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GRAVE DIGGER on the tour

Veröffentlicht am 31. Juli 2014 von Markus W. in Grave Digger, Tour, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, News

The reaper is on the road again. Grave Digger tours through Germany and some other European contries in November this year. Special Guests are: Heavatar, Nitrogods & Wolfen 


Here are the dates:

06.11.14 DE - Saarbrücken / Garage
07.11.14 DE - München / Backstage
08.11.14 DE - Andernach / JUZ
20.11.14 DE - Frankfurt / Batschkapp
21.11.14 DE - Speyer / Halle 101
22.11.14 DE - Glauchau / Alte Spinnerei
23.11.14 CZ - Zlin / Masters of Rock Cafe
27.11.14 CH - Pratteln / Z7
28.11.14 DE - Regensburg / Airport Straubing
29.11.14 DE - Lahstedt/Peine / Black Hand Inn
05.12.14 DE - Lichtenfels / Stadthalle
06.12.14 IT - Milan / House of Ashes
07.12.14 DE - Ludwigsburg / Rofa
26.12.14 DE - Berlin / C-Club
27.12.14 DE - Rostock / Moya
28.12.14 DE - Hamburg / Markthalle
29.12.14 DE - Bochum / Zeche

Photo: Napalm Records (Promo)

Photo: Napalm Records (Promo)


GOD DETHRONED will perform at 70.000 Tons of Metal

Veröffentlicht am 31. Juli 2014 von Markus W. in God Dethroned, Death Metal, Thrash Metal, News, Tour

Dutch death metal institution God Dethroned will perform on 70.000 Tons of Metal. See here the official statement:

Influential Dutch death metal stalwarts God Dethroned performed their final shows as a band in 2011 at the Eindhoven Metal Meeting, and in early 2012 on the 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise. In 2015, they are plotting to return to the stage. The band will begin where they left off, and will be performing as part of 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise in January 2015! God Dethroned front man, Henri Sattler, explains in the quote below.

"In early 2011, I was facing two options: one was to announce a break, and the other option was to quit the band. I definitely needed time away from it all, and having a break wasn't reassuring enough to know if I would be able to recharge the batteries for another go. Oddly enough it was at the funeral of the man who discovered us in the first place that I came to realize the story wasn't finished yet. So here we go again. Don't think you will be able to see us playing every club for weekends on end. We will only play a small selection of shows and this won't happen before 2015. Besides that, the core of the band will consist of only Michiel and myself. We'll have some cool guest musicians lined up, though, to make sure we'll give you the best performance possible. Last but not least, our first shows will be where we played our last ones three years ago. Our rebirth will happen at 70,000 Tons of Metal 2015. See you around!"

Photo: Stefan Schipp (Promo)
Photo: Stefan Schipp (Promo)

Photo: Stefan Schipp (Promo)


Album details from the upcoming SIXX AM record

Veröffentlicht am 31. Juli 2014 von Markus W. in Sixx AM, Mötley Crüe, Hardrock, Modern Rock, Alternative Rock, News

Sixx AM is releasing a new album beginning of October this year. The name of the new disc is "Modern vintage" and comes with eleven songs.

Here is the track list:

  1. Stars
  2. Gotta Get It Right
  3. Relief
  4. Get Ya Some
  5. Let’s Go
  6. Drive
  7. Give Me A Love
  8. Hyperventilate
  9. High On The Music
  10. Miracle
  11. Before It’s Over
Album details from the upcoming SIXX AM record

CD review OUTRAGE "We the dead"

Veröffentlicht am 31. Juli 2014 von Markus W. in Outrage, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Power Metal, CD Review, News

(8/10) Pforzheim in Germany isn't known for being the main capital of teutonic metal. Nevertheless a band called Outrage is coming from the contemplative city in Swabia. And they aren't new either. Outrage is around since 1983, so more than 30 years. It was Udo F. and Frank P. who started the band and continously developed Outrage further up till now. Even a break, the band disbanded in 1988, couldn't stop Outrage. 2004 was the year of the reunion which was celebrated with an EP. The name was a clear statement - "Back for attack".

I have to admit, that I haven't had the band on my screen so far. But it is never too late and I'm happy that I got their new album.

It's called "We the dead" has 12 metal tracks which sound very good. The whole album is oldschool thrash in a positive way. Early influences like Hellhammer, Venom and Celtic Frost are still present in the todays sound. 

I have a few faves on the album. The opener is one of those. "11:59" can be seen as an intro, followed by the superb "Eye for an eye". The song doesn't take any prisoners and has a touch of the earlier Sodom. Thrash metal right to the point. But Outrage can do more than only play fast and furious. The mean riff of the slower "Be that as it may" is a beast that carves slowly into your brain. 'Slow = heavy' is the motto of this track. You want it wild. No problem. "Death from behind" serves you the metal thunderstorm you asked for. "Sepia eyes/Birth to the flame" shows with the guitarlines some parallels to the earlier Metallica.

The best is reserved till the end. The title track "We the dead" was chosen to be the bouncer. The song comes with a slow and pounding beat, accompanied by a mighty riff which turns the song into an endless maelstrom. The track is with a bit more than two minutes one of the shorter ones, which doesn't matter at all. Heaviness can't be counted in minutes.

All in all the entire album is pure oldschool feast and has a lot of credibility.

Also the cover is chosen well and fits. The zombie family is grinning at you and reminds you to an earlier time. Very authentic.

Outrage is a proof that passion is a main driver for good music. The band never celeberated big successes and stayed in the underground for all those years. But they did what they wanted to do, independent from trends and mainstream. Maybe "We the dead" changes the situation a bit and brings Outrage more into the spotlight. It's out of question that they would have deserved it.





  1. 11:59 - Eye for an eye
  2. Kill snow white
  3. The biggest wrench
  4. Be that as it may
  5. The elemental war
  6. Death from behind
  7. The iron door
  8. Sepia eyes / birth to the flame
  9. Chastiser
  10. Sperical
  11. Delos
  12. We the dead


Label: Metal On Metal

Genre: Thrash Metal

CD review OUTRAGE "We the dead"

News from the coming album from CRIPPER

Veröffentlicht am 31. Juli 2014 von Markus W. in Cripper, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, News

German female fronted thrash metal band Cripper is working in the studio on a new album called "Hyena". See here a statement of the band from the studio:

"Fellas, a big step in the progress of producing "Hyena" is done. We are happy to announce that all recordings are finished and we are entering the mixing phase now. It's still 4 months from now until release, but to give you some sneak peeks, here's another podcast for you. Besides the audio recordings, we also filmed our whole set at Metaldays festival in Tolmin/Slovenia. Strangely enough, it was the first time ever that we played in the rain, even though the overall festival weather was brutally hot and sunny! The audience didn't mind, neither did we. Crowdsurfers, circle pits, wall of death and a rowing pit made all our worries disappear - thanks to everyone getting soaked with us! We had a massively positive feedback at our signing session, where the line of people wouldn't stop for a whole hour. Crazy shit!"


Photo: Metal Blade (Promo)

Photo: Metal Blade (Promo)


RINGWORM on tour in Europe in August

Veröffentlicht am 30. Juli 2014 von Markus W. in Ringworm, Tour, Hardcore, Metalcore, News

Clevelands metallic hardcore band Ringworm kicks off their European tour this week. Here are the dates:

RINGWORM on tour in Europe in August

CD review ALESTORM "Sunset on the golden age"

Veröffentlicht am 30. Juli 2014 von Markus W. in Alestorm, Santiano, Sabaton, Running Wild, Axel Rudi Pell, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, CD Review, News

(7/10) What happens if you merge Santiano with Sabaton and spice it up with a bit of the Dropkick Murphies and Running Wild? Exactly. You get Alestorm.

The band, that started as Battleheart, re-named in 2007, which means that they reflaged and continued the journey as Alestorm. "Sunset of the golden age" is album number four from the 4 sailor under the Jolly Roger.

In total the album comes with 10 new tracks. One of those is a cover version. It's not another metal track they make their own. No it's a pop mega seller - "Hangover" from Taio Cruz. For all of you who liked the song so far but never dared to admit this - now you have your version. All of a sudden the song rocks and sounds like being live from the quaiside-bar. Well done and more authentic than the original. Who dares wins.

But this is of course just one out of ten tracks. The own compositions are quite cool too. The opener "Welcome to the plank" sounds like the pirate version of Kreator - mainly due to the vocals of Christopher Bowes in the verse parts. A powerful riff introduces "Drink". If Swedish Sabaton would be pirates they would sound like this catchy tune. But there is also the folk compontent in Alestorm's songs. "Magnetic North" is one example as well as "Quest for ships" which sounds like a metal version of a Dropkick Murphys song. "Wooden leg!" is very fast and straight forward, while the longest track is reserved for the end. The bouncer "Sunset of the golden age", also the title track, is an eleven minutes long epos which shows quite some variations. The track is kept mid-speed, has an irresistable hookline and a great melody. It's a good song, eventhough Alestorm has their strength more in the 3-4 minutes tracks. But anyhow, a nice try with an entertaining result.

Funny side note when it comes to the cover of the album. I don't know if it is purely coinsident, but the cover looks very similar to the one of the latest Axel Rudi Pell release. A prove that the metal armada is still sailing on and on and on.

Pirates and metal belong together. That's what we know since Running Wild. Alestorm picked up the topic and  made their version out of it. Pirate metal 2.0.





  1. Walk the plank
  2. Drink
  3. Magnetic North
  4. 1741 (The battle of Cartago)
  5. Mead from hell
  6. Surf squid warfare
  7. Quest for ships
  8. Wooden leg!
  9. Hangover
  10. Sunset of the golden age


Label: Napalm Records

Genre: Heavy Metal / Pirate Metal

CD review ALESTORM "Sunset on the golden age"

CD review DEATH PENALTY "Death penalty"

Veröffentlicht am 30. Juli 2014 von Markus W. in Death Pentalty, Cathedral, Avantarium, Doom Metal, Heavy Metal, Rock, CD Review, News

(8/10) Wow. This is an album which really suprises. Death Penatly isn't a name you might have heard before. They are a new band. But when you consider Gaz Jennings as the mastermind behind the band things get clearer.

For the one or the other the band's name might ring a bell in the sense of "Death penalty" being the debut from Witchfinder General. There is actually a link since the band from the UK was an important inspiration for Jennings, the man who was together with Lee Dorrian the main driver behind the UK doom legend Cathedral. He was the main composer and 'riff-master' of the quartet from Coventry, England.

After the the band disbanded in 2013 it was Jennings intention to realize his first own record. In order to make it happen the guitarist needed a label and musicians. Fortunately his former Cathedral fellow Dorrian, who is also owner of Rise Above Records, offered him a deal - actually already during the Cathedral days. And Jennings also found perfect musicians for Death Penalty. Michelle Nocon and Fredrik 'Cozy; Cosemans from Belgian doom band Serpentcult joined Jennings. Bass player Raf Meukens, another guy from Belgium, completes the line-up.

The result of their work is a ten songs containing debut simply called "Death penalty". All of those tracks are doom anthems which are a 53 minutes long treat for your ears.

The first remarkable thing is the voice of Michelle Nocon. The way she sings and intones the tunes is amazing and fits perfectly. I can imagine why Jennings just could see her for this role. The whole things reminds me in parts to Avatarium ("Golden tides" & "The one that dwells") eventhough Death Penalty plays a bit harder.

Of course Black Sabbath had an impact on the band as well. The riff of "Children of the night" is inspired by Tony Iommi; the same goes for the mighty riff in "She's a witch". The for a doom band amazingly fast "Immortal by your hand" is a cool metal anthem too which reminds me more to the NWoBHM. But actually the debut has only cool tracks. I couldn't identify a real downer on the album. Quality rules.

Death Penalty's debut became an awesome piece of music which states that experience combined with dedication and passion leads to a great result. Fans of Heavy Metal and Doom Metal need to listen to this album.





  1. Grotesque horizon
  2. Howling at the throne of decadence
  3. Eyes of the herctic
  4. Golden tides
  5. In to the ivory frost
  6. Children of the night
  7. The one that dwells
  8. She is a witch
  9. Immortal by your hand
  10. Written by the insane


Label: Rise Above Records

Genre: Doom Metal

CD review DEATH PENALTY "Death penalty"

Awesome photos: "We the people of Wacken"

Veröffentlicht am 29. Juli 2014 von Markus W. in Wacken, Book, News

An interesting book is on its way. It is called "We the people of Wacken" and contains great photos fro the huge festival. Check the trailor and check the book. I can recommend it since it is a great documentation about the fans of the unique festival in the North of Germany.


CD review ZOLTAN "Tombs of the blind dead"

Veröffentlicht am 29. Juli 2014 von Markus W. in Zoltan, Rock, Doom Metal, News, CD Review

(*/10) This is heavy stuff. Not really heavy in the sense of 'heavy metal'. It is more heavy in the sense of 'heavy to digest'. London based Zoltan worked on a 4 track EP which is a hommage to Amando D'Ossorio's four movie series from the 70's. Ossorio created with this circle a highlight in European horror movie. The names of the films are reflected in the song title - Tombs of the blind dead", "Return of the blind dead", "The ghost galleon" and "Night of the seagulls".

The four tracks on the album can be seen as a kind of modern soundtrack for each of the four film. They are all instrumental with depressive and creapy keboard passages as well as threatening basslines. The creepy atmosphere of each song fits perfect to a horror movie. Again, we are not really talking about metal when it comes to this EP, but from an atmosphere point of view some horror metal bands could learn something. If music is emotion, Zoltan can celebrate a success with this four track disc.

Maybe the EP doesn't become everyones darling since it is special. Check it out and create your own opinion.





  1. Tombs of the blind dead
  2. Return of the blind dead
  3. The ghost galleon
  4. Night of the seagulls


Label: Rise Above Records

Genre: -

CD review ZOLTAN "Tombs of the blind dead"

CD review ENTRAILS "Resurrection from the grave"

Veröffentlicht am 29. Juli 2014 von Markus W. in Entrails, Grave, Entombed, Death Metal, CD Review, News, Dismember

(8/10) The history of Entrails can be divided into two phases. In the 90's, the peak of Swedish death metal, the band from Linneryd, Sweden started with passion and dedication. But all the work didn't really lead to countable successes with the result that Entrails disbanded in 1998.

It took the band another 10 years to re-unit. This was mainly based on Jimmy Lundqvist. Demos have been recorded and the debut album "Tales from the morgue" came out in 2010. In the meantime Entrails has released three records and start to really get attention in the death metal scene. Listening to Entrails immediately awakes the thought about Entombed, Dismember and Grave.

With 'newest' release the band goes back again into the demo times. It was Lundqvist's idea to remove dust from old treasures of the band. "Resurrection from the grave" couldn't have been better chosen as a title for this exercise. It's both demos ("Reborn" and "Human decay") which found a new way into the spotlight. The result is a 16 songs + 2 intros long album. Songs from the past, which are partly also presented on the full-length albums, provide you with great death metal. The pleasure with this release is the puristic approach which Lundqvist had when re-recording/re-arranging the tunes. The album has an excellent sound, but you can hear that most of the songs have been written already in the 90's. You could say it's old stuff which benefits from new recording standards.

"Resurrection from the grave" is a great death metal release of a band that finally gets the attention deserved. For all fans of Swedish death metal a 'must'.





  1. Reborn (Intro)
  2. Evil obsession
  3. The morgue
  4. Your dead dog smile
  5. Voices
  6. Triumph of the sinner
  7. Stormy death
  8. Midnight death
  9. Breath of blood
  10. Entrails
  11. Depression
  12. Dust to dust (Intro)
  13. Blood red
  14. Euthanasia
  15. Evil terror
  16. Total death
  17. Human decay
  18. Casket garden (Dismember cover)


Label: Metal Blades

Genre: Death Metal



CD review ENTRAILS "Resurrection from the grave"

CD review ACE FREHLEY "Space invaders"

Veröffentlicht am 28. Juli 2014 von Markus W. in Ace Frehley, Kiss, Hardrock, Rock, CD Review, News

(6/10) Original Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley is back after 5 years with a new solo album. The six stringer from New York City, New York releases "Space invaders" mid August. The new album follows "Anomaly" from 2009 and brings back the grooving hardrock we know from the 12014 Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame inductree. Something good for the summer period.

The album starts pretty cool. The title track and the following "Gimme a feelin'" are great, hardrockers with good hooklines and catchy melodies - always in combination with Frehley's screaming guitar. A good package to start a rock album. Other tunes which are more my faves are "What every girl wants" "Changes". Both grooving hardrock tracks with a good guitar riff. The songs are the right soundtrack for your car ride towards the sunset. The slower "Past the milky way" is a bit less rocking than the before mentioned tracks. It sounds a bit more like Bon Jovi's "Dead or alive" but still belongs to the 'credit side'.

The album also contains a cover version of Steve Miller's "The joker". I don't want to count how often this songs was already been interpreted by other artists. Frehley's version is another attempt. "The joker", in Frehley's version, is arranged quite well. It sticks more to the original and convinces with the guitar solo. No surprise I guess.

Next to all this there is also a flipside. This is called "I wanna hold you", "Toys" and "Starship". The first two are too run-off-the mill while "Staship" is much too trivial. It's an uninspiring instrumental of seven minutes which leaves a sour taste.

All in all ""Space invaders" has its moments, but I have expected more from Ace Frehley. I still prefer "Frehley's comet" and "Trouble walking". For me those are his best solo releases and the new album can't live up to this standard. It misses a bit the drive and the power which he had on his 80's records. And why have so many songs on the album a fading-out ending? A missed opportunity looking on Frehley's capabilities and career.





  1. Space invaders
  2. Gimme a feelin
  3. I wanna hold you
  4. Change
  5. Toys
  6. Immortal pleasure
  7. Inside the vortex
  8. What every girl wants
  9. Past the milky way
  10. Reckless
  11. The joker
  12. Starship


Label: Steamhammer/SPV

Genre: Hardrock

CD review ACE FREHLEY "Space invaders"

Ivar Bjørnson of ENSLAVED and WARDRUNA's Einar Kvitrafn Selvik curate Roadburn 2015

Veröffentlicht am 28. Juli 2014 von Markus W. in Roadburn, News, Enslaved, Wardruna, Ne

Ivar Bjørnson of Enslaved and Wardruna's Einar Kvitrafn Selvik will curate the Roadburn Festival 2015. This includes special shows by Enslaved and Wardruna.


Here comes the official press statement:
"We're beyond thrilled to announce that Ivar Bjørnson of Enslaved and Wardruna's Einar Kvitrafn Selvik will curate the 20th edition of Roadburn Festival, on Friday, April 10, 2015 at the 013 venue in Tilburg, The Netherlands.
As curators, both Ivar and Einar will personally select the bands for their curated Roadburn event, named ‘Houses of the Holistic’, and play special shows with Enslaved and Wardruna respectively as well.
The Norwegian pair, both former Roadburn performers, have played an important role in bringing together the past, present and future sounds of hard rock, progressive metal, and alternative scenes, which makes them the ideal choice to carry on the tradition that began in 2008 with David Tibet of Current 93, and continued with Neurosis, Tom G. Warrior, Sunn 0))), Voivod, Jus Oborn of Electric Wizard and Mikael Åkerfeldt of Opeth.
One of the most hard-hitting and progressive bands to come out of Norway, Enslaved has drawn other musical genres and artistic expressions into the realm of metal, while being recognized for merging tradition and modernity in a unique blend of rock, prog and black metal, earning them Spellemann Awards (Norwegian Grammys) for much acclaimed and groundbreaking albums such as ‘Isa’, ‘Ruun’, and ‘Vertebrae’ among others.
Enslaved's performance, dubbed ‘House of Northern Gods’, will consist of a set list specially put together for ‘Houses of the Holistic’, featuring songs from the band's entire catalogue that embody the Norse gods, with accompanying visuals created by revered Romanian artist, Costin Chioreanu. Be prepared for a surprise or two, or even more.
Ivar Bjørnson comments: “To say that my dream as a kid was to one day curate the Roadburn Festival would perhaps be to take it a tad too far – but it isn’t that far from the truth. There’s some ridiculously big shoes to fill, but luckily negative pressure, idea draught and performance anxiety aren’t something I’m into. It is my favourite festival in one of my favourite parts of the world; so this is nothing short of one the biggest honours I’ve been given! It is a privilege to undertake this challenge in twosome with Einar; an artist I truly feel in tune with artistically and philosophically – now it is all about hard work and dedication to ensure that the audience and the festival itself is given a Friday to enjoy, experience and remember. I for one can’t wait!”
Winning the award for Best Underground Band at the 2104 Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards, Wardruna has taken Einar Kvitrafn Selvik's musical visions out of the contemporary framework and back into the authentic sounds and instrumentation of ancient Northern Europe. Wardruna (featuring Gaahl and Lindy Fay Hella, alongside Einar) received rave reviews for their mesmerizing 2009 debut ‘Gap Var Ginnunga’ and equally exciting follow up, ‘Yggdrasil’, the first two albums in the planned ‘Runaljod’ trilogy that interprets the ancient runic alphabet of the Elder Futhark.
Wardruna's special ‘Houses of the Holistic’ performance will definitely add another dimension to the kaleidoscope of styles and sounds associated with Roadburn.
“It is such a great honour for me; to be awarded the responsibility of carrying out the traditional role of the Roadburn curator", says Einar Kvitrafn Selvik. "Doing it together with Ivar makes it even more special. Roadburn is in my opinion such a high-level music festival - all quality to the fingertips. It is also a festival where presenting high quality musical art is more important than anything else, such as genre distinctions and scene divisions. We will work hard to deliver a program that both explore territories one has come to expect at Roadburn, while at the same time continue to expand its boundaries into new sonic realms.”
While the two curators’ musical output differs instrumentally and stylistically, Bjørnson and Selvik have a common direction towards the primeval and undiluted, not only in their own artistic expressions but also in their taste for other music, which is ultimately what they wish to present at Roadburn 2015 during ‘Houses of the Holistic’. We look forward to this collaboration and cannot wait to see how both Ivar and Einar will expand Roadburn Festival‘s musical horizons as well as explore more familiar territory from new angles. We will definitely be in for some artistic surprises, and Norway's Norse history, too!
Roadburn Festival 2015 will run for four days from Thursday, April 9 to Sunday, April 12 at the 013 venue in Tilburg, The Netherlands."





RAGE perfoms show in "Secrets in a weird world" line-up

Veröffentlicht am 28. Juli 2014 von Markus W. in Rage, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, News

German metal dinosaur Rage are playing one show in the "Perfect man" / "Secrets of a weird world" line-up. This is Musiktreff Stennert announced on their Facebook side (see link). The gig will not be held under the banner of Rage. It is mentioned as Tres Hombres which is Peavy Wagner, Manni Schmid and Christos Efthimiades. The show will take place on Friday 15.8.2014 at 21:30. The show will be part of the 28th Rock Spekatakulum.


RAGE perfoms show in "Secrets in a weird world" line-up
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