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MARKUS' HEAVY MUSIC BLOG moved to a NEW SITE. Join in at

Today I have exciting news. Markus' Heavy Music Blog moved to a new provider. HERE comes the link to the new site where you can find a continuation of Markus' Heavy Music Blog.

I still keep this site open for a few more weeks since I'm still trying to move all the posts from 'old' to 'new'. However, if you're looking for News, Reviews and all of this, please join the new Markus' Heavy Music Blog. I;m looking forard to welcome you there.


CD review ANGELUS APATRIDA “Cabaret de la Guillotine”

Veröffentlicht am 12. Mai 2018 von Markus W. in Angelus Apatrida, News, Thrash Metal, Century Media, Power Metal, CD Review, Heavy Metal

CD review ANGELUS APATRIDA “Cabaret de la Guillotine”

(7/10) The first thing that I have to face when starting a review is the name of the band I‘m writing about, esp. when it‘s about bands haven‘t had on the radar till now. Angelus Apatrida is such a band. With all respect, the name is a curveball to me, hard to keep in mind - „Angel.... what“. Maybe it‘s only me older brain that struggles with keeping the name in mind.

As said, I missed the guys from Spain up till now and you might have the same. The starting point of Angelus Apatrida was back in 2000 – a new millennium, a new band. The guys premiered in 2006 with “Evil Unleashed” and four more deliveries followed to date. 2018 is the year of Angelus Apatrida’s next strike, entitled “Cabaret de la Guillotine”.

Angelus Apatrida is, according to the label info sheet, a thrash metal outfit. Now doubt, aggressive metal riffing, is a crucial pillar for the band‘s sound.  Songs like „Ministry of God“ are excellent tracks, reminding partly of thrash metal icons like Testament and Destruction.

Next to pure sonic aggression, Angelus Apatrida builds in some melodic power metal moments, like in „The Die is Cast“. However, the majority of songs ignite a thrash metal inferno with blistering leads and harsh vocals.

The thing is though that the approach isn‘t really new. I never got the feeling of something really unique but I also must say that I haven‘t missed ‘new’. The energy provided by this powerhouse is the real benefit and that‘s what‘s count. I would say, good work in known territory.





  1. Sharpen the Guillotine
  2. Betryaed
  3. Ministry of God
  4. The Hum
  5. Downfall of the Nation
  6. One of Us
  7. The Die is Cast
  8. Witching Hour
  9. Farewell
  10. Martyrs of Chicago


Label: Century Media

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: May 4th, 2018


CD review SECRET SOCIETY "The Induction"

Veröffentlicht am 8. Mai 2018 von Markus W. in Secret Society, News, Melodic Metal, Melodic Power Metal, Power Metal, The Induction, Heavy Metal, self-released

CD review SECRET SOCIETY "The Induction"

(8/10) „The Induction“ is the result of one and a half years of songwriting, leading to five tracks that ended up on the tracklist of Secret Society‘s new EP. Secret Society is a power metal outfit, hailing from Sweden. I have to admit that I haven‘t heard of the band earlier but what I got to hear sounded really good.

Secret Society could manage some guest appearances for the album, guys that have a solid reputation in rock and metal. Rick Altzi contributed to this release and so did former Metal Church singer Ronny Munroe. Troy Norr, Paul Sabu and Joe Basketts are three more well-known musicians that added to this release and all the effort pays back. „The Induction“ is a pretty cool melodic power metal record that features excellent riffs and catchy melody lines. Things never get too sweet and lazy since the band constantly pushes the pedal to the metal. The awesome monster is on example, but also the powering „Mental Mayhem“ belongs to the best melodic metal brought up to surface since quite a while.

The uptempo opener sets the tone of voice for what to expect from this release, an EP that doesn‘t include a downer. „Broken by Design“ reduces the pace a bit and got a darker vibe before „Waysted“ stands for the Grand finale without taking any prisoners.

This EP belongs to the surprises and even though it stays a mystery who’s part of this outfit it‘s obvious that everybody involved knows what to do for having excellent metal songs on this irresistible release.





  1. The Induction - Broken Crutch
  2. Monsters
  3. Mental Mayhem
  4. Broken By Design
  5. Waysted


Label: Self-released

Genre: Melodic Power Metal

Release Date EU: May 5th, 2018


CD review ANGEL OF MERCY "The Avatar" - re-issue

Veröffentlicht am 30. April 2018 von Markus W. in Angel Of Mercy, The Avatar, News, Heavy Metal, Hardrock, Epic Metal, Power Metal, re-issue, Shadow Kingdom

CD review ANGEL OF MERCY "The Avatar" - re-issue

(8/10) Shadow Kingdom re-issues some stuff from the underground on June 1st – Angel Of Mercy’s first and only album entitled “The Avatar”.

David St.James formed the band in 1980 and it took the bandleader seven years to write the songs and gather a band to record “The Avatar”. Angel Of Mercy’s headquarter was a rented warehouse in the desert heat of Las Vegas, a location they used as a rehearsal room, but also played concerts in front of more than 200 fans.

The album, “The Avatar”, was self-released on vinyl as a private pressing and was supposed to act as a springboard for getting a record deal. Unfortunately things didn’t work as they should and the deal never appeared. This will change in 2018 after a wait for three decades.

30 years after the recording took place it’s Shadow Kingdom that re-issues this ‘lost’ underground pearl in a 2-CD package that also includes some special bonus goodies.

“The Avatar” is actually a pretty cool album that deserves to get some more attention. Even after 30 years the songs are timeless, reminding of influences by Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and some epic metal a la Manilla Road.

Fans of traditional heavy metal should have heard this album that was covered with dust for so many years. It contains good music that’s down to earth, well crafted and full of dedication. These songs were written with passion and this album was recorded with full commitment and without any commercial aim. You can’t get metal more authentic than what you get on “The Avatar”.





Original The Avatar album

  1. In the Beginning
  2. Angel of Mercy
  3. Chained to the World
  4. Soul Searcher
  5. Break Away
  6. Metamorphosis
  7. The Avatar
  8. Victim of the Change
  9. Journey to the Master
  10. The Last Encounter
  11. The Succubuss

 November 1983, Las Vegas Recording Studio

  1. The Succubuss
  2. Soul Searcher
  3. The Avatar
  4. The Last Encounter

Spring 1992, Abandoned Sessions IMR Studio

  1. Enter the Abyss
  2. In the Beginning
  3. Angel of Mercy
  4. Metamorphosis
Unreleased track from The Avatar sessions
(Intended as a lead-in to "Chained to a World")
  1. The Journey Begins

2015 session, IMR Studio

  1. Chained to a World


Label: Shadow Kingdom

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: June 1st, 2018


CD review MISSION IN BLACK "Anthems of a Dying Breed"

Veröffentlicht am 29. April 2018 von Markus W. in Mission In Black, Anthems of a Dying Breed, El Puerto Records, Power Metal, Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal, News, CD Review

CD review MISSION IN BLACK "Anthems of a Dying Breed"

(7/10) Mission In Black is a rather new metal outfit hailing from Germany. Now 'new' might not be fully correct since it was in 2010 when a first demo has been recorded, followed by some shows, supporting bands like Brainstorm and Mystic Prophecy. 

It's five musicians that started their 'mission in black'. Becky Gaber (v), Daniel Tschoepe (g), Andy Flache (d), Martin Grimm (g) and Hannes Jäger (b), that's Mission In Black and some names sound probably familiar. Some guys have been part of South German thrashers Spellbound while Martin Grimm played at Mystic Prophecy. 

The quintet inked a contract with German El Puerto label and finally, eight years after their "Black Infect" demo, the debut is ready to be shipped to the record stores. The longplayer consists out of 13 songs that the label info describes as thrash metal. This is definitely the case but there's also a strong power metal influence present through-out. Listening to the melodies and leads reminds me more of Mystic Prophecy than thrash. The latter comes more forefront with the straight-on "Judgement Day".

What stands out are the hoarse vocals of singer Becky Gaber. It took me a while to get used to it. That Gaber has good vocal skills is what becomes obvious with the clean vocals sections, but it's the husky parts that become a bit annoying over time.

Besides this smaller side note "Anthems of a Dying Breed" became an aggressive and powerful debut that also benefits from a proper production and a well-crafted sound. Good music in known territory.





  1. Premonition of Chaos
  2. Welcome the Apocalypse
  3. Cold Wings of Vengeance
  4. World on Fire
  5. Judgement Day
  6. Mission in Black
  7. Oceans of Blood
  8. Into the Flames
  9. Godless
  10. Where Demons Sleep
  11. God Forbidden
  12. The Beast Within
  13. First Comes the Blood


Label: El Puerto Records

Genre: Power/Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: May 5th, 2018




CD review RIOT V "Armor of Light"

Veröffentlicht am 22. April 2018 von Markus W. in Riot, Riot V, Armor of Light, News, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Speed Metal, NWoBHM, CD Review, Nuclear Blast

CD review RIOT V "Armor of Light"

(8/10) I discovered Riot quite late. It was the brilliant 1988 release "Thundersteel" that caught my attention and I had to work backwards when it comes to the band's discography. However, from this moment on Riot belongs to my favourite metal outfits.

A critical moment for Riot was the year 2012 when founding member Mark Reale passed away. Could the band continue without the iconic axeman or do we have to face the end of Riot? Fortunately the quintet went on even though they slightly adjusted the band's name to Riot V. "Unleash the Fire" was the first album of this renewed powerhouse, a longplayer that was critically acclaimed and very well received by fans.

Almost to date four years later, the next Riot V longplayer will be unveiled. The band signed with Nuclear Blast and "Armor of Light" is the first record for the new label, being number 16 in total in Riot's history.

30 years after me enjoying "Thundersteel" for the first time it is ​​​​​​"Armor of Light" that is a new delight for metal fans. Things start very successful with a track entitled "Victory". This song is far more than just a bread and butter track. It's a classic metal anthem that reminds of the earlier Iron Maiden when it comes to vocal lines and rhythmic. 

Another highlight, framed by only killer tracks, is the title song "Armor of Light". The uptempo tune includes everything you can ask for. Furious guitars, a breathtaking pace and frontman Todd Michael Hall who's a real metal siren. Riot V finds with each of the tunes the magic balance between melodic parts and crushing riffs, both creating something big together rather than competing with each other. It's a combination that creates a terrific sonic pattern and it was producer Chris Collier (Metal Church, Slipknot, Korn) who gave "Armor of Light" the aggressiveness and dynamic needed.

"Armor of Light" is a great next album of Riot V. It proves that the decision to continue was the only senseful one. I'm sure, the metal community will receive this longplayer with open arms. Riot V is still hungry and so are fans of the powerhouse. Horns up.





  1. Victory

  2. End of the World

  3. Messiah

  4. Angel's Thunder, Devil;s Reign

  5. Burn the Daylight

  6. Heart of the Lion

  7. Armor of Light

  8. Set the World Alight

  9. San Antonio

  10. Caught in the Witches Eye

  11. Ready to Shine

  12. Raining Fire


Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: March 27th, 2018


REFUGE (Peavy Wagner and former RAGE members) announce a new album

Veröffentlicht am 19. April 2018 von Markus W. in Refuge, Rage, Peavy Wagner, News, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Speed Metal, Frontiers Music

REFUGE (Peavy Wagner and former RAGE members) announce a new album

REFUGE marks the reunion of the original, and probably most successful, line-up of the German metal band RAGE, featuring Peavy Wagner, Manni Schmidt, & Christos Efthimiadis. After 1994, when the three originally parted ways, they moved on to work in different bands and follow their own musical path. Peavy kept on with Rage, Manni went to Grave Digger, and Christos off to Tri State Corner. After a long period during which they did not have much contact, the three guys met up again in 2014 and decided to play a secret show in their hometown Herne (Germany), under the moniker “Tres Hombres”. The show was never promoted, apart from word of mouth and social media rumblings and as a result, this show became one where you had to be "in the know", but more than 1200 fans found their way to the gig anyway. The band performed all the hits from their time together in RAGE and loved every second of that gig, getting hungry for more, thus the idea of “REFUGE” was born. 


REFUGE played a couple of hugely successful festival shows all throughout Europe in the summer of 2015. The audiences’ reactions to the ‘RAGE – songs of 1988 – 1993’ were truly overwhelming and exceeded all expectations the band had. So, more shows were played in 2016, including three in Japan (Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka), exactly 20 years after they had played their last shows together, coincidentally also in Japan!


"The band sounds nearly the same like back then, maybe a bit more relaxed, mature, with more individual experience,” tells Peavy Wagner. "But the general vibe is still the same. We know each other blindly. In order to write the songs, we created the same set-up we had 30 years ago. We rented the same rehearsal room and jammed together in a live situation and the magic was back! I'm glad that we could use and finalize some of our ideas from back then, stuff that we couldn´t use in that days for several reasons. The song “Waterfalls”, for example, was always one of my unfinished favourites. I´m proud we were able to bring it to light now, finally!"


What started out as a “fun thing” in 2014 has turned into a real band again. “We want to continue doing this together as long as possible, it is a manifestation of our reborn old friendship and it is a "coming from the heart" thing for us to do it,” concludes Peavy. 


Refuge’s debut album, ‘Solitary Men’ is the first album of original material from this classic Rage line-up in 25 years and will surely satisfy fans who remember those now legendary albums! Up the horns for REFUGE!



1.         Summer's Winter

2.         The Man In The Ivory Tower

3.         Bleeding From Inside

4.         From The Ashes

5.         Living On The Edge Of Time

6.         We Owe A Life To Death

7.         Mind Over Matter

8.         Let Me Go

9.         Hell Freeze Over

10.       Waterfalls

11.       Another Kind Of Madness (Bonus Track)



Band Members:

Peavy Wagner – bass & vocals

Manni Schmidt - guitars

Christos Efthimiadis - drums


FATES WARNING announces live album

Veröffentlicht am 19. April 2018 von Markus W. in Fates Warning, News, Live, InsideOut, Prog Metal, Power Metal, US Metal

FATES WARNING announces live album

Progressive Metal pioneers FATES WARNING are proud to announce the upcoming release of their new live album “Live Over Europe” on June 29th, 2018 via InsideOutMusic.

Gathered during the group’s most recent European headlining run for FATES WARNING’s much acclaimed latest studio album “Theories Of Flight” in January 2018, “Live Over Europe” includes recordings from 8 different cities (Aschaffenburg / Germany, Belgrade / Serbia, Thessaloniki and Athens / Greece, Rome and Milan / Italy, Budapest / Hungary as well as Ljubljana / Slovenia) and a total of 23 songs in over 138 minutes of playing time, spanning 30 years of the group’s seminal career.

“Live Over Europe” was mixed by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Kreator, Symphony X) and mastered by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden and will be available as limited 2CD Mediabook, Gatefold 3LP + Bonus-2CD or as Digital Album.

Here is the complete track-listing for the release:

FATES WARNING – “Live Over Europe“

CD 1:

1. From the Rooftops

2. Life in Still Water

3. One

4. Pale Fire

5. Seven Stars

6. SOS

7. Pieces of Me

8. Firefly

9. The Light and Shade of Things

10. Wish

11. Another Perfect Day

12. Silent Cries

13. And Yet it Moves

CD 2:

1. Still Remains

2. Nothing Left to Say

3. Acquiescence

4. The Eleventh Hour

5. Point of View

6. Falling

7. A Pleasant Shade of Gray, Pt. IX

8. Through Different Eyes

9. Monument

10. Eye to Eye


FATES WARNING vocalist Ray Alder checked in with the following comment about “Live In Europe“:

“We would like to thank each and every one of our fans that helped us make "Live Over Europe. We had a great time making this album and we hope that you enjoyed the shows as much as we did playing them!“


First two GRAVE DIGGER longplayers will be re-issued

Veröffentlicht am 17. April 2018 von Markus W. in Grave Digger, News, Heavy Metal, Noise lebt!, Power Metal, Teutonic Metal, Heavy Metal Breakdown, Witch Hunter

First two GRAVE DIGGER longplayers will be re-issued
First two GRAVE DIGGER longplayers will be re-issued

GRAVE DIGGER opening the gates to metal history's vinyl graveyard to re-animate timeless classics of their past.

Formed in 1980 in Cologne, Grave Digger were at the forefront of the German heavy metal movement as it swept the globe in the early 80’s. They released two demos, one in 1982 and the second ‘Born Again’ demo in 1983.  This brought them to the attention of Noise Records who included two of the bands tracks on their infamous ‘Rock From Hell’ compilation in 1984 alongside future label mates Running Wild and S.A.D.O.  Later in ’84, Grave Digger launched the seminal debut album ‘Heavy Metal Breakdown’ through Noise Records, which was critically received by both press and fans alike.

A year later they followed up with their sophomore record ‘Witch Hunter’ which only catapulted the band further into the hearts and minds if the global metal scene. The band’s 1986, third album, ‘War Games’ saw them on a Noise tour alongside label mates Helloween & Celtic Frost. A dramatic change in sound and a more commercial style followed in 1987 with the album ‘Stronger Than Ever’ where the band dropped the Grave part of their name and just became Digger, they split six months later after the record was poorly received. The band regrouped in 1991, releasing their comeback album ‘The Reaper’ in 1993. To date they have released 18 albums and continue to tour across the world.



Grave Digger’s seminal debut album ‘Heavy Metal Breakdown’ was a benchmark for the German metal scene upon its release back in 1984. This remastered version includes the rare ‘Shoot Her Down’ EP and liner notes from front man Chris Boltendahl. The LP is a double gatefold, which includes lyrics, memorabilia and comes as a limited edition red vinyl. The vinyl has been out of print for over 30 years!



    1. Headbanging Man

    2. Heavy Metal Breakdown

    3. Back From The War

    4. Yesterday

    5. We Wanna Rock You

    6. Legion Of The Lost

    7. Tyrant

    8. 2000 Lightyears From Home

    9. Heart Attack

Bonus tracks:

    10. Shoot Her Down!

    11. We Wanna Rock You (Mega Mix)

    12. Storming The Brain

    13. Violence

    14. 2000 Lightyears From Home (Alternative Version)



Grave Digger’s second album ‘Witch Hunter’ is heralded as a classic in the annuls of heavy metal fandom and became an instant hit upon its release back in 1985. This remastered version includes liner notes from former guitarist Peter Masson and the original lyrics. The LP is on limited edition gold vinyl and has been out of print for over 30 years!



    1. Witch Hunter

    2. Night Drifter

    3. Get Ready For Power

    4. Love Is A Game

    5. Get Away

    6. Fight For Freedom

    7. School's Out

    8. Friends Of Mine

    9. Here I Stand

Bonus tracks:

    10. Don’t Kill The Children

    11. Tears Of Blood

    12. Shine on


CD review SPEEDCLAW "Beast in the Mist" EP

Veröffentlicht am 16. April 2018 von Markus W. in Speedclaw, News, CD Review, Shadow Kingdom, Beast in the Mist, Heavy Metal, NWoBHM, Speed Metal, Power Metal

CD review SPEEDCLAW "Beast in the Mist" EP

(7/10) Usually Croatia is known for excellent weather from spring to autumn with a summer vibe and beach-life included. But there’s also some metal that’s based in the country along the Mediterranean Sea coastline. Speedclaw, hailing from Rijeka, Croatia, is such a band that upholds the flag of heavy metal in the South Eastern parts of Europe.

Founded in 2015 the quartet unveiled a first EP in 2016. “Iron Speed” featured six tracks of which one was a cover of Exciters’ classic “Heavy Metal Maniac”. The choice of this song tells a lot about the sound you can expect from Speedclaw. The guys are heavily into traditional metal music that has its roots in the NWoBHM.

It was more than once that the second EP “Beast in the Mist” reminded me of Iron Maiden in the earlier days. The way guitar and bass are weaved into the songs clearly flags a main source of inspiration. Songs like the uptempo “Faster Than Hell” with its furious leads or the merciless “Evil Than You See” are perfect songs.

None of the tunes is a copycat of any NWoBHM band, esp. due to the coarse voice of frontman Silvano Cosic. But also the raging speed of “Aggression Strikes” makes a difference and refers to early speed metal.

“Beast in the Mist” is an EP with a cool entertainment factor, taking the listener back to a time when metal started to gain momentum – a time machine into the mid 80’s that you should enter for 30 minutes metal adventure.





  1. Prelude
  2. Beast in the Mist
  3. Faster Than Hell
  4. Rising of the Claw
  5. Aggression Strikes
  6. Evil That You See


Label: Shadow Kingdom

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: February 2nd, 2018


CD review ROSS THE BOSS "By Blood Sworn"

Veröffentlicht am 11. April 2018 von Markus W. in Ross The Boss, Manowar, Power Metal, Heavy Metal, US Metal, CD Review, AFM, By Blood Sworn, News

CD review ROSS THE BOSS "By Blood Sworn"

(8/10) Ross Friedman started as guitarist, playing in a punk band called The Dictators. After having release three longplayers with this outfit the guitarist moved to Europe and joined Shakin’ Street which supported Black Sabbath their “Heaven and Hell”-tour. It was this tour that brought Friedman and DeMaio into contact which was the kick-start of Manowar. Friedman was part of Manowar’s glorious rise, a time when records such as “Into Glory Ride” and “Battle Hymns” have seen the light of day.

“Kings of Metal” was the last record Friedman was part of before he left Manowar and started quite some years later with Ross The Boss his own metal powerhouse. The debut “New Metal Leader” has been unveiled in 2008, and ten years later it’s the formidable “By Blood Sworn” that will delight metal fans all over the place.

Ross The Boss’ third album features ten songs, combining power metal a la Virgin Steele and the Manowar roots to a great total. “By Blood Sworn” doesn’t know any filler. There’s the epical “Faith of the Fallen” next to high-speed tunes like “Fistful of Hate. Most of the songs though are kept in medium pace and fire on all cylinders. You shouldn’t miss the very well-crafted title track with singer Marc Lopez showing all his metal siren skills. The high-pitch screams are just awesome, followed by the grooving “Among the Bones” which is another highlight on an album full of killer songs.

“By Blood Sworn” is a treat for every power metal fan that grew up with bands like Manowar and Virgin Steele, but also enjoyed the sound of groups like Liege Lord and Co.. This longplayer is pure metal power.





  1. By Blood Sworn
  2. Among The Bones
  3. This Is Vengeance
  4. We Are the Night
  5. Faith of the Fallen
  6. Devil's Day
  7. Lilith
  8. Among The Godz
  9. Circle of Damnation
  10. Fistful of Hate
  11. Each Dawn I Die
  12. The Oath
  13. Hail and Kill


Label: AFM Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: April 20th, 2018


CD review GUS G. "Fearless"

Veröffentlicht am 7. April 2018 von Markus W. in Gus G., Fearless, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, AFM, News, CD Review, Dennis Ward, Firewind

CD review GUS G. "Fearless"

(8/10) Greek guitar wizard is a busy man. Having been part of Ozzy Osbourne’s band as well as supplying riff power to death metal legends Nightrage shows the width of styles Gus G. can handle. Next to these bands, the axeman also has his own powerful metal outfit called Firewind and last but not least he releases under his own name.

The guitarist teamed-up with Dennis Ward (v/b) and Evanescence drummer Will Hunt and all three recorded a very well-done Gus G.-disc that pays attention to more traditional metal. The trio kicks-off things with the spot-on opener “Letting Go” followed by a gloomier track entitled “Mr. Manson”, a song that reminds of the later Ozzy Osbourne releases of which Gus G. was part of.

Not paying too much attention to the names of the tracks on first sight led to a thought of having heard these keyboard melodies of track no.6 earlier. A few seconds later things were crystal clear. Gus G. covered with “Money for Nothing” a Dire Straits smash hit. He sticks pretty much to the original when it comes to the beginning of the classic. This approach doesn’t last very long. Gus G. shifts the tune towards a heavy interpretation of what Mark Knopfler and Co. wrote many years ago. Fun fact besides the brilliance of the new arrangement is the small lyric changes/updates, when “Color TV’s” become “LED’s”.

Last but not least the album also includes instrumentals which will be a delight for fans of the Greek guitar master. Furious guitars and blistering riffs are impressive, not only when it comes to the instrumentals, but specifically there.

“Fearless” is a cool next addition to Gus. G.’s discography, showing one of the best contemporary guitarists at work. And without any fear I can say that Gus G. is in line with guitar heroes like Michael Schenker, George Lynch and Co.





  1. Letting Go
  2. Mr. Manson
  3. Don’t Treat on Me
  4. Fearless
  5.  Nothing to Say
  6. Money for Nothing
  7. Chance
  8. Thrill of the Chase
  9. Big City
  10. Last of my Kind


Label: AFM Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: April 20th, 2018


Good news for FIFTH ANGEL fans

Veröffentlicht am 4. April 2018 von Markus W. in Fifth Angel, Power Metal, US Metal, Melodic Metal, Heavy Metal, Metal Blade, News, Time Will Tell

Good news for FIFTH ANGEL fans

Fifth Angel is one of the best melodic Heavy Metal bands of all times! Both their first two albums are true classics and have stood the test of time easily.

Fifth Angel released their self-titled debut album in 1986, the successor 'Time Will Tell' was released in 1989. Both albums have been out of print for a while and will get a luxury treatment for these re-issues. Expect the following on release date, May 18th!

Fifth Angel - 'Fifth Angel'
• Digi-CD
• 180g black vinyl
• grey marbled vinyl (EU exclusive - ltd. 300)
• orange/red splattered vinyl (EU exclusive - ltd. 200)

Fifth Angel - 'Time Will Tell'
• Digi-CD
• 180g black vinyl
• transparent lime-green vinyl (EU exclusive - ltd. 300)
• white/black splattered vinyl (EU exclusive - ltd. 200)


CD review PRIMORDIAL "Exile Among the Ruins"

Veröffentlicht am 3. April 2018 von Markus W. in Primordial, Heavy Metal, Epic, News, Power Metal, Epic Metal, Metal Blade, CD Review

CD review PRIMORDIAL "Exile Among the Ruins"

(9/10) Irish Primordial adds another dark shining pearl to their impressive discography. A few days ago “Exile Amongst the Ruins” began to bloom in gloomy shades after four years of intensive creative work.

Primordial’s ninth longplayer showcases a band that constantly grew over time. The quintet steadily worked on their sound and it’s the consistency in the line-up, which makes “Exile Amongst the Ruins” to their most mature offering up to date.

The five-piece powerhouse, hailing from Dublin, put together a tracklist that comprises of eight songs of which the shortest is still above five minutes of length. Based on the excellent songwriting skills each of the tunes is a little highlight in itself, never running the risk of becoming boring or lengthy.

There is enough excitement weaved into each of the tracks and even “To Hell or the Hangman” with it’s hypnotic rhythm puts a spell on you.

The masterpiece though comes at the end. “Last Call”, the title fits very well I would say, is a 10 minutes epos that shows the entire width of Primordial’s sound. Things start atmospheric with drums and a gentle acoustic guitar. Of course this peaceful vibe does’t continue that way and it’s the riff that breaks the harmony after one-and-a-half minutes. Each of the five band members contributes to this milestone. The intensive rhythm-section creates a rock solid bass for MacUlliam’s and O’Floinn’s guitars to shine with doomy riffs. Last but not least it’s frontman’s Alan Averill dramatic vocals that adds a lot of feel and depth to this song. What he does here feels more like storytelling rather than singing lyrics or words only. The song is thrilling from the first note played and drags you deeper and deeper into a world of beautiful darkness and Celtic mood.

Primoridal’s newest delivery is a milestone in metal. These five guys from Dublin create more than merely songs with riffs and lyrics. This quintet delivers a Gesamtkunstwerk that wants to be explored and discovered song by songs and after finished it you have a demand for doing it again. Big stuff.





  1. Mail Their Tongue
  2. To Hell or the Hangman
  3. Where Lie the Gods
  4. Exile Amongst the Ruins
  5. Upon Our Spiritual Deathbed
  6. Stolen Years
  7. Sunken Lungs
  8. Last Call


Label: Metal Blade Records

Genre: Celtic Black Metal

Release Date EU: March 30th , 2018

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