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BLACKFIELD will release new album in August

Veröffentlicht am 29. Juli 2013 von Markus W. in Blackfield, Steven Wilson

Blackfield is releasing their new album on August 30. The album will be simply called "Blackfield IV" and is the cooperation of two great musicians: Steven Wilson and Aviv Geffen. Both guys are supported by Jonathan Donahue and Vincent Cavanagha from Anathema. The first single is called "Sense of insanity" and is an excellent rock song. The song is convincing by perfect harmonies combined with a positive vibe. If the song is representive for the entire album we can expect a really good Blackfield record. Furthermore there ia new video available for "Jupiter" - also from the new album. This a actually a quite relaxed song with some more pop approach. For me a little bit too catchy.


  1. Pills

  2. Springtime

  3. XRay (featuring Vincent Cavanagh – Anathema)

  4. Sense of Insanity

  5. Firefly (featuring Brett Anderson – Suede)

  6. The Only Fool is Me (featuring Jonathan Donahue – Mercury Rev)

  7. Jupiter

  8. Kissed by the Devil

  9. Lost Souls

  10. Faking

  11. After the Rain

BLACKFIELD will release new album in August