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CD review In Extremo "Quid Pro Quo"

Veröffentlicht am 30. Juni 2016 von Markus W. in In Extremo, Rock, Heavy Metal, Dark Metal, Medieval Rock, News, CD Review

(8/10) Surprise, surprise - sometimes it's the unexpected things that makes everyday life more colorful. On of these moments was for me personally when I listened to the new longplayer of In Extremo.

The seven-piece band from Berlin, Germany is very well known in Germany where the guys achieved already gold and platinum status with some of their records. In Extremo is more than two decades in business and belong to the spearhead of medieval rock/metal. On the one hand the guys build their music in classic rock instruments like electric guitars, bass and drums. But they include more unusual instruments in their music too. Bagpipe and shawm are just two of them.

In Extremo released their debut "In Extremo" twenty years ago and in the meantime their discography was constantly getting bigger and bigger. The newest release is named "Quid Pro Quo" and it's the band's 12th full-length longplayer.

I must admit that for whatever reason I never really found an entry point to In Extremo's music. But then I got the new album and to my surprise I really liked what I heard. This whole medieval thing wasn't really my favorite metal style and I don't think that this, generally spoken, will change, but I also have to say that I like In Extremo's new album. It's one of these positive surprises I mentioned earlier.

What made an impression is the power and the musical variations on "Quid Pro Quo". The album comes with a lot of good songs, some average tracks and no downer. In addition there is absolutely nothing wrong with the sound. This longplayer is forceful and benefits from a dynamic production.

I talked about the width of sound on "Quid Pro Quo", something that can be seen as a red thread throughout the entire album.

"Störtebeker" is the bold opener and for me one of the best tracks on this disc. It combines melody with a fast rhythm and comes with a certain punky expression - real pirate style. Another song you should have listened to is the title track. It has a repetitive pattern in the verse which has an almost hypnotic expression. We are talking about a cool grooving anthem that includes a well-done sing-a-long chorus and relevant lyrics.

"Pinkse Palve" instead could come directly out of your favorite Irish pub, something that also goes for "Sternhagelvoll" which is a prefect drinking song too.

In Extremo got also support from some guests. "Roter Stern" includes vocals done by Blind Guardian frontman Hansi Kursch. It's a song that's, compared to the other tracks, a bit more complex. It grows over time and I needed some time to find out the joy of this number.

The second tune that features a guest appearance is "Flaschengeist". Heaven Shall Burn added some quite heavy sounds to this piece of music which makes especially the middle section to a real heavy one.

All in all I like the album. I was surprised by the fact that I want to listen to the album again and again. So, even if you're not the biggest fan of medieval inspired metal music you should take the 'risk' and listen to "Quid Pro Quo". You might be surprised too.





  1. Störtebeker
  2. Roter Stern
  3. Quid Pro Quo
  4. Pikse Palve
  5. Lieb Vaterland, magst ruhig sein
  6. Flaschenteufel (feat. Heaven Shall Burn)
  7. Dacw 'Nghariad
  8. Moonshiner
  9. Glück auf Erden
  10. Schwarzer Rabe
  11. Sternhagelvoll


Label: Vertigo

Genre: Medieval Metal

Release Date EU: June 14th, 2016

CD review In Extremo "Quid Pro Quo"

CD review DUST BOLT "Mass Confusion"

Veröffentlicht am 29. Juni 2016 von Markus W. in Dust Bolt, Thrash Metal, Crossover, News, CD Review, Death Metal, Speed Metal, Heavy Metal

(7/10) Anthrax wrote a song called "Caught in a Mosh" and I had to think about this track when I was listening to the new album of Dust Bolt. On the one hand the guys from Landsberg am Lech, Germany continue with their thrash-/crossover melange and their thirst full-length album strengthen their position as solid thrash band. But the four-piece band is also caught in the patterns of this style.

"Mass Confusion" includes eleven new songs that are primarily influenced by bands such as Suicidal Tendencies and Exodus. Like on the previous two records also "Mass Confusion" became a full-blast metal album that features tunes which are dynamic and powerful.

"Sick X Brain" is a short and uncompromising opener, "Blind to Art" is a slow starter that builds up to a thrasher with some Slayer-like riffs and also "Empty Faces" includes some references to 80's thrash with some well integrated mosh parts.

What's new on "Mass Confusion" is a confusing song. "Exit" is the very first Dust Bolt track that can be seen as a pure ballad. To my surprise the song does a pretty good job on the album since it enriches the variation and marks a well done break. Lenny is singing isntead of screaming and he actually does a pretty good job. While some other ballads drown in cliches, this one really rocks. There might be better ones, but this brave step of Dust Bolt demands all respect.

All in all Dust Bolt uses almost the entire playground offered by thrash/crossover and packaged it to a release that might not be totally mind-blowing, but it is solid and a true energizer that.





  1. Sick X Brain
  2. Mass Confusion
  3. Allergy
  4. Turned to Grey
  5. Blind to Art
  6. Mind the Gap
  7. Exit
  8. Empty Faces
  9. Taking Your Last Breath
  10. Portraits of Decay
  11. Masters of War


Label: Napalm Records

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: July 8th, 2016

CD review DUST BOLT "Mass Confusion"

CD review ANDERSON/STOLT "Invention of Knowledge"

Veröffentlicht am 28. Juni 2016 von Markus W. in Yes, The Flower Kings, Prog Rock, Rock, Classic Rock, News, CD Review

(8/10) Normally it's Frontiers Music that brings together a well-known singer with an excellent guitar player. InsideOut did the same, just on a next level when it comes to creativity and technical capabilities.

"Invention of Knowledge" combines two eras of prog music. The glue between these eras is the passion for progressive rock music that is technically advanced, mature and while reaching a wider group of rock/metal fans.

It is Yes frontman Jon Anderson and The Flower Kings mainman Roine Stolt that combined forces for this album. The two guys got support from a longer list of musicians that are all equally good. Jonas Reingold and Michael Stolt shared the responsibility for the bass, while Felix Lehrmann completed the rhythm section with his dynamic drum playing. Lalle Larsson was in charge of piano and synthesizers while various singers such as Daniel Gildenlow enriched the longplayer with their vocals.

The album is divided into four chapters, featuring songs that are partly musical masterpieces with an epical length of more than ten minutes. Based on the musical expertise of all involved even these cineastic compositions have enough tension to attract listeners all the way, from beginning to end. Accented details, sometimes more sometimes less obvious, give each of the composition a musical depth that makes the longplayer to an exciting experience. Still there is an ease in each of the numbers that never overwhelms the listener.

If you like the earlier Yes and if you call The Flower Kings to your favorites, than you you should check-out "Invention of Knowledge" too.





Invention of Knowledge

I. Invention (09:41)

II. We Are Truth (06:41)

III. Knowledge (06:30)


I. Knowing (10:31)

II. Chase and Harmony (07:17)

Everybody Heals

I. Everybody Heals (07:36)

II. Better by Far (02:03)

III. Golden Light (03:30)

Know… (11:13)



Label: InsideOut Music

Genre: Prog Rock

Release Date EU: June 24th, 2016

CD review ANDERSON/STOLT "Invention of Knowledge"

AIRBOURNE announces a new album and some tour dates

Veröffentlicht am 27. Juni 2016 von Markus W. in Airbourne, Hardrock, Rock, News, Tour, ACDC, Volbeat

Australian hardrock powerhouse Airbourne annouced the name of their next album, which is their fourth: "Breakin' Outta Hell". The record will be released in autumn this year and it's the first Airbourne disc that comes via Spinefarm Records.

The quartet is also on tour, playing some headliner shows, some of the summer festivals and the guys from down under are on tour with Volbeat in autumn this year.


Here are the dates:

Summer festivals and Headliner shows:

11.07.2016 Zagreb (CRO) Tvornica Kulture

12.07.2016 Graz (AT) PPC

14.07.2016 Verona (IT) Villafranca Castle

15.07.2016 Dunaújváros (HU) Rockmaraton Festival

17.07.2016 Vizivice (CZ) Masters of Rock Festival

20.07.2016 St. Petersburg (RU) Zal Oxhidania

21.07.2016 Moscow (RU) Volta Club

23.07.2016 Lichtenvoorde (NL) Festivalterrein De Schans

24.07.2016 Maidstone (UK) Ramblin’ Man Fair

26.07.2016 Edinburgh (UK) Liquid Room

27.07.2016 Cardiff (UK) Y Plas

29.07.2016 Saarbruken (GER) Saarmageddon Festival

30.07.2016 Lucerne (CH) Blue Balls Festival

02.08.2016 Odense (DK) Posten

04.08.2016 Bergen (NO) USF Vertfet

06.08.2016 Rejmyre (SE) Skogsrojet Festival

12.08.2016 Leeuwarden (NL) Into The Grave Festival

13.08.2016 Kortrijk (NL) Alcatraz

15.08.2016 Posnan (PL) Eskulap

16.08.2016 Warzawa (PL) Prozima

17.08.2016 Katowice (PL) Mega Club

18.08.2016 Dinkelsbühl (GER) Summer Breeze Festival

19.08.2016 Leipzig (GER) HIghfield Festival

23.08.2016 Dublin (IR) The Academy

24.08.2016 Belfast (UK) The Limelight

26.08.2016 Schleswig (GER) Baltic Open Air Festival

27.08.2016 Sulingen (GER) Reload Festival


North Amrica Airbourne headliner shows

12.09.2016 San Diego, CA House of Blues

13.09.2016 Los Angeles, CA The Roxy Theatre

14.09.2016 San Francisco, CA Independent

16.09.2016 Seattle, WA  Tractor

17.09.2016 Vancouver, BC Commodore

20.09.2016 Victoria, BC  Sugar

22.09.2016 Kamloops, BC Cactus Jacks

23.09.2016 Calgary, AB Gateway

24.09.2016 Edmonton, AB Union Hall

25.09.2016 Saskatoon, SK Saskatoon Events Center

28.09.2016 Winnipeg, MB Pyramid

29.09.2016 Minneapolis, MN Triple Rock

30.09.2016 Chicago, IL Bottom Lounge

01.09.2016 Detroit, MI Smalls

04.09.2016 Waterloo, ON Maxwell's

05.10.2016 London, ON London Music Hall

07.10.2016 Toronto, ON Opera House

08.10.2016 Montreal, QC Corona Theatre

11.10.2016 Boston, MA The Middle East

12.10.2016 New York, NY Grammercy

14.10.2016 Baltimore, MD Soundstage


Airbourne as special guest of VOLBEAT

28.10.2016 Hamburg (GER) Barclaycard Arena

29.10.2016 Berlin (GER) Mercedes-Benz Arena

31.10.2016 Munich (DE) Olympiahalle

01.11.2016 Linz (AT) Tipps Arena

02.11.2016 Vienna (AT) Stadthalle

04.11.2016 Innsbruck (AT) Olympiahalle

05.11.2016 Geneva (CH) Arena

07.11.2016 Stuttgart (GER) Schlayerhalle

08.11.2016 Zurich (CH) Hallenstadion

09.11.2016 Cologne (GER) Lanxess Arena

10.11.2016 Frankfurt (GER) Festhalle

12.11.2016 Leipzig (GER) Arena

13.11.2016 Oberhausen (GER) Koenig-Pilsener Arena

14.11.2016 Brussels (BE) Forest National

15.11.2016 Amsterdam (NL) Ziggo Dome



AIRBOURNE announces a new album and some tour dates

Good news for all TESLA fans

Veröffentlicht am 27. Juni 2016 von Markus W. in Tesla, News, Hardrock, Rock, Def Leppard

Good news for all fans of hard rockers Tesla. The band did a live recording of their classic album "Mechanical Resonance" and will release this longplayer on August 26th via Frontiers Music. The album comes right in time for Tesla's North America tour with Def Leppard and is a great idea to celebrate a milestone in thirty years of Tesla.

In addition to the well-known material the album also features a brand new tune called "Save the Goodness" whiuch was written and produced by Phil Collen from Def Leppard.

Here comes the tracklist:

  1. Rock Me To The Top
  2. Ez Come Ez Go
  3. Gettin’ Better
  4. Comin’ Atcha Live
  5. Changes
  6. Before My Eyes
  7. 2 Late 4 Love
  8. We’re No Good Together
  9. Love Me
  10. Cover Queen
  11. Lil Suzie
  12. Modern Day Cowboy
  13. Save That Goodness (Studio Track)
Good news for all TESLA fans

New KANSAS album in September

Veröffentlicht am 27. Juni 2016 von Markus W. in Kansas, Classic Rock, Rock, Prog Rock, News, Hardrock

One of the iconic prog rock dinosaurs, Kansas, will release a new album on September 23rd, 2016. The band, that has classics like "Carry on Wayward Son" in petto, wrote ten brand new songs that all found a spot on the tracklist of "The Prelude Implicit". It's Kansas first album in 16 years time and it will be released via InsideOut Music.

And here is the tracklist:

  1. With This Heart
  2. Visibility Zero
  3. The Unsung Heroes
  4. Rhythm in the Spirit
  5. Refugee
  6. The Voyage of Eight Eighteen
  7. Camouflage
  8. Summer
  9. Crowded Isolation
  10. Section 60



New KANSAS album in September

CD review KISSIN' DYNAMITE "Generation Goodbye"

Veröffentlicht am 27. Juni 2016 von Markus W. in Kissin' Dynamite, Hardrock, Melodic Metal, Heavy Metal, Sleaze Rock, CD Review, New

(8/10) "Money, Sex and Power" was a bit of a downer a few years ago and fortunately things got better again on the successor "Megalomania". Now Swabian metal youngsters Kissin' Dynamite need to prove that this trend is a sustainable one.

"Generation Goodbye" is that album that should do this job, and it does. Actually I must say that the guys are going back one more step towards their roots. Kissin' Dynamite are back in straight forward melodic metal and all the added frills belongs to the past.

The title tracks and the first single release "Hashtag Your Life" give a clear direction for "Generation Goodbye". I can't really say that the band is back, since they were never gone, but for sure they found back their old strength. These two tunes include everything I expect from the quintet - melodic metal that has its base in the late 80's, spiced-up with a modern sound which makes the album fresh and dynamic.

My personal preference goes more for the faster and heavier tracks on "Generation Goodbye". "She Came, She Saw", Highlight Zone" and "Under Friendly Fire" are just some of these anthems that invites immediately for a sing-a-long. And even though the melodies are quite catchy, things get never too sift and cheesy. Guitars and a hard hitting rhythm section are constantly pushing.

There are some more moderate moments on this album too. If Clocks Were Running Backwards" is one of them. Being far away from a ballad the tune starts more silent before it builds-up towards a powerful metal track.

There is a powerful ballad called "Masterpiece" on the album too. Hannes Braun shares vocals with, I guess, Jennifer Haben from Beyond The Black, something that adds a new expression to Kissin' Dynamite's sound. In the end it's only "Utopia" that stands back a bit behind the other ten songs.

Kissin' Dynamite got over their "Money, Sex and Power" phase. "Generation Goodbye" is their best album since having published "Addicted to Metal".





  1. Generation Goodbye
  2. Hashtag Your Life
  3. If Clocks Were Running Backwards
  4. Somebody to Hate
  5. She Came She Saw
  6. Highlight Zone
  7. Masterpiece
  8. Flying Colours
  9. Under Friendly Fire
  10. Lager Than Life
  11. Utopia


Label: AFM Records

Genre: Melodic Metal

Release Date EU: July 8th, 2016

CD review KISSIN' DYNAMITE "Generation Goodbye"

CD review FATES WARNING "Theories of Flight"

Veröffentlicht am 26. Juni 2016 von Markus W. in Fates Warning, News, CD Review, Prog Rock, Prog Metal, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Epic Metal, US Metal

(10/10) Fortunately we haven't had to wait another nine years for a new album of Matheos &Co. as it was for "Darkness in a Different Light". It was in 2004 when prog metal masters Fates Warning released their "FWX" album and it took till 2013 before Jim Matheos and his metal passionats released a new long player.

Now, three years after this 'comeback', the next Fates Warning album arrives at your record store. "Theories of Flight" is the name of this eight songs including record that shows the band at its best.

Eight songs means in Fates Warning terms more than 50 minutes of excellent music that is full of mighty riffs, acoustic moments and a lot of virtuosity.

Even though it's already album number twelve it feels like Jim Mateos never running out of ideas and inspiration.

The heart of this long player are the two ten minutes long compositions. "The Light and Shade of Things" and "The Ghost of Home" belong to the best songs Fates Warning has written over the last years. The first one has a darker vibe included, starting almost like a Maiden tune. Actually it begins silent and peaceful. Alder's vocals are more narrative style before the songs develops to a heavy Fates Warning masterpiece that is full of hard hitting guitars and energetic vocal lines by Alder.

"The Ghost of Home" instead begins with some samples that remind of Queensrÿche's "Operation Mindcrime". As the other epos it's an acoustic guitar and gentle vocals that fill the air with beautiful sounds. Lyric-wise this number is a more personal one. Matheos' reflecting on a lot of moving when he was a kid, visiting these locations later on as an adult and reflecting on what all this added to his personality. This song is like a musical interpretation of a theatre play and captures emotions in a gorgeous way.

Even though these are the two longest songs doesn't mean that the rest is just props. Each of the other numbers easily keeps the high standards. "White Flag" is one of them and it can immediately be recognised as being from Fates Warning. These guys created their own trademarks - what else to expect when one of the best guitarists performs together with one of the best metal singer, accompanied by one of the best bassist and an excellent drummer. Things can't go wrong in such a constellation.

The shortest strike on the album is actually the title track that comes in the end. "Theories of Flight" is one of the more soulful songs that comes with a lot of emotional depth. Enriched by some samples the song is kept in a moderate pace and renounces vocals entirely. It's a beautiful number that closes one of the best, if not the best, album in 2016.

I'm listening to Fates Warning since they unveiled "The Spectre Within" and I never had one moment of disappointment in all these years. These guys are passionate of what they are doing. They are real artists and not only musical service providers.

Theories of Flight" is a MUST for each metal collection since progressive and epic metal can't be done better than on this album.




Track list:

  1. From the Rooftops
  2. Seven Stars
  3. SOS
  4. The Light And Shade Of Things
  5. White Flag
  6. Like Stars Our Eyes Have Seen
  7. The Ghosts Of Home
  8. Theories Of Flight


Label: InsideOut Music

Gerne: Prog Metal

Release Date EU: July 1st, 2016

CD review FATES WARNING "Theories of Flight"

CD review GRAVE DESECRATOR "Dust to Lust"

Veröffentlicht am 25. Juni 2016 von Markus W. in Grave Desecrator, Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal, News, CD Review

(7/10) Grave Desecration started their death metal mission in the end of the 20st century. Rooted in Brazilian thrash-/death metal the four-piece from Rio de Janeiro made themselfs noticed in 2001 with a first demo tape, followed by an EP named "Cult of Warefare and Darkness".

"Dust and Lust" is the bands third full-length album that comes after the 2008 debut "Sign of Doom" and "Insuit" from 2010. The benefit of Grave Desecrator's sound is the rawness and brutality which the four guys embed in their songs. The eleven songs on this album aren't polished and shiny metal that is over-produced. Grave Desecrator more reminds of the early days of Brazilian thrash metal, days when Sepultura gained momentum. But also bands like Dark Angel and Possessed have delivered some inspiration to the guys from Rio.

"Dust to Lust", a bit of an odd title, is full of straight-forward metal tracks that are positioned somewhere between thrash and death. Butcherazor shouts, screams and growls as if there would be no tomorrow, supported by heavy, but not filigrane riffs, that intesify the power in each of the tracks.

After a short intro with some unusual keyboard sounds heel breaks loose with "Temple of Abomination". This song is the beginning of an intensive thrash/death ride that brings back some oldschool vibes that I nowadays miss, at least partly, with bands like Sepultura. Grave Desecrator doesn't make any compromisses. "Dust and Rust" is a rude metal attack with raging guitars, merciless beats and harsh vocals, a package that sometimes also reminds of the early Slayer.

OK, this sounds all very good, and this record is a good one. The only point of critisism is the fact that the album became a bit too long. After a while things become repetative and one or two songs less would have made this longplayer even more to the point.

However, a good album with modernized oldschool thrash.





  1. Intro (Dust to Lust)
  2. Temple of Abomination
  3. Funeral Mist
  4. Gods of Death
  5. A Witching Whore
  6. Host Desecration
  7. Anathema Bloodlust
  8. Bleed for Worship
  9. Memento Mori
  10. One More Soul
  11. Mephistophallus in Occultopussy
  12. Perpetual Oath


Label: Season Of Mist

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: July 1st, 2016

1. Intro (Dust to Lust) 01:31  
2. Temple of Abominations 06:00  
3. Funeral Mist 05:28  
4. Gods of Death 03:22  
5. A Witching Whore 05:34  
6. Host Desecration 03:58  
7. Anathema Bloodlust 05:39  
8. Bleed for Worship 04:12  
9. Memento Mori 01:00  
10. One More Soul 04:08  
11. Mephistophallus in Occultopussy 03:27  
12. Perpetual Oath 06:48
CD review GRAVE DESECRATOR "Dust to Lust"

CD review OLD FIRE "Songs From the Haunted South"

Veröffentlicht am 24. Juni 2016 von Markus W. in Old Fire, Steven Wilson, Anathema, Prog Rock, Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Ambient

(7/10) Old Fire is a project started by Texas based programmer John Mark Lapham who is known from The Earlies and The Late Cord. Mid June the first album of Old Fire will be released and it features thirteen songs that are kept silent and sphereful.

Joining the world-class rooster of KSCOPE, including artists/bands like Steven Wilson and The Pineapple Thief, Lapham developed this longplayer based on an album concept that comes from a 4AD project.

This record is, as most of the label's releases, a quiet and emotional journey through various soundscapes. This album isn't about being loud, having mighty riffs in the forefront. "Songs From the Haunted South"'s music is build on an instrumentation including piano, cello and guitars, played by various musicians.

The title of the album already indicates the atmosphere you can expect on "Songs From the Haunted South". It's not about swinging music with sing-along moments and light-hearted vibe. Each of the thirteen tunes has a melancholic vibe which gives Old Fire's debut a wistful expression. The artwork, kept in grey and done by designer Vaughan Oliver, is reflecting this very well and makes the longplayer to a complete package where things just fit together.

If you like the earlier mentioned bands as well as Anathema & co. you should listen to this album too. It's worth it even thoug it doesn't reach the extraordinary class of these bands. 





  1. Old Fire 3
  2. Along Came A Sadness
  3. Helix
  4. Know How
  5. It`s Easier Now
  6. A Stranger in The Family
  7. Bloodchild
  8. Faust
  9. Shadows
  10. A Slight Grip, A Gentle Hold
  11. Laser Beam
  12. The Orchids
  13. Deadhouse Dream



Genre: Prog Rock

Release Date EU: July 23, 2016

CD review OLD FIRE "Songs From the Haunted South"

CD review FIRST SIGNAL "One Step Over the Line"

Veröffentlicht am 23. Juni 2016 von Markus W. in First Signal, Hardrock, Rock, AOR, News, Harem Scarem, CD Review

(6/10) I'm tempted to say that "One Step Over the Line" is a typical Frontiers Music album. Again we are facing a combination of musicians, brought together by label president Serafino Perugino, that started a project in melodic rock. In 2010 it was Dennis Ward and Harem Scarem mainman Harry Hess that kicked-off First Signal.

Since this collaboration received quite positive feedback the idea of another First Signal album was floating around. Things became more realistic when Swedish producer Daniel Flores came on board and again it's the first two Harem Scarem releases that has been the inspiration for First Signal.

What you get on this second strike is a full package of songs that cover everything between melodic rock and AOR. It almost goes without saying that Harry Hess does a great job on this album. His voice belongs to the best ones in this genre and also this record benefits a lot from his vocal. My only wish would be hearing Hess rather on a new Harem Scarem album than on another First Strike disc.

The reason for this is, that "One Step Over the Line" is probably what the title indicates. It's maybe one step too far. Even though the songs are good and besides Hess' excellent vocals there isn't that much new on this disc. It's one of these albums that is exchangeable and it feels like the cookie cutter approach won again.This is anyhow a risk of AOR, but there are examples showing that thing can be done also more exciting.

All in all there is nothing wrong with this album, it's just that you might have heard things already earlier.





  1. Love Run Free
  2. Still Pretending (new)
  3. Love Gets Through
  4. Broken
  5. Karma (new)
  6. Minutes of your Time
  7. She is Getting Away
  8. December Rain
  9. Wiegt me in
  10. Pedestal
  11. One Step Over the Line


Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Melodic Rock

Release Date EU: June 3rd, 2016

CD review FIRST SIGNAL "One Step Over the Line"

CD review DAN REED NETWORK "Fight Another Day"

Veröffentlicht am 22. Juni 2016 von Markus W. in Dan Reed Network, Dan Reed, Hardrock, Rock, Alternative Rock, News, CD Review

(7/10) It was a year ago when Dan Reed released with "Transmission" his third solo album. It wasn't the best release of the musician from Portland, Oregon. Too many average songs have found a spot on the tracklist which led to an hardrock album that doesn't belong to the real thrilling ones.

After having had this experience I was curious about the next album of his Dan Reed Network and luckily enough, songs are much better than what he out on his solo album. It almost looks like he kept these tunes for "Fight Another Day" or he needed 'the network' to push him and the band to a high level.

After having had a successful time in the late 80's / early 90's Dan Reed Network didn't release new stuff since "The Heat" back in 1991. "Fight Another Day" is therefore a kind of comeback disc for the four-piece and it shows, that the break wasn't a too bad decision. Dan Reed Network sounds refreshing, keeping their mix of hardrock, funk and even reggae ("Save the World") alive.

There isn't any real downer on this longplayer. From the grooving opener "Divided" to the a bit more complex arranged bouncer "Stand Tall", "Fight Another Day" includes melodic rock songs that are catchy and easy to listen to. A highlight is the already mentioned "Save the World". The reggae influences give this tune a different expression while still fitting into the context of the other tracks.

"Fight the Wold" is an entertaining hardrock album that shows Dan Reed Network back in old strength. If you liked the sound of DRN in the past you can easily go for this album too. It's timeless rock music with a strong melodic side and a wider musical approach. Good time summer music.





  1. Divided
  2. The Brave
  3. Infected
  4. Champion
  5. Ignition
  6. Give it Love
  7. B There With U
  8. Save the World
  9. Eye of the Storm
  10. Reunite
  11. Heaven
  12. Sharp Turn
  13. Stand Tall


Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Melodic Rock

Release Date EU: June 3rd, 2016

CD review DAN REED NETWORK "Fight Another Day"
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