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Cover from the new SOULFLY album

Veröffentlicht am 31. Juli 2013 von Markus W. in Soulfly, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Sepultura

Soulfly gives us the new cover for their coming album called "Savages". The artwork was done by Paul Stottler who also did already Sacred Reich's "Surf Nicaragua". The album was produced by Terry Date.

Max Cavalrea states:

“Recording »Savages« was an amazing experience for me. I was so excited to work with Terry Date, whom I consider to be one of the best producers of all time. He has done some great records and we have been in contact for awhile since he mixed three SOULFLY albums in the past. He came to see SOULFLY whenever we played in Seattle, and we finally made it work that he would be the producer for »Savages«. My teammates were awesome. Marc did some crazy guitar noises and we did a 'Mars Part Two' at the end of 'El Comegente' - it's very LED ZEPPELIN influenced and Marc kicked some ass on it. I wrote 'El Comegente' with Tony Campos. It's in Portuguese and Spanish and it's about Vargas - a Venezuelan cannibal from the 80's. He is the Hannibal Lecter of the Andes. Crazy shit! I worked for the first time on a full album with my son, Zyon. Before recording the album I first worked closely at home with him in preproduction, and it was great to spend weeks on the songs with Zyon, shaping the sound of the record. Zyon did a great job and he hits really hard just like his uncle Iggor - it was amazing recording with my son. A whole record! A dream come true for a father whose life is dedicated to metal. »Savages« is a celebration of all that.”
Max Cavalera

Cover from the new SOULFLY album

Leif Edling's new band called AVATARIUM

Veröffentlicht am 30. Juli 2013 von Markus W. in Avatarium, Heavy Metal, Candlemass, Doom Metal

There is a 'new' Swedish metal band around called Avatarium. Are they new? Yes and no. Avantarium is the new band of Leif Edling (Candlemass, Krux). The band will be completed by Marcus Jindell from Evergrey (g), Lars Skold from Tiamat (d), Carl Westholm (k) and singer Jennie-Ann Smith.

They signed a contract with Nuclear Blast and the first 12" will be released already on September 23. The 12" will contain three songs:

  1. Moonhorse
  2. Boneflower
  3. War pigs (Black Sabbath cover)

I'm already curious how the songs will sound.

Leif Edling's new band called AVATARIUM

Brand new interview with Alex Kristof from SINISTER REALM

Veröffentlicht am 30. Juli 2013 von Markus W. in Sinister Realm, Heavy Metal

I'm happy that I had the chance to ask some question about Sinister Realm and their new album "World of evil" to Alex Kristof - singer of the band.

Markus’ Heavy Music Blog: Hej Alex, great to have the chance of asking some questions about Sinister Realm. a few days ago I haven't heard about the band even though I'm listening to metal music since 30 years. Why aren't you more well known in Europe?

Alex Kristof: We are a self promoted band for the most part. Our label does do some promotion. We do have some friends in Europe who help us, for example, Gabriel Management/ Bart Gabriel has been a great help. We do have a bit of a buzz in the underground. Most of the time when we make an announcement, they will be published on several web sides all over the world within a few hours of us making the information public. So, there are people paying attention to what we are doing.

MHMB: How did the band get started? I heard that it was John and Darin who started the band.

Alex: Yes, in 2008 the band got started as the brain child of John Gaffney and Darin ,McCloskey. Darin and John had a history in doom legend band Pale Divine. John met me on the local circuit here in the Lehigh Valley. I sang on the demo and we got picked up by Shadow Kingdom Records. John Kantner joined the ranks as our rhythm/ lead guitarist.

MHMB: I was surprised when I heard your new coming album "World of evil" the other day. It just blow me away and I immediately had to listen to your first two records. Great US metal. How would you describe the development of the band between those three records?

Alex: In the beginning it was just like it was meant to be!! I could hear my voice on Gaffney's tunes right away. It always takes some time to get to know each other. The music was all the things we as metal heads were inspired by. As we moved forward our metal brother-hood we grew closer. Darin had to step down because of a recent relocation.Shortly after Darin's departure and our first guitar player leaving to pursue other projects. I recruited two great musicians:John Risko Denim and Leather ~ featuring James Rivera and Chris Metzger former Type 14. The cemented the line up for Sinister Realm. We really became a real band at this point. So our development between the first two records was completed. We moved forward with "The Crystal Eye" working very hard developing our sound. When John Gaffney started writing new songs we all got to work. Being together and developing a great sound this made "World of Evil" a great challenge that we all took on and helped create the magic.

MHMB: Sinister Realm will release the new album "World of evil" in August. Please tell us a little bit about the new record. What can the listeners expect?

Alex: The record represents some of Gaffney's best work. We take his stories/songs and bring them to life. This record represents the progression of a great metal band and great metal composer. The listener can expect some really catchy HEAVY METAL!! This record is full of great metal music. I truly feel this is our best effort to date."World of Evil" is everything a true traditional metal head would expect. This record will really be able to make you feel the power of this music.

MHMB: When I heard "World of evil" the first time I noticed that the songs sound more straight forward and that the production is more powerful than on " The crystal eye". How did that happen?

Alex: John Gaffney does all the writing in Sinister Realm. John writes songs that are, great heavy metal. He is a great composer. John Gaffney does what feels right, and he does it well. He has progressed as a writer. We have progressed as musicians. The production is done by the amazing Brian Anthony. I really trust Brian, I feel very good about how all of our records that Brian has produced. He treats everything very carefully. John Gaffney plays a large part in the production of each album as well.

MHMB: Who is actually doing the song writing in the band? How is the process?

Alex: John Gaffney is the song writer on all the Sinister Realm's published records. John demos out the songs to us, we take the songs and learn them. John also lets us do our own interpretation of his compositions.

MHMB: The cover of the new album looks great - the reaper on a graveyard. I think it is really 'metal'. Who did this cover and has it a special meaning? Or does it just look cool? ;-)

Alex: The Artwork and design was by Augusto Peixoto for Iron Doom Design. The artwork concept was a vision John Gaffney had, in relation to the songs on "World of Evil" . He gave his idea to Augusto after John found him based on seeing some of his work. John was searching for an artist and Augusto was the one. John Gaffney had a great vision for the cover and Augusto made it real.

MHMB: Talking about US metal - I see you guys in the tradition of e.g. Metal Church and Omen. Are those bands the ones which influenced you as well or which bands influenced you guys?

Alex: I know we all we influenced by the greats, Dio, Black Sabbath, Black Sabbath w/ Dio, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Candlemass.

MHMB: Alex, you are the singer of the band. Who was influencing your singing style the most and what brought you to metal music?

Alex: My mother was one of my biggest influences. She was classically trained for 15 years. My Mom surrounded us with music. My sister Denise was always singing and playing her guitar. They had a great impact on my appreciation for music. My friends brought me to metal music and I heard heavy music at young age. Some of the first voices that made me start seriously singing were, Ronnie James Dio ~ Rainbow, Bruce Dickinson ~ Iron Maiden, Rob Halford ~ Judas Priest and Ozzy ~ Black Sabbath ~ "Master of Reality"this record specifically had a huge impact on me.

MHMB: You guys have planned to play some shows in the US during autumn. Are you also planning a bigger tour?

Alex: Yes we have shows this autumn. We are working on our schedule right now. We do have some touring plans in the works too!!

MHMB: Sinister Realm played already on the Metal Assault festival in Germany. What are your plans when it comes to playing some shows in Europe in the future?

Alex:Yes, we would come back to Europe. Playing at Metal Assault 2 in Wurzburg, Germany in 2012 was really a great experience. Europeans seem to really appreciate metal a lot. People in the USA do love metal very much too. Performing in Europe was just magical.

MHMB: Alex, thanks for spending some time with Markus' Heavy Music Blog and I hope to see you in Europe soon - esp. in Holland.

Alex: Thank you Markus!! Thank you for appreciating our music. \\M// Metal Forever!!


WARBRINGER works on their new album

Veröffentlicht am 30. Juli 2013 von Markus W. in Warbringer, Thrash Metal

American thrashers Warbringer from Los Angels are working on their new album. The record will be recorded in The Omen Room studio together with producer Steve Evetts (Sepultura, Symphony X). The name of the album will be “IV: Empires collapse”.

The band says: "Musically, all five of us brought something for the rest of the group to work off of and we were all a part of chiseling away at the ideas" says drummer Carlos Cruz of the recording process. "Having five band members with eclectic tastes in music from Crust Punk to Progressive music and everything in between brought about new musical directions for the material."

WARBRINGER works on their new album

CD review ANVIL "Hope in hell"

Veröffentlicht am 30. Juli 2013 von Markus W. in Anvil, Heavy Metal, CD Review

For me it looks like, that the release of the new Anvil album is similar to the release of a new iPhone. Expectations are very high and in the end it is just a phone – or like in this case a CD ;o) It sounds maybe negative, but it is not meant like this at all, since Anvil released an album with their typical trademarks.

I listened now several times to the new album called “Hope in hell” and I must say, that I like it a lot. Of course the album is not a revolution in the metal business and Anvil also didn’t become a progband. This is good. They do what they can do best and this is writing straight forward metal song with some real street credibility. Esp. Anvil knows all the ups and downs in the music business, they never gave up and they never lost their positive approach.

Songs like “Badass rock’n’roll” and “The fight is never one” are really good straight forward metal songs which makes fun listening to. The title track has a pounding rhythm which drives the song. I think, that the band was inspired by Deep Purple when they wrote “Through with you”. Esp. in the beginning the main riff reminds partly to Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the water”. But nevertheless – a good song. With “Mankind machine” the band even manage to get the technical ‘machine vibe’ into the song. “Shut the fuck up” is than the last song on a great album and makes appetite for the live shows of the band.

So, like said in the beginning, “Hope in hell” is a good standard metal album which is worth listening to. Give it a try, since I was happy that I did it.



  1. Hope in hell
  2. Eat your words
  3. Through with you
  4. The fight is never won
  5. Pay the toll
  6. Flying
  7. Call of duty
  8. Badass rock’n’roll
  9. Time shows no mercy
  10. Mankind machine
  11. Shut the fuck up

Label: Steamhammer/SPV

Genre: Heavy Metal

CD review ANVIL "Hope in hell"

MONSTER MAGNET will play a last-minute show in Tilburg on August 3

Veröffentlicht am 30. Juli 2013 von Markus W. in Monster Magnet, Stoner Rock

Monster Magnet will play a last minute show in the 'Kleine Zaal' in the 013 in Tilburg on August 3. The show was possible due to the cancellation of the Geuzenpop festival in Enschede. The gih will be a great opportunity to see the band in a quite small venue.


CD review WITHERSCAPE "The inheritance"

Veröffentlicht am 30. Juli 2013 von Markus W. in Witherscape, Death Metal, Edge Of Sanity, Dan Swano, Opeth, CD Review

"The inheritance" from Witherscape is a new album from Swedish mastermind Dan Swano. You probabaly know Dan from Edge Of Sanity or Bloodbath, but also from various production work he did in the past. For this album he worked together with Ragnar Widerberg, a very talented instrumentalist.

“The inheritance” goes into the same direction that Opeth has chosen. It combines melodic death metal with a lot of progressive influences. Listen e.g. to “Astrid falls” and you know what I mean. Highly melodic parts are combined with eruptions of death metal and growls. And it is done in a way, that it is still one song. It just fits together. This is of course where you can see and hear the experience of the two guys (it’s not more in this band). The arrangements of the songs are just great – especially in songs like “To the calling of blood and dreams” or “Dying for the sun”. I was also surprised by the flexibility of Dan’s voice. He can do it all - from very harmonic normal singing to real strong growls.

“The inheritance” is a good album from two very experienced guys which contains music on a very high level. But the album needs time to develop. It’s not enough listening to it just for one time, since you constantly explore new things. And it makes lust for more.





  1. Mother of the soul
  2. Astrid falls
  3. Dead for a day
  4. Dying for the sun
  5. To the calling of blood and dreams
  6. The math of the myth
  7. Crawling from validity
  8. The wedlock observation
  9. The inheritance


Label: Century Media Records

Genre: Prog-/Death Metal

CD review WITHERSCAPE "The inheritance"

CD review AXOLOTL "Teutonic invaders"

Veröffentlicht am 29. Juli 2013 von Markus W. in Axolotl, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Kreator, CD Review

By coinsident my way crossed Axolotl, a band from Gelsenkirchen in Germany. Actually I heard the song "Teutonic invaders" on YouTube ( - the title track from their current album. I liked the song immediately. But who is Axolotl? The band is Matthias Frankenhoff (v), Michael Frankenhoff (g), Fabian Keller (g), Denis Kree (b) and Holger Gebhard (d).

Axolotl plays true old-school thrash metal with some death metal element. The songs and the sound remind me a lot to the old Kreator. The songs are a straight forward punch in your face with a lot of energy. The relaxed intro "The sounds of times to come" is not more than the calmness before the storm. Already "The inverted cross" shows the real face of Axolotl. Matthias, with his screeching voice combined with some growls, gives the songs a lot of identity. The guitars sound powerful and it's sometimes actually a quite classic metal sound with good leads and harmonies. Half way the instrumental "Mors et corrupt" surprises, since it is just a piano.This song gives your easy some time to recover, before the earlier mentioned "Teutonic invaders" continues the thrash/death journey. With "Metal and beer" the band has also a 'party song' on their record.

The only critical point is, that the fast songs sound a little bit too similar. I hope that the band managed to get some more variation into the song writing of the coming songs (actually they are working on their second album). But anyhow. It is a good debut album which makes fun listening to. And it brings you back to teutonic Ruhrpott metal from the late 80's.

PS.: But who decided for the bands name? I think that Axolotl does not really sound like metal ;o)



  1. The sound of times to come
  2. The inverted cross
  3. Renaissance after armageddon
  4. Your own psycho
  5. Grave new world
  6. Winning madness
  7. Mors et corruptio
  8. Teutonic invaders
  9. Hate you
  10. Nocturnal hearts
  11. Metal and beer

Genre: Thrash metal

Photo: Sina Sabellek
Photo: Sina Sabellek

Photo: Sina Sabellek


NIGHTWISH will capture their show in Wacken for a DVD

Veröffentlicht am 29. Juli 2013 von Markus W. in Nightwish, Wacken, Heavy Metal

Finish female fronted metal band Nightwish decided to capture their entire show at the Wacken Open-Air this year for a live DVD/Blu-ray. The show will take place on August 3. Nightwish will play on the true metal stage.

Nightwish mastermind and keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen says:
“The time has come soon to wrap up the magical & memorable one-and-a-half year `Imaginaerum World Tour´ 2012-2013! We still have three shows left, one of them being at the legendary Wacken Open Air Metal Festival on the 3rd of August. This show will be something extra special, since it will be released later this year on DvD/Blu-ray, together with a massive `Imaginaerum World Tour´ 2012-2013 documentary. Our darling flying Dutchwoman, Floor Jansen, has been nothing but incredible during her time in Nightwish on this tour, so this is a perfect opportunity to immortalize the current vibe of the band on film.”

Festival shows of Nightwish:

03.08. D Wacken - Wacken Open Air
10.08. B Kortrijk - Alcatraz Festival
11.08. D Hildesheim - M’era Luna Festival

Photo: Ville Lipiäinen

Photo: Ville Lipiäinen


BLACKFIELD will release new album in August

Veröffentlicht am 29. Juli 2013 von Markus W. in Blackfield, Steven Wilson

Blackfield is releasing their new album on August 30. The album will be simply called "Blackfield IV" and is the cooperation of two great musicians: Steven Wilson and Aviv Geffen. Both guys are supported by Jonathan Donahue and Vincent Cavanagha from Anathema. The first single is called "Sense of insanity" and is an excellent rock song. The song is convincing by perfect harmonies combined with a positive vibe. If the song is representive for the entire album we can expect a really good Blackfield record. Furthermore there ia new video available for "Jupiter" - also from the new album. This a actually a quite relaxed song with some more pop approach. For me a little bit too catchy.


  1. Pills

  2. Springtime

  3. XRay (featuring Vincent Cavanagh – Anathema)

  4. Sense of Insanity

  5. Firefly (featuring Brett Anderson – Suede)

  6. The Only Fool is Me (featuring Jonathan Donahue – Mercury Rev)

  7. Jupiter

  8. Kissed by the Devil

  9. Lost Souls

  10. Faking

  11. After the Rain

BLACKFIELD will release new album in August

New METAL CHURCH album "Generation nothing" in autumn

Veröffentlicht am 26. Juli 2013 von Markus W. in Heavy Metal, Metal Church

American metal band Metal Church will release their 10th album in early autumn this year. This is what the band officially announced today on Facebook. The title of the album will be "Generation nothing" and the record will be released via Rat Pak Records.

The songs seem to become a combination of the first two albums with the sound of the newer Metal Church. Good to have Metal Church back on the list.


New ALICE IN CHAINS lyric video

Veröffentlicht am 26. Juli 2013 von Markus W.

Alice In Chains released a new lyric video for the great song "Voices".


Supergroup KINGS OF CHAOS announces concert in Lebanon

Veröffentlicht am 26. Juli 2013 von Markus W. in Kings Of Chaos, Slash, Def Leppard, Hardrock

Supergroup Kings Of Chaos announced on their Facebook side a concert in Beirut, Lebanon on September 21. Really an unusual location for a show. The band will announce more information soon.



Veröffentlicht am 26. Juli 2013 von Markus W. in Masters Of Metal, Heavy Metal, Speed Metal, Agent Steel, CD Review

If you call your band Master Of Metal you can't be a rookie. If you give your band such a name you need to be experienced. And this is what those guys are. Does the lyrics "masters of metal...agents of steel" ring a bell?. Yes, Master Of Metal is nobody else than the current members of Agent Steel: Juan Garcia, Bernie Versailles, Robert Cardenas and Rigo Amezcua.

After all the trouble with Agent Steel in the past the guys decided to move forward with a new name. The band recorded and released a 4-track EP earlier this year. The EP was recorded by Bill Metoyer and mixed by Bernie himself.

All songs reflect what you can expect from experienced guys like they are. We are talking about straight-forward, powerful metal songs. "Chameloen" starts with a kind of outer-space intro before the first riff hits you directly. I am really positive surprised about the lead vocals done by Bernie. He is doing a great job. "Evolution of being" is the second song on the EP and is like the opener a fast metal song, based on great riff. "M K ultra (mind kontrol) slows down the speed a little bit, without compromising the heavyness. This mid-tempo song actually reminds my from the vocal melodies to the old Queensryche. "Lunacy" finalises the EP. The vocals are shared between James Rivera and Sean Peck. Speed increases again and the pounding guitars push the song forward. A great closing of the EP.

I hope to hear more of them in the near future and a full-length album would be great. So let's see.


Evolution of being
M K ultra (mind kontrol)
Lunacy (feat. James Rivera and Sean Peck)

Label: Krypto 9 Music
Genre: Speed metal

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