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CD review SINSAENUM "Ashes"

Veröffentlicht am 31. Oktober 2017 von Markus W. in Sinsaenum, Joey Jordison, Frederic Leclercq, Black Metal, Death Metal, News, ear Music, Ashes, EP, CD Review

CD review SINSAENUM "Ashes"

(8/10) Time is flying. It’s already more than a year ago when death metal supergroup Sinsaenum released the highly anticipated debut “Echoes of the Tortured”. In order to keep the hellish fire burning the guys put more wood on the fire with a new EP that will hit the shelves on November 10th. And what name would fit better for such a disc than “Ashes”.

This EP is a metal purgatory. The quintet recorded three new songs for this release, each of them coming with an angry, dark and merciless vibe. The new tracks stand for a shifting level of aggressiveness adding more sonic brutality to Sinsaenum's sound. 

It’s the title track the kick-off this journey into the abyss. A furious riff in combination with bloodcurdling growls set the tone of voice for the next 26 minutes. The title track belongs to the faster songs. However, it comes with some well-done breaks too, reflecting the musical experience of everybody involved. Sinsaenum aren’t nobodies. Frederic Leclercq, Sean Z., Attila Csihar, Stephane Buriez, Heimoth and Joey Jordison have a long track records in metal, being or having been involved in bands like Slipknot, Mayhem and Dragonforce. Combining this metallic fire power in one band allowed the guys to create songs that reflect their passion for harsh metal, but also to take things from a wider perspective.

“Ashes” is a continuation of what started with the self-titled EP more than a year ago. However, the quintet evolved their music with some more black metal getting to the forefront. Especially “2099 (Heretics)” reflects this a lot. What’s obvious with this tune is the musical filigree craftsmanship that’s, next to the wildness, another substantial element of this five-piece band.

Besides the three new songs this EP comprises three more songs. “Degeneration” and “King of the Desperate Lands” are two Japanese bonus tracks while the closer “Dead Souls” got a remix done by Frederic Dusquesne.

“Ashes” shows that Sinsaenum isn’t a 'one hit wonder'. These guys are not just a  project for one album, they are a band and more exciting music can be expected from this powerful metal outfit.





  1. Ashes
  2. Monarch of Death
  3. 2009 (Heretics)
  4. Degeneration
  5. King of the Desperate Lands
  6. Dead Souls


Label: earMusic

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: November 11th, 2017


CD review ATENA "Possessed"

Veröffentlicht am 31. Oktober 2017 von Markus W. in Atena, Possessed, Indie Recordings, Death Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Modern Metal, News, CD Review

CD review ATENA "Possessed"

(7/10) “Possessed” is already record number three of Norwegian metal outfit Atena.  The band, hailing from Drammen, releases an eleven songs comprising record that features melodic death metal, reminding me in the widest sense of In Flames even though it doesn’t reach the perfection of their Scandinavian fellows.

“Possessed” isn’t a concept album, but it follows a conceptual story addressing moods, emotions and experiences – rooted in personal experiences. What’s a bit surprising is the short running time of 35 minutes. Maybe there’s not a lot to tell, however, one or two more songs wouldn’t have been a bad idea.

What made it on the album though are songs that don’t go beyond a four minutes level. In the sense the Norwegian’s keep things spot on with the songs feeling longer than what they actually are.

Sometimes the album sounds very aggressive, like in “Death Eating” which is a raging headbanger, while “Oil Rigs”, with the dramatic choir, adds another music shade to the album. Furthermore there’s “Confessional” with some weaved in melodic parts that differs again from the rest, just as emotions do in daily life. From this perspective “Possessed” captures the conceptual thinking very well.

However, I couldn’t get rid of the feeling that the longplayer feels a bit lengthy while being quite short. There’s basically nothing wrong with “Possessed” but it didn’t really wow me.





  1. Done With the Darkness
  2. Oil Rigs
  3. Black Lungs
  4. Divorce
  5. Viole(n)t
  6. Firstborn
  7. Child Support
  8. Molly
  9. Affair
  10. Black Heart


Label: Indie Recordings

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Release Date EU: October 27th, 2017


CD review DR. LIVING DEAD! "Cosmic Conqueror"

Veröffentlicht am 30. Oktober 2017 von Markus W. in Dr. Living Dead!, Thrash Metal, Crossover, Speed Metal, Hardcore, News, Century Media, CD Review

CD review DR. LIVING DEAD! "Cosmic Conqueror"

(8/10) Stockholm is, at least when it comes to metal music, known for outstanding hardrock and sinister death metal. But there's a thrash scene either and one of the most known bands is Dr. Living Dead!.

The group, featuring four doctors (Dr. Rad, Dr. Toxic, Dr. Mania and Dr. Slam), started their 'deadly healing' in 2007. Two demos led to a self-titled debut that became a part of many metal collections in 2011. Since then the four-piece band, on a more or less regular base, procures supplies in the form of two more longplayers.

Two years after having published "Crush the Sublime Gods" it's "Cosmic Conqueror" that hits the shelves. Now, you can ask yourself 'what's new'. It' actually not that much. Dr. Living Dead! isn't a band that belongs to the most innovative ones. Too narrow is the framework of thrash metal and even the crossover component doesn't bring that much new to the table. That's one side of the equation.

Dr. Living Dead!'s strength is the enthusiasm and commitment for what the four 'doctors' like most - energetic thrash metal that comes with a dominant Suicidal Tendencies. "Cosmic Conqueror" is a longplayer that is fully charged with power. The quartet obviously have a lot of fun with what they are doing. There is a lot of joy of playing embedded in each of the songs, all with a positive vibe and a lively energy.

Based on the mentioned limitation in varying their sound I was a bit sceptic in the beginning. I was afraid of getting too much of the same thing only different and partly this is also reality. However, the dynamic and the authentic passion of Dr. Living Dead! sweeps away all these worrying thoughts. It's a positive metal storm, started by the Stockholm-based band that brings a lot of fun and pleasure into a headbangers life.





  1. Coffin Crusher
  2. Can't Kill the Dead the Summoning
  3. Terror Vision
  4. Cosmic Conqueror
  5. Disease to Exist
  6. Into the Eye
  7. Survival Denied
  8. Moment of Clarity
  9. Infiltrator / Exterminator
  10. Cyber Crime


Label: Century Media

Genre: Crossover/Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: October 27th, 2017


CD review SAVAGE MESSIAH "Hands of Fate"

Veröffentlicht am 29. Oktober 2017 von Markus W. in Savage Messiah, Hands of Fate, Century Media, News, Heavy Metal, Melodic Metal, Thrash Metal, Modern Metal, CD Review

CD review SAVAGE MESSIAH "Hands of Fate"

(7/10) Savage Messiah debut in 2009 with a first release entitled “Insurrection Rising”. In a regular fashion more records have been added to the discography and it’s “Hands of Fate” being longplayer number four in a time span of eight years. Savage Messiah, that’s nowadays David Silver (g/v), Sam S. Junior (g), Mira Siama (b) and Andrea Gorio (d) and the beginning of the quartet was very much build on a passion for thrash metal. Slowly and overtime the guys shifted their sound towards more traditional metal that finds a new peak in the here and now.

“Hands of Fate”, the first album for Century Media, features songs that are not solely riff-based but also include melodic vocal lines and leads, giving the album a certain flow and catchiness. In parallel the aggressive approach of the earlier days has been pushed a bit to the back. Numbers like “Blood Red Road” partly reflects the thrash roots but generally spoken things are more streamlined.

What might sound negative isn’t meant like that. Savage Messiah merges some Metallica influences with modern metal a la Trivium while also adding some NWoBHM influences to their sound.

With “Fearless” the record contains a song that’s missing some inspiration, but these moments are more an exception than the rule. There’s enough rock solid material on “Hands of Fate”. The highlight actually comes towards the end when the riffs get heavy and brutal. “The Crucible” has a catchy chorus, but it’s the verse that’s slow and mighty. That's really good stuff.

“Hands of Fate” became a solid metal record. It showcases a band that dares to develop their music. In this context the current release feels like a longplayer in an in between period and it’s exciting enough stay curious about where this journey will lead them to.





  1. Hands of Fate
  2. Wing and a Prayer
  3. Blood Red Road
  4. Lay Down Your Arms
  5. Solar Corona
  6. Eat your Heart Out
  7. Fearless
  8. The Last Confession
  9. The Crucible
  10. Out of Time


Label: Century Media

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: October 27th, 2017


Live review AIRBOURNE/DESECRATOR, Melkweg, Amsterdam, 13.10.2017

Veröffentlicht am 29. Oktober 2017 von Markus W. in Airbourne, Desecrator, Melkweg, Live, Live Review, News, Tour, Hardrock, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Speed Metal

Live review AIRBOURNE/DESECRATOR, Melkweg, Amsterdam, 13.10.2017

An Australian rock power package stopped in Amsterdam a few days ago, bringing a lot of high voltage and rock’n’roll power to The Netherlands. It was AC/DC’s grandsons Airbourne that are on a current tour throughout Europe, trying to blow away the grayness of autumn. Actually they succeeded across the board. Not only that they played a great shop at Melkweg; they actually also brought the Australian sun to Holland and the temperature at the sold-out venue was as hot as a beach day in Sydney during summertime.

“Ready to Rock”, “Breakin’ Outta Hell” and the obligatory “Runnin’ Wild” are songs that just act like a shot of caffeine, right into your veins. There’s no way to stand still and therefore it took now time till the quartet turned the Melkweg into a madhouse of rock.

A glimpse on the setlist shows a coverage of all four longplayers with a focus on the debut and the latest smasher “Breakin’ Outta Hell”. This isn’t a too big of a surprise to me since these two releases stand for the best Airbourne has brought into the open yet.

The band that completed the Australian metal package was the opening act. Desecrator, releasing their new album as we speak, acted as support for the mighty four-piece from Down Under. The guys play some thrash-based metal and not by coincidence the bands honored thrash dinosaurs like Metallica with some tones here and there. Desecrator was the big surprise that night. I guess that everybody expected what he/she got from the Airbourne show, but it was Desecrator who convinced folks in no time, leading to a quite massive pit at the end of their show.

All in all it was a great night of rock and metal, proving again that Australia has more to offer than only AC/DC. Horns up.


CD review DESTRUCTION "Thrash Anthems II"

Veröffentlicht am 28. Oktober 2017 von Markus W. in Destruction, Thrash Anthems, Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal, Speed Metal, News, Nuclear Blast

CD review DESTRUCTION "Thrash Anthems II"

(*/10) Ten years after having shipped “Thrash Anthems” to the record stores it’s German powerhouse Destruction that releases with 'part 2' another chapter of highly successful German metal music. “Thrash Anthems II” was originally meant to be a PledgeMusic campaign only. But after having been overwhelmed by support and requests, the band decided to publish an alternative version via Nuclear Blast, which will be released on November 11th.

As with the first compilation also part 2 re-activates Destruction highlights from the 80’s, a tracklist that has been chosen by band and fans. Also this time Schmier, Mike and Vaaver decided to go for a re-recording of milestoness such as “United by Hatred”, Black Mass” and “Black Death”, the latter even with a more proper ‘th’ than on "Infernal Overkill". Each of these trackss shines in new splendor, showing the quality of songs that come from a time when metal rapidly gained momentum. There is, without any doubt, a lot of joy connected by listening to the original versions and those are of course still available. But it’s also a great experience to listen to these oldschool smashers that have been refreshed without losing the aggressive 80’s vibe and edges.

“Thrash Anthems II” is what it is, a compilation of metal classics of one of the spearheads of German thrash metal. And who would have thought in 1982, the year of foundation, that Destruction is still around 35 years later? Probably not even the band themselves. True legends with real anthems.





  1. Confused Mind
  2. Black Mass
  3. Frontbeast
  4. Dissatisfied Existence
  5. United By Hatred
  6. The Ritual
  7. Black Death
  8. The Antichrist
  9. Confound Games
  10. Ripping You Off Blind
  11. Satan's Vengeance


Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: November 11th, 2017


CD review JEFF SCOTT SOTO "Retribution"

Veröffentlicht am 28. Oktober 2017 von Markus W. in Jeff Scott Soto, News, CD Review, Hardrock, Melodic Metal, Melodic Rock, Rock, Frontiers Music

CD review JEFF SCOTT SOTO "Retribution"

(8/10) Jeff Scott Soto is a busy man these days. Not only that he enriched the excellent Sons Of Apollo album with his brilliant voice, he also recorded a new solo album entitled “Retribution”.

We don’t need to beat around the bush; Jeff Scott Soto belongs to the best singers in today’s rock world. His voice has a unique timbre and a lot of feel. It was guitar wizard Yngwie Malmsteen who immediately recognized Soto’s talent, hiring the singer for his first two solo records. With such a superb start Soto was involved in Talisman, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and some more, always also keeping an eye on his solo career.

“Retribution” is already the sixth record with his name being on the front cover. As not expected different also this longplayer comes with powerful songs, sometimes more metallic and mostly terrific hardrock.

The singer has an excellent feeling for great melodies that he weaves into each of the eleven new tracks. Never becoming too trivial and soft Soto manages to combine a down to earth approach with catchy melodies that easily find their way into your mind.

Numbers such as “Rage of the Year” and “Breakout” really create a wow-effect, including the risk of getting addicted to them. I mentioned the feel that comes with Soto’s voice and there is no better song than the soulful “Feel Like Forever” transporting emotions right into your heart.

Of you’re a fan of warm and heavy rock music there’s no way to skirt around “Retribution”. Jeff Scott Soto’s new longplayer fires on all cylinders and belongs to best hardrock releases this year.





  1. Retribution 
  2. Inside/Outside
  3. Rage Of The Year 
  4. Reign Again 
  5. Feels Like Forever 
  6. Last Time
  7. Bullet For My Baby 
  8. Song For Joey 
  9. Breakout 
  10. Dedicate To You 
  11. Autumn


Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: November 10th


IRON MAIDEN frontman Bruce Dickinson will release his biography

Veröffentlicht am 27. Oktober 2017 von Markus W. in Bruce Dickinson, Iron Maiden, Book, What Does This Button Do?, Heavy Metal, News, Biography, NWoBHM, Heyne Hardcore

IRON MAIDEN frontman Bruce Dickinson will release his biography

Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson will publish his auto biography “What Does This Button Do?” on January 22nd, 2018. Dickson’s life is for sure not a boring one. Not only being the singer of one of the most influential metal bands on earth, Bruce Dickinson is also a pilot, fencer, and much more. Now he also enters the fields of being a writer. And what’s more exciting than telling self-experienced stories, combined and captured on 450 pages.


FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH announce Greatest Hits Compilation album "A DECADE OF DESTRUCTION"

Veröffentlicht am 27. Oktober 2017 von Markus W. in Five Finger Death Punch, Modern Metal, Alternative Metal, Nu Metal, 5FDP, News

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH announce Greatest Hits Compilation album "A DECADE OF DESTRUCTION"

LA-based multiplatinum hard rock band, Five Finger Death Punch, (consisting of vocalist Ivan Moody, guitarists Zoltan Bathory and Jason Hook, bassist Chris Kael, and drummer Jeremy Spencer) are excited to unveil that they will be releasing a greatest hits album, "A Decade of Destruction", on December 1st. The compilation will include two new tracks – the first new music the band has released in over 2 years.



1. Trouble

2. Gone Away

3. Lift Me Up

4. Wash It All Away

5. Bad Company

6. Under And Over It

7. Wrong Side Of Heaven

8. House Of The Rising Sun

9. I Apologize

10. The Bleeding

11. Jekyll And Hyde

12. Remember Everything

13. Coming Down

14. My Nemesis

15. Battle Born

16. Far From Home


Pure Steel Records re-issues RAGE's debut in November

Veröffentlicht am 27. Oktober 2017 von Markus W. in Rage, Heavy Metal, Speed Metal, Power Metal, News, Pure Steel Records, Re-issue, Classic

Pure Steel Records re-issues RAGE's debut in November

The release date of the RAGE album „Reign Of Fear“ on limited double vinyl edition is November 24th, 2017 with a pre-order phase that will start on November 10th, 2017. The album will be released in a limited edition of 350 black and 150 blue copies with 11 bonus tracks and gatefold on double vinyl.

A name from Germany that is program, RAGE. Founded as AVENGER, the guys around "Peavy" Wagner already guaranteed in the 80's first quality heavy / speed metal shells. After the AVENGER albums "Prayers of Steel" and "Depraved to Black" were already re-released via Pure Steel Records on vinyl, now the debut album "Reign of Fear" under the logo RAGE is going to be available on the black discs again. In addition to the remastered original album, there are also 7 live rehearsal and 4 demo tracks on the double vinyl, in order to bring the fan closer to the entire range of the work at that time.



Side A

1. Scared To Death

2. Deceiver

3. Reign Of Fear

4. Hand Of Glory

5. Raw Energy

6. Suicide

Side B

7. Echoes Of Evil

8. Chaste Flesh

9. Machinery

10. The Scaffold

Side C

1. Echoes of Evil (Pre-Production Live Rehearsal)

2. Scared to Death (Pre-Production Live Rehearsal)

3. Raw Energy (Pre-Production Live Rehearsal)

4. Tough Like Leather (3rd Demo)

5. Hand of Glory (Pre-Production Live Rehearsal)

6. Chaste Flesh (Pre-Production Live Rehearsal)

Side D

7. Suicide (Pre-Production Live Rehearsal)

8. Reign of Fear (Pre-Production Live Rehearsal)

9. Stay Wild (3rd Demo)

10. Mirror (3rd Demo)

11. The Scaffold (3rd Demo)


Total Playing Time: 96:09 min



Peter "Peavy" Wagner – vocals, bass, acustic guitars

Jochen Schröder – guitars

Thomas Grüning – guitars

Jörg Michael – drums


PAIN OF SALVATION announce special vinyl releases

Veröffentlicht am 27. Oktober 2017 von Markus W. in Pain Of Salvation, Prog Metal, Prog Rock, News, InsideOut Music, Rock

PAIN OF SALVATION announce special vinyl releases
Even though Swedish progressive rock/metal innovators Pain of Salvation continue to promote their much acclaimed newest studio album “In The Passing Light Of Day”, released in January via longtime label InsideOutMusic, a set of very special vinyl re-releases has been announced for November 10th, 2017...

Pain of Salvation’s classic early albums “Entropia” (1997, two decades ago), “One Hour By The Concrete Lake” (1998) and “Scarsick” (2007, one decade ago) are being made available for the very first time ever on vinyl. All three albums will be issued as Gatefold 2LP sets (+ CD as bonus) on 180gr. vinyl and including their corresponding bonus tracks from the respective recording sessions.

Here is an overview of the tracklistings as well as the various vinyl colour versions and the corresponding limitation for each of the releases & pre-order links from IOM:

Pain of Salvation - "Entropia" 2LP (70:09) / Tracklisting:

Side A:

1. ! (Foreword) (06:11)

2. Welcome To Entropia (01:22)

3. Winning A War (06:32)

Side B:

1. People Passing By (09:07)

2. Oblivion Ocean (04:43)

3. Stress (05:01)

Side C:

1. Revival (07:39)

2. Void Of Her (01:46)

3. To The End  (04:57)

4. Never Learn To Fly (05:13) * Bonus Track

Side D:

1. Circles (00:55)

2. Nightmist  (06:49)

3. Plains Of Dawn (07:23)

4. Leaving Entropia (Epilogue) (02:31)

Bonus CD: Same 14 Tracks (70:12)


Available versions:

Black 2LP+CD

Transparent sun yellow 2LP+CD (IOM Webshop): 100x copies

Transparent red 2LP+CD (CM Distro): 200x copies

White 2LP+CD (Band Shop): 100x copies


Pain of Salvation - "One Hour By The Concrete Lake" 2LP (74:47) / Tracklisting:

 Side A:

1. Spirit Of The Land (00:43)

2. Inside (06:12)

3. The Big Machine (04:21)

4. New Year's Eve (05:37)

Side B:

1. Handful Of Nothing (05:39)

2. Water (05:05)

3. Home (05:44)

4. Black Hills (06:32)

Side C:

1. Pilgrim (03:17)

2. Shore Serenity (03:14)

3. Inside Out (06:37)

Side D:

1. Beyond The Mirror (08:26) * Bonus Track

2. Timeweaver’s Tale (06:21) * Bonus Track

Bonus CD: Same 13 tracks (74:53)


Available versions:

Black 2LP+CD

Transparent orange 2LP+CD (IOM Webshop): 100x copies

Golden 2LP+CD (CM Distro): 200x copies

White 2LP+CD (Band Shop): 100x copies



Pain of Salvation - "Scarsick" 2LP (67:47) / Tracklisting:

Side A:

1. Scarsick (07:08)

2. Spitfall (07:17)

Side B:

1. Cribcaged (05:56)

2. America (05:04)

3. Disco Queen (08:22)

Side C:

1. Kingdom Of Loss (06:41)

2. Mrs Modern Mother Mary (04:14)

3. Idiocracy (07:04)

Side D:

1. Flame To The Moth (05:58)

2. Enter Rain (10:03)

Bonus CD: Same 10 tracks (67:54)


Available versions:

Black 2LP+CD

Dark green 2LP+CD (IOM Webshop): 100x copies

Transparent magenta 2LP+CD (CM Distro): 200x copies

White 2LP+CD (Band Shop): 100x copies

MAGNUM tour dates for Europe

Veröffentlicht am 27. Oktober 2017 von Markus W. in Magnum, Tour, Live, Steamhammer, Hardrock, Melodic Rock, Rock, Classic Rock

MAGNUM tour dates for Europe

New MAGNUM record in January 2018

Veröffentlicht am 27. Oktober 2017 von Markus W. in Magnum, Rock, Melodic Rock, News, Hardrock, Classic Rock, Steamhammer

New MAGNUM record in January 2018

Melodic rock dinosaur Magnum will release their new album entitled "Lost on the Road to Eternity" on January 19th via Steamhammer/SPV. It will be the band's 20th studio reocrd and it's the first one with two new band members Rick Benton (key) and Lee Morris (d).

The album will include eleven songs of which the first single will be "Without You". Stay tuned for more news.


SIKTH tour dates for Europe

Veröffentlicht am 27. Oktober 2017 von Markus W. in SikTh, Math Metal, Prog Metal, News, Live, Tour

SIKTH tour dates for Europe
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