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CD review SPEEDTRAP "Powerdose"

Veröffentlicht am 30. August 2013 von Markus W. in Speedtrap, CD Review, Speed Metal, Heavy Metal

Imagine the situation. You’re standing in a hurricane and the wind tries to blow you away. You don’t really know what’s coming next but you enjoy it.

This is almost the feeling when you put the new album of Speedtrap into your CD player. The band is from Finland and they are fairly new. Even though they released a split-CD and an EP already “Powerdose” is their first full length album.

I was just blown away when I heard the album for the first time. The four guys from Finland bring good old speed metal back to life. They don’t give you time to get into the album. From the very first note on they just give full speed. From 0-100 in 0 seconds. Great. The first song which takes away speed a little bit is “Out of time, out of line”. This a more mid-tempo track with a great rock’n’roll attitude. All the other songs are reminding me to pretty fast Motörhead song with a little bit of Venom, combined with traditional power metal and speed metal elements. This is the translation of old-school metal into the 21st century. The vocals are also excellent and even reminds me partly to Joe Comeau when he did the vocals for Liege Lords “Master Control”. It’s the right mix between singing and screaming.

After 30 minutes (or 8 songs later) the hurricane stops as fast as it started and leaves you standing there, thinking about what happened the last half an hour. Whatever it was, it gave you a good feeling.

So, take your seat, fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the journey. This album is definitely one of the highlights in 2013. Good to see those bands like Speedtrap, but also e.g. Night Demon. They are really a refreshment for the whole scene. Check out the album. You will love it.





  1. Redemption of might
  2. Take their lives
  3. Ready to strike
  4. Out of time, out of line
  5. Powerdose
  6. Battle cry
  7. Reckless endangerment
  8. No sympathy



Label: Svart Records

Genre: Speed Metal

CD review SPEEDTRAP "Powerdose"