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Sinister Realm posted a new video. It is the title track from their new album called "World of evil". Watch it and share it. It's good stuff. http://sinisterrealm.net/ http://www.youtube.com/SinisterRealmPa http://www.reverbnation.com/sinisterr... http://www.facebook.com/SinisterRealm...

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Here are some cool photos from Filter in the Melkweg in A'dam on 29.8.13 The setlist: Welcome to the fold The take Jurassitol What do you say We hate it when you get what you want Trip like I do Take a picture Surprise Soldiers of fortune The best things...

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Switzerland is in the meantime known for quite some hardrock bands. Just think about Krokus, Gotthard, Crystal Ball and Shakra. Fox is the band of the former Shakra leadsinger Marc Fox. "Lucifer" is his second release after the the 2012 released called...

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British metal band Hell is working on a new album which will follow their 2011 release "Human remains". The new record will be titles "Curse and chapter" and will be released November 22 via Nuclear Blast. Photo: Nuclear Blast (promo)

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