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CD review TED NUGENT "Ultralive ballisticrock"

Veröffentlicht am 30. September 2013 von Markus W. in Ted Nugent, Hardrock, CD Review

It's not easy to write a review about a release of Ted Nugent. On the one hand there is the music, which I really like. Songs like "Cat scratch fever" are classics and also the stuff he released with the Damn Yankees is great. But than there is th other side - his almost sick passion for weapons und hunting combined with extremly conservative political thoughts. And to say it nicely: I dislike that side totally.

But since Ted Nugent released now another live record these days I try to focus on the musical part. The show was recorded in Penn's Peak in Pennsylvania and is the first live record since 2009. It is also remarkable that this album is the first live recording featuring St. Holmes, Nugent's original rhytm guitarist and singer. Furthermore Greg Smith and Mick Brown (Dokken) are part of the line-up.

The production of the live CD is perfect. The songs are a mix between old classics ("Stranglehold", "Cat scratch fever" and "Great white buffalo") and some newer songs like e.g. from "Craveman". The atmosphere of the show is taped very authentic and just based on the CD (haven't got the DVD yet) it seems that the crowd really enjoyed the rock'n'roll show.

But again, it's hard to listen sometimes to Nugent's big-mouthed speeches between the differnt songs when he thanks all his NRA friends and "warriors of the US army". Man, stick to the music and keep politics at least out of your shows.

In the end "Ultralive ballisticrock" became a good and energetic live album which might have a little overdub here and there. But due to some weird statements here and there I have to deduct one point . Now it's up to you, if you gonna take it or leave it.





  1. Free for all
  2. Stormtroopin'
  3. Wango tango
  4. Just what the doctor ordered
  5. Wang dang sweet Pootang
  6. Need you bad
  7. Turn it up
  8. Raw dogs & war hogs
  9. Dog eat dog
  10. Hej baby
  11. Fred bear
  12. I still believe
  13. Motorcity madhouse
  14. Cat scratch fever
  15. Strangehold
  16. Great white buffalo


Label: Frontier Records

Genre: Hardrock


CD review TED NUGENT "Ultralive ballisticrock"

CD review LITA FORD "The bitch is back - Live"

Veröffentlicht am 30. September 2013 von Markus W. in Lita Ford, Hardrock, CD Review

There is a new live album from Lita Ford on it's way. The album is called "The bitch is back - Live" and will be released in October this year. I was curious what I got to hear, since she had the big hits in the 80's, the long absence and the disasterious comeback in 2009 with "Wonderland". Fortunately her latest studio album "Living like a runaway" went into the right direction and I hoped that this will continue with the Live Album. It does just in parts.

The sound of the album is very authentic.I don't think that there was a lot of 'cleaning' afterwards in the studio and there is also not extra audience added in the sense of huge applaus storms. Lita's vocals are good and what you hear is what you get. That's honesty and I appreciate it. The only question I have is, if the sound of the show in general couldn't have been better in general. But again, sound is OK.

The songs are a mix between new songs and the older highlights. This mix is pretty good balanced and I prefer the older stuff, since I never got really connected to the new songs. For me "Back to the cave", Kiss me deadly" and of course the with Lemmy written "Can't catch me" are and stay classics.

But what I miss with this live album is the enegry and the passion, esp. when it comes to the first half of the album. It feels more if it would have been a 'must' for Lita to do the show, than a 'pleasure'. Maybe this has to do with the production, I don't know, but at least it sounds like that.

My conclusion: An OK live album since the old hits are just great stuff, but if you're looking for a good compilation I would recommend to go for "Best of Lita Ford".





  1. The bitch is back
  2. Hungry
  3. Re;entless
  4. Living like a runaway
  5. Devil in my head
  6. Back to the cave
  7. Can't catch me
  8. Out for blood
  9. Dancing on the edge
  10. Hate
  11. Close my eyes forever
  12. Kiss me deadly


Label: Steamhammer/SPV

Genre: Hardrock

CD review LITA FORD "The bitch is back - Live"

CD review IRON MASK "Fifth son of winterdoom'

Veröffentlicht am 29. September 2013 von Markus W. in Iron Mask, Heavy Metal, CD Review

Belgian guitarist Dushan Petrossi worked on the new album of his band Iron Mask. It will be the fifth album of the band and comes two years after the quite successful "Black as death". The name of the new album is "Fifth son of winterdoom" and continues where the band ended with the previous album. The bggest difference is that the songs became more catchy than on "Black as death".

The focus of the 12 songs is again mostly on neo-classic heavy metal, amongst others inspired by Yngwie Malmsteen.

Talking about Malmsteen - "Like a lion in a cage" is one of these songs. I think that it's actually even better than the material on Malmsteen's last record. Fast guitar runs and a straight forward beat combined with great vocals make the song irresistible. The ballad "Father farewell" is a very personal track since it is dedicated to Petrossi's father who died last year. The title track "Fifth son of winter doom" is a 10 minutes long epos which is worth to be the title track. Steps through snow, a crying child and some folk elements in the beginning lead to the first riff of the song. Powerful and varied from the beginning to the end. Also "Only one commandment" needs to be mentioned. A pounding rhythm and a catchy chorus make this mid-tempo track special.

So far so good. If there would be not those trivial so songs like "Angel eyes, demon soul" and "Back into history". The last mentioned one is even the opener. Bad choice. Those songs have far too corny melodies and don't really fit to the rest of the album. I don't know how the found their way on the album. Probably less would have been more and 10 songs would have been enough.

Conclusion: Good songs, catchy melodies, good production, but also a little bit predictable and too much of "heard already". Anyhow, fans of Rhapsody, ... will like this album.



  1. Back into mystery
  2. Like a lion in a cage
  3. Only one commandment
  4. Seven samurai
  5. Fifth son of winterdoom
  6. Angel eyes, demon soul
  7. Rock religion
  8. Father farewell
  9. Eagle of fire
  10. Reconquista 1492
  11. Run to me
  12. The picture of Dorian Grey

Label: AFM Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

CD review IRON MASK "Fifth son of winterdoom'

CD review CRYSTAL PALACE "The system of events"

Veröffentlicht am 29. September 2013 von Markus W. in Crystal Palace, Prog Rock, CD Review

Another prog rock album in this autumn. Crystal Palace from Berlin, Germany release their new album "The system of events". I honestly have to admit, that I haven't heard from them, but now I got their new record and I must say that I'm impressed of what I heard. "The system of events" combines intelligent songwriting with great melodies and the right level of heaviness. I see them as a mix between Marillion (more often) and Dream Theater (sometimes). Next to the awesome music the lyrics are also not just standard but take up serious topics. The title track for example is about how to deal with a blow of fate like the nuclear catastrophy in Fukushima. Combined with a great and partly fragile harmony this song it leads to an emotional journey.

Each song has its own identity and complexity. But even though they are complex, three of them are above the 10 minutes, the song itself never got out of focus. The band manages to combine the virtuosity with harmony.

The tracks vary between the harder "Chasing better days" with the sprechgesang in the verse and the ballad "Stunned by the silence". Than there is "Breathe" which is probably the most rockin' song on the CD. But all the other songs would be also worth to mention, since they are all on the same high level. Take the time to listen to "The system of events". You will find a lot of details along the way.

In addition to that the production is first class. It fits to the kind of music and makes the songs alive. Responsible for this was nobody else than Yogi Lang from RPWL.

I was happy that I got the chance to listen to Crystal Palace, since they combined emotion, melody, rock and professionalism in a great way. For all prog fans a must.



  1. Chasing better days
  2. As heaven dies
  3. Beautiful nightmare
  4. Green way
  5. Sleepless
  6. Stunned by the silence
  7. Breathe
  8. System of events

Label: gentle art of music/Soulfood

Genre: Prog Rock

CD review CRYSTAL PALACE "The system of events"

CD review PRO-PAIN "The final revolution"

Veröffentlicht am 28. September 2013 von Markus W. in Pro-Pain, Hardcore, CD Review

Pro-Pain is coming with their new album "The final revolution" around the corner in autumn this year. This time Gary Meskil wrote all the song himself, which is the first time since the 90's. "The final revolution" is album number 13 in the bands discography. Does the 13 stand for bad luck? Not in the case of Pro-Pain. Actually I guess Meskil was quite pissed-off when he wrote the tracks. At least the energy level in the songs leads me to this assumption.

The new album goes back to the roots. The reason for this could be that, as earlier mentioned, Meskil wrote the songs and the lyrics himself. The songs are all build on a strong groove, sometimes combined with some almost death metal elements. Already the opener "Deathwish" shows this with the riff and growl in the beginning. A good start. Another favorite of mine is "Problem-reaction-solution". The song hits you right into the face and can become with the chorus a real live classic. Also the title song "The final revolution" belongs to the group of my favorite. It comes with a galloping rhythm and a thrash attitude. Another track which needs to be named is the dark "Want some?". The song is kept in mid-tempo, has a dark riffing and convinces with a great groove in the chorus. "Southbound" is a song which has quite some personal lyrics and describes Mesik's trek south.

Actually all songs on the album are enjoyable to listen to. The only small disadvantage is, that the album in its totality would have benefited from a little bit more variety. After the eighth to ninth song I had the feeling, that I've heard it now. But again, good songs.



  1. Deathwish
  2. One shot one klll
  3. Southbound
  4. Problem reaction solution
  5. The final revolution
  6. Can't stop the pain
  7. All systems fail
  8. Want some?
  9. Fall from grace
  10. Emerge
  11. Mass extinction
  12. Under the gun

Label: Steamhammer/SPV

Genre: Hardcore

CD review PRO-PAIN "The final revolution"

CD review VENGEANCE "Piece of cake"

Veröffentlicht am 28. September 2013 von Markus W. in Vengeance, Hardrock, CD Review

It is to Vengeance credit that they never give up. It's without doubt that they had their highlight in 1989 when the band released the fantastic "Arabia" album. Vengeance came never again close to this masterpiece. But they had a really great comeback in 2006 with the "Back in the ring" album. In the meantime we are again 7 years further in time and in these days the band releases their new album "Piece of cake". It's remarkable, that Timo Somers, son of the in 2011deceased Jan Somers, tried to give the band a more contemporary style. Partly this worked out, but anyhow is is a fantastic guitar player and it looks like if he would energize the whole band.

Looking to the songs of the album I have to say that there are some really great ones on this record, but there are also more average tracks here and there.

"Tears from the moon" is one of the good songs. It is kept in mid-speed including some acoustic parts. "The fast "Raintime" is also more than worth to listen to. Than there is also the bluesy "Back to square one" which could almost be seen as a tribute to Gary Moore and it also shows that Somers knows how to handle a guitar. "Headquake" convinces with a cool chorus and "Mirrors" comes with a great groove.

Next to those mentioned songs there are also the more average ones. "Sandman" is one of the dispensable songs. The same goes for "Train", which definitely no fast train. It sounds more like a delayed train. Unfortunately also the title track is more an average song, even though it supposed to the "the party song" on the album. The chorus just does't stick.

Fortunately the album ends with the slow and intensive "Goodbye mother sky". A groovy hardrock track which accentuate Leon's voice in a great way. The solo is also very remarkable.

That all means, that "Piece of cake" has some great songs but suffers from some fillers. But I think that Vengeance fans will like the album anyhow. For all others - check it out yourself.



  1. World arena
  2. Tears from the moon
  3. Raintime preload
  4. Raintime
  5. Sandman
  6. Back to square one
  7. Headquake
  8. Train
  9. Mirrors
  10. Piece of cake
  11. Googbye mother sky

Label: Steamhammer/SPV

Genre: Hardrock

CD review VENGEANCE "Piece of cake"

TRIPTYKON plays at the Roadburn Festival in 2014

Veröffentlicht am 28. September 2013 von Markus W. in Triptykon, News, Tour

After a great show at the Roadburn festival 2010 Tom G. Warrior announced that Triptykon will play again on this festival in 2014. The sow will take place on Sunday April 13. at the 013 in Tilburg, Holland.

In addition to that the band will release their long awaited new record in spring 2014. Sounds like a dark spring next year ;o)

Tom Gabriel Warrior: Roadburn is very likely the most extraordinary, daring, and vigorous festival in what has otherwise largely become a blandly repetitive and overly commercialized heavy rock scene. Moreover, anybody who has ever attended Roadburn can confirm that no other festival exudes such a unique feeling of radiance and creativity among audience and performers alike. Triptykon's return to Roadburn in 2014 signifies yet another truly unique chapter in a long affiliation with the festival, dating back to the riotous days of Celtic Frost. I am deeply grateful to Roadburn's artistic director Walter Hoeijmakers for his extraordinary friendship and his continued faith in the path we are pursuing with Triptykon. In return, we shall duly transform Roadburn into a church of darkness.

TRIPTYKON plays at the Roadburn Festival in 2014

CD review MYSTIC PROPHECY: "KillHammer"

Veröffentlicht am 28. September 2013 von Markus W. in Mystic Prophecy, Power Metal, CD Review

Wow. Album number 8 from Mystic Prophecy ist out and it's their best release yet. "Killhammer" will for sure be a challenge for your neck, since you just want to bang your head. Straight power metal songs meet a strong production. "Killhammer" is a real hammer.

It starts already with the opener, which is also the title track. "Killhammer" sets the tone of voice for the next 47 minutes. Pounding guitars and a chorus you just want to shout as well. This can become a live hymn of the band. Most of the songs are kept in the mid-tempo. "Set the world on fire" has almost a kind of Annihilator riff, while "Hate black" has an persian opening, before a slow heavy riff brings you back into the head banging mode. It's one of the slower songs on the album but it's far away from a ballad. After half of the time it develops to a riff monster. "Warriors of the Northen Sea" sounds almost like a melodic power metal version of an from Amon Amarth song esp. in the parts of the chorus ;o) Almost...

Next to these more mid-pace songs there are also the fast ones. "Armies of hell", with a great 'growl' in the beginning, has quite some real thrash element. "Angels of fire" belongs to those songs aswell. Last mentioned one also combined speed with a great melody in the chorus.

Last but not least they have a cover version on the album as well. "Crazy train" from Ozzy found the way on the record. It's a good interpretation of the song, but actually the band had enough own good songs. I think, that the cover version wasn't really needed - but it also does't hurt.

The only thing I don't really like is the very cliche cover. But that's my opinion :o) And better good song and a less good cover, than the other way round.

All in all: An album which surprised me. Strong power metal which should be checked out. Well done.



  1. Killhammer
  2. Armies of hell
  3. To hell and back
  4. Kill the beast
  5. Hate black
  6. Children of the damned
  7. 300 in blood
  8. Angels of fire
  9. Warriors of the Northern Sea
  10. Set the world on fire
  11. Crazy train

Label: Massacre Records

Genre: Power Metal

CD review MYSTIC PROPHECY: "KillHammer"

New SAXON unplugged/orchestrated album

Veröffentlicht am 28. September 2013 von Markus W. in Saxon, News, Heavy Metal

Saxon will release an album on which they re-arranged 14 classic songs of the band. Some songs are performed in an orchestrated version and some are unplugged. Let's see where this will lead to, since we have seen in the past very successful versions and also some failures from other bands. Release date is November 18th. Let's stay positive...



01 Stallions Of The Highway (Remix)

02 Crusader (Orchestrated Version)

03 Battle Cry

04 The Eagle Has Landed (Orchestrated Version)

05 Red Star Falling (Orchestrated Version)

06 Broken Heroes (Orchestrated Version)

07 Call To Arms (Orchestrated Version)

08 Militia Guard

09 Forever Free (Re-recorded Version)

10 Just Let Me Rock (Re-recorded Version)

11 Frozen Rainbow (Acoustic Version)

12 Iron Wheels (Live Acoustic Version)

13 Requiem (Acoustic Version)

14 Coming Home (Acoustic Version)

New SAXON unplugged/orchestrated album

CD review SCAR THE MARTYR "Scar the martyr"

Veröffentlicht am 27. September 2013 von Markus W. in Scar The Martyr, CD Review, Heavy Metal, Nu Metal

Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison used the time when Slipknot was on hold to write new own songs and work on his project called Scar The Martyr. Jordison himself was, next to the drums, also doing the guitar and the bass. Additionally he was support by Jed Simon (ex-Strapping Young Lad), Kris Norris (ex-Darkest Hour), Chris Vrenna (NIN) and the more unkown singer Henry Derek. This guys is for me the most impressive part of the record. He does a great job, can handle great harmonies like in "Souls disgrace", but he can also scream the more metalcore parts in "Blood host" in an excellent way. Derek was also responsible for most of the lyrics. I guess we will hear more of him in the future.

So there are two questions. How does that pretty experienced group of musicians sound while playing together and how much will it sound like Slipknot. For me it sounds good and the Scar The Martyr has some more melodic Slipknot moments ("Blood host" and also the rhythmics) and some Stone Sour parallels (e.g. "Dark ages") with a strong touch of rock and some industrial moments. So it is definitely not Slipknot 2.0, but Slipknot fans will like it.

Songs like "White nights in a day room" with the acoustic beginning and the twist into dark heaviness is one of my favorites. The same goes for the earlier mentioned "Blood host" and the more psychotic "Effigy unborn". In general it is not about single songs. I think that the album needs to be seen in its entireness. All songs contribute to a positive end result.

The album was produced by Rhys Fulber who gave the album a great sound.

Scar The Martyr released a good rock album which contains some good songs. Check it out and form your own opinion about.



  1. Intro
  2. Dark ages
  3. My retribution
  4. Soul disintegration
  5. Cruel ocean
  6. Blood host
  7. Sign of Erinyes
  8. Anatomy of erinyes
  9. Prayer for prey
  10. White nights in a day room
  11. Effigy unborn
  12. Never forgive never forget
  13. Mind's eye
  14. Last night on earth (Bonus)
  15. Flatline & fracture (Bonus)
  16. Digging for truth (Bonus)
  17. Coat of arms (Bonus)

Label: Roadrunner/Warner Music

Genre: Alternative Metal

CD review SCAR THE MARTYR "Scar the martyr"
Photo: Justin Borucki

Photo: Justin Borucki


CD review ALTER BRIDGE "Fortress"

Veröffentlicht am 27. September 2013 von Markus W. in Alter Bridge, Alternative Metal, CD Review

The are those combinations between singer ang guitarist in the history of music, which are just magic. Think about Ronnie James Dio & Ritchie Blackmore or about Steven Tyler and Joe Perry. I think, that we can add Myles Kennedy and Marc Tremonti to this group. The creative output of those guys is just amazing. It's not only that they deliver great Alter Bridge records, it's also the other projects like Kings Of Chaos, Creed and Mark Tremonti solo which stands for excellent music. Also to mention Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips who build the base for this excellent record.

The band sticked to the three years rhythm which means that it is now the turn again for a new Alter Bridge record. It is named "Fortress" and comes via Roadrunner/Warner. Since "ABIII" I was a great record I was curious if the band can keep the high level or even develop further. After I have listened to "Fortress" I have to say, that they made it. I have the feeling that the band is playing actually even tighter together. The album in total got a little bit more easy going, which means that the songs are catch you from the very first listening session. But they also never drift into any cliches. It's just pure and honest hardrock.

Looking into the songs: My personal favorite is "Addicted to pain". It's a real heavy beast with quite some pace, extremely powerful riff and a melodic chorus. It's a real headbanger and definitely will become a highlight in each show. The same goes for "Cry a river". Than there is the pretty intense "Lover". Acoustic beginning develops into a powerful midtempo riff with Myles Kennedy in top form. Awesome. With "All ends well" the album also has it's ballad. The most amazing thing with this song is the great melody combined with a gloomy riff. The title track "Fortress" is the last one on the albumand with 7 minutes on of the longest ones. It's a epical masterpiece which combines everything which Alter Bridge in my opinion stands for: heaviness, great guitar work, breaks, groove and a great voice. Superb.

One of the top 5 records this year. Respect and I hope you will continue forever with this music.



  1. Cry of Achilles
  2. Addicted to pain
  3. Bleed it dry
  4. Lover
  5. The uninvited
  6. Peace is broken
  7. Calm the fire
  8. Waters rising
  9. Farther than the sun
  10. Cry a river
  11. All ends well
  12. Fortress

Label: Roadrunner/Warner Music

Genre: Alternative Metal

CD review ALTER BRIDGE "Fortress"
Photo: Austin Hargrave

Photo: Austin Hargrave


Free DEF LEPPARD download song

Veröffentlicht am 26. September 2013 von Markus W. in Def Leppard, Hardrock, News

Def Leppard put the song "Good morning freedom" as a free download on their webpage (check link). The song was performed under the alias Ded Flatbird in the opening set of "Viva! Hysteria".


LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA plays some shows in Germany

Veröffentlicht am 26. September 2013 von Markus W. in Lingua Mortis Orchestra, Heavy Metal, News, Tour

The Lingua Mortis Orchestra announced a few shows in Germany sharp before x-mas. This looks almost like a too early x-mas gift. It would be great to welcome them also in Holland and other european countries.

18.12. D Stuttgart - LKA Longhorn
19.12. D Memmingen - Stadthalle Memmingen
20.12. D Nürnberg - Löwensaal
21.12. D Köln - Essigfabrik
22.12. D Langen - Neue Stadthalle

LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA plays some shows in Germany

New album details from HELL

Veröffentlicht am 26. September 2013 von Markus W. in Hell, Heavy Metal, News

News from Hell ;o) The band revealed the tracklist and the cover of the coming record "Curse and chapter".


1. Gehennae Incendiis
2. The Age Of Nefarious
3. The Disposer Supreme
4. Darkhangel
5. Harbinger Of Death
6. End Ov Days
7. Deathsquad
8. Something Wicked This Way Comes
9. Faith Will Fall
10. Land Of The Living Dead
11. Deliver UsFrom Evil
12. A Vespertine Legacy

New album details from HELL
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