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First two GRAVE DIGGER longplayers will be re-issued

Veröffentlicht am 17. April 2018 von Markus W. in Grave Digger, News, Heavy Metal, Noise lebt!, Power Metal, Teutonic Metal, Heavy Metal Breakdown, Witch Hunter

First two GRAVE DIGGER longplayers will be re-issued
First two GRAVE DIGGER longplayers will be re-issued

GRAVE DIGGER opening the gates to metal history's vinyl graveyard to re-animate timeless classics of their past.

Formed in 1980 in Cologne, Grave Digger were at the forefront of the German heavy metal movement as it swept the globe in the early 80’s. They released two demos, one in 1982 and the second ‘Born Again’ demo in 1983.  This brought them to the attention of Noise Records who included two of the bands tracks on their infamous ‘Rock From Hell’ compilation in 1984 alongside future label mates Running Wild and S.A.D.O.  Later in ’84, Grave Digger launched the seminal debut album ‘Heavy Metal Breakdown’ through Noise Records, which was critically received by both press and fans alike.

A year later they followed up with their sophomore record ‘Witch Hunter’ which only catapulted the band further into the hearts and minds if the global metal scene. The band’s 1986, third album, ‘War Games’ saw them on a Noise tour alongside label mates Helloween & Celtic Frost. A dramatic change in sound and a more commercial style followed in 1987 with the album ‘Stronger Than Ever’ where the band dropped the Grave part of their name and just became Digger, they split six months later after the record was poorly received. The band regrouped in 1991, releasing their comeback album ‘The Reaper’ in 1993. To date they have released 18 albums and continue to tour across the world.



Grave Digger’s seminal debut album ‘Heavy Metal Breakdown’ was a benchmark for the German metal scene upon its release back in 1984. This remastered version includes the rare ‘Shoot Her Down’ EP and liner notes from front man Chris Boltendahl. The LP is a double gatefold, which includes lyrics, memorabilia and comes as a limited edition red vinyl. The vinyl has been out of print for over 30 years!



    1. Headbanging Man

    2. Heavy Metal Breakdown

    3. Back From The War

    4. Yesterday

    5. We Wanna Rock You

    6. Legion Of The Lost

    7. Tyrant

    8. 2000 Lightyears From Home

    9. Heart Attack

Bonus tracks:

    10. Shoot Her Down!

    11. We Wanna Rock You (Mega Mix)

    12. Storming The Brain

    13. Violence

    14. 2000 Lightyears From Home (Alternative Version)



Grave Digger’s second album ‘Witch Hunter’ is heralded as a classic in the annuls of heavy metal fandom and became an instant hit upon its release back in 1985. This remastered version includes liner notes from former guitarist Peter Masson and the original lyrics. The LP is on limited edition gold vinyl and has been out of print for over 30 years!



    1. Witch Hunter

    2. Night Drifter

    3. Get Ready For Power

    4. Love Is A Game

    5. Get Away

    6. Fight For Freedom

    7. School's Out

    8. Friends Of Mine

    9. Here I Stand

Bonus tracks:

    10. Don’t Kill The Children

    11. Tears Of Blood

    12. Shine on


CD review DEATHROW "Riders of Doom" / "Raging Steel" / "Deception Ignored" - re-issues

Veröffentlicht am 31. März 2018 von Markus W. in Deathrow, Raging Steel Riders of Doom, Deception Ignored, Thrash Metal, Speed Metal, Heavy Metal, News, CD Review, Noise lebt!, BMG

(7/10), (8/10), (8/10) German thrash metal from the mid 80's seems to have a revival these days. Bands like Exumer and Accuser released new longplayers during the last couple of years, the eight first Kreator records have been re-issued as being part of the 'Noise lebt!' campaign and now it's Deathrow that gets back on the radar.

Deathrow started as Samhain in 1984. Milo, Thomas Priebe, Sven Flügge and Markus Hahn recorded a first demo in 1985 and one year later the debut was complete. At the same time the band changed name from Samhain to Deathrow, mainly due to Glenn Danzig's band with the same name.

CD review DEATHROW "Riders of Doom" / "Raging Steel" / "Deception Ignored" - re-issues

"Riders of Doom" is the first album from the Ruhrpott-based quartet and it was originally released as "Satan's Gift". Even though Deathrow stood in the mighty shadow of bands like Kreator, Sodom and Destruction, the debut was highly acclaimed by fans. The quartet stood for authentic thrash metal that was raw and rough around the edges. The album achieved a cult status in the metallic underground and was more than just a decent result of hard work. In addition to this merciless aggressiveness Deathrow's sound included quite impressive guitar work with furious leads and solos. Songs like "Riders of Doom" and "Satans Gift" are still well crafted Teutonic thrash metal tracks that didn't loose any power over the last three decades. The re-issue of the album also includes some extras in the form of three demo songs and three songs from the rehearsal room.





  1. Winds Of Death
  2. Satan’s Gift
  3. Riders Of Doom
  4. Hell’s Ascent
  5. Spider Attack
  6. Slaughtered
  7. Violent Omen
  8. Dark Tales
  9. Samhain

Bonus Tracks

  1. Hell’s Ascent (demo)
  2. Samhain (demo)
  3. Riders Of Doom (demo)
  4. Night of The Wolf (rehearsal)
  5. Run (rehearsal)
  6. Screams of Pain (rehearsal)


CD review DEATHROW "Riders of Doom" / "Raging Steel" / "Deception Ignored" - re-issues

The sophomore album, "Raging Steel", followed twelve months later and showcased a band that developed sound and musical skills. Still being as unpolished as the debut "Raging Steel" came with improved song writing and a better production. Songs like two parts of "Scattered by the Wind" are thrash metal anthems from the underground, built on influences of bands like Possessed. As with "Riders of Doom" also the second longplayer includes some extra songs - in this case demo tracks and a live version of "Yigael's Wall".





  1. The Dawn
  2. Raging Steel
  3. Scattered By The Wind (Part 1)
  4. Scattered By The Wind (Part 2)
  5. Dragon’s Blood
  6. The Thing Within
  7. Pledge To Die
  8. Mortal Dread
  9. The Undead Cry
  10. Beyond The Light

Bonus Tracks

  1. Intro (demo)
  2. Slaughtered (demo)
  3. Violent Omen (demo)
  4. Riders Of Doom (demo)
  5. Samhain (demo)
  6. Yigael’s Wall (live)
CD review DEATHROW "Riders of Doom" / "Raging Steel" / "Deception Ignored" - re-issues

The triple of releases gets completed by Deathrow's "Deception Ignored". The longplayer was released in 1989 and marks the last album the thrash powerhouse unleashed for Noise Records. Even though Deathrow's sound is still built on thrash the third longplayer shows a big step forward when it comes to songwriting and complexity. The raw and harsh sounds of the debut evolved to a progressive metal album that finds a peak in "Narcotic", which is a 9 minutes progressive epos that impressive with complex sound structures and intricate elements. This album includes just a single bonus track, which is the so far unreleased "Bureaucracy" which comes from the recording session for "Deception Ignored"

These three longplayers made Deathrow to a legendary underground band from Germany and the re-issues make the albums available for fans of 80's thrash metal. 





  1. Events In Concealment
  2. The Deathwish
  3. Triocton
  4. N.L.Y.H.
  5. Watching The World
  6. Narcotic
  7. Machinery

Bonus Track

  1. Bureacrazy

CD review CELTIC FROST "Innocence and Wrath"

Veröffentlicht am 1. Juli 2017 von Markus W. in Celtic Frost, Noise lebt!, News, CD Review, Black Metal, Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal, Extreme Metal

CD review CELTIC FROST "Innocence and Wrath"

(*/10) My door opener to Celtic Frost was the band’s third longplayer “Into the Pandemonium”. I read the positive articles in some fanzines and in addition the album was highly recommended to me too by a friend of mine. OK, if there was such a buzz around this longplayer it couldn’t be a bad one. And wow, it blew me away when I heard the songs for the first time. This was extreme metal, at least for me at this specific moment in time. Already the opener “Mexican Radio”, a cover version of the Wall Of Voodoo song, put a spell on me but also “Mesmerized” and “Caress Into Oblivion” have been mind-blowing experiences for me, listening to this fantastic album. Based on such a positive impression of “Into the Pandemonium” curiosity was rising which brought me to the first two longplayers – “Morbid Tales” and “To Mega Therion”. What should I say? These records have been at least as good as their third one. Especially “Morbid Tales” had this anarchic vibe that made it such an extreme experience for ears and mind. In one or another way it seemed like these songs don’t know any boundaries or limits while on the other hand none of the tracks ended up in chaos. They all followed an own structure, all leading to this typical Celtic Frost sound. “To Mega Therion” picked things up where the band left of with the debut. Still being a harsh and evil piece of music, Tom Warrior and his gang fine-tuned their music, leading to smashers such as “The Usurper” and “Circle of Tyrants”. With each of these songs written and released another trademark of Celtic Frost was hammered into brains of metalheads. If someone can claim copyrights on “UUUhhhhh”, than it’s Tom G. Warrior. This guttural moment came and comes back in quite some songs and belong to Celtic Frost with 100%.

The big disappointment came with “Cold Lake” which was the band’s fourth album with Celtic Frost moving away from their roots and it’s not too bad that this release isn’t part of the current re-issue series. What is part though is the next longplayer of Swiss-based metal pioneers - “Vanity/Nemesis”. This album can’t handle a comparison with the first three ones, but it shows the band catching up again. “Vanity/Nemesis” is more an album showing the experimental side of Celtic Frost with opening their music also for other influences – like gothic and more traditional metal. At that time the fifth album was a mixed bag and it took me a while to find my way into it. I think it has to do with expectations. Approaching it in a way of comparing old and new leads to disappointment. Seeing it as a 'stand alone 'piece of music instead, allows finding the details and tweaks that are weaved into the songs, making “Vanity/Nemesis” to an interesting album.

This was my story around Celtic Frost, a band that was more than influential for extreme metal music, picked-up by many bands and further developed up to date. These guys initiated a genre that added another shade to metal music and their first three records are classics that should be part of every collection. Fortunately the “Noise lebt!” campaign brings back all these highlights in a re-issued edition. “Innocence and Wrath” is the compilation that covers the highlights of the mentioned records, while each of these cornerstones is also available individually as CD and vinyl. If you grew up with Celtic Frost these releases are a welcomed journey back in time and if you’re a younger metalhead who missed these early days you can easily catch-up with these discs.





1. Human (Intro)

2. Into the Crypts of Rays

3. Morbid Tales

4. Procreation (Of the Wicked)

5. Return to the Eve

6. Nocturnal Fear

7. Innocence and Wrath

8. The Usurper

9. Dawn of Meggido

10. Circle of the Tyrants

11. Fainted Eyes

12. Necromantical Screams

13. Jewel Throne

14. Eternal Summer

15. Suicidal Winds (Emperor’s Return EP)

16. Visual Aggression (Emperor’s Return EP)

17. Mexican Radio

18. Inner Sanctum

19. Tristesses de la Lune

20. I Won’t Dance (The Elders’ Orient)

21. In the Chapel In the Moonlight

22. The Inevitable Factor (Alternate Vox)

23. The Heart Beneath

24. Wine in My Hand (Third from the Sun)

25. Wings of Solitude

26. Nemesis

27. Journey Into Fear (Emperor’s Return EP Recording Sessions)


Label: BMG/Noise

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: June 30st, 2017


CD review KREATOR "Endless Pain" / "Pleasure to Kill" / "Terrible Certainty" / Extreme Aggression" - reissues (Noise lebt!)

Veröffentlicht am 20. Juni 2017 von Markus W. in Keator, Noise Lebt!, Heavy Metal, Speed Metal, Thrash Metal, News, re-issue

CD review KREATOR "Endless Pain" / "Pleasure to Kill" / "Terrible Certainty" / Extreme Aggression" - reissues (Noise lebt!)

(7/10) (9/10) (9/10) (8/10) To also repeat in this review the history of Noise Records would feel like a broken record. Many of my other posts around 'Noise Lebt!' address this topic but one thing I want to say here too. Today's metal would be different without this label from Berlin, Germany.

Next to many other bands, Noise Records also gave some guys from Essen, Germany a home and a platform to spread their heavy music all over Europe, and beyond. Indeed, we are talking about Kreator, the spearhead of German thrash metal.

Since more than 30 years Kreator adds new chapters to their success story with the latest tour being another triumphant trip, bringing their thrash metal anthems on stage in many countries all over the globe. With all this momentum it's good to stand still and even go back in time. The foundation was laid 35 years ago in Essen when a bunch of youngsters decided to start a metal band. After some demo years it was Noise Records that contracted the band, giving Kreator the chance to release their raw and frenzied debut named "Endless Pain". Release date was in October 1985 and a worldwide winning streak was not even something to think about at that time. The debut was rough-edged and savage, leading to high appreciation in the underground. The impact on influencing upcoming death- and black-metal bands can't be denied, however "Endless Pain" was the springboard for Kreator's international career, an album that still delivers songs like "Endless Pain" and "Flag of Hate" to current setlists.

Next to the re-mastered album itself the current version includes the "Blitzkrieg Demo" as well as it brings "End of the World Demo" in a CD version into your home.




Tracklist "Endless Pain"

  1. Endless Pain
  2. Total Death
  3. Storm of the Beast
  4. Tormentor
  5. Son of Evil
  6. Flag of Hate
  7. Cry War
  8. Bonebreaker
  9. Living in Fear
  10. Dying Victims
  11. Satan's Day ("Blitzkrieg" Demo)
  12. Messenger from Burning Hell ("Blitzkrieg" Demo)
  13. Armies of Hell ("End Of the World" Demo)
  14. Tormentor ("End of the World" Demo)
  15. Cry War ("End Of the World" Demo)
  16. Bonebreaker ("End Of the World" Demo)
CD review KREATOR "Endless Pain" / "Pleasure to Kill" / "Terrible Certainty" / Extreme Aggression" - reissues (Noise lebt!)

(9/10) After such a great start into metal it was important to keep the fire burning. Therefor the band work intensively on their sophomore record "Pleasure to Kill". This longplayer stands for Kreator's break-through and it was my entry-point when it comes to the band from Essen. The quartet improved their sound and their capabilities, leading to classics like "Pleasure to Kill", "Choir of the Damned" and "Ripping Corpse". The band raised the bar, adding more technical finesse to their music. Kreator made their way and stood up to other thrash metal cornerstone releases such as Metallica's "Master of Puppets" and Slayer's "Reign in Blood", keeping the Kreator vibe alive up to date.

Like with the other re-issues also this version comes with an extra which is the "Flag of Hate" EP. This disc was meant to bridge the waiting time for fans between the debut and "Pleasure to Kill". In this sense fans get a complete overview of what Mille and band brought into the record shops during the late 80's.




Tracklist "Pleasure to Kill"

  1. Choir of the Damned
  2. Ripping Corpse
  3. Death Is Your Saviour
  4. Pleasure to Kill
  5. Riot of Violence
  6. The Pestilence
  7. Carrion
  8. Command of the Blade
  9. Under The Guillotine
  10. Flag of Hate ("Flag of Hate" EP)
  11. Take Their Lives ("Flag of Hate" EP)
  12. Awakening of the Gods ("Flag of Hate" EP)
CD review KREATOR "Endless Pain" / "Pleasure to Kill" / "Terrible Certainty" / Extreme Aggression" - reissues (Noise lebt!)

(9/10) Swinging such a hot bat acted as a motivator for starting the work on the third record which premiered in 1987. This longplayer also included a line-up adjustment since it was the first one done as a quartet. With Jörge Trebziatowski a second guitarist joined the horde, opening a gate to a wider variation of Kreator's sound. Originally meant to be entitled "Blind Faith" the band initiated a last minute change to "Terrible Certainty", an album title that is very well-known all over the planet.

The extra goodie on this re-issue is the "Out of the Dark ... Into the Light" live release from 1988. Kreator recorded a show at the legendary Dynamo club in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, featuring eight songs including highlights like "Terrible Certainty" and "Riot of Violence". Kreator concerts are blast of energy that should be experienced by watching a show, but it is this live album that gives a first idea of what you can expect - in case you haven't seen the four-piece from Essen live on stage.




Tracklist "Terrible Certainty"

  1. Blind Faith
  2. Storming with Menace
  3. Terrible Certainty
  4. As the World Burns
  5. Toxic Trace
  6. No Escape
  7. One of Us
  8. Behind the Mirror
  9. Impossible to Cure ("Out Of the Dark…Into the Light" EP)
  10. Lambs to the Slaughter ("Out Of the Dark…Into the Light" EP)
  11. Terrible Certainty (live)
  12. Riot of Violence (live)
  13. Awakening of the Gods (live)
  14. Flag of Hate (live)
  15. Love Us or Hate Us (live)
  16. Behind The Mirror (live)
CD review KREATOR "Endless Pain" / "Pleasure to Kill" / "Terrible Certainty" / Extreme Aggression" - reissues (Noise lebt!)

(8/10) The first three longplayers haven been a winning streak for the German thrash outfit and it was a logical consequence that Mille & Co. have been hungry for more. The band had, and still has, a continuously growing fan base that wants to get new stuff on their plate. "Extreme Aggression" delivered what metalheads all over the place expected in the late 80's - another extremely strong thrash metal milestone. The longplayer presented Kreator at a next level with a sound that became a bit colder and clinic. Each of the songs is still a savage piece of music but the album in its entirety is more streamlined compared to the predecessors. However "Extreme Aggression" was the pinnacle of Kreator's rise and it wasn't a too big of a surprise that Kreator entered the German Top 100 charts.

What comes with this disc is the entire "Live in East Berlin" recording from 1990. This live recording showcases Kreator on another peak in their career. While songs and songwriting improved over the last years, it the intensity of a Kreator show that stayed and survived up to date. Mille and Co.always deliver at least 100% and the word 'compromise' doesn't even seem to exist when it comes to these merciless live shows - as this one that's the treat on this re-release.

In addition to all said, each of the four CDs comes with a well-done booklet including liner-notes, lyrics and many photos from the earlier days of the band. This re-issue series is far more than just a re-release. These four classics are a remastered summary of landmarks when it comes to European thrash metal. Each of these discs is a 'must' have' and should be a part of every serious metal collection, even if you call the original releases your own.




Tracklist "Extreme Aggression"

  1. Extreme Aggression
  2. No Reason to Exist
  3. Love Us or Hate Us
  4. Stream Of Consciousness
  5. Some Pain Will Last
  6. Betrayer
  7. Don't Trust
  8. Bringer of Torture
  9. Fatal Energy
  10. Some Pain Will Last (Live in East Berlin 1990)
  11. Extreme Aggression (Live in East Berlin 1990)
  12. Under The Guillotine (Live in East Berlin 1990)
  13. Toxic Trace (Live in East Berlin 1990)
  14. Bringer of Torture (Live in East Berlin 1990)
  15. Pleasure to Kill (Live in East Berlin 1990)
  16. Flag of Hate (Live in East Berlin 1990)
  17. Terrible Certainty (Live in East Berlin 1990)
  18. Riot of Violence (Live in East Berlin 1990)
  19. Love Us or Hate Us (Live in East Berlin 1990)
  20. Behind The Mirror (Live in East Berlin 1990)
  21. Betrayer (Live in East Berlin 1990)
  22. Awakening Of the Gods (Live in East Berlin 1990)
  23. Tormentor (Live in East Berlin 1990)


All four albums:

Label: BMG/Noise

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: June9th, 2017



CD review VOIVOD “Rrröööaaarrr” / "Killing Technology" / “Dimension Hatröss” - reissues (Noise lebt!)

Veröffentlicht am 24. April 2017 von Markus W. in Voivod, Noise lebt!, CD Review, News, reissue, Thrash Metal, Punk, Heavy Metal, Prog Metal

Canada thrash metal dinosaurs Voivod belong to the group of bands that had and have a significant impact on metal music. The band from Quebec created a sound that’s unique up to date. Even though their music shows different facets over time, each of the various periods had a typical Voivod signature that made the band recognizable and differentiated them from other metal bands.

Thanks to the ‘Noise lebt!’ relaunch campaign it’s the first milestones of this iconic band that have been re-vitalized. This excellently done package of Voivod classics includes the re-issue of three milestones in metal; capturing the period between 1986 and 1988.

The debut “War and Pain”, which is not part of this series, was published in 1984, an album that created already some excitement in the underground, leading to a contract with Noise Records and a first release for the new label.

“Rrröööaaarrr” is an album that’s as unusual as its title supposes. The sophomore longplayer of the four Canadians is a raw piece of music that includes an anarchical vibe that infectes each of the nine songs on the album. “Rrröööaaarrr” is a coarse disc that brings together some punk, thrash and metal – a sound that was new at the time. Already at this early stage of the band some progressive structures have been included in the tracks, however it is the raging chaos in their music which was the dominate factor. Tracks like “Korgüll the Exterminator” survived over all these years and are still a highlight in the bands live shows. Voivod's second longplayer strengthened their position in underground thrash metal and helped the band to also get more attention in Europe. The entire reissue version went through a remastering and is also available in a vinyl version.

What comes with this re-issue is a live recording that underlines the underground popularity at this moment in time. On a second CD the package includes a live recording from Montreal, a show that was captured in 1986 at Spectrum. What rounds off this fantastic re-release is a DVD that rehearsals and live footage of early shows of the band.


CD review VOIVOD “Rrröööaaarrr” / "Killing Technology" / “Dimension Hatröss” - reissues (Noise lebt!)

After such a bold metal record Voivod unveiled one year later their third studio album “Killing Technology”. Voivod continued their journey through post-apocalyptic metal which means that the record includes again all the mentioned trademarks. However, “Killing Technology” has a bit more of a structured chaos, will say that the progressive parts of their wild thrash metal started to scratch the surface a bit more. Like with all Voivod releases it takes a while till the music reveals the full raging beauty. As with the predecessor also this longplayer includes nine songs that are framed by the classics “Killing Technology” and “Cockroaches.

In a consistent manner also this package includes a live show. Voivod returned to Spectrum in 1987 and the recording of this show is the special treat on this re-release. The DVD instead focuses more on shows in Europe with footage from Tuttlingen (Germany), Sargans (Switzerland),… while there’s also a special slideshow included on the DVD, covering live and studio photos plus artwork, which was always another important part of Voivod too.


CD review VOIVOD “Rrröööaaarrr” / "Killing Technology" / “Dimension Hatröss” - reissues (Noise lebt!)

Having released three excellent longplayers made Voivod to far more than just a decent band. The guys had a constantly increasing fan base that was greedily looking forward to some new stuff. It was in June 1988 when the wait was over. “Dimension Hatröss” hit the shelfs and showcased the next level of evolvement. The album that was produced by Harris Johns tells the story of cyborg Korgull. The album is split into two sections – ‘Prologue’ and ‘Epilogue’. The four-piece band from Quebec focuses on eight songs with the “Batman” theme which was by the way only part of the CD. Songs like “Chaosmöngers" and “Brain Scan” are genius thrash metal anthems, each of them very welcomed as being part of a Voivod show.

And since you read the review up to this stage you can guess what’s part of this third re-issued album too. Indeed, it’s a live show that was recorded at Spectrum in Montreal – this time in 1988. As it’s with the other live recordings it’s a well-done capturing of a live show that shows the band on a first peak. The DVD, as the third disc in this very worthwhile set includes live shows filmed during Voivod’s US tour at the end of 1988.

These three album are milestones in metal that thanks to the revitalization of ‘Noise lebt!’ get into the record stores again – as CD and in vinyl. Voivod is more than just a band. It’s a passionate unit of artists that created a concept which includes music and art, all with a rebellious spirit, something made them unique and helped to avoid conformity. These guys, also at a later stage, developed a sound that’s still recognizable as being from Voivod and the three longplayers stand for avery strong foundation for all the achievements.


CD review VOIVOD “Rrröööaaarrr” / "Killing Technology" / “Dimension Hatröss” - reissues (Noise lebt!)

Tracklist “Rrröööaaarrr”


  1. Korgüll the Exterminator
  2. Fuck Off and Die
  3. Slaughter in a Grave
  4. Ripping Headaches
  5. Horror
  6. Thrashing Rage
  7. The Helldriver
  8. Build Your Weapons
  9. To the Death!


Spectrum ’86 – ‘No Speed Limit Week-End’; Live at Montreal, October ’86

  1. Korgüll the Exterminator
  2. Ripping Headaches
  3. Blower
  4. Fuck Off and Die
  5. Tornado
  6. Iron Gang
  7. War and Pain
  8. Warriors of Ice
  9. Nuclear War
  10. Overreaction
  11. The Helldriver
  12. Ravenous Medicine
  13. Voivod
  14. Thrashing Rage



  1. Rrröööaaarrr Rough Mix Demo 1985
  2. Anachronism Live 25.06.86 (first show)
  3. Early Rehearsals 1983-1984
  4. Piggy Sound Collage 1980


  1. Live, NYC, N.Y., USA – 05/05/86; First U.S. Show
  2. Live, Long Beach, C.A., USA – 06/13/86
  3. Live, Jonquiere High School, QC, Canada, 12/20/84; Morgoth Invasion
  4. Live, Jonquiere Cultural Center QC, Canada, 01/27/84; To the Death!
  5. Slideshows: Artwork (1983 – 1986) + Live & Studio Photos (1985 – 1986)



Tracklist “Killing Technology”


  1. Killing Technology
  2. Overreaction
  3. Tornado
  4. Too Scared To Scream
  5. Forgotten In Space
  6. Ravenous Medicine
  7. Order of the Blackguards
  8. This Is Not an Exercise
  9. Cockroaches


Spectrum ’87 – Live In Montreal, September 1987

  1. Killing Technology
  2. Overreaction
  3. Ravenous Medicine
  4. Tornado
  5. Korgull the Exterminator
  6. Ripping Headaches
  7. Blower
  8. Live For Violence
  9. Tribal Convictions
  10. Order of the Blackguards
  11. Cockroaches
  12. To The Death
  13. Voivod
  14. Batman



  1. Live At Kriekelaarzaal, Brussels, Belgium: 28/11/87


  1. Live At The Token Lounge, Westland, MI, USA: 14/05/87
  2. Live At Rossli Azmoosm, Sargans, Switzerland: 06/11/87
  3. Live At Festhalle, Tuttlingen, Germany: 07/11/87
  4. Live At Rex Club, Paris, France: 01/12/87
  5. Live At Ildiko’s, Toronto, ON, Canada: 19/09/87
  6. Slideshows: Artwork (1987) | Live & Studio Photos (1987)



Tracklist “Dimension Hatröss”


  1. Experiment
  2. Tribal Convictions
  3. Chaosmongers
  4. Technocratic Manipulators
  5. Macrosolutions to Megaproblems
  6. Brain Scan
  7. Psychic Vacuum
  8. Cosmic Drama
  9. Batman


Spectrum ’88 – ‘A Flawless Structure?’; Live in Montreal, December 21st 1988

  1. Overreaction
  2. Experiment
  3. Tribal Convictions
  4. Chaosmongers
  5. Ravenous Medicine
  6. Korgull the Exterminator
  7. Technocratic Manipulators
  8. Macrosolutions to Megaproblems
  9. War and Pain Medley
  10. Brain Scan
  11. Psychic Vacuum
  12. Order to the Black Guards
  13. Holiday in Cambodia
  14. Batman



  1. Dimension Hatröss Demo 1987


  1. Live At Blondies, Detroit, MI, USA : 18.11.88
  2. Live At the Axiom, Houston, Texas, USA : 10.12.88
  3. Live At Anthrax, Norwalk, CT, USA : 09.11.88
  4. Live At Fenders Ballroom, Long Beach, California, USA: 03.12.88
  5. Slideshows – Artwork | Live and Studio Photos (1988)


Label: BMG/Noise

Genre: Progressive Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: April 28th, 2017


VOIVOD 'Best of ...' and re-issues via 'Noise Lebt!"

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In autumn last year the first re-issues of Noise Records bands/releases took place. This first wave included material from bands like Sinner, Running Wild and the mighty Kreator, songs that came from the earlier days of these bands, a time when the Berlin-based label had contracted them.

March 2017 will be the month of a next bunch of albums that will come back to surface again. It's the first milestones of Canadian thrashers Voivod that will be re-released under the banner of 'Noise Lebt!'. Voivod added with their anarchic and progressive thrash metal a new substyle to thrash metal, a sound that the guys developed further and finetuned over the last 35 years.

Not only that there will be a 'best of...', entitled "Your Weapons: The Very Best of the Noise Years 1986-1988", it's also classics like “Rrröööaaarrr”, “Killing Technology” and “Dimension Hatröss” that will hit the shelves again - in 2CD/DVD sets or as vinyl. That means for everybody who missed start of the Quebec-based metal quartet: Be quick. This is your chance to get up to speed with some true highlights in thrash metal.

...and the only question remaining: Will there be a re-issue of the Coroner discs somewhere later in 2017?


VOIVOD 'Best of ...' and re-issues via 'Noise Lebt!"

NOISE lebt! - the next step incl. HELLOWEEN

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NOISE lebt! - the next step incl. HELLOWEEN

After having released some complications of Noise Records bands the next step takes place during November. On November 18th three Helloween records will be re-released in vinyl. "Pink Bubbles Go Ape" (1991), Chameleon" (1993) and "Better Than Raw" (1998) are the ones with the latter being available as vinyl for the first time ever.

Each of the three longplayers is based on remastered original tapes and comes in a gatefold version with 180gr. vinyl. And there seems to be more to come.


'Noise lebt!' - reissues of the Noise Records back catalogue

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'Noise lebt!' - reissues of the Noise Records back catalogue

Normally my level of excitement is rather low when I get "Best of..." albums. In the digital world, when everybody can create their own personal playlist with iTunes, Spotify and others, the meaning of these kind of releases is, let's say, at least limited.
In this case things are slightly different. If this is more based on a nostalgic feeling of being grown up in the eighties I don't know, but I was very thrilled when I heard about "Noise lebt!" (engl. 'Noise is alive!'). Actually it is about Noise Records, the German record label, that was a real important player in the earlier days of metal. There have been a few labels at that time that gave metal a true chance. Metal Blade, Roadrunner and Music For Nations are some of them and Noise Records was the German equivalent.
Actually coming more from punk, Karl-Ulrich Walterbach moved the label more and more towards metal, discovering bands like Hellhammer (later Celtic Frost), Running Wild, Helloween and some more. Space thrashers Voivod have been signed by the label in an early stage as well as Grave Digger, the mighty Coroner and German beer passionates Tankard. Not to forget the metal command from Essen, Kreator. Noise Records was the label that gave all these bands a chance and created the springboard for them to grow and become successful.
The biggest success was for sure linked to Helloween. Their two "Keeper of the Seven Keys" albums are still highlights in metal, records that led to worldwide attention and publicitiy, something the band still builds on today.
In the beginning of the digital century Walterbach decided to sell Noise Records to Sanctuary Records, who later on where shut down. The entire back catalogue of Noise went to the archives - up till now.
It's BMG, who aquired Sanctuary Records in 2013, that revive the label and opens this treasure box again, releasing 'Best of...' records from eight bands that have been signed by Noise Records. Under the banner of "Noise lebt!" they released two disc compliations that include all the metal classic of the following bands:

  • Kreator
  • Running Wild
  • Sinner
  • Helloween
  • Kamelot
  • Skyclad
  • Tankard
  • Grave Digger

Each of these releases includes an additional booklet, featuring comprehensive liner note of each of the bands history.

Some of you guys might even be that young that you have missed the eighties. These CD's will help you to close the gap, diving into the early days of metal bands that are either still highly successful and/or having a cult status in todays metal scene. And for the ones that are older, like me, the discs are activating some memories from days when was still in the arly stages of its development.
At least for me these releases make a lot of sense and maybe there will be even more, partly unreleased things, in the Noise treasure box (I would love to see this package for Coroner).

Here are some more details per CD package:

Kreator: "Love Us Or Hate Us - The Very Best Of The Noise Years 1985-1992"

Helloween: "Ride The Sky - The Very Best Of 1985-1998"

Release Date EU: May 6th, 2016


Tracklist Kreator:

  1. Endless Pain
  2. Tormentor
  3. Flag Of Hate
  4. Total Death
  5. Bonebreaker
  6. Pleasure To Kill
  7. Under The Guillotine
  8. Riot Of Violence
  9. Ripping Corpse
  10. Command Of The Blade
  11. Terrible Certainty
  12. Toxic Trace
  13. Storming With Menace
  14. No Escape
  15. Behind The Mirror
  16. Extreme Aggression
  17. Some Pain Will Last
  18. Bringer Of Torture
  19. Love Us Or Hate Us
  20. Betrayer
  21. Terror Zone
  22. Coma Of Souls
  23. People Of The Lie
  24. When The Sun Burns Red
  25. Agents Of Brutality
  26. Renewal
  27. Depression Unrest
  28. Karmic Wheel
  29. Europe After The Rain
  30. Winter Martyrium


Tracklist Helloween:

  1. Oernst of Life
  2. Metal Invaders
  3. Starlight
  4. Murderer
  5. Ride the Sky
  6. Gorgar
  7. Judas
  8. I'm Alive
  9. Future World
  10. Halloween (Video Edit)
  11. Eagle Fly Free
  12. Dr. Stein
  13. March of Time
  14. I Want Out
  15. Keeper of the Seven Keys
  16. Kids of the Century
  17. Back On the Streets
  18. Step Out of Hell
  19. Get Me Out of Here
  20. Where the Rain Grows
  21. Why?
  22. Mr. Ego (Take Me Down)
  23. Steel Tormentor
  24. Wake Up the Mountain
  25. Power
  26. A Million to One
  27. Hey Lord!
  28. Time
  29. I Can
'Noise lebt!' - reissues of the Noise Records back catalogue'Noise lebt!' - reissues of the Noise Records back catalogue

Kamelot: "Where I Reign - The Very Best Of The Noise Years 1995-2003"

Sinner: "No Place In Heaven - The Very Best Of The Noise Years 1984-1987"

Release Date EU: May 13th, 2016


Tracklist Kamelot:

  1. Eternity
  2. Black Tower
  3. Call Of The Sea
  4. The Gleeman
  5. Ascension
  6. Heaven
  7. Rise Again
  8. Creation
  9. Millennium
  10. Expedition
  11. Where I Reign
  12. Rhydin
  13. The Fourth Legacy
  14. Desert Reign
  15. Nights Of Arabia
  16. Until Kingdom Come
  17. We Three Kings
  18. We Are Not Separate
  19. Wings Of Despair
  20. The Spell
  21. Karma
  22. Center Of The Universe
  23. The Edge Of Paradise
  24. Descent Of The Archangel
  25. III Ways To Epica

Tracklist Sinner:

  1. Danger Zone
  2. No Place In Heaven
  3. Lupo Manaro
  4. The Shiver
  5. Shadow In The Night
  6. Wild Winds
  7. Rattlesnake
  8. Born To Rock
  9. Bad Girl
  10. Shout!
  11. The Storm Broke Loose
  12. Out Of Control
  13. Too Late To Run Away
  14. Hand Of Fate
  15. Masquerade
  16. Age Of Rock
  17. Comin' Out Fighting
  18. Rebel Yell
  19. Germany Rocks
  20. Lost In A Minute
  21. Faster Than Light
  22. Hypnotized
  23. Don't Tell Me (That The Love Has Gone)
  24. Knife In My Heart
  25. Dangerous Charm
  26. Nobody Rocks Like You
  27. Concrete Jungle
  28. Fight The Fight
  29. Back In My Arms
  30. Desperate Heart
'Noise lebt!' - reissues of the Noise Records back catalogue'Noise lebt!' - reissues of the Noise Records back catalogue

Running Wild: "Riding The Storm - The Very Best Of The Noise Years 1983-1995"

Tankard: "Oldies & Goldies - The Very Best Of The Noise Years 1986-1995"

Release Date EU: May 20st, 2016


Tracklist Running Wild:

  1. Victim of State Power
  2. Genghis Khan (Remastered)
  3. Prisoner of Our Time
  4. Walpurgis Night
  5. Branded and Exiled
  6. Fight the Oppression
  7. Chains and Leather
  8. Under Jolly Roger
  9. Beggars' Night
  10. Diamonds of the Black Chest
  11. Raw Ride
  12. Intro / Port Royal
  13. Uaschitschun
  14. Final Gates
  15. Conquistadores (Remastered)
  16. Calico Jack
  17. Riding the Storm (Remastered)
  18. Evilution
  19. Bad to the Bone
  20. Tortuga Bay
  21. Blazon Stone (Remastered)
  22. Little Big Horn
  23. Over the Rainbow
  24. Genocide
  25. Whirlwind
  26. Fistful of Dynamite
  27. Pile of Skulls
  28. Soulless
  29. The Privateer
  30. Fight the Fire of Hate
  31. The Phantom of Black Hand Hill
  32. Lions of the Sea


Tracklist Tankard:

  1. Zombie Attack
  2. Mercenary
  3. Maniac Forces
  4. (Empty) Tankard
  5. Poison
  6. Total Addiction
  7. Tantrum
  8. Don't Panic
  9. For A Thousand Beers
  10. Chemical Invasion
  11. Alcohol
  12. Intro / Commandments
  13. Shit - Faced - Faced
  14. F.U.N.
  15. Try Again
  16. The Morning After
  17. Alien
  18. 666 Packs
  19. Live To Dive
  20. 666 Packs
  21. Live To Dive
  22. Open All Night
  23. We Are Us
  24. Dancing On Our Graves
  25. Bermuda
  26. Space Beer
  27. Jurisdiction
  28. Broken Image
  29. Stone Cold Sober
  30. Freibier
  31. Death Penalty
  32. Nation Over Nation
  33. Two - Faced - faced
  34. Grave New World
  35. Minds onThe Moon
  36. Atomic Twilight
  37. Hope?


'Noise lebt!' - reissues of the Noise Records back catalogue'Noise lebt!' - reissues of the Noise Records back catalogue

Skyclad: "A Bellyful Of Emptiness - The Very Best Of The Noise Years 1991 - 1995"

Grave Digger: "Let Your Heads Roll -The Very Best Of The Noise Years 1984-1987"

Release Date EU: May 27th, 2016


Tracklist Skyclad

  1. The Sky Beneath My Feet
  2. Trance Dance (A Dreamtime Walkabout)
  3. The Widdershins Jig
  4. Skyclad
  5. Spinning Jenny
  6. Salt On the Earth (Another Man's Poison)
  7. Ring Stone Round
  8. Men Of Straw
  9. The Declaration Of Indifference
  10. Alone in Death's Shadow
  11. Emerald
  12. A Room Next Door
  13. When All Else Fails
  14. Thinking Allowed
  15. The Wickedest Man in the World
  16. Earth Mother, the Sun and the Furious Host
  17. Tunnel Visionaries
  18. A Word to the Wise
  19. Tunnel Visionaries
  20. A Word To The Wise
  21. Civil War Dance
  22. Cardboard City
  23. Land Of The Rising Slum
  24. The One Piece Puzzle
  25. A Bellyful Of Emptiness
  26. Gammadion Seed
  27. Brothers Beneath The Skin
  28. Still Spinning Shrapnel
  29. Just What Nobody Wanted
  30. Art - Nazi - nazi
  31. A Stranger In The Garden
  32. Another Fine Mess
  33. Halo Of Flies
  34. Desperanto (A Song for Europe?)
  35. Dance Of The Dandy Hound


Tracklist Tankard:

  1. Headbanging Man
  2. Heavy Metal Breakdown
  3. Back from the War
  4. Yesterday
  5. We Wanna Rock You
  6. Tyrant
  7. Heart Attack
  8. Shoot Her Down
  9. Witch Hunter
  10. Get Ready for Power
  11. Love Is a Game
  12. Get Away
  13. Here I Stand
  14. Don't Kill the Children
  15. Keep On Rocking
  16. Heaven Can Wait
  17. Let Your Heads Roll
  18. Love Is Breaking My Heart
  19. (Enola Gay) Drop the Bomb
  20. Paradise
  21. Fall Out
  22. Wanna Get Close*
  23. Don't Leave Me Lonely*
  24. Stronger Than Ever*
  25. Moonriders*
  26. Lay It On*
  27. I Don't Need Your Love*
  28. Stand Up and Rock*
'Noise lebt!' - reissues of the Noise Records back catalogue'Noise lebt!' - reissues of the Noise Records back catalogue