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SOCIAL DISTORTION releases a 4 LP-boxset

Veröffentlicht am 6. Dezember 2016 von Markus W. in Social Distortion, Punkrock, Punk, News, Vinyl, Rock, Hardrock

I got Social Distortion on my radar when the guys released “Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell”, an album that saw the light of day in 1992. Mike Ness and his gang filled this record with awesome rock songs. “Cold Feelings", the opener, is still one of the best songs I’ve heard from the band so far, but their discography is of course much wider than only this longplayer.

These days the four-piece comes with a vinyl boxset that’s very interesting and will create excitment for fans of the band. It’s called “The Independent Years: 1983-2004” and it contains four longplayers, all on vinyl. With “Mommy’s Little Monster” and “Prison Bound” the package includes the first two releases, “Sex, Love and Rock ‘n’ Roll” is a more ‘recent' output from 2004 and “Mainliner” is a compilation of earlier done singles and B-sides.

The vinyl boxset, with a release date of December 2nd, features, as mentioned, four record with each of them being done in a different color.

1. Mainliner (Wreckage from the Past) – clear transparent
2. Mommy’s Little Monster –
red transparent
3. Prison Bound –
olive with a black swirl transparent
4. Sex, Love and Rock ‘n’ Roll –
orange transparent

Mommy’s Little Monster

A1.  The Creeps
A2.  Another State of Mind
A3.  It Wasn't A Pretty Picture
A4.  Telling Them
B1.  Hour of Darkness
B2.  Mommy's Little Monster
B3.  Anti-Fashion
B4.  All the Answers
B5.  Moral Threat

Prison Bound

A1.  It's The Law
A2.  Indulgence
A3.  Like An Outlaw (For You)
A4.  Backstreet Girl
A5.  Prison Bound
B1.  No Pain No Gain
B2.  On My Nerves
B3.  I Want What I Want
B4.  Lawless
B5.  Lost Child

Mainliner (Wreckage From The Past)

A1.  1945 (Posh Boy Version)
A2.  Playpen (Posh Boy Version)
A3.  Mainliner
A4.  Moral Threat
A5.  All the Answers
B1.  Justice for All
B2.  Under My Thumb
B3.  1945 (13th Floor Version)
B4.  Playpen (13th Floor Version)
B5.  Mass Hysteria

Sex, Love And Rock ‘n’ Roll

A1.  Reach For The Sky
A2.  Highway 101
A3.  Don't Take Me For Granted
A4.  Footprints on My Ceiling
A5.  Nickels and Dimes
B1.  I Wasn't Born To Follow
B2.  Winner and Losers
B3.  Faithless
B4.  Live Before You Die
B5.  Angel's Wings

SOCIAL DISTORTION releases a 4 LP-boxset

Metal Blade reissues the 1st two AMON AMARTH records on vinyl

Veröffentlicht am 3. Dezember 2016 von Markus W. in Metal Blade, Amon Amarth, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Heavy Metal, New, Vinyl

Metal Blade reissues the 1st two AMON AMARTH records on vinyl

No doubt about Amon Amarth being one of the biggest metal bands in the World right now. The Swedes have a long history with Metal Blade that goes back to January 1998 when they released their debut album "Once Sent From the Golden Hall" via Metal Blade!

19 years later it's time for a vinyl re-issue of this album as part of the Originals-series! On the same date Metal Blade releases the 2nd Amon Amarth album "The Avenger", also as an original! 


Euro versions:

"Once Sent From the Golden Hall" 'Originals-Series' LP-reissue (EU)
-- 180 g black vinyl
-- Opague-orange-marbled vinyl (limited to 500 copies)
-- Khaki-marbled vinyl (limited to 300 copies - EMP-exclusive)
-- "Fire"-splattered vinyl (limited to 200 copies - Euro ebay-exclusive)


"The Avenger" 'Originals-Series' LP-reissue (EU)
-- 180 g black vinyl
-- Opague-bloodred-marbled vinyl (limited to 500 copies)
-- Steel-grey-marbled vinyl (limited to 300 copies - EMP-exclusive)
-- "Fire"-splattered vinyl (limited to 200 copies - Euro ebay-exclusive)

US versions:

"Once Sent From the Golden Hall" 'Originals-Series' LP-reissue (EU)
-- 180 g black vinyl
-- Orange vinyl (limited to 200 copies)
-- Transparent vinyl (limited to 200 copies)

"The Avenger" 'Originals-Series' LP-reissue (EU)
-- 180 g black vinyl
-- Red vinyl (limited to 200 copies)
-- Transparent vinyl (limited to 200 copies)


LP review PLACEBO "Sleeping With Ghosts" and "Meds" (vinyl re-issue)

Veröffentlicht am 29. März 2016 von Markus W. in Placebo, News, Rock, Alternative Metal, CD Review, Vinyl

(*/10) Worldwide successful alternative rocker Placebo took two of their records and remastered them. The 2003 release "Sleeping With Ghosts" and the next longplayer, "Meds", released in 2006, will be reissued by Universal Music and the releases are planned for Fenruary and April,

All the songs, of both albums, have been remastered and Placebo publish them in 180 gramm black vinyl. 

The first of the two vinyl releases is "Sleeping With Ghosts". Originally published in 2003, the album was Placebo's next step on the ladder to success. Partly more electronic than the predecessor the trio reached new levels with their sound. 

The ones of you that call the original record their own know what I'm talking about. Songs like the aggressive opener "Bulletproof Cupid", a tune that is a well design noise orgy, but also the darker title track belong to the spearhead of alternative rock, embedded in a commercial framework. To round off the musical spectra of Placebo I also need to mention the complex "Something Rotten" with its gloomy vibe. This song is special and intersting. It doesn't belong to my faves on the album but it shows the musical width of the band very well.
For me Placebo are best when they unleash their special guitar sound that climaxes in indie rockers like "Plasticine".
The second record that made it on vinyl is "Meds" which led to first number one chart positions in countries like Austria and Switzerland. But also in their 'homeland' England Placebo entered the top 10. "Meds" it brought back to the bands origins with a sound that reduced the electronic elements dramatically. While the guitars got back into the spotlight it's Brian Molko's special vocals that are the consistant element in Placebo's sound. 
I think that it was a good decision to honor those two albums with a vinyl re-issue. "Sleeping with Ghosts", as well as "Meds", have been the crucial releases that decided on Placebo's musical future in the middle of the century's first decade. Those two records ensured the continuation of a successful indie rock journey that started in 1994 more or less coinsidentally and that isn't finished yet.
Definitaly stuff for collector and fans, but also for people that might missed the original releases.



Sleeping With Ghosts

Side A:

  1. Bulletproof Cupid
  2. English Summer Rain
  3. This Picture
  4. Sleeping With Ghosts
  5. The Bitter End
  6. Something Rotten

Side B:

  1. Plasticine
  2. Special Needs
  3. I'll Be Yours
  4. Second Sight
  5. Protect Me From What I Want
  6. Centrefolds


Side A:

  1. Meds
  2. Infra-Red
  3. Drag
  4. Space Monkey
  5. Follow The Cops Back Home
  6. Post Blue
  7. Because I Want You

Side B:

  1. Blind
  2. Pierrot The Clown
  3. Broken Promise
  4. One Of A Kind
  5. In The Cold Light Of Morning
  6. Song To Say Goodbyeds

Label: Universal Music

Genre: Alternative Rock

Release Date EU: "Sleeping With Ghosts" February 19th, 2016

                            "Meds" April 8th, 2016

LP review PLACEBO "Sleeping With Ghosts" and "Meds" (vinyl re-issue)
LP review PLACEBO "Sleeping With Ghosts" and "Meds" (vinyl re-issue)

BONAFIDE releases 3 Disc, Vinyl Box Set, called ”Treble Charged”

Veröffentlicht am 24. Oktober 2015 von Markus W. in Bonafide, Hardrock, Rock, News, Vinyl

The last three albums of Bonafide have been incredible and now our Swedish Rock n Roll Rebels have taken Ultimate Rebel, Bombo and Denim Devils and put into a new groovy gatefold aptly named “Treble Charged".

There will only be 500 copies of this prestigous set produced and it is availble now, on pre order from the Off Yer Rocka Virtual Store as well as all favourite outlets like Amazon & HMV.

Bonafide Head Honcho Pontus snibb said: "It’s been a long time coming…in fact it's way overdue. Ever since I went through my Dad's old vinyl collection as a kid, I’ve loved the format. Listening to the Golden Oldies, the classics and the legends...looking at the big pictures just dreaming away to that infamous rumble. Bonafide on vinyl has been on my wishing list from the very start, and even though it's not Xmas yet, here we have our very own Bonafide Box set with our three latest albums all in one. Stick that needle in the groove, turn the dials up, grab a beer or whatever's your poison and just lean back and enjoy! A Rock ’n’ Roll skål to you all


BONAFIDE releases 3 Disc, Vinyl Box Set, called ”Treble Charged”

LP review STEVEN WILSON "Transience"

Veröffentlicht am 27. September 2015 von Markus W. in Steven Wilson, Porcupine Tree, Prog Rock, Rock, News, CD Review, LP Review, Vinyl

(*/10) You might wonder if the header is a typing error. No, it's not. This album is an LP only. "Transience" is a double album, yinyl only, that comes with 13 songs from the master of progressive soundscapes. As Steven Wilson states in the label info he always resisted to do compilations, but this time he couldn't resist.

The thirteen tracks on "Transience" have been written between 2003 and 2015. The tunes are spread out on three sides of the double album. The fourth side is reserved for 'etching' of the original handwritten lyric sketches for "Happy Returns" - one of the tracks on the album. Already this is something that makes the longplayer to a sonic goody for all fans and collectors.

But "Transience" isn't only for die-hard fans. Quite in contrary. Also for new fans, the ones that have been always 'afraid' of Wilson's complex and multilayered songs, it's this vinyl that offers thirteen great entrypoints into the musical world of Steven Wilson. Each of the tunes is easier to diguest than some of the other compositions of the dedicated musician and the tracks are also kept shorter too. The song itself gets the attention by still keeping the passion for arcs of suspension a la Wilson. Big soundscapes meet outstanding melodies that provides you with an hour of dreamful music.

Next to Steven Wilson songs the album also contains "Lazarus" from Porcupine Trees in a 2015 version that is based on a live recording from the current Steven Wilson line-up.

"Transience" is special and a beautiful piece of music. This album deserves, no, it demands vinyl. If you love rock music and if you have a passion for big melodic compositions you have to call this record your own.





Side 1:

  1. Transience (Single version)
  2. Harmony Korine
  3. Postcard
  4. Significant Other
  5. Insurgentes

Side 2:

  1. The Pin Drop
  2. Happy Returns (edit)
  3. Deform to Form a Star (edit)
  4. Thank you

Side 3:

  1. Index
  2. Hand Cannot Erase
  3. Lazarus (2015 recording)
  4. Drive Home

Side 4:



Label: Kscope

Genre: Prog Rock

Release date EU: September 25th, 2015



LP review STEVEN WILSON "Transience"

TAU CROSS also available as vinyl

Veröffentlicht am 13. Juni 2015 von Markus W. in Tau Corss, News, Vinyl, Punkrock, Punk, Alternative Metal, Voivod, Music

Tau Cross fantastic album is also available as vinyl. It's one disc in a gatefold that is done very nicely. The lyrics are printed on the inside and the excellent artwork is far more exciting then on CD. My version also had a download code which I highly appreciated.


TAU CROSS also available as vinyl
TAU CROSS also available as vinyl

HELLOWEEN's "My God - given right" also as vinyl

Veröffentlicht am 5. Juni 2015 von Markus W. in Helloween, News, Power Metal, Vinyl, Heavy Metal, Speed Metal

For all vinyl fans out there - Helloween's "My God - give right" is also available in a vinyl version. It's two discs in this double decker that comes in a gatefold version. The visual expression is very strong since there is a lot to discover on the cover the inside and the inner sleves. And the music is very good anyhow (see review). I love it.

HELLOWEEN's "My God - given right" also as vinyl
HELLOWEEN's "My God - given right" also as vinyl
HELLOWEEN's "My God - given right" also as vinyl