAN "PumpKings"

Veröffentlicht am 22. Juli 2017 von Markus W. in Masterplan, Helloween, News, CD Review, AFM, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Speed Metal

CD review MASTERPLAN "PumpKings"

(6/10) From a timing point of view the release of “PumpKings” is a quite interesting one. In a time when Helloween’s close to the Pumpkins United tour, including Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen, it is former Helloween guitarist Michael Grapow who releases an album that features eleven songs from the ‘Pumpkins’. I can’t tell you if this release is a way to participate in the existing Helloween/Pumpkins hype or if it was a 100% based on a pure passion for these nine songs. Therefor I stop speculating and focus on the music you get with “PumpKings”.

As mentioned, the album features eleven tracks that cover the era from the 1991 release “Pink Bubbles Go Ape” to “The Dark Ride” which was released in 2000. Songs like "Mr. Ego" and "The Dark Side" are actually good metal tunes even though these nine years don't belong to the strongest ones in Helloween's long history and redoing them with Masterplan didn't add something to the total. OK, production techniques improved and the sound might have a bit more power, but on the other hand the Helloween-signature got lost a bit too. What's missing is a certain ease. This album feels bloodless and comes across more as a 'must do' rather than a release with much blood, sweat and tears.

What remains is the question if the world was waiting for this release at this very moment? You have to give the answer yourself but for me it would have been far more exciting to get a new Masterplan longplayer, considering the fact that “Novum Initium” was released four years ago. I can’t get rid of the idea that this album is more a performance of duty based on another motivation than creating a thrilling metal record.





  1. The Chance
  2. Someone's Crying
  3. Mankind
  4. Step Out Of Hell
  5. Mr. Ego
  6. Still We Go
  7. Escalation 666
  8. The Time Of The Oath
  9. Music
  10. The Dark Ride
  11. Take Me Home


Label: AFM Records

Genre: Power Metal

Release Date EU: July 28th, 2017


So far confirmed dates of HELLOWEEN's 'Pumpkins United' shows

Veröffentlicht am 5. März 2017 von Markus W. in Helloween, Heavy Metal, Speed Metal, Tour, Live, News, Power Metal

Helloween's 'Pumkins United' shows will be one of THE metal highlights in 2017 and quite some dates are confirmed already. Click HERE to check if they're coming to your town...


Sensational news from HELLOWEEN: 'Pumpkins United'!

Veröffentlicht am 14. November 2016 von Markus W. in Helloween, Gamma Ray, News, Heavy Metal, Speed Metal, Power Metal, Tour, Revival, Pumpkins United

This is sensational news for all Helloween fans - especially for the ones of you that follow the band since the very early days.

What was announced on the bands webpage sounds almost too good to be true. Weikarth, Hansen, Kiske and Grosskopf will embark on a world tour playing Helloween classics together on one stage. These four guys are also supported by the rest of the current band members which means that Andy Deris, Sascha Gerstner and Dani Loeble are part of this unqiue line-up as well.

What's announced so far is that this package will tour through South America, Europe Asia and North America with a tour start on October 28th in Sao Paolo.

For more detailed information please check the link below and stay tuned for updates...



NOISE lebt! - the next step incl. HELLOWEEN

Veröffentlicht am 21. Oktober 2016 von Markus W. in Noise Lebt!, Helloween, News, Heavy Metal, Speed Metal, Power Metal

NOISE lebt! - the next step incl. HELLOWEEN

After having released some complications of Noise Records bands the next step takes place during November. On November 18th three Helloween records will be re-released in vinyl. "Pink Bubbles Go Ape" (1991), Chameleon" (1993) and "Better Than Raw" (1998) are the ones with the latter being available as vinyl for the first time ever.

Each of the three longplayers is based on remastered original tapes and comes in a gatefold version with 180gr. vinyl. And there seems to be more to come.


New video and more details of HANSEN & FRIENDS

Veröffentlicht am 3. August 2016 von Markus W. in Kai Hansen, Hansen & Friends, Helloween, Gamma Ray, News, Video, HardHea, Power Metal, Hamburg

New video and more details of HANSEN & FRIENDS

As reported earlier Kai Hansen worked on his solo debut under the banner of Hansen & Friends. The iconic guitarist from Hamburg worked together with Eike Freese on guitar, Heaven Shall Burn guitarist Alex Dietz on bass and Carcass' Dan Wilding on drums.

The album will be released on September 16th and come via earMUSIC/Edel. The title is "XXX Three Decades in Metal", a name that says it all.

Hansen will perform the songs from his solo debut at this years Waken festival for the first time live and a teaser of the record is already online. "Born Free" is the first song that was unveiled and it's an awesome piece of metal. "Born in Hamburg in 1963..." - words that couldn't have been chosen better.

"Born Free" is a brilliant metal anthem that sticks as a wet spaghetti to the wall. Great riffs, a melodic chorus and a powerful arrangement makes this tune to a true headbanger. Take a look at the video.


New video and more details of HANSEN & FRIENDS

CD review TRICK OR TREAT "Rabbits' Hill pt.2"

Veröffentlicht am 17. Juli 2016 von Markus W. in Trick Or Treat, Helloween, Rabbit, Heavy Metal, Speed Metal, News, CD Review, Symphonic Metal, Power Metal

(8/10) It was in 2012 when Italian Trick Or Treat released their debut called "Rabbits' Hill pt.1". Already the name of this album sounds a bit weird considering a heavy metal record. So far so good. Of course the lyrical blueprint is the famous novel "Watership Down", written by Richard Adams, but I'm not sure if this really fits to metal. Maybe I'm not open-minded enough, but it feels a bit like the rabbit of evil and the bunny of doom. Anyhow, let's park this imaginary picture for a moment and focus on the music.

Here things are far more interesting and exciting. Trick Or Treat started as a Helloween cover band back in 2002, something that follows them up till now. The cross references on the debut have been unmistakable and their new release "Rabbits' Hill pt.2" continues with this passion for German melodic speed metal.

Trick Or Treat are more than only copycats. Of course it's a higher pace that rules. Having this speed combined with some catchy melodies leads to some melodic headbangers that are also produced in a quite good way.

However, the band has too much potential and bands like Helloween and Freedom Call build more a framework for the guys from Italy. Their songs include own elements like the partly deeper vocals, close to growls, as being part of the opener.

The best moments are the truly heavy eruptions like on "They Must Die". This is pure melodic speed metal, but also the more moderate "The Showman" has its moments, esp. in the Deep Purple-like middle part.

The only moment when things get a bit too cheesy is the sticky acoustic "Together Again" which is 'tears-producing' ballad that's a bit overdone. That Trick Or Treat can do better is what they prove with "Never Say Goodbye".

After having heard the album a several times I must conclude that Trick Or Treat sound pretty cool. I like their fast power metal that sticks out from other bands in this genre, something that asks for respect  since melodic speedy power metal offers limited new possibilities that might re-invent the wheel. The only question remaining is: Why this name and why the rabbits?





  1. Inle' (The Black Rabbit Of Death)
  2. Together Again
  3. Cloudrider; Efrafa
  4. Never Say Goodbye
  5. The Great Escape
  6. They Must Die
  7. Beware The Train
  8. United
  9. The Showdown
  10. Last Breath


Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Melodic Speed Metal

Release Date EU: July 8th, 2016

CD review TRICK OR TREAT "Rabbits' Hill pt.2"

'Noise lebt!' - reissues of the Noise Records back catalogue

Veröffentlicht am 19. Juni 2016 von Markus W. in Noise lebt!, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, News, CD Review, Kreator, Running Wild, Grave Digger, Helloween

'Noise lebt!' - reissues of the Noise Records back catalogue

Normally my level of excitement is rather low when I get "Best of..." albums. In the digital world, when everybody can create their own personal playlist with iTunes, Spotify and others, the meaning of these kind of releases is, let's say, at least limited.
In this case things are slightly different. If this is more based on a nostalgic feeling of being grown up in the eighties I don't know, but I was very thrilled when I heard about "Noise lebt!" (engl. 'Noise is alive!'). Actually it is about Noise Records, the German record label, that was a real important player in the earlier days of metal. There have been a few labels at that time that gave metal a true chance. Metal Blade, Roadrunner and Music For Nations are some of them and Noise Records was the German equivalent.
Actually coming more from punk, Karl-Ulrich Walterbach moved the label more and more towards metal, discovering bands like Hellhammer (later Celtic Frost), Running Wild, Helloween and some more. Space thrashers Voivod have been signed by the label in an early stage as well as Grave Digger, the mighty Coroner and German beer passionates Tankard. Not to forget the metal command from Essen, Kreator. Noise Records was the label that gave all these bands a chance and created the springboard for them to grow and become successful.
The biggest success was for sure linked to Helloween. Their two "Keeper of the Seven Keys" albums are still highlights in metal, records that led to worldwide attention and publicitiy, something the band still builds on today.
In the beginning of the digital century Walterbach decided to sell Noise Records to Sanctuary Records, who later on where shut down. The entire back catalogue of Noise went to the archives - up till now.
It's BMG, who aquired Sanctuary Records in 2013, that revive the label and opens this treasure box again, releasing 'Best of...' records from eight bands that have been signed by Noise Records. Under the banner of "Noise lebt!" they released two disc compliations that include all the metal classic of the following bands:

  • Kreator
  • Running Wild
  • Sinner
  • Helloween
  • Kamelot
  • Skyclad
  • Tankard
  • Grave Digger

Each of these releases includes an additional booklet, featuring comprehensive liner note of each of the bands history.

Some of you guys might even be that young that you have missed the eighties. These CD's will help you to close the gap, diving into the early days of metal bands that are either still highly successful and/or having a cult status in todays metal scene. And for the ones that are older, like me, the discs are activating some memories from days when was still in the arly stages of its development.
At least for me these releases make a lot of sense and maybe there will be even more, partly unreleased things, in the Noise treasure box (I would love to see this package for Coroner).

Here are some more details per CD package:

Kreator: "Love Us Or Hate Us - The Very Best Of The Noise Years 1985-1992"

Helloween: "Ride The Sky - The Very Best Of 1985-1998"

Release Date EU: May 6th, 2016


Tracklist Kreator:

  1. Endless Pain
  2. Tormentor
  3. Flag Of Hate
  4. Total Death
  5. Bonebreaker
  6. Pleasure To Kill
  7. Under The Guillotine
  8. Riot Of Violence
  9. Ripping Corpse
  10. Command Of The Blade
  11. Terrible Certainty
  12. Toxic Trace
  13. Storming With Menace
  14. No Escape
  15. Behind The Mirror
  16. Extreme Aggression
  17. Some Pain Will Last
  18. Bringer Of Torture
  19. Love Us Or Hate Us
  20. Betrayer
  21. Terror Zone
  22. Coma Of Souls
  23. People Of The Lie
  24. When The Sun Burns Red
  25. Agents Of Brutality
  26. Renewal
  27. Depression Unrest
  28. Karmic Wheel
  29. Europe After The Rain
  30. Winter Martyrium


Tracklist Helloween:

  1. Oernst of Life
  2. Metal Invaders
  3. Starlight
  4. Murderer
  5. Ride the Sky
  6. Gorgar
  7. Judas
  8. I'm Alive
  9. Future World
  10. Halloween (Video Edit)
  11. Eagle Fly Free
  12. Dr. Stein
  13. March of Time
  14. I Want Out
  15. Keeper of the Seven Keys
  16. Kids of the Century
  17. Back On the Streets
  18. Step Out of Hell
  19. Get Me Out of Here
  20. Where the Rain Grows
  21. Why?
  22. Mr. Ego (Take Me Down)
  23. Steel Tormentor
  24. Wake Up the Mountain
  25. Power
  26. A Million to One
  27. Hey Lord!
  28. Time
  29. I Can
'Noise lebt!' - reissues of the Noise Records back catalogue'Noise lebt!' - reissues of the Noise Records back catalogue

Kamelot: "Where I Reign - The Very Best Of The Noise Years 1995-2003"

Sinner: "No Place In Heaven - The Very Best Of The Noise Years 1984-1987"

Release Date EU: May 13th, 2016


Tracklist Kamelot:

  1. Eternity
  2. Black Tower
  3. Call Of The Sea
  4. The Gleeman
  5. Ascension
  6. Heaven
  7. Rise Again
  8. Creation
  9. Millennium
  10. Expedition
  11. Where I Reign
  12. Rhydin
  13. The Fourth Legacy
  14. Desert Reign
  15. Nights Of Arabia
  16. Until Kingdom Come
  17. We Three Kings
  18. We Are Not Separate
  19. Wings Of Despair
  20. The Spell
  21. Karma
  22. Center Of The Universe
  23. The Edge Of Paradise
  24. Descent Of The Archangel
  25. III Ways To Epica

Tracklist Sinner:

  1. Danger Zone
  2. No Place In Heaven
  3. Lupo Manaro
  4. The Shiver
  5. Shadow In The Night
  6. Wild Winds
  7. Rattlesnake
  8. Born To Rock
  9. Bad Girl
  10. Shout!
  11. The Storm Broke Loose
  12. Out Of Control
  13. Too Late To Run Away
  14. Hand Of Fate
  15. Masquerade
  16. Age Of Rock
  17. Comin' Out Fighting
  18. Rebel Yell
  19. Germany Rocks
  20. Lost In A Minute
  21. Faster Than Light
  22. Hypnotized
  23. Don't Tell Me (That The Love Has Gone)
  24. Knife In My Heart
  25. Dangerous Charm
  26. Nobody Rocks Like You
  27. Concrete Jungle
  28. Fight The Fight
  29. Back In My Arms
  30. Desperate Heart
'Noise lebt!' - reissues of the Noise Records back catalogue'Noise lebt!' - reissues of the Noise Records back catalogue

Running Wild: "Riding The Storm - The Very Best Of The Noise Years 1983-1995"

Tankard: "Oldies & Goldies - The Very Best Of The Noise Years 1986-1995"

Release Date EU: May 20st, 2016


Tracklist Running Wild:

  1. Victim of State Power
  2. Genghis Khan (Remastered)
  3. Prisoner of Our Time
  4. Walpurgis Night
  5. Branded and Exiled
  6. Fight the Oppression
  7. Chains and Leather
  8. Under Jolly Roger
  9. Beggars' Night
  10. Diamonds of the Black Chest
  11. Raw Ride
  12. Intro / Port Royal
  13. Uaschitschun
  14. Final Gates
  15. Conquistadores (Remastered)
  16. Calico Jack
  17. Riding the Storm (Remastered)
  18. Evilution
  19. Bad to the Bone
  20. Tortuga Bay
  21. Blazon Stone (Remastered)
  22. Little Big Horn
  23. Over the Rainbow
  24. Genocide
  25. Whirlwind
  26. Fistful of Dynamite
  27. Pile of Skulls
  28. Soulless
  29. The Privateer
  30. Fight the Fire of Hate
  31. The Phantom of Black Hand Hill
  32. Lions of the Sea


Tracklist Tankard:

  1. Zombie Attack
  2. Mercenary
  3. Maniac Forces
  4. (Empty) Tankard
  5. Poison
  6. Total Addiction
  7. Tantrum
  8. Don't Panic
  9. For A Thousand Beers
  10. Chemical Invasion
  11. Alcohol
  12. Intro / Commandments
  13. Shit - Faced - Faced
  14. F.U.N.
  15. Try Again
  16. The Morning After
  17. Alien
  18. 666 Packs
  19. Live To Dive
  20. 666 Packs
  21. Live To Dive
  22. Open All Night
  23. We Are Us
  24. Dancing On Our Graves
  25. Bermuda
  26. Space Beer
  27. Jurisdiction
  28. Broken Image
  29. Stone Cold Sober
  30. Freibier
  31. Death Penalty
  32. Nation Over Nation
  33. Two - Faced - faced
  34. Grave New World
  35. Minds onThe Moon
  36. Atomic Twilight
  37. Hope?


'Noise lebt!' - reissues of the Noise Records back catalogue'Noise lebt!' - reissues of the Noise Records back catalogue

Skyclad: "A Bellyful Of Emptiness - The Very Best Of The Noise Years 1991 - 1995"

Grave Digger: "Let Your Heads Roll -The Very Best Of The Noise Years 1984-1987"

Release Date EU: May 27th, 2016


Tracklist Skyclad

  1. The Sky Beneath My Feet
  2. Trance Dance (A Dreamtime Walkabout)
  3. The Widdershins Jig
  4. Skyclad
  5. Spinning Jenny
  6. Salt On the Earth (Another Man's Poison)
  7. Ring Stone Round
  8. Men Of Straw
  9. The Declaration Of Indifference
  10. Alone in Death's Shadow
  11. Emerald
  12. A Room Next Door
  13. When All Else Fails
  14. Thinking Allowed
  15. The Wickedest Man in the World
  16. Earth Mother, the Sun and the Furious Host
  17. Tunnel Visionaries
  18. A Word to the Wise
  19. Tunnel Visionaries
  20. A Word To The Wise
  21. Civil War Dance
  22. Cardboard City
  23. Land Of The Rising Slum
  24. The One Piece Puzzle
  25. A Bellyful Of Emptiness
  26. Gammadion Seed
  27. Brothers Beneath The Skin
  28. Still Spinning Shrapnel
  29. Just What Nobody Wanted
  30. Art - Nazi - nazi
  31. A Stranger In The Garden
  32. Another Fine Mess
  33. Halo Of Flies
  34. Desperanto (A Song for Europe?)
  35. Dance Of The Dandy Hound


Tracklist Tankard:

  1. Headbanging Man
  2. Heavy Metal Breakdown
  3. Back from the War
  4. Yesterday
  5. We Wanna Rock You
  6. Tyrant
  7. Heart Attack
  8. Shoot Her Down
  9. Witch Hunter
  10. Get Ready for Power
  11. Love Is a Game
  12. Get Away
  13. Here I Stand
  14. Don't Kill the Children
  15. Keep On Rocking
  16. Heaven Can Wait
  17. Let Your Heads Roll
  18. Love Is Breaking My Heart
  19. (Enola Gay) Drop the Bomb
  20. Paradise
  21. Fall Out
  22. Wanna Get Close*
  23. Don't Leave Me Lonely*
  24. Stronger Than Ever*
  25. Moonriders*
  26. Lay It On*
  27. I Don't Need Your Love*
  28. Stand Up and Rock*
'Noise lebt!' - reissues of the Noise Records back catalogue'Noise lebt!' - reissues of the Noise Records back catalogue

CD review GAMMA RAY "Sign no more" (Anniversary edition)

Veröffentlicht am 21. September 2015 von Markus W. in Gamma Ray, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, News, CD Review, Helloween, Speed Metal

(10/10) Already one year after the fantastic debut, Gamma Ray released their second full-length longplayer. Could the new founded band live up to the high expectations they set with "Heading for tomorrow"? Already the first songs made very clear, that Gamma Ray is back even stronger. "Sign no more" came with 10 new songs that have been better than what we heard on the very well perceived debut - a fact that surprised even more since there have been some line-up changes too at that time. "Sign no more" was the first album with Dirk Schlächter. First on the six-string, later on playing bass, Schlächter is still member of the band and an important pillar in the Gamma Ray construction.

"Sign no more" comes with an even higher density of metal classics than the highly appreciated debut. The high-pace "Rich and famous" is still one of my most favorite Gamma Ray songs and the same goes for the power ballad "Father and son". And last but not least the album contains with "Dream Healer" one of the best Gamma Ray songs ever.

Again, those songs have went through a re-mastering and like it was with the debut it's the tracks on CD 2 that are the 'cream topping' when it comes to this anniversary edition. Demo sing with Kai doing the vocals plus some live recordings found a spot on this disc. Little highlight for me is the "One with the world" recording from the Wacken 2001 show, when the well-known open air was far less big than it is today. All those add-ons make the re-release to something special that should at least be a 'must' for each die-hard Gamma Ray fan.





CD 1:

  1. Changes
  2. Rich and famous
  3. As time goes by
  4. (We won't) Stop the war
  5. Father and son
  6. One with the world
  7. Start running
  8. Countdown
  9. Dream healer
  10. The spirit
  11. Sail on (Live)
  12. Changes (Live)

CD 2:

  1. One with the world (Live at Waken 2001)
  2. Dream healer (Live in Montreal 2006)
  3. Changes (Blast from the past version)
  4. One with the world (Blast from the past version)
  5. Dream healer (Blast from the past version)
  6. Heroes (Pre-production)
  7. Dream healer (Pre-production)
  8. As time goes by (Pre-production - Kai on vocals)
  9. We won't stop the war (Pre-production - Kai on vocals)
  10. Dream healer (Demo - Kai on vocals)
  11. ​Rich and famous (Demo - Kai on vocals)


Label: earMUSIC

Genre: Power Metal

Release Date EU: September 25th, 2015


CD review GAMMA RAY "Sign no more" (Anniversary edition)

CD review BLIZZARD HUNTER "Heavy metal to the vein"

Veröffentlicht am 16. Juni 2015 von Markus W. in Blizzard Hunter, Iron Maiden, Helloween, News, CD Review, Heavy Metal, NWoBHM, Power Metal, Speed Metal

(8/10) This time it becomes a bit more exotic on Markus' Heavy Music Blog; this time we move to Peru. The South American country is the homebase of Blizzard Hunter. The five-piece band consists out of Luis Sanchez (g), Sebastian Palma (v), Tono Rojas (g), Lalo Sala (b) and Daniel Ruiz de Castilla on drums.

The guys, in a slightly different line-up, started as a cover band. It was acts like Metallica, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden that was the spark for their metal passion and it have been songs from those bands Blizzard Hunter played live. The first highlight was when they have been the support band for Tim 'Ripper' Owned for a show in Lima in 2009.

During time the guys from the Peruvian capitol wanted more. A change behind the drum kit and the microphone brought a new push into the band and they started to write own songs. Especially singer Sebastion Palma was a big win for the band. His vocal range is quite wide and covers everything from rough metal vocals to high pitch screams. He sounds like a mix of Michael Kiske, Goeff Tate and Steve Benito (ex-Heir Apparent).

The tunes on the band's full-length debut (they released an EP called "Conqueror of destiny" in 2014) comes with 10 own songs. The sound of Blizzard Hunter goes back to the NWoBHM. This is where the guys take their inspiration from. To describe their sound best I think you have to merge the earlier Iron Maiden with Helloween in the "Walls of Jericho"/"Judas" times. Those have been at least the bands that I had to think about when I heard "Heavy metal to the vein".

The production of the album is a powerful with a good mix. It makes fun to listen to the album and I'm curious if we can expect more from the five Peruvian guys in the coming months. Blizzard Hunter is an interesting new band that is worth to check.





  1. Conqueror of destiny
  2. I'm on my way
  3. Heavy metal to the vein
  4. Heart of fire (Vampire hunter's song)
  5. Nemesis (Feel my strength)
  6. Ghost rider
  7. The murder
  8. My revenge
  9. The joke
  10. The final judgement


Label: Pure Underground Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

CD review BLIZZARD HUNTER "Heavy metal to the vein"

HELLOWEEN's "My God - given right" also as vinyl

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For all vinyl fans out there - Helloween's "My God - give right" is also available in a vinyl version. It's two discs in this double decker that comes in a gatefold version. The visual expression is very strong since there is a lot to discover on the cover the inside and the inner sleves. And the music is very good anyhow (see review). I love it.

HELLOWEEN's "My God - given right" also as vinyl
HELLOWEEN's "My God - given right" also as vinyl
HELLOWEEN's "My God - given right" also as vinyl

Live review HELLOWEEN / POWERIZED, Zoetermeer, 03.06.2015

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Breaking news: Pumpkin invasion in Zoetermeer, Netherlands. On Wednesday 03.06.15 pumpkins rolled over the smaller city in the Western parts of Holland. It was Helloween, the metal band from Hamburg, that started their European tour in Zuid-Holland and played a warm-up show in De Boerderij. Great decision.

The support slot for this evening went to Powerized. The five-piece is a Dutch band from Breda that plays power metal. You might came across this name already since their frontman Nick Holleman is also part of Vicious Rumors since 2013. The melodic power metal is mainly characterized by the vocal range of Holleman, which is quite impressive. Style wise the band is positioned somewhere between Helloween and Blind Guardian and from this perspective they fitted very well into this evening. That the band has already some reputation in the Netherlands became obvious. Sometimes you have the venues filled half when the support band performs. But this time De Boerderij was already packed when Powerized played their set and the audience enjoyed their set.

Live review HELLOWEEN / POWERIZED, Zoetermeer, 03.06.2015
Live review HELLOWEEN / POWERIZED, Zoetermeer, 03.06.2015
Live review HELLOWEEN / POWERIZED, Zoetermeer, 03.06.2015
Than the pumpkins took over. After a not too long break the lights went down and the intro started. "Walls of Jericho" filled De Boerderij before Helloween had an excellent start with "Dr. Stein". A start with such a band classic must be a good one. And it was. The five guys had obviously a lot of fun. It felt very much like they have been very thankful to be back on stage after the months of being in the studio. As said earlier, it was a warm-up show - and it literally was. The temperature in the venue went up by quite some degrees when the Hamburg-based band played their show.
The setlist contained new songs like the outstanding "Lost in America", one of the best Hellowenn tracks since years, and the title track "My God-given right" that seemless worked together with classic from Helloween. "My God-given right" also included a sing-a-long part with the audience as well as "I want out". Deris asked, if it is too much cliche to do the floor/balcony competition. Maybe it was, but who cares. It was great fun and everybody enjoyed it. That's what counts.
Dani Loeble, who worked very hard behind his drum kit, also got his moment in spotlight when he performed a drum solo halfway the show. It was a good one, without any doubt, but since Helloween has so many great songs in their back pocket I would have preferred one more tune instead. However, an impressive thing was the white drum-kit that, I guess, was specially made for this tour, since it goes perfectly together with the cover of the new album.
After 90 minutes the band went off the stage and many 'Zugabe'-screams filled De Boerderij (yes, 'Zugabe' in Holland). And of course the five guys came back. Two classics turned the venue into a madhouse. Fans went crazy during "Future world" and "I want out". What a grande final.
After such an metal firework everybody had a happy smile on the face - including the band. I was very impressed by Helloween. An excellent new album and a awesome show. That's how we want to see and hear music from this metal dinosaur. 
The tour just started and if you have the chance to see one of their shows - just do it. 
Live review HELLOWEEN / POWERIZED, Zoetermeer, 03.06.2015
Live review HELLOWEEN / POWERIZED, Zoetermeer, 03.06.2015
Live review HELLOWEEN / POWERIZED, Zoetermeer, 03.06.2015
Live review HELLOWEEN / POWERIZED, Zoetermeer, 03.06.2015
Live review HELLOWEEN / POWERIZED, Zoetermeer, 03.06.2015
Live review HELLOWEEN / POWERIZED, Zoetermeer, 03.06.2015
Setlist Helloween:
  1. Wall of Jericho
  2. Dr. Stein
  3. Eagle fly free
  4. My God - give right
  5. Steel tormentor
  6. Mr. Torture
  7. Waiting for the thunder
  8. Straight out of hell
  9. Heroes
  10. Drum solo
  11. Where the rain grows
  12. Lost in America
  13. If I could fly
  14. Power
  15. Halloween/Sole survivor/I can/Are you metal?/Keeper of the seven keys
  16. Future world (Encore)
  17. I want out (Encore)
Location: De Boerderij, Zoetermeer
Date: 03.06.2015

CD review HELLOWEEN "My God - give right"

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(8/10) I have to admit in the beginning of this review that I'm a Helloween fan from the first EP on. "Walls of Jericho" blew me away in 1985 and the 'Keeper'-era was anyhow an outstanding moment in metal. For me it was a sad moment when Michael Kiske left the mighty metal band from Hamburg.

Secondly Andi Deris did an excellent job with Pink Cream 69 and "One size fits all" is still one of the best melodic metal records that was released by a Germany-based band. 

It was the combination of Helloween and Deris that rose high expectations in the beginning. Even though the longplayers of the five-piece have been good it was a new Helloween I had to get used to - till today.

"My God - give right" is the brand new disc in Helloween's discography and I think it is the best one in the post Kisk-era. The longplayer feels like a journey back in time into the 80's without repeating what the band did at that time. It's more the vibe that got a revitalisation. 

The fast "Battle's won" is a tune that reflects this very well. On the one hand the tune is high speed with a very melodic chorus that could have been on an 'Keeper'-album too. The same goes for the groover "Lost in America". Melody and harsh riffs go together, forming a song that blows your speaker. This is the best rack on "My God - give right".

Another excellent number got the name "If God loves rock'n'roll". There is no other way than that God love rock'n'roll by listening to this tunes; or like Deris tells us"...even in heaven you need a bass guitar, a guitar and a second guitar". Here you go. Melodic guitars blended with a sing-a-long chorus and grooving verse - that's what this track stands for. You can't stand still while listening to "If God loves rock'n'roll". 

There are also a few songs that can't keep the high level of the before mentioned tunes. "Russian roulé" is one of those. The track doesn't stick and I never found my way into it. "Stay crazy" is another one.

However, I like the new album of the pumpkin fanatics from HH. There is enough oldschool Helloween stuff on the longplayer that makes it for me to one of the best ones in the last years - all rounded off by a cool cover. Excellent headbanging stuff for a good time.





  1. Heroes
  2. Battle's won
  3. My God - give right
  4. Stay crazy
  5. Lost in America
  6. Russian roulé
  7. The swing of a fallen world
  8. Like everybody else
  9. Creatures in heaven
  10. If God loves rock'n'roll
  11. Living on the edge
  12. Claws
  13. You, still in war
  14. I wish I were there
  15. Wicked game
  16. Free world


Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Power Metal

CD review HELLOWEEN "My God - give right"
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