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CD review BURNING POINT "The Blaze"

Veröffentlicht am 30. November 2016 von Markus W. in CD Review, News, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Melodic Metal, NWoBHM, US Metal, Burning Point, Battle Beast

(7/10) Why am I so much reminded of Zed Yago when I listen to Burning Point's newest album? In one or another way it's singer Nitte Vallo (ex-Battle Beast) that actually sounds quite similar to Jutta Weinhold from the German metalists from the late 80's. 

Of course, "The Blaze" is not a new "From Over Yonder", but it features melodic metal that could be interesting for fans of Zed Yago. 

"Master Them All" is a good but more average opener that is followed by the dramatic "Time Has Come". The latter powers very well before "Incarnation" stands for the first highlight. It's a catchy rocker with a melodic riff, well done vocals and some nice hooks. 

Another tune that's pretty cool is the slow "The Lie" that brings back melodic metal a la Dokken and it's again the phrasing of Vallo that partly brings Zed Yago to my mind. But there is also some of the earlier Lee Aaron included, not only due to the brilliant cover of "Metal Queen" that rounds off this release. Burning Point has the capability to write well-crafted songs that are anchored on a good balance of heaviness and catchiness without drowning in cliches. Just listen to the bombastic "Things That Drag Me Down" and you know what I mean..

Burning Point is a record that fans of melodic metal shouldn't miss. There is a lot if good stuff captured on this longplayer.





  1. Master Them All
  2. The Time Has Come
  3. Incarnation
  4. My Spirit
  5. The Lie
  6. Dark Winged Angel
  7. Chaos Rising
  8. Lost In Your Thoughts
  9. Things That Drag Me Down
  10. The King Is Dead, Long Live The King
  11. Metal Queen (bonus track; Lee  Aaron cover)


Label: AFM Records

Genre: Melodic Power Metal

Release Date EU: November 25th, 2016

CD review BURNING POINT "The Blaze"

CD review Herman Frank "The Devil Rides Out"

Veröffentlicht am 30. November 2016 von Markus W. in Herman Frank, Accept, Victory, News, CD Review, Heavy Metal, Melodic Metal, Power Metal

(9/10) If you didn't live under a rock over the last decades then you know Herman Frank. The German guitarist was part of bands like Accept and Victory, impacting the sound of these bands a lot. In parallel Frank always had his solo project up and running.
For his newest solo release Frank could build on a strong rhythm section. It's André Hilger and Markus Müller, providing a lively heartbeat for each of the tracks. And since the guitarist cooperates with singer Rick Altzi already quite some time the risk of failure for this album was very limited. Actually it's almost a given that these four guys just make "The Devil Rides Out" to a success.
The opening triple proves this statement since these three songs are not meant to take prisoners. "Running Back" is a fast metal anthem, "Shout" comes with great guitar lines and "Can't Take It" is a throwback of the great times of Victory. With songs in such a format Frank shows that he belongs to the best German guitarists that has metal and rock in his veins.
"Ballhog Zone" is a heavy pounding masterpiece of traditional metal, followed by "Run Boy Run" which is a fast and merciless axe attack.
Actually I could write about each of the songs since they are a treat for metalheads that love more classic heavy metal done by an icon of German metal music.
Herman Frank succeeded in releasing an album that belongs to the best longplayers of the current year. This album included a certain addictivity that leads to endless loops on your record player. Horns up.





  1. Running Back
  2. Shout
  3. Can't Take It
  4. No Tears in Heaven
  5. Ballhog Zone
  6. Run Boy Run
  7. Thunder of Madness
  8. License to Kill
  9. Stone Cold
  10. Dead or Alive
  11. Run For Cover
  12. I Want it All


Label: AFM Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: November 18th, 2016

CD review Herman Frank "The Devil Rides Out"

CD review ALBEZ DUZ "Wings of Tzinacan"

Veröffentlicht am 29. November 2016 von Markus W. in Albez Duz, Death Metal, Black Metal, Dark Metal, Doom Metal, Heavy Metal, News, CD Review, Occult

(7/10) Albez Duz, hailing from Berlin, are described as being an 'occult rock band'. I honestly don't know where this description comes from but it was really misleading for me. I have to admit that I missed the band so far and after reading the info sheet I expected something else than what came out of my speakers.
The sound of Albez Duz has not a lot to do with rock music, these guys are into pure raw metal that is dark and menacing.
The band can look back on a ten year history, being founded 2006 by Eugen Herbst. What was a one man project in the beginning develped into a steady band that also includes Alfonso Brito as singer.
And talking about him also means talking about the unique vocals on this album. I guess that opinions differ on this topic. The album begins with "The Uprising" which starts with a kind a short intro before a slow riff adds a lot of darkness to the tune. Slowly and mean the song rolls onwards. Brito's voice fits perfect to this kind of music since he has an expressional style. Also handling a wide range, from clean vocals to growls, makes things on "Wings of Tzinacan" even heavier. The only thing which isn't that great in my opinion is the sound. The vocals sound a bit muffled and I guess it was wished. However, it takes away parts of the basic power.

Songs in average are lengthy with some exceptions. "Innocent Gate" it one of them. It's an atmospheric piece of music that, with the organ in the background, brings the Type O'Negative vibe back. And last bit not least there's "Tzinacan's Rising" which is an almost light-hearted intermezzo that creates a well-placed counterpart to the rest of the song on this release.

In the end I must say that Albez Duz delivers a solid album that will be loved by fans of dark metal. It's brutal and melancholic, all in one.  If you miss Typ O Negative you should check out this longplayer.





  1. The Uprising
  2. Reflections
  3. Our Lord the Flayed One
  4. Innocence Gate
  5. Sacred Flame
  6. Tzinacan's Rising
  7. Death Whistle
  8. Omen Filled Season


Label: Listenable Records

Genre: Dark Metal

Release Date EU: October 21st, 2016

CD review ALBEZ DUZ "Wings of Tzinacan"

Live review THE DEAD DAISIES / THE ANSWER, De Helling, Utrecht, 25.11.2016

Veröffentlicht am 28. November 2016 von Markus W. in The Answer, The Dead Daisies, Hardrock, News, Live Review, Rock, Blues, Heavy Metal, Sleaze Rock

Two former Whitesnake opening bands teamed-up and embarked on a winter tour that leads the guys through Europe. It's The Answer and The Dead Daisies that warm up fans in the cold season of the year.

Talking about temperature, it was quite fresh that night in Utrecht and the first fans, lining up before doors opened, had to face a chilly time in the queue. However, getting warm again wasn't a big issue since De Helling was sold out, as most of the other shows of this package too.

It was The Answer from Northern Ireland who had to go on stage first. The venue was already filled very well with fans from The Netherlands and some that guys that took the effort to travel from the UK to Utrecht for seeing the show.

Compared to their gig in Tilburg in August this year, the four-piece from Belfast put the new longplayer into focus. In total nine out of the eleven songs from "Solas" have been played, showing all the emotions connected to them.

The newest longplayer was a quite difficult one for the band (see CD review) and it was a very important one for them too. Neeson and band mates made "Solas" to a very personal album that brought back some light after a period of darkness. And it's exactly these feelings that make each track to more than just music. The Answer 'lives' these tunes, on CD and even more live on stage.

The Answer found a great mix that featured powerful hardrock and silent moment like "Thief of Light". "Demon's Eye" included the crowd joining in, singing the chorus as a loud choir and the great "In This Land" featured a mandoline, played by Neeson himself.

The band had obviously fun that night. Micky Waters provided a massive bassline, James Heatley, with his earphones on, added a strong beat and solos played by Paul Mahon have been excellent. And last but not least it was Cormac Neeson who was more than once in the crowd, singing from there with the real highlight at the end. He was the first frontman I saw that finished the show by leaving the venue through the front door. During the last song he jumped off the stage, continued singing while being surrounded by fans, made his way though the crowd to the front door and left the room. What a cool ending of a well done set.

Live review THE DEAD DAISIES / THE ANSWER, De Helling, Utrecht, 25.11.2016
Live review THE DEAD DAISIES / THE ANSWER, De Helling, Utrecht, 25.11.2016
Live review THE DEAD DAISIES / THE ANSWER, De Helling, Utrecht, 25.11.2016

After such a great time it was up to The Dead Daisies to keep the energy level high, something they easily did. Actually they turned the venue into a sauna. No talk anymore about chilly outside temperature, this show was hot.

The Dead Daisies are actually an Australian band even though most of the musicians are from the US. It was guitarist David Lowy who started the band in 2012 together with singer Jon Stevens. That was the past and in the meantime Lowly is the only founding member that's still active.

Th current line-up, which seems to be a more stable one consists out of John Corabi (v), David Lowy (g), Marco Mendoza (b), Brian Tichy (d) and Doug Aldrich, as the newest band member, on guitar. Actually this line-up reflects 60% of Whitesnake a few years ago with Aldrich and Tichy playing in the band even at the same time.

The five guys couldn't start better into their set as with the opener of the newest album "Make Some Noise". It was the awesome rocker "Long Way to Go" that was more than appreciated by the crowd and it was Marco Mendoza, encouraging the fans to be even louder.

The Dead Daisies don't play rock'n'roll, they live rock'n'roll. Their show was pure energy from the first note they played to the last chord that faded away in De Helling. Corabi gave the entertainer, next to his role as a great singer, Medoza, as mentioned, was constantly motivating the crowd to be even wilder, Tichy supported with a tight rhythm and the two guitarist showed what the six-string means for rock'n'roll. Guitarists communicate via their instrument and therefor it was a funny moment when Corabi thrust the mic into Aldrich's hand, giving him the chance to say a few words. It wasn't a lot more he said than that he feels better playing the guitar, something he did very well that night. His solos are great and you can hear, see and feel his passion for his instrument.

After twelve songs played the show came closer to an end. It was Corabi who gave the fans two options to choose from. Either they do this 'rockstar thing' with the band leaving the stage, the crowd making some noise and the band returns or, why not going for option number two: the crowd makes hell of a lot of noise and the band just stays and continuous playing. In the end this was the 'chosen' set-up and The Dead Daisies brought it home with "WeAll Fall Down" and "Midnight Moses".

If you want to se a great rock show in a smaller venues that's very much packed or even sold out, than you should see this hardrock package during their upcoming shows. It's more than worth to go there for having a good time with some excellent music.

Live review THE DEAD DAISIES / THE ANSWER, De Helling, Utrecht, 25.11.2016
Live review THE DEAD DAISIES / THE ANSWER, De Helling, Utrecht, 25.11.2016
Live review THE DEAD DAISIES / THE ANSWER, De Helling, Utrecht, 25.11.2016

Setlist The Answer:

  1. Solas
  2. Beautiful World
  3. New Horizon
  4. Demon Drive Man
  5. Tunnel
  6. Waste Your Tears
  7. Untrue Colour
  8. In This Land
  9. Thief of Light
  10. Nowhere Freeway
  11. Demon Eyes
  12. Being Begotten
  13. Spectacular
  14. Battle Cry


Setlist The Dead Daisies:

  1. Long Way to Go
  2. Mexico
  3. Make Some Noise
  4. Song and a Prayer
  5. Fortunate Son
  6. Lock'n'Load
  7. Something I Said
  8. With You and I
  9. The Last Time I Saw the Sun
  10. Join Together
  11. Mainline
  12. Helter Skelter
  13. We All Fall Down
  14. Midnight Moses


Location: De Helling, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Date: 25.22.2016


CD review SISTER "Stand Up, Forward, March!"

Veröffentlicht am 27. November 2016 von Markus W. in Sister, Hardcore, Sleaze Rock, News, CD Review, Heavy Metal, Classic Rock

(7/10) Wohoo. What a storm breaks loose on Sister's new album "Stand Up, Forward, March!". "Destination Dust" is more than an opener. This song is a wake-up call. The Swedish metal gang from Stockholm obviously didn't choose for a slow start into their third longplayer. A mixture of sleaze, metal and punk pushes things forward and the opener is a perfect example for it.

"Stand Up, Forward, March!" is kept dark and grim. Already a quick look at the cover shows that we are miles away from the sunny Hollywood Boulevard. Songs like "Trail of Destruction" are gloomy ones that sounds like a mixture of Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie with a well-done guitar solo in the middle section. Even the softer moment, like the beginning of "Carry On", are, based on Jamie Anderson's coarse voice, everything but not romantic and soft. This guy screams as there would be no tomorrow.

"Let it Bleed" is another song that is worth to be mentioned. The tunes stands very much for this dark mood with bringing a Rammstein vibe together with the mentioned harsh voice and a slowly but merciless pushing beat, all together making the song to a creepy rock beast.

As mentioned earlier, Anderson's voice is special and you either like it or not, but in the end it's the passion and energy that make this album to a good release. For the rest we can conclude that the band doesn't re-invent hardrock and metal music, but they support keeping a "Swedish" hardrock sound alive that was developed by bands like the Backyard Babies and Co. many years ago.





  1. Destination Dust
  2. Carved In Stone
  3. Lost In Line
  4. Trail Of Destruction
  5. Carry On
  6. Unbeliever
  7. Let It Bleed
  8. Liberation Song
  9. Dead Man's Dirt
  10. Endangered Species
  11. Piece Of Shame


Label: Metal Blade

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: November 25th, 2016

CD review SISTER "Stand Up, Forward, March!"

Live review DORO / SPITFIRE, Gebr. de Nobel, Leiden, 24.11.2016

Veröffentlicht am 26. November 2016 von Markus W. in Doro, Melodic Metal, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Hardrock, News, Live Review, Gebr. de Nobel, Spitfire

Winter tours from Doro Pesch and band do have already a certain tradition and also this year the legendary metal singer started a smaller tour, bringing the band to several German cities and some locations in neighbor-countries. This winter touring activities started in Leiden, The Netherlands and the setlist looked very promising. The ‘Love’s Gone to Hell’ tour has obviously an oldschool approach with many song from the Warlock area ending up on the setlist.

The opening act that night was Spitfire, a band I missed so far. And since the name isn’t that unique it wasn’t an easy thing to find out more about the guys. You won’t believe how many bands are around with such a name. Anyhow, research was successful. This band is hailing from Norway and they play a hardrock/metal mix that includes rough and wild songs. The four-piece had 40 minutes to warm up an audience that actually came for Doro. Yes, there were some fans in the first rows and a respectful applaus, but the biggest amount of people stood at the bar or further in the back of the room. Spitfire tried hard that night with some highlights here and there, but in the end the show was too tense to really score. If this was due to the fact that it was the first show on this tour or if it was the sound they got (which wasn’t the best one) or if it was something else I don’t know. In the end it has been 40 minutes that have been OK, but it also didn’t lead to heavy disappointment when the last chord faded away.


Live review DORO / SPITFIRE, Gebr. de Nobel, Leiden, 24.11.2016

Time for Doro Pesch. I don’t think that there is any metal fan that never heard about Doro Pesch before. This name is a brand that stands for honest and authentic heavy metal, passion for what she is doing and pure joy of fan interaction. All these things built the red thread for this show  too. From the first note onwards the venue turned into a headbanging madhouse, constantly motivated by Doro who was again all over the place. It’s amazing to see her energy and this positive approach. She obviously enjoys what she’s doing a lot – even after 32 years in business. This is something that makes her so authentic which is for sure one reason for her popularity.

As mentioned earlier, the setlist she and her bandmates decided to go for was quite oldschool stuff, something I appreciated a lot. “Burning the Witches”, “East Meets West” and “All We Are” are metal anthems that belong to the classics in the bands discography, with Doro being loudly supported by her fans. No doubt that the name giver of this tour, “Love’s Gone to Hell”, was performed as well, “Warlock” was introduced by the appearance of the Warlock himself and “Fuer Immer” was more a big fan choir rather than the band playing the song. Normally I’m not the biggest fan of solo parts, but in this case even the drum solo that was integrated in “Earthshaker” was a treat more than an energy taker.

Something that's also very beneficial is the line-up which is stable since seven years. Doro, Johnny Dee (d), Bas Maas (g), Luca Princiotta (g) and Nick Douglas (b) played tight together as a band that's well attuned. Even though there’s ‘Doro’ on the banner it is the entire band that makes a ‘Doro’-show to what it is – great metal entertainment that’s based on excellent songs and a great vibe.

Great night, great metal and a good entertaining Thursday night.

Live review DORO / SPITFIRE, Gebr. de Nobel, Leiden, 24.11.2016
Live review DORO / SPITFIRE, Gebr. de Nobel, Leiden, 24.11.2016
Live review DORO / SPITFIRE, Gebr. de Nobel, Leiden, 24.11.2016

Setlist Doro:

  1. I Rule the Ruins
  2. Raise Your Fist
  3. Burning the Witches
  4. Fight for Rock
  5. Chained
  6. Warlock
  7. Bad Blood
  8. Fall For Me
  9. East Meets West
  10. Metalracer
  11. Fuer Immer
  12. Earthshaker (incl. a drum solo)
  13. Love’s gone to Hell
  14. Out of Control
  15. Revenge
  16. All We Are
  17. Love Me in Black (Encore)


Location: Gebr. de Nobel, Leiden, The Netherlands

Date: 24.11.2016

Live review DORO / SPITFIRE, Gebr. de Nobel, Leiden, 24.11.2016

CD review WITCHERY "In His Infernal Majesty's Service"

Veröffentlicht am 26. November 2016 von Markus W. in Witchery, Arch Enemey, News, CD Review, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Heavy Metal, Black Metal

(8/10) I think there isn't a much better title than "In His Infernal Majesty's Service" for Witchery's newest longplayer. Six years after their latest studio album it's the Swedish five-piece that comes back with a brand new studio album which is the anticipated metal blast.

"In His Infernal Majesty's Service" is the sixth album of the band that rose in the end of the 90's out of Satanic Slaughter. In all these years the band went through several line-up changes but one thing they could maintain in all these years was the brutal mix of thrash-, black and death metal, something that's also reflected on the new record.

The album has a great sound. By this I mean, that the mix and the production are very well done by also keeping the general expression rough and unpolished. This longplayer feels like a 37 minutes energy boost that is very welcome.

Talking about the running time leads us also to the weaker part. Even though the album comes with eleven songs it became surprisingly short. One or two tracks more could have been easily handled by Witchery supporters, esp. considering the fact that the ones recorded are all awesome.

This makes it also hard to pick out some of the tracks since they are equally good. However, there are a few that might stick their head out a little bit more.

An evil grunt starts "Lavey-athan", an energetic an sinister opener per excellence. "Zoroast" is next. This number has a more dirty punk approach while "Netherworld Emporer" is a blackened thrasher that openes the gate to hell.

Witchery pushes the pedal to the metal with songs like "Gilded Fang" and builds on a steady beat in tunes such as "In Warm Blood".

"In His Majesty's Service" is a raw and wild album that includes an infernal beauty. This is real metal without boiled down to the essence.





1. Lavey-athan 
2. Zoroast 
3. Netherworld Emperor
4. Nosferatu 
5. The Burning Of Salem 
6. Gilded Fang 
7. Empty Tombs 
8. In Warm Blood 
9. Escape From Dunwich Valley 
10. Feed The Gun 
11. Oath Breaker 


Label: Century Media

Genre: Blackened Thrash

Release Date EU: November 25th, 2016

CD review WITCHERY "In His Infernal Majesty's Service"

CD review PRIMORDIAL "Gods to the Godless - Live at BYH 2015"

Veröffentlicht am 25. November 2016 von Markus W. in Primordial, Pagan Metal, Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal, Folk Metal, News, CD Review

(8/10) It was in 2015 when Irish pagan metal band Primordial played a show at the well-established Band Your Head festival in Balingen, Germany. If I counted right it was the band's second appearance after having played there already three years earlier.

This time Primordial didn't play the open air stage. The guys from Dublin performed at the Messehalle which gave the set a darker and more intensive environment, something the bands music is benefiting a lot. Even though you can't visually experience this on CD and vinyl, it still impacted the peformence and the vibe of the eleven songs performed that night.

The start of the show is a silent and melodic one with an underlaying malevolence that's slowly rising. "Gods to the Godless" is not only the name giver for this live album, it's also the first song played during this 80 minutes long set. The opener goes back to the early days of the band, followed by two songs from the latest studio output from the Celtic metal band. The melancholic "Babel's Tower" and the heavy pounding "Where Greater Men Have Fallen" are good stuff of recent date.

Another benfit is the production of this album that is done very well. "Gods to the Godless" sounds real. It comes across as an album that didn't went through a lot of adjustments and tuning afterwards. It gives the listener an authentic feeling of this live show, something a record like this should deliver.

"Gods to the Godless" is Primordial's second live album and since the setlist of the recorded show in Balingen was quite different from the songs that are perpetuated on "All Empires Fall", this release also makes a lot of sense. It gives a great overview on the more recent Primordial songs.

This live album is a great x-mas gift for Primordial fans and it's a collection of great songs of the Dublin-based band that give new fans a good idea of the band's creative work so far.





  1. Gods to the Godless
  2. Babels Tower
  3. Where Greater Men Have Fallen
  4. No Grave Deep Enough
  5. As Rome Burns
  6. The Alchemists Head
  7. Bloodied Yet Unbowed
  8. The Coffin Ships
  9. Heathen Tribes
  10. Wield Lightning to Split the Sun
  11. Empire Falls


Label: Metal Blades

Genre: Pagan Metal

Release Date EU: November 25th, 2016

CD review PRIMORDIAL "Gods to the Godless - Live at BYH 2015"

CD/DVD review THE BOSSHOSS "Dos Bros Live"

Veröffentlicht am 24. November 2016 von Markus W. in The Bosshoss, Rock, Hardrock, News, Live, CD Review, DVD review

(6/10) Since snow and winter aren't reliable signals anymore for announcing the x-mas period another sign needs to to take over - it's the rising amount of compilations, 'best of...' albums and live releases. This one belongs to the latter and it's the capturing of a 2016 live show of Berlin-based cowboys called The Bosshoss.

It was many many years ago when I saw them live for the first time. It was in the beginning of their career when they toured through smaller clubs and venues, playing shows in front of maybe 150 people. It was a time when they haven't had their own songs and only focused on playing cover versions of pop and rock songs, all with a country and western touch.

Then I have seen them many years later in Amsterdam when they played the smaller room of the Melkweg and each of these gigs was a great one with power, energy and sweat. Pure Nashville rock'n'roll.

The reason why I'm telling all this is because this is my reference and when I got the new live DVD/CD, expectations have been high. Unfortunately those haven't been met with "Dos Bros Live".

Actually the latest studio album foreshadowed it already and it finds its continuation on this live album. The songs, the vibe, the image ... all feels like the same thing only different. The last record didn't containing anymore the density of hits from the earlier longplayers and a view on the tracklist of this release shows a clear focus on the "Dos Bros" album. Not a too good signal. There are hits like the title track that has been played, but there are also too many of these trivial numbers on the list that doesn't help for creating excitement. Fortunately tracks like "Do It" and "Don't Gimme That" at least partly compensate.

Another thing that doesn't give me the shivers is the sound and the vibe that's captured. I can't say if the concert itself was the same but the sound on this release feels lame. Where are The Bosshoss that rocked the small clubs with unbound energy and real 'horse power'? At that time the band was like the engine of a Mustang, running on all cylinders while this album doesn't get much further than to the 2nd gear. To me it feels like Sascha and Alec having to many balls in the air right now. With all the TV appearances it seems like the guys having to many thing that run in parallel which is maybe a reason for standing still and losing focus when it comes to their music.

Anyhow, I guess there are many people that might see it different and fans will probably love this release. For me it was more the trigger to "Rodeo Radio" again and put this album back in the box.






  1. A Cowboys Work Is Never Done - Live aus Leipzig
  2. Wait For Me - Live aus Leipzig
  3. Do It - Live aus Oberhausen
  4. I Like It Like That - Live aus Leipzig
  5. She Is A Little B - Live aus Leipzig
  6. My Personal Song - Live aus Oberhausen
  7. What If - Live aus Leipzig
  8. Jolene - Live aus Leipzig
  9. Today Tomorrow Too Long Too Late - Live aus Leipzig
  10. Dos Bros - Live aus Leipzig
  11. Don't Gimme That - Live aus Leipzig
  12. Lady JD - Live aus Leipzig
  13. Shake And Shout - Live aus Hamburg (featuring Samy Deluxe)


  1. A Cowboys Work Is Never Done - Live
  2. Wait For Me - Live
  3. I Like It Like That - Live
  4. She Is A Little B - Live
  5. Jolene - Live
  6. Bullpower - Live
  7. Dos Bros - Live
  8. Don't Gimme That - Live
  9. Lady JD - Live
  10. Credits / Dos Bros - Live
CD/DVD review THE BOSSHOSS "Dos Bros Live"

CD review HORSE "For Twisted Minds Only" - re-release

Veröffentlicht am 24. November 2016 von Markus W. in Horse, Hardrock, Psychedelic Rock, Rock, News, Heavy Metal, CD Review, Prog Rock

(7/10) There is a certain chance/risk that you haven't heard about Horse before. This isn't because the band is a newcomer, it's actually the opposite. The band from South London started in the late 60's and as some more bands at that time, also Horse was into progressive hardrock that was occult influenced. Mixed with psychedelic elements the band belongs to one of the first ones touching this ground.

It's Rise Above Records who re-released the bands "For Twisted Minds Only" in a version that is based on a new mastering of the original tapes. But not enough that the longplayer 'only' comes with the songs that have been on the 1970 release. In addition to the original ten songs there are six more tunes on this re-issue CD that are previously unreleased ones - and the vinyl version comes with even more tracks.

In case you're interested in warm and organic 70's hardrock that comes with some great songs, you should consider this album as one you should at least check out. And no worries if you haven't heard of Horse before. The album comes with a 20 page booklet that dives deeper into the bands history.

You don't have to have a 'twisted mind' for enjoying "For Twisted Minds Only". Even if you have your head on straight this album brings good music to your home.





  1. The Sacrifice
  2. See The People Creeping Round
  3. And I Have Loved You
  4. Freedom Rider
  5. Lost Control
  6. To Greet The Sun
  7. The Journey
  8. Heat Of The Summer
  9. Gypsy Queen
  10. Step Out Of Line
  11. Autumn (previously unreleased)
  12. Winchester Town/Dreams Turn to Ashes (previously unreleased)
  13. Born to be Wild (previously unreleased)
  14. Picture of Innocence (previously unreleased)
  15. She Brings Peace (previously unreleased)
  16. Anthems to the Sea (previously unreleased)


Label: Rise Above Records

Genre: Psychedelic Rock

Release Date EU: October 14th, 2016

CD review HORSE "For Twisted Minds Only" - re-release

CD review SOULBURN "Earthless Pagan Spirit"

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(8/10) Soulburn’s and Asphyx' history are closely connected. Not only that the band was founded by Eric Daniels (g) and Bob Bagchus (d) in parallel with their main band, Soulburn was also put on ice after Asphyx arose again in the beginning of the new century. So there is a unqiue link between both bands that almost feels confusing.

Anyhow, it was in 2014 when Soulburn returned again with a strong release called "The Suffocating Darkness”, an album that’s now followed by the new “Earthless Pagan Spirit”. This third album features eight new songs which provides the listener with almost an hour of blackened death metal that feels like hellish lava coming right from out of hell. Songs like “The Blood Ascendant” are slowly creeping riff monsters that, step by step, find there way into your ears and mind. And right before you get lost in hypnotic riffings a well placed break brings you back to reality, shaking you up with furious solos and raging vocals.

Something that’s remarkable on this output is the length of each of the tunes on “Earthless Pagan Spirit”. Except the final track, each of the songs crosses the five minutes borderline. This feels long and it is, but Soulburn creates such an excitement that these long tracks don’t become annoying after a while. There are enough twists and tweaks build into each of the numbers, like the female vocals that are part of “Withering Nights”, which adds an extra entertainment factor.

“Spirited Asunder” is the longest track on “Earthless Pagan Spirit” and it’s a sonic steamroller that runs over you. The pace is kept somewhere in between moderate and slow, the riffs are hypnotic and the rhythm is just forcing the listeners to bang their heads. This tune is a highlight on Soulburn’s new longplayer, a record that’s full of powerful songs, all close to spiritual abyss.

The album ends with a song that’s more like an outro. It’s the three minutes long “Diary of a Reaper”, a number build on gloomy spoken word, accompanied by a drum beat and some eerie samples.

All in all I can fully recommend this longplayer that belongs to the real good releases in 2016.





  1. Where Splendid Corpses are Towering Towards the Sun
  2. The Blood Ascendant
  3. Howling at the Heart of Death
  4. As Cold as Heavens Slain
  5. Withering Nights
  6. The Torch
  7. Spirited Asunder
  8. Diary of a Reaper


Label: Century Media

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: November 18th, 2016

CD review SOULBURN "Earthless Pagan Spirit"

POWERWOLF tour dates for 2017

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12.01.2017 DE - Wiesbaden / Schlachthof
13.01.2017 DE - Cologne / Palladium
14.01.2017 DE - Ludwigsburg / MHP Arena
16.01.2017 CH - Geneve / Salle des Fetes de Thonex
17.01.2017 CH - Zurich / Volkshaus
18.01.2017 IT – Milan / Live Club
20.01.2017 DE - Munich / Tonhalle
21.01.2017 AT - Vienna / Gasometer
22.01.2017 HU – Budapest / Barba Negra Music Club
24.01.2017 PL - Warsaw / Progresja
25.01.2017 DE - Berlin / Huxleys
27.01.2017 DE - Oberhausen / Turbinenhalle
28.01.2017 CZ - Prague / Forum Karlin
29.01.2017 DE – Hannover / Capitol
31.01.2017 DE – Hamburg / Mehr! Theater
01.02.2017 BE – Brussels / Ancienne Belgique
03.02.2017 UK - London / Shepherds Bush Empire
04.02.2017 FR - Paris / Zenith

POWERWOLF tour dates for 2017

HAKEN re-releases and tour dates for Europe

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UK-based prog band Haken will celebrate their 10th anniversary in 2017. For this reason the band, together with their label InsideOutMusic, will re-release the first two Haken records. "Aquarius" and "Visions" will hit the shelfs on February 3rd in a new remastered 2CD edition as well as in vinyl for the first time.

In addition the band will be on tour in Europe and here are the dates:

HAKEN re-releases and tour dates for Europe

CD review FATSO JETSON "Idle Hands"

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(7/10) Fatso Jetson is one of these bands that brings the desert closer to where you live.  Since the early 90's the band from California plays stoner rock that reminds more than once of Queens Of The Stone Age.

"Idle Hand" is the band's seventh album that features eleven songs, presenting a sound that exciting and special, all in one. Next to the mentioned Queens Of The Stone Age I had to think about Fu Mnachu, Kyuss and Lasters Of Reality while listening to "Idle Hand".

The album doesn't contain material that's easy to digest. Actually it's sometimes pretty confusing and chaotic. Just to mention one song of this category is "Portuguese Dream" which sounds like a freaky fever dream. It contains a lot of fascination, but it also belongs to this group of songs that gives you a hard time.

The counterpart to these wild antics is named "Seroquel" which is a six minutes long number that's kept more silent with a nice guitar melody - a song that feels like a sonic Fata Morgana that shimmers through the heat.

These two songs give you an idea of what to expect from this album. "Idle Hands" isn't containing music for the masses and is far away from mainstream. This longplayer features tracks that need to be explored step by step and only than they unveil there full beauty.

In case you're prepared for such an effort, than this is the album you should go for.





  1. Wire Wheels and Robots
  2. Portugese Dream
  3. Royal Family
  4. Nervous Eater
  5. Seroquel
  6. Idle Hands
  7. Last of the Good Times
  8. Then and Now
  9. The Vincent Letter
  10. 48 Hours
  11. Dream Homes


Label: Heavy Psych Sounds

Genre: Stoner Rock

Release Date EU: October 7th, 2016

CD review FATSO JETSON "Idle Hands"
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