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CD review KETZER "Starless"

Veröffentlicht am 31. Januar 2016 von Markus W. in Ketzer, Black Metal, Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal, Alternative Metal, CD Review, News

(8/10) German heretics Ketzer have a new album out there in the recordshops. The band's third release is called "Starless" and marks an important moment in the band's history. Very often it's the third album that decides on the future path of a band, just remember Metallica's "Master of Puppets" or Iron Maiden's "The Number of the Beast".

Those two examples have been very successful ones and in case of Ketzer I also think, that they have done a great job on "Starless". The five-piece from Cologne, Germany started in the beginning of the new century with releasing "Satan's Boundaries Unchained" in 2009. Their black-thrash found quite some fans. Ketzer didn't stand still at this moment in time. The quintet developed their sound by adding a few more shades to "Endzeit Metropolis", something that continued also during the songwriting process for "Starless".

Ketzer's sound might be still build on black-thrash, but the guys added so many new twists and tweaks to their newst album with the result that "Starless" became a dark but also very openminded longplayer.

The ten tracks are very diverse and intense. "Starless" became a record that makes an impact. Less than two minutes intermezzos ("The Hunger") found a spot on the tracklist as well as the epical long "Shaman's Dance" with more than eleven minutes playtime.

The general vibe on "Starless" is, as the title suggests, is gloomy and dark.

Highlights on the album are the creepy title track, the punk rocker "Godface" and the already mentioned eleven minutes long "Shaman's Dance". This epical track starts with a pretty cool bassline, accompanied by some slow-mo riffs, overlaid by Gerrit's mean and raw vocals. The song builds up even though the dominant bassline stays a kind of red thread throughout. It's the interesting breaks, like the acoustic part in the middle, that gives this number even more exciting moments. Those eleven minutes are well invested time and show the whole potential of Ketzer. 

At the end of "Starless" the guys from Cologne bring their melodic side to the forefront. "Limbo" is an acoustic tune that is, compared to all the stuff heard before, light and swinging. It's a kind of calmness after the storm and a well placed closer.

"Starless" isn't unsteered raw metal. The meanness of this album is more subtile. It's, at least partly, not the fist in your face. It's more this kind of meancing underlaying feeling of nastiness that gives you the shivers.

And if the third album is as important as described earlier we will hear much more from Katzer during the coming years.





  1. Starless
  2. When Milk Runs Dry
  3. Godface
  4. Count to Ten
  5. The Hunger
  6. White Eyes
  7. Shaman's Dance
  8. Silence and Sound
  9. Earthborn
  10. Limbo


Label: Metal Blade

Genre: Black / Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: January 29th, 2016

CD review KETZER "Starless"

Tracklist of new 3 DOORS DOWN album unveiled

Veröffentlicht am 30. Januar 2016 von Markus W. in 3 Doors Down, Alternative Metal, Heavy Metal, Modern Metal, Rock, Alternative Rock, News

Grammy Award nominees 3 Doors Down will release a new album on March 11th. "Us and the Night", this is the title of the disc. "In the Dark" is one track on this longplayer and the tune is available for download already.



  1. The Broken
  2. In The Dark
  3. Still Alive
  4. Believe It
  5. Living In Your Hell
  6. Inside Of Me
  7. I Don’t Wanna Know
  8. Pieces of Me
  9. Love Is A Lie
  10. Us And The Night
  11. Fell From The Moon

Artwork and tracklist of ROB ZOMBIE's new album

Veröffentlicht am 30. Januar 2016 von Markus W. in Rob Zombie, Horror Metal, Heavy Metal, Alternative Metal, Industrial, Dark Metal, Rock

The sixth album of horror rocker Rob Zombie got an extraordinary long title - "The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser". Wow. And if you think about shorter song titles, wrong. Here is the tracklist:

1. The Last Of The Demons Defeated
2. Satanic Cyanide! The Killer Rocks On!
3. The Life And Times Of A Teenage Rock God
4. Well, Everybody’s Fucking In A U.F.O.
5. A Hearse Overturns With The Coffin Bursting Open
6. The Hideous Exhibitions Of A Dedicated Gore Whore
7. Medication For The Melancholy
8. In The Age Of The Consecrated Vampire We All Get High
9. Super-Doom-Hex-Gloom Part One
10. In The Bone Pile
11. Get Your Boots On! That’s The End Of Rock And Roll
12. Wurdalak


The longplayer will be released on April 29th via Universal Music and you'll hear, next to Zombie himself, John 5 (guitar), Piggy D (bass) and Ginger Fish (drums) on this album.

Artwork and tracklist of ROB ZOMBIE's new album

ANTI-FLAG publishs four festival dates

Veröffentlicht am 30. Januar 2016 von Markus W. in Anti-Flag, Alternative Metal, Punk, News, Tour, Alternative Rock, Rock

Anti-Flag comes to Europe during summer. Here are four festival dates the band will perform during June/July.


24.June SOUTHSIDE FESTIVAL - Neuhausen ob Eck

25.June HURRICANE FESTIVAL - Scheessel


03.July WITH FULL FORCE - Leipzig

ANTI-FLAG publishs four festival dates

DESTRÖYER 666 unveils cover and tracklist

Veröffentlicht am 30. Januar 2016 von Markus W. in Deströyer 666, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, News, Death Metal, Black Metal

Deströyer 666 unveiled the artwork and tracklist of their next longplayer called "Wildfire". The cover was created by Zbigniew M. Bielak, who also worked for bands like Ghost, Watain and Mayhem. Release date is Fenruary 26th and the album comes via Season of Mist.

Here is the tracklist of "Wildfire":

1. Traitor
2. Live And Burn
3. Artiglio Del Diavolo
4. Hounds At Ya Back
5. Hymn To Dionysus
6. Wildfire
7. White Line Fever
8. Die You Fucking Pig!
9. Tamam Shud

DESTRÖYER 666 unveils cover and tracklist
Photo: Ester Segarra

Photo: Ester Segarra


BONFIRE "Best Of..." album and 30 years anniversary tour

Veröffentlicht am 30. Januar 2016 von Markus W. in Bonfire, News, Hardrock, Rock, Heavy Metal

German hardrockers Bonfire will release a new album, 30 years after the band published, with "Don't Touch the Light", their debut. "Pearls" will be available in the record stores from March 18th on and features 22 songs. The chosen tunes are a journey through three decades of Bonfire, featuring classic pearls like "Who's Foolin' Who" and "Sweet Obsession".

Next to this "Best of..." album the five-piece will by on tour in Europe and here are the dates:


30th Bonfire Anniversary Tour 2016

"Burnin` Tales`n`Pearls "

18.03. NEW - CD Release worldwide

07.04. GER - Osnabrück / Rosenhof

08.04. GER - Essen - Turock

09.04. GER - Memmingen / Kaminwerk

10.04. GER - Obermarchtal - Kreuz

14.04. GER - Bruchsal - Fabrik

21.04. GER - Bremen / Aladin

22.04 Spain - San Sebastian - Euskal Metal Fest

23.04 Spain - Zaragoza - CCLARRATXO - Club

24.04. GER - Mannheim - Alte Seilerei

29.04. GER - Bensheim - Musiktheater Rex

30.04. GER - Flensburg - ROXY

11.05. / to 13.5. Bulgarien - Poolinerrock-Open Air

14.05. CH- Wetzikon Hall of Fame

21.05. CZ - Klatovy - Winterstadion

27.05. A - Bike-Festival Kufstein

03.06. GER - Würzburg - Posthalle

24.06. GER - Hamburg Harley Days

07.07 / 08.07. GER - Rock Harz Festival

09.07. GER - Horn- Bad Meinberg Open Air

22.07. GER - Pförring Open Air

23.07. SWEDEN - Väsby Rock Festival Open Air

28.07. GER - Headbangers Open Air

05.08. CH- Gossau Rock on Open Air

06.08. Spain - Festival Bilbao (Txarly)

26.08./27.08.GER - Baltic Open Air

09.09. Spain - Barcelona - Dr. Metal Fest-Sala Boveda

02. or 03.09. Bikerfestival Thüringen ( tbc )

23.09. GER - Rostock/Lübeck/ or Kiel

24.09. GER - Rostock/Lübeck/ or Kiel

29.09. GER - Nürnberg - Hirsch

06.10 GER - Milterberg - Beavers

07.10. GER - Metzingen - Stadthalle

08.10. GER - Straßkirchen - Plutonium Club

09.10. GER - Augsburg - Spectrum

15.10. GER - Peine-Gadenstedt / Black Hand Inn

12.11. GER - Regensburg - Airport-Obertraubling

18.11. GER - Rostock - M.A.U. Club

19.11. GER - Herford - X-Club

01.12. GER - Hamburg - Logo

02.12. GER - Siegburg - Kubana

03.12. GER - Bochum - Matrix

09.12. GER Mörlenbach - Music Hall

28/29.12. GER - Ludwigsburg - Rockfabrik


BONFIRE "Best Of..." album and 30 years anniversary tour
BONFIRE "Best Of..." album and 30 years anniversary tour

New FILTER album on its way

Veröffentlicht am 30. Januar 2016 von Markus W. in Filter, Alternative Metal, Alternative Rock, Industrial, News, Rock

Filter stands for industrial alternative rock from the US of A. The band will release their seventh album "Crazy Eyes" on April 8th via Spinefarm Records and the guys are looking back in time. The new record is an homage to the bands debut "Short Bus" which leads to less walls of guitars and a wider, gloomy industrial sound.


New FILTER album on its way

SERENITY tour dates 2016

Veröffentlicht am 30. Januar 2016 von Markus W. in Serenity, Tour, News, Symphonic Metal, Power Metal, Heavy Metal, Powerwolf, Kamelot

Symphonic metallers Serenity will be on the road during spring. The guys play some shows with their label mates Xandria, but also with Powerwolf and Kamelot. Sounds like cool packages and here are the dates:


Symphonic Metal Nights Part I
/w Xandria
02.02.2016 - Hamburg / Logo
03.02.2016 - Aschaffenburg / Colos Saal
04.02.2016 - München / Backstage
05.02.2016 - Linz / Central
06.02.2016 - Solothurn / Kofmehl
07.02.2016 - Bosco Marengo / LIVE23
09.02.2016 - Paris / Divan Du Monde
10.02.2016 - London / The Underworld
11.02.2016 - Zaandam / De Flux
12.02.2016 - Bochum / Matrix
13.02.2016 - Magdeburg / Factory
14.02.2016 - Berlin / K17
16.02.2016 - Zlin / Masters Of Rock Café
17.02.2016 - Wien / Szene
18.02.2016 - Aalen / Rock it
19.02.2016 - Bamberg / Live-Club
20.02.2016 - Kaiserslautern / Kammgarn
21.02.2016 - Vosselaar / BIEBOB

/w Powerwolf
26.03.2016 DE - Karlsruhe, Substage
27.03.2016 AT - Dornbirn, Conrad Sohm
28.03.2016 AT - Graz, Explosiv
31.03.2016 DE - Erfurt, HsB
01.04.2016 DE - Frankfurt, Batschkapp
03.04.2016 ES - Barcelona, Salamandra
04.04.2016 ES - Madrid, La Riviera
06.04.2016 FR - Toulouse, Bikini
07.04.2016 FR - Cognac, West Rock
08.04.2016 CH - Solothurn, Kofmehl


/w Kamelot
21.04.16 CZ - Praha / Meet Factory
22.04.16 DE - Andernach / JUZ Live Club
23.04.16 BE - Antwerpen / Muziekcentrum Trix
24.04.16 NL - Zwolle / Poppodium Hedon
26.04.16 CH - Solothurn / Kulturfabrik Kofmehl
27.04.16 CH - Luzern / Konzerthaus Schüür

SERENITY tour dates 2016

THE NEW ROSES - album and tour dates revealed

Veröffentlicht am 30. Januar 2016 von Markus W. in The New Roses, Hardrock, News, Tour, Rock, Classic Rock, Heavy Metal

After having signed a deal with Napalm Records German hardrockers The New Roses will release their first album on the new label on February 26th. "Dead Man's Voice" is the name of the studio longplayer and "Thirsty" is a song taken from the disc.

Furthermore the band will be on tour during spring and these are the dates:

26.02.2016 DE - Wiesbaden / Schlachthof (RECORD RELEASES SHOW)
27.02.2016 DE - Dortmund / FZW
03.03.2016 DE - Berlin / White Trash
04.03.2016 DE - Isernhagen / Blues Garage
05.03.2016 DE - Hamburg / Rock Café St. Pauli
09.03.2016 NL - Tilburg / Little Devil
10.03.2016 DE - Köln / Underground
11.03.2016 DE - Esslingen / Dieselstrasse
18.03.2016 CH - Pratteln / Z7
19.03.2016 CH - Lyss / Kufa
31.03.2016 CH - Solothurn / Kofmehl
01.04.2016 CH - Zug / Chollerhalle
02.04.2016 CH - Rubigen / Mühle Hunziken
14.04.2016 DE - Augsburg / Spectrum
15.04.2016 DE - München / Backstage
16.04.2016 DE - Cham / L.A.
29.04.2016 DE - Mannheim / 7er Club
30.04.2016 DE - Oldenburg / Cadillac

THE NEW ROSES - album and tour dates revealed

LEPROUS on tour 2016

Veröffentlicht am 30. Januar 2016 von Markus W. in Leprous, Prog Rock, Prog Metal, Rock, News, Tour

After having played a first show of this year in Tokyo / Japan, Norwegian prog metallers Leprous are kicking off a tour of Australia today in support of their newest studio album “The Congregation”, which was released worldwide via InsideOutMusic last May. More shows have now been confirmed for the band’s international touring schedule of this year, so check the upcoming dates (Updates and revisions marked *) here:

29.01.2106 Sydney (Australia) - The Factory Floor 
30.01.2016 Perth (Australia) - Amplifier 
05.02.2016 Brisbane (Australia) - The Brightside 
06.02.2016 Melbourne (Australia) - The Evelyn Hotel 
23.03.2016 Tel-Aviv (Israel) - Theatron Tmuna *
31.03.2016 Berlin (Germany) - Musik & Frieden 

01.04.2016 's Hertogenbosch (The Netherlands) - W2 
02.04.2016 Helmond, (The Netherlands) - Cacaofabriek 
03.04.2016: Hoofddorp (The Netherlands) - Podium Duycker
05.04.2016 Hamburg (Germany) - Logo 
06.04.2016: Essen (Germany) - Turock 
07.04.2016 Pratteln (Switzerland) - Z7 
08.04.2016 Strasbourg (France) - La Laiterie 
09.04.2016 Durbuy (Belgium) - Durbuy Rock Festival 
28.-30.04.2016 Koparvik/Haugesund (Norway) - Karmoygeddon Metal Festival 
23.06.2016 Halden (Norway) - Tons Of Rock 
08.08.2016 Josefov (Czech republic) - Brutal Assault 

to be continued...

LEPROUS on tour 2016

New SPIRITUAL BEGGARS album and tour

Veröffentlicht am 30. Januar 2016 von Markus W. in Spiritual Beggars, Classic Rock, News, Tour, Rock, Hardrock, Vintage Rock

Swedish vintage style hard rock pioneers SPIRITUAL BEGGARS return with their 9th studio album entitled “Sunrise To Sundown”, which will be released on March 18th, 2016 in Europe as well as March 25th, 2016 in North America via InsideOutMusic.
The album’s fantastic cover artwork (which can be now seen above!) has been created by Costin Chioreanu / Twilight13Media (At The Gates, Grave, Arcturus, etc.) and here is the album’s tracklisting:

1. Sunrise To Sundown
2. Diamond Under Pressure
3. What Doesn’t Kill You
4. Hard Road
5. Still Hunter
6. No Man’s Land
7. I Turn To Stone
8. Dark Light Child
9. Lonely Freedom
10. You’ve Been Fooled
11. Southern Star



27.03.2016 Schijndel (The Netherlands) - Paaspop *
28.03.2016 Köln (Germany) - Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld
29.03.2016 Aschaffenburg (Germany) - Colos-Saal
31.03.2016 Leipzig (Germany) - Hellraiser
01.04.2016 Hamburg (Germany) - Logo
02.04.2016 Essen (Germany) - Turock
04.04.2016 Pratteln (Switzerland) - Z7
06.04.2016 Kortrijk (Belgium) - De Kreun
07.04.2016 Rouen (France) - Le 106
08.04.2016 Brest (France) - Sale Odissey / Plougarock Festival Warm Up *
09.04.2016 Nantes (France) Le Ferrailleur *
10.04.2016 Paris (France) - Backstage By The Mill
12.04.2016 Munich (Germany) - Strom
14.04.2016 Karlsruhe (Germany) - Substage
28.04.2016 Berlin (Germany) - Desert Fest
08.07.2016 Oulu (Finland) - Jalometalli Festival
09.07.2016 Ballenstedt (Germany) - Rock Harz Festival

New SPIRITUAL BEGGARS album and tour

PRIMORDIAL on tour in April

Veröffentlicht am 30. Januar 2016 von Markus W. in Primordial, Ketzer, Svartidaudi, Heavy Metal, Pagan Metal, Black Metal, Thrash Metal

Irish metallers Primordial will be on tour late spring this year, supported by Svartidaudi and Ketzer. 

Here are the dates:

PRIMORDIAL on tour in April

CD review LETHAL STEEL "Legion of the Night"

Veröffentlicht am 30. Januar 2016 von Markus W. in Leathal Steel, News, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, CD Review, Air Raid, Ambush

(7/10) If you hear a band name like Lethal Steel, are you're thoughts around something else than real heavy metal. No.

Lethal Steel is from Sweden, started in 2012 when the band issued their first demo.

The new album of the Stockholm-based band is called "Legion of the Night" and it's filled with real traditional metal, inspired by the NWoBHM and earlier US metal. It seems that there is a next generation of Swedish metal bands coming up, thinking about Ambush, Air Raid and... Lethal Steel.

Looking to the new album shows songs like "Nattsvart" that features great guitarlines, melodic leads and well-crafted hooks. Legal Steel can also play fast, something they prove on the furious "Warrior" followed by the galloping "Night of the Witch". It's a six minutes long hymn that start slow and easy, before it turns into a powerful metal track that reminded me to the early Stormwitch; something that's not only based on the song's name.

Next to these numbers I can also recommend to check-out "Into the Void of Lucifer" as well as the merciless "Demon of the Past".

If you're a fan of melodic oldschool heavy metal without any bells and whistles, than you should listen to "Legion of the Night". This album is full of cool headbangers. The metal underground is alive and that's one of the best news in 2016.





  1. Sirius
  2. Nattsvart
  3. Rosier
  4. Warrior
  5. Night of the Witch
  6. Into the Void of Lucifer
  7. Nocturnal Seductress
  8. Demon from the Past


Label: High Roller Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: January 29th, 2016

CD review LETHAL STEEL "Legion of the Night"

Former ANNIHILATOR singer/guitarist Dave Padden joins THIRD ION

Veröffentlicht am 30. Januar 2016 von Markus W. in Prog Metal, Third Ion, Annihilator, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, News

Prog metal outfit Third Ion, featuring former members of The Devin Townsend Band and Into Eternity, has announced that the band's new vocalist is none other than Dave Padden (ex-Annihilator)! Padden replaces departed vocalist Tyler Gilbert. The band issued the following statement about the lineup change:

"Sadly, after our last gigs, our singer Tyler informed us he was leaving the band. We loved having him, but his heart and passion lie with his own music. We wish him all the best, and good luck with his future! Right away we wasted no time and got right on the search for a new singer. Dave's demo blew us away, and not to mention he has an incredible amount of experience! We have been sitting on this news since the summer, and after getting back from Vancouver this week, with a finished album worth of vocal tracks I am absolutely psyched to announce Dave Padden as the singer for Third Ion!"

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