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CD review SUICIDAL TENDENCIES "World Gone Mad"

Veröffentlicht am 30. September 2016 von Markus W. in Suicidal Tendencies, Dave Lombardo, Thrash Metal, Crossover, Punk, News, CD Review, Mike Muir

(8/10) Finally a new Suicidal Tendencies album again; that was my first thought when I heard about "13" which was released in 2013 - an album that ended a thirteen year lasting period without any studio output of Mike Muir and band.

This time it didn't take that long for Suicidal Tendencies to prepare a new longplayer. Three years after "13" the new record will be released on September 30st and it's a another highlight in the band's discography.

Of course it's Mike Muir that's the constant factor in Suicidal Tendencies. However, this time the iconic frontman was supported by a band that included three new musicians. Ra Diaz on bass and Jeff Pogan on guitar became new members of the punk/thrash crossover flagship. This is already good news but the real highlight is the fact that the legendary Dave Lombardo enriches the longplayer with his excellent drumming.

Lombardo, but also Diaz and Pogan brought some new energy into the band, something that the five-piece clearly reflects on "World Gone Mad". This album powers from the beginning to end.

Pushing drums and a grooving bassline kick off "Clap Like Ozzy" which is a fast opener the 'Suicidal-way'. The following "The New Degeneration" begins with some spoken words before a mighty riff takes over, leading to a great tune that could be easily from the earlier days. That Muir and gang didn't came to make compromisses becomes obvious with "Living For Life", a highspeed song with an excellent drumming of Lombardo.

The title track is a cool and very rhythm-based song that will work best live while "One Finger Salute" shifts up gears again. A song that could be from the "How can I laugh..." EP session is named "Still Dying to Live" which is a silent song with a certain emotional depth. It shows the width of the band's sound and it's a well-done counterpart to the raging moments on this output.

To conclude: "World Gone Mad" is a brilliant Suicidal Tendencies album showing the band refreshed, rebellious and hungry. This album can easily handle comparisons with earlier classic like "Lights Camera Revolution" and the "Art of Rebellion". Check it out, it's worth it.





  1. Clap Like Ozzy
  2. The New Degeneration
  3. Living For Life
  4. Get Your Fight On!
  5. World Gone Mad!
  6. Happy Never After
  7. One Finger Salute
  8. Damage Control
  9. The Struggle is Real
  10. Still Dying to Live
  11. This World


Label: Suicidal Records

Genre: Crossover

Release Date EU: September 30st, 2016

CD review SUICIDAL TENDENCIES "World Gone Mad"

L.A. GUNS are back

Veröffentlicht am 29. September 2016 von Markus W. in L.A. Guns, Hardrock, Sleaze Rock, Classic Rock, News

L.A. GUNS are back

Frontiers Music Srl is delighted to welcome the reunion of Tracii Guns And Phil Lewis as L.A. GUNS to the label for the release of a brand new album set for release in the summer of 2017.

After a nearly 15 year break, Philip Lewis and Tracii Guns are back together for another chapter in their partnership that began in 1986, four years after Tracii formed L.A. Guns in 1982.

Their writing partnership spawned classic L.A. GUNS songs such as “Sex Action”, “Never Enough”, “Electric Gypsy”, "The Ballad Of Jayne", and countless more in an impressive catalog of fan favorites. The last time Lewis and Guns joined forces was back in 2000 with legendary producer Andy Johns for the making of what would become “Waking The Dead” - an album that went on to receive tremendous critical acclaim and proved that their musical partnership was every bit as strong as the early days with all-killer-no-filler songs including “Don't Look At Me That Way”, “Hellraisers Ball”, and “The Ballad”.

"I think we owe it to our fans who have stuck with us during the many ups and downs of the band's long and checkered career," says Lewis. "Tracii and I have written the songs to the soundtrack of many people's lives, and I think it's definitely worth investigating to see if the magic is still there."

As for Guns, he's been compiling song ideas over the last year and promises this one will be one of the band's heaviest records, simply stating, "It's good to be home."



Here are some tour dates for the UK and the US:

March 2017:

03. Los Angeles, CA, Whisky A Go Go
04. Los Angeles, CA, Whisky A Go Go
10. Belfast. Limelight2.
11. Phewelli. HRH fest.
12. Swansea. Scene
16. Bristol. Bierkeller.
17. Basingstoke. Stage.
18. Wolverhampton. Civic.
20. Doncaster. Diamond.
22. Sheffield. Academy2.
23. Edinburgh. La Belle Angele.
24. Glasgow. ABC2
25. London. Academy2


Photo: Ron Lyon

Photo: Ron Lyon


CD review ASPHYX "Incoming Death"

Veröffentlicht am 29. September 2016 von Markus W. in Asphyx, Death Metal, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, CD Review, News

(8/10) Since a few years, actually almost since one decade, Dutch death metal flagship Asphyx embarked on a new adventure spreading again their brutal sound that brought the band so much attention during the 90's. "On the Wings of Inferno" was the restart of a band that belongs to the most important ones in death metal.

Since 2008 Asphyx releases again records on a regular base with the newest masterpiece being in the starting blocks. "Incoming Death" is the title of this brutal and relentless record that shows again why this band belongs to the major league of death metal. Some of the eleven songs are homeruns while each of the tunes is at least a base hit.

The game starts with a fastball called "Candiru", a high speed number that is a true blast and a well chosen opener. A song that comes with a similar approach is the title track and also "Wildland Fire" is one of these breath-taking highlights.

What I really like with this album are the changeball - the mid-pace tracks. It's not about speed. It's about energy and intensity with twists and breaks. "Division Brandenburg" belongs to this category, but also bigger sections of "The Feeder" comes with grooving riffs that are immense.

One of the most inclusive tracks is named "The Grand Denial". Asphyx celebrates all shades of death metal in this masterpiece. Slow moments act in turns with faster section, all leading to an acoustic outro that is the only calm moment on the entire record. And not only on this song Martin van Drunen screams his mind to the heavens. His hoarse voice is one of Asphyx's trademarks, or to stick to the baseball comparison - this guys is the designated hitter that brings home each of the eleven tracks.

All the mentioned peaks in the doom deather "Death:The Only Immortal" which is a slo-mo track that runs over you as being the listener. These eight minutes are the most intense ones I have heard from the Dutch metal dinosaurs. What a closer.

"Incoming Death" is an album that even tops the pretty strong "Deathhammer"-release from 2012, an undertaking that wasn't easy. Goed gedaan jongens.





  1. Candiru
  2. Division Brandenburg
  3. Wardroid
  4. The Feeder
  5. It Came From The Skies
  6. The Grand Denial
  7. Incoming Death
  8. Forerunners of the Apocalypse
  9. Subterra Incognita
  10. Wildland Fire
  11. Death: The Only Immortal


Label: Century Media

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: September 30st, 2016

CD review ASPHYX "Incoming Death"

CD review MEAT LOAF "Braver Than We Are"

Veröffentlicht am 29. September 2016 von Markus W. in Meat Loaf, Rock, Symphonic Rock, News, CD Review, Jim Steinman

(4/10) Oh boy. This album belongs to the biggest disappointments when it comes to 2016 rock music. Actually the pre-requisits couldn't have been better. The announcement that Meat Loaf and Jim Steinman work together on a new Meat Loaf album was a kickstart for wild dreaming.

Records like "Bat Out of Hell" and "Dead Ringer" are milestones in rock music, the latter being an album that brought me into rock and metal music. Later on Meat Loaf's sound became more mainstream, with "Modern Girl" being a hit single for the many.

This was the glorious past and unfortunately the today looks different. There have been some clouds in the blue sky, moments when the news spread that the iconic musician had to cancel shows due to health issues. Anyhow, I was curiously looking forward to "Braver Than We Are" but the album gave and gives me a hard time. I guess it would have been braver to not release this longplayer. Each of the songs on this record feels breathless and uninspired. Meat Loaf and Steinman try frantically to build on the glorious old days - an endeavor that ended up with this release that can't be compared with the early classics.

Even songs like "Going All the Way is Just the Start" with support from Ellen Forely and Karia DeVito, an attempt to get a bit closer to the heritage of Meat Loaf, can't turn things into something positive, because this song shows how big the gap is between the here and now and "Paradise By the Dasboard Light".

And to make things even worse, there is a cover of Sisters Of Mercy's "More" on the album which is a complete disaster. What have the guys done with this great song? It's arranged as a strange electronic number that takes away the entire energy of the original version.

All Meat Loaf fans should ignore this release and put on some old Meat Loaf vinyls instead, something I did to get this stuff out of my mind.





  1. Who Needs the Young
  2. Going All the Way is Just the Start
  3. Speaking in Tongues
  4. Loving You's a Dirty Job
  5. Souvenirs
  6. Only When I Feel
  7. More
  8. Godz
  9. Skull of Your Country
  10. Train of Love


Label: 429 Records / Caroline

Genre: Rock

Release Date EU: September 9th, 2016


CD review MEAT LOAF "Braver Than We Are"

CD review OPETH "Sorceress"

Veröffentlicht am 28. September 2016 von Markus W. in Opeth, Classic Rock, Classic Metal, Prog Rock, Prog Metal, News, CD Review

(9/10) I have expected a great album from Opeth and the guys delivered. Actually the five-piece exceeds expectations with a longplayer that is fantastic from all perspectives.

What started many years ago in Stockholm as a furious death metal project developed over time to one of the most influential progressive metal acts, including a warm classic rock-based sound. Mikael Âkerfeldt and his gang continue the journey they start with records like Heritage" and "Pale Communion".

This time the album isn't build on a concept or a storyline. Each of the songs is an individual masterpiece that shows how all the variants heavy metal can offer.

"Persephone" is an acoustic opener that acts as an introduction for "Sorceress" - the next track and name-giver for this longplayer. Already the intro shows that Opeth has no problem with adding more silent moments to their sound. It's a great start before the title track takes over the scene. This number is a complex one that is build on many layers. However, the flow is guaranteed which makes the track to an approachable one; also for non musicians. It's anyhow the joy of this album that Âkerfeldt and band write songs that are complex without compromising on the song itself. There is a 'part 2' on the album too. "Sorceress 2" is a quiet song that builds a counterpart to the smashing titel track. I felt reminded of Alan Parsons when I listened to this number, something I see a positive sign.

"Will O the Wisp" is also one of these harmonic moments when bigger soundscapes replace harsh metal riffs. I guess that not that many bands with death metal roots could get away with this kind of music. The fact that Opeth fans actually appreciate this kind of music is soemthing that underlines the importance and the credibility of the five guys from Stockholm. Mikael Âkerfeldt and bandmates don't play this kind of music for any commercial or whatever reason. It's music that comes purely out of their hearts, a fact that makes Opeth so authentic and real.

Next to these silent moments of reflection there are the wild ones too. "The Wilde Flowers" is a very rhythm-based track that includes well-done keyboard parts. "Chrysalis" is also one of the heavier moments on the album with Opeth referring to classic rock as a general inspiration for this tune.

I song I also like a lot on this longplayer is called "Era" and comes a bit closer towards the end. The piano in the beginning gives the tune a certain depth before it builds up to a progressive masterpiece that comes with many twists, sometimes expected and sometimes unexpected.

"Sorceress" is the expected highlight of the years. It's an album that strengthens Opeth position in metal and lifts the guys into the premier league of rock music. Very well done guys.





  1. Persephone
  2. Sorceress
  3. The Wilde Flowers
  4. Will O the Wisp
  5. Chrysalis
  6. Sorceress 2
  7. The Seventh Sojourn
  8. Strange Brew
  9. A Fleeting Glance
  10. Era
  11. Persephone (Slight Return)


Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Progressive Metal

Release Date EU: September 30st, 2016


CD review OPETH "Sorceress"

CD review OPERATION: MINDCRIME "Resurrection"

Veröffentlicht am 27. September 2016 von Markus W. in Operation Mindcrime, Prog Metal, News, CD Review, Heavy Metal, Alternative Metal

(6/10) I'm not really sure" if "Resurrection" stays for nomen et omen when it comes to Geoff Tate and his musical ambitions. The singer that celebrated great successes with Queensryche, also having a great voice with a wide range, struggled a bit over the last years. The glorious days have been back in the past and the newer material of the iconic singer led to some controversial discussion amongst metal fans. One thing's already clear at this stage, "Resurrection" will not end these talks.

"Resurrection" is the second album of a trilogy and it follows "The Key" that was released around a year ago. The new longplayer is slightly better than the predecessor but it's still an album that is missing a common approach, from beginning to end. It feels like Tate himself is in the inner conflict of continuing what he started and achieved with Queensryche while also following new ideas and sounds. He calls the band Operation: Mindcrime, referring to the highly successful Queensryche release and also some of the tracks show patterns of the past. "Left for Dead" is for example a song that could have been from the "Empire"-session and "Miles Away" could have been from the same era too. Both are good tracks, showing the potential and passion of Tate for contemporary metal music with a progressive touch.

Unfortunately there are also songs on "Resurrection" that are less thrilling. "The Fight" is a slower paced one with a reflective vibe that is very much standard. I had the feeling of having heard such a number already far too often.

In general I must say the second half of the album is  anyhow less thrilling than the first songs. "Invincible" is one of the better tracks again before "A Smear Campaign" brings back the confusion. I actually like the well integrated saxophone parts, but I wonder what this song should stand for. It's neither nor. "Which Side Your On" feels fragmented and the following "Into the Hands of the World" is a hard to digest piece of music that is one of the real downers on "Resurrection".

I'm not sure if it wouldn't have been better to start under a totally new banner rather than referring to the past without getting close to the glorious "Rage for Order" and "Operation: Mindcrime" days. A new banner, another sound and a band rather than a project - a brave new start of one of the best singers in metal music might help to give new direction. The second album seems to be a next step on a journey of finding a new musical identity, a trip that is so far very confusing.





  1. Resurrection
  2. When All Falls Away
  3. A Moment in Time
  4. Through the Noize
  5. Left for Dead
  6. Miles Away
  7. Healing my Wounds
  8. The Fight
  9. Taking on the World
  10. Invincible
  11. A Smear Campaign
  12. Which Side Your On
  13. Into the Hands of the World
  14. Live from my Machine


Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Progressive Metal

Release Date EU: September 23rd, 2016

CD review OPERATION: MINDCRIME "Resurrection"

CD review PROPHETS OF RAGE "Prophets of Rage" EP

Veröffentlicht am 26. September 2016 von Markus W. in takethepowerback, makeamericarageagain, Rage Against The Machine, Cypress Hill, Public Enemy, News, CD Review, Crossover, Alternative Metal

(*/10) It was in spring this year when a countdown caught my attention. Actually it was an Instagram post talking about a band called Prophets Of Rage, followed by the mentioned countdown. The motto was 'The Party's Over' and the hashtag was #takethepowerback. Then, on a trip to Toronto, I saw the posters all over the city and the fog lifted latest when the guys performed for the first time live in Los Angeles.-

Prophets Of Rage is three quarters of Rage Against The Machine plus members of Cypress Hill and Public Enemy. To be precise, we are talking about Tom Morello, Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk accompanied by Chuck D and DJ Lord from Public Enemy, plus B-Real Cypress Hill. The mission of these guys was described by Morello in an interview with the Rolling Stone magazine as: "We're an elite task force of revolutionary musicians determined to confront this mountain of election year bullshit, and confront it head-on with Marshall stacks blazing."

Prophets Of Rage are on tour right now through North America and the guys also released an EP supporting their message and their mission. Simply named "The Party's Over" the EP contains 5 songs of which three are live recordings.

"Killing in the Name" from Rage Against The Machine made it on this EP as well as "Shut "Em Down" from Public Enemy - both in a live version. The third live recording is from Cleveland when the guys performed "No Sleep Til Cleveland" which is basically a cover of Beastie Boys' "No Sleep Til Brooklyn". This is such a powerful version that I think it can at least live up to the original song. Also Public Enemy's "The Party's Over" can be enjoyed and with "Prophet Of Rage" the name giver song is on the EP too - of course.

All in all this EP contains stuff that's maybe not new. However, it's music that is great to listen to, a combination of musicians and sounds that support each other very well, giving the songs a new powerful expression. Also considering the message of Prophets Of Rage makes this EP to a release that demands your support.





  1. Prophets of Rage
  2. The Party's Over
  3. Killing in the Name (live)
  4. Shut 'em Down (Live)
  5. No Sleep Til Cleveland


Label: Caroline Records

Genre: Crossover

Release Date EU: August 26th, 2016



CD review THEM "Sweet Hollow"

Veröffentlicht am 26. September 2016 von Markus W. in Them, King Diamond, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Horror Metal, News, CD Review

(8/10) If you think that it's a coincidence that the this band's name is the one King Diamond has chose years and years ago for one of his masterpieces, than I can tell you that you're wrong. "Sweet Hallow", the name of Them's debut, is the best King Diamond album the King never did, at least for soem tracks.

But lets' start from the beginning. Them was started in 2008 by singer Troy Norr who some of you might know from Coldsteel. In the beginning Them wasn't more than a King Diamond tribute band for many years, including Mike Wead and Hal Patino. In 2014 Troy started to make things more tangible by working on a storyline, a band and an album. The guy found some well-known allies for Them. Mike LePond from Symphony X is on bass, Kevin Talley (Suffocation) is playing drums on the album, Markus Ulrich (Lanfear) and Markus Johansson are responsible for the six string guitar while Richie Seibel from Lanfear is on keyboards.

These guys recorded nine songs plus an intro that are in big parts inspired by King Diamond. The vocals, the guitar lines, the entire sound - all reminds more than once of the mighty Dane with the falsetto vocals.

A cold breeze and some more creepy samples mark the beginning of the album. It's an intro called "Rebirth" that leads to the first real song named "Forever Burns". The furious guitars include some of the typical Kind Diamond harmonies and as soon as Norr joins you have to check the cover twice. Fortunately the album has more to offer than just being a kind of tribute disc.

A tune that's a bit diefferent is called "Ghost of the Graveyard". This number has some more individuality since the vocals are more moderate and the track itself is kept slower and melodic. Still the vibe stays present and acts as a kind of link that keeps all the tracks together.

"The Quiet Room" acts as a kind of piano-based intermezzo before "Dead of Night", with its more than six minutes, takes over. The track is melodic and slower than some of the other stuff on the album. The fact that Norr goes without high pitches makes the track to a riff-based hardrocker that stands out from the rest.

"FestEvil" is a bit breathless before "The Crimson Corpse" brings back the good old "Them"-days that are merged with a true power metal riffing that reimnds of Iced Earth. It's an interesting track that shows the potential of Them. Or in case your looking for some Nevermore references you can listen to the closer "The Harrowing Path to Hollow".

What to say as a sum up. For me, Them is neither a copycat nor a tribute. It is inspired by the King but it has enough own identity which makes it to an exciting longplayer that cherishs heavy metal and power metal, all embedded in a gloomy storyline. "Sweet Hallow" is entertaining and is done very well. 





  1. Rebirth
  2. Forever Burns
  3. Down The Road To Misery
  4. Ghost In The Graveyard
  5. The Quiet Room
  6. Dead Of Night
  7. FestEvil
  8. The Crimson Corpse
  9. Blood From Blood
  10. The Harrowing Path To Hollow


Label: Empire Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: September 30st, 2016

CD review THEM "Sweet Hollow"

CD review RAVENEYE "Nova"

Veröffentlicht am 25. September 2016 von Markus W. in RavenEye, News, CD Review, Classic Rock, Alternative Rock, Hardrock, Retro, Blues

(8/10) One of the newcomers in hardrock this year are RavenEye from the UK. The three-piece was founded in 2014 by guitarist/singer Oli Brown and bassplayer Aaron Spiers. So far the guys didn't release more than an EP in 2015 which was called "Breaking Out". 

The quartet promoted this EP intesively with a lot of touring connected. RavenEye supported bands like Deep purple, Halestorm and Slash, also playing on bigger European festivals such as Download Festival and Hellfest. So it was less the releases that opened RavenEye for a bigger audience, it has been the extensive touring activities that had two effects. It helped RavenEye to constantly enlarge their fan base and growing together as a band.

RavenEye's debut is being shipped to the record stores as we speak and it presents a band that comes with esxcellent songs and a tight way of performing them. The eleven songs on the album cover a wider range of influences - from Led Zeppelin to Soundgarden. All this inspiration led to songs that are featuring some bluesy elements, classic rock, hardrock and a touch of retro, packaged in a modern expression and a heaviness that makes the album to an interesting one for rock fans and metalheads.

"Nova" starts slow and heavy with "Wanna Feel You". The song has a certain alternative metal flair that partly reminds me of Alice In Chains merged with traditional hardrock. It's a cool start into an exciting album. That RavenEye can also play faster is what the band shows with the dynamic "Come With Me" followed by the grooving "Inside". 

The post-grunge moments are coming back in the darker "Supernova" that belongs the best songs on the album. More cool stuff is named "Madeline" which is an energetic rocker, something that also goes for "Out of the Rain". 

The most emotional moment on the record is called "Eternity" which is a slow and romantic tune, including a melancholic expression that makes the track to a really touching one.

All in all "Nova" became an exciting piece of music of some newcomers that will challenge established rock bands. RavenEye came to stay.





  1. Wanna Feel You
  2. Come With Me
  3. Inside
  4. Hero
  5. Supernove
  6. Walls
  7. Oh My Love
  8. Madeline
  9. Hate
  10. Out of the Rain
  11. Eternity


Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: September 23rd, 2016

CD review RAVENEYE "Nova"

CD review INSOMNIUM "Winter's Gate"

Veröffentlicht am 24. September 2016 von Markus W. in Insomnium, CD Review, News, Death Metal, Pagan Metal, Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal

(9/10) Waltari did it, Edge Of Sanity did it and now it's Insomnium that does it as well - releasing an album that comes with one song of epical length - a story, a mind-movie, a masterpiece, all in one song on one album.

Things started with the guys listening to Edge Of Sanity's "Crimson". From this moment on Insomnium the idea of "Winter's Gate" was born, an album that contains more than 'just' great music. Such an album and such a song needs a solid story that acts as a base and a link between the several parts of such a musical marathon.

It played into the band's hands that Niilo Sevänen wrote a short story called "Winter's Gate" which tells the tale of a group of vikings who "set out to find a fable island Northwest from Ireland". This short story won already some awards in 2007 and 2008 in Sevänen's homecountry Finland and is actually included in the Gatefold LP+CD package as a booklet.

After the concept has been set it was time to think about the music. "Winter's Gate" became an exciting piece of music that starts slow and melacholic. It comes very sphereful and draws a sonic picture of wide landscapes that give a peaceful mind. But harmony doesn't last forever and already after half a minute the song develops to a heavy stomper. Still having some keyboards in the lead, guitars become more dominant, taking over with a mighty riff a bit later. The deep growls of Sevänen give the song an additional harshness by constantly keeping a certain level of melody in this mighty piece of music. After the peaceful beginning of this composition the continuation of the song feels more like an brutal winterstorm that makes everybody looking for some shelter.
And since a storm doesn't last forever, in this case 40 minutes, Insomnium was smart enough to place same breaks here and there. After seven minutes things get more sphereful again, supported by some acoustic guitars and spoken words.
This is just some examples of Insomnium's brillance of keeping this epical masterpiece exciting - from beginning till end. The more silent moments are coming back here and there, always counteracted by heavy outbursts that unveil Insomnium's metal heart.
You could watch movies, you could read books or you can lean back, close your eyes and start your own movie while listening to this longplayer.
Insomnium created an album that features musical finesse (enriched by a mix and mastering done by nobody else than Dan Swano himself), storytelling brilliance and emotional intensity. This album belongs to the great ones in 2016, a release that stands out from the masses.





  1. Winter's Gate


Label: Century Media

Genre: Epic Death Metal

Release Date EU: September 23rd, 2016


CD review INSOMNIUM "Winter's Gate"
CD review INSOMNIUM "Winter's Gate"

CD review THE QUIREBOYS "Twisted Love"

Veröffentlicht am 24. September 2016 von Markus W. in The Quireboys, News, CD Review, Rock, Hardrock, Sleaze Rock, Blues, Classic Rock

(9/10) I can remember the moment when I listened the first time to The Quireboys debut back in "A Bit of What You Fancy". It was in 1990 when the guys from London released the album that gave me some jaw-dropping moments. Right at the end of the overdone L.A. hairspray rock era it was a refreshing moment listening to this band that undusted hardrock music.

Compared to bands like Guns'n'Roses and some others The Quireboys never really got onto the bigger spotlight. They got a lot of attention on the rock scene, but also timing didn't really help them to make them noticable in a wider way.

The upcoming grunge period didn't make it easy for bands playing blues-base hardrock and I also have to admit that I lost the band from my radar. However, this was the past and we are in the here and now. That means that we should talk about "Twisted Love". The album is the newest output from the guys and it contains excellent hardrock with a dirty street vibe. Eventhough the record got an excellent spund it's not over üroduced and includes a lot of street credibility.

Two songs are standing out. "Twisted Love" is the first one. A grooving rock song with great ,melodies and a warmly singing hammond organ are the main components of this smasher. This song has a 'wow' factor which ensures excitement for many months.

To put the groove evem more in focus means listening to"Gracie B". This tune is absolute highlight on the album and the best song I have heard from The Quireboys. This rhythm's is slowly creeping into your ears and your mind - a song that you can't forget that easily. And as with "Twosted Love, it's the Hammond that gives this track it's personality.

But also tracks like the opener"Torn & Frayed" which is a uptempo rocker, "Life's a Bitch" with it's Stones crossreferences and the bluesy ballas "Midnight Collective" are great tracks that will be a treat for fans of bands like the earlier L.A. Guns, the Stones and Cinderella.

"Twisted Love" is a down-to-earth rock album that is authentic. Each note carrys the dust from the highway including high spirits and passion for good rock music.

In times of scial media the only verdict for this release can be 'I like'.





  1. Torn & Frayed
  2. Ghost Train
  3. Killing Time
  4. Twisted Love
  5. Breaking Rocks
  6. Gracie B
  7. Life's a Bitch
  8. Stroll On
  9. Shotgun Way
  10. Midnight Collective


Label: Off Yer Rocka Recordings

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: September 9th, 2016

CD review THE QUIREBOYS "Twisted Love"

RIVERSIDE talks about the band's future

Veröffentlicht am 23. September 2016 von Markus W. in Riverside, Prog Rock, Rock, Avangarde, News

Photo: Pirate Smile (Promotion)

Photo: Pirate Smile (Promotion)

Polish prog rockers Riverside informs about the future of the band after the loss in February this year.

Here is the statement:


Dear Friends,

We'd like to thank you again for your friendship and support throughout this most tragic time for us and we'd like to officially announce that we have made a decision about our future.

We have decided that we are not going to do a casting for a new guitarist. Thus we have ceased to be a quartet and have become a trio. In this line-up we will prepare our new studio album. Both in the recording studio and on tour - if we get back to touring - we will be playing with session guitarists, who are our friends, whom we know and like. But the line-up of Riverside will be as shown in the picture.

Yes, we do realise that this is not going to be the same band. We know that for many of you the story of Riverside ends here, this year, and that "Eye of the Soundscape" might be the last Riverside album you'll buy. We know that some of you can't imagine this band without the characteristic guitar of Piotr Grudziński and for you Riverside has ceased to exist. But our story is not over yet; with a flaw, with a scar, with a wealth of new experiences, we have decided to go on.

We know stories of many bands that have survived and have been successful, in spite of all. And we want to be the living proof that giving up is not an option and that we can be an inspiration for others, too. For as long as we can, we'll continue to do our best to create and meet with you wherever the emotions are running high. Grudzień will still be with us. We are definitely not going to forget him. He's a part of our lives. But in order for the memory of him to survive, we have to continue. And we want to. So we're embarking on another journey and we are thankful to everyone who will join us.

Our plans for the nearest future?
Next year we're going to start working on a new album. Marked by the circumstances, it will probably be a return to heavier and more intense sound. But before that, in February 2017, on the anniversary of Piotr's death, we'd like to play our first gig. A very special gig which will be an exceptional event. We'd like to play it with guests, with friends, for Piotr, for us. And for you. We'd like our music to be the hero of that day, we'd like to let it speak for itself. We'll give you more details about it in the coming weeks.

The river will never be the same again but it doesn't mean it has to stop flowing.

Best regards,
Mariusz Duda, Piotr Kozieradz
ki, Michał Łapaj


IRON MAIDEN continues "Book of Souls tour" also in 2017

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IRON MAIDEN continues "Book of Souls tour" also in 2017

Iron Maiden will continue with their "Book of Souls" world tour by adding more European dates. Here are they are and it looks like at this stage that no additonal European shows will be added:

22. April Belgium – Antwerpen / Sportpaleis
24. April Germany – Oberhausen / König-Pilsener-ARENA
28. April Germany – Frankfurt / Festhalle
02. May Germany – Hamburg / Barclaycard Arena
04. May England – Nottingham / Motorpoint Arena
06. May Ireland – Dublin / 3Arena
08. May England – Manchester / Arena
10. May England – Sheffield / Arena
11. May England – Leeds / First Direct Arena
14. May England – Newcastle / Metro Radio Arena
16. May Scotland – Glasgow / The SSE Hydro Arena
17. May Scotland – Aberdeen / AECC The GE Oil and Gas Arena
20. May England – Liverpool / Echo Arena
21. May England – Birmingham / Barclaycard Arena
24. May Wales – Cardiff / Motorpoint Arena
27. May England – London / o2 Arena


CD review SAHG " Memento Mori"

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(8/10) Sahg hail from Bergen, Norway and are a constant factor in metal. Their first three records have been simple numbered and it was their fourth longplayer "Delusion of Grandeur" that broke this pattern.

"Memento Mori", the reminder of evanescence, is the newest milestone of this quartet. Like with the earlier releases also the new longplayer is build on melancholic doom that shows some links to the mighty Black Sabbath. "Take it to the Grave" is one of these tracks, a highlight on the album.

But Sahg can offer a much wider menu than only referring to Iommi and friends.

The opener "Black Unicorn" is such a moment when the four Norwegians unveil their progressive passion. Pink Floyd is more than just shimmering through in the beginning, before the song takes a fork to a pounding and evil metal track.

Another song that shows the variation of Sahg's music is "(Praise the) Electric Sun" which is a number build on a wider keyboard sphere. The tune is a silent moment before the doom riffs come back with "Travellers of Space and Light".

The end of Sahg's fifth longplayer is coming closer with the final track "Blood of the Oceans" featuring for the first time lyrics in Norwegian. It's a drumbeat that kicks-off this song, a number that starts silent and sphereful. This pattern comes back halfway through the song. However, after the mentioned 'romantic' beginning the song builds up to a pagan influenced doom monster, being the grand finale of a record that is too wide for sterotype thinking. It's the next step of the four Norwegians in claiming their position in progressive doom metal.





  1. Black Unicorn
  2. Devilspeed
  3. Take it to the Grave
  4. Silence the Machines
  5. Sanctimony
  6. (Praise the) Electric Sun
  7. Travellers of Space and Light
  8. Blood of Oceans


Label: Indie Recordings

Genre: Doom Metal

Release Date EU: September 23rd, 2016

CD review SAHG " Memento Mori"
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