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Live report METAL CHURCH / COMANIAC, Dynamo, Eindhoven, 11.06.2017

Veröffentlicht am 12. Juni 2017 von Markus W. in Metal Church, Comaniac, News, Live, Live Review, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, US Metal, Thrash Metal, Tour, Dynamo, Nuclear Blast

Power metal pioneers Metal Church are swinging a hot bat at the moment. The latest album “XI” showed that the band is back with full speed after having re-connected the legendary Mike Howe into the bands line-up. The live shows, promoting the new record, have been a delight for old and new fans of the US Westcoast-based metal outfit and also the live album, featuring some songs played during these shows, is more than just living up to a necessity.

I had the pleasure to witness Metal Church’s show during last year’s edition of the Dynamo Metal Fest, which was a well-received metal concert that led to very positive fan reaction with Metal Church definitely belonging to the highlights that day.

Almost a year later Kurdt Vanderhoof and his gang returned to Eindhoven, playing a club show at the legendary Dynamo. This time the band could make use of an entire headliner show, which means 90 minutes of old and new, classics from a period of more than three decades in metal.

Before metal anthems like “Fake Healer” filled the venue, it was up to Comaniac from Switzerland to warm up the crowd. Actually I’m not sure how much this was needed based on a summerly outside temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. However, the quartet from Aargau did a great job and instead of enjoying the weather as long as possible, quite some metalheads filled the room already during Comaniac’s thrash metal attack. This show gave the four-piece band the great opportunity to reach out to a wider group of metal fans and they took the chance.

Live report METAL CHURCH / COMANIAC, Dynamo, Eindhoven, 11.06.2017
Live report METAL CHURCH / COMANIAC, Dynamo, Eindhoven, 11.06.2017

After the obligatory stage rebuild, done very efficiently, it was time for the headliner. Metal Church made it clear from the beginning with the very first song played – this afternoon (the show began at 17:30) is about pure metal with “Fake Healer” being the very well-chosen opener, followed by “In Mourning” from “The Human Factor” and the new “Needle and Suture”.

Next to the great songs the band had on their setlist, it was the enthusiasm of the five band members that made this gig to a true metal feast. It felt like Vanderhoof, Howe, Unger and van Zandt enjoyed every minute on stage and also the new band member,  powerhouse Stet Howland on drums, was more than integrated into the line-up. It felt like these guys having played together since ages. The quintet obviously enjoys what they are doing with no ego dominating the scene. Metal Church presented themselves as a rock-solid unit that came to rock.

It was a very powerful version of “Beyond the Black” that rounded of a main set before the band returned on stage for more. “Badlands” was the first out of two tunes, planned for the encore and it was “The Human Factor” that should act as the glorious end of the show. I guess you can sense it already, something happened. Right, after having played the first chord of “The Human Factor”, Vanderhoof’s guitar couldn’t be heard anymore. After a few moments of confusion the root cause for this became very clear. This thrilling Metal Church show was too much for Vanderhoof’s amplifier to handle and conked out. Fortunately it was right in front of the last song and fans had to live with the situation of not having heard “The Human Factor” that night. It was an unusual way of ending a show and a unique one too. However, it was something fans could handle due to an otherwise excellent metal concert. That’s rock’n’roll, that’s live and that’s how we like it. Horns up.

Live report METAL CHURCH / COMANIAC, Dynamo, Eindhoven, 11.06.2017
Live report METAL CHURCH / COMANIAC, Dynamo, Eindhoven, 11.06.2017
Live report METAL CHURCH / COMANIAC, Dynamo, Eindhoven, 11.06.2017
Live report METAL CHURCH / COMANIAC, Dynamo, Eindhoven, 11.06.2017

Setlist Metal Church:

  1. Fake Healer
  2. In Mourning
  3. Neelde and Suture
  4. Start the Fire
  5. Reset
  6. Gods of a Second Chance
  7. Date With Poverty
  8. No Tomorrow
  9. Watch the Children Pray
  10. No Friend of Mine
  11. Killing Your Time
  12. Beyond the Black
  13. Badlands (Encore)
  14. Human Factor (Planned as encore but not performed due to broken amp of Vanderhoof)


Location: Dynamo, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Date: 11.06.2017


CD review METAL CHURCH "Classic Live"

Veröffentlicht am 29. April 2017 von Markus W. in Metal Church, Power Metal, Live, News, Heavy Metal, US Metal, Speed Metal, CD Review, Queensryche

(8/10) Power metal veterans Metal Church got a real boost with Mike Howe re-joining the legendary power metal band from the west coast. "XI" was a fantastic studio album that was followed by mind-blowing live shows, presenting a band that's celebrating metal with each note played.

Therefor it was more than a logical consequence to also record some of the shows and delight the Metal Church fanbase with a live album. Here it is. Kurdt Vanderhoof and his gang taped some of the gigs on their 2016 tour of which nine tracks made it on the album. The choice of songs couldn't be much better and each of the numbers is a real classic in powerful metal music. 

Having 'classic' in its title implicates that its a more oldschool tracklist, covering songs from the debut ("Beyond the Black") up to the 1993 release "Hanging in Balance"; and everything in between. "Watch the Children Pray", "Human Factor" and "Start the Fire" are true classics.

A special extra comes at the end of the album. RatPak owner Joe O'Brien had the idea for a duet of Howe and Queensryche's Todd LaTorre, both singing together Metal Church's smasher "Fake Healer". The idea became reality and the result can be heard on this album. Having two of the best metal singers performing a song like "Fake Healer" together in the studio is more than treat for every headbanger. The song itself is already an excellent one but this new version lifts it to a next level (A wish from the writer: Could a package with Metal Church and Queensryche please come over to Europe for a tour?).

To sum up: This disc is an authentic live album with a good sound that presents Metal Church as a rock solid unit, performing songs that belong to the best power metal can offer. It's a great way for older fans to walk down the memory lane while it's an excellent opportunity for new fans to catch up when it comes to the roots of this powerhouse.





  1. Beyond the Black
  2. Date With Poverty
  3. Gods of a Second Chance
  4. In Mourning
  5. Watch the Children Pray
  6. Start the Fire
  7. No Friend of Mine
  8. Badlands
  9. Human Factor
  10. Fake Healer (Duet with Todd La Torre) (Studio)


Label: Rat Pak Records

Genre: Power Metal

Release Date EU: April 28th, 2017

CD review METAL CHURCH "Classic Live"

The album is also available as 'Deluxe Edition", including:

  • CD
  • Hand autographed sleeve
  • 16 page photo booklet
  • Limited edition guitar pick
  • Fake-Healer die-cut sticker
  • Metal Church VIP tour laminate
  • Metal Church 4" vinyl sticker
  • Limited print 4x4 insert
CD review METAL CHURCH "Classic Live"

"Classic Live" from METAL CHURCH will be released on April 28, 2017

Veröffentlicht am 3. März 2017 von Markus W. in Metal Church, News, Power Metal, US Metal, Heavy Metal, Speed Metal, Thrash Metal

West coast metal veterans Metal Church will release “Classic Live” via Rat Pak Records on April 28, 2017. Produced by Kurdt Vanderhoof, this special edition release features nine classic Metal Church songs recorded live on their 2016 tour and also includes a special bonus track; a powerful new studio version of “Fake Healer” that features a duet with Queensryche vocalist Todd La Torre.

Comments guitarist Kurdt Vaderhoof; “This album not only commemorates the reunion between Mike and the band, but it also pays tribute to some of the more popular songs of that era. It’s really cool to see so many old fans and new fans of all ages enjoying these classics as we perform them live, so it only made sense to release this”. Mike Howe adds “It’s an honor to be back and it makes me very happy to see that almost 3 decades later, fans are still enjoying these songs!”

On the subject of the “Fake Healer” duet with Todd, Mike Howe comments, “The idea came from the owner of our label Rat Pak Records (Joe). It was his idea to record this as a duet with Todd. It’s an amazing version and I think fans will be very surprised at how good it sounds!"

Queensryche singer Todd La Torre further comments, "Having been a fan of Metal Church since my early teens, never in my wildest dreams would I have ever imagined that the great Mike Howe would re-join the band! Getting the opportunity to record a duet to the track Fake Healer was beyond amazing!”


01. Beyond the Black (Live)
02. Date with Poverty (Live)
03. Gods of a Second Chance (Live)
04. In Mourning (Live)
05. Watch the Children Pray (Live)
06. Start the Fire (Live)
07. No Friend of Mine (Live)
08. Badlands (Live)
09. Human Factor (Live)
10. Fake Healer (Bonus Studio Track) featuring Todd La Torre of Queensryche
11. Badlands (2015 Studio Version) **Vinyl version only**

"Classic Live" from METAL CHURCH will be released on April 28, 2017

Interview with Kurdt Vanderhoof and Mike Howe from METAL CHURCH

Veröffentlicht am 23. Juli 2016 von Markus W. in Metal Church, Interview, News, Dynamo Metal Fest, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, US Metal, Speed Metal

During this years Dynamo Metal Fest I had the chance to talk to Metal Church's Kurdt Vanderhoof and Mike Howe who recently returned to the mighty metal institution. The band came from Balingen, Germany where they performed at Bang Your Head, before coming over to The Netherlands. Everybody has been in a good mood, looking forward to a great show. Read here what Kurdt and Mike had to say about the new album, some pressure connected to success and the fact that both musicians are together on stage for the first time.

Interview with Kurdt Vanderhoof and Mike Howe from METAL CHURCH

Markus' Heavy Music Blog: Hej guys, first of all thank you for finding a few minutes for Markus' Heavy Music Blog. You guys released your new album "XI" a few months ago and it has been a huge success. Did you expect all of this very positive feedback - for the album but also for Mike being back in the band?

Kurdt: Well, we knew it was going be 'new' and we knew that people were going to be excited, but we didn't know it was going to be like this. It's pretty amazing.


MHMB: Did this positive resonance put any extra pressure on you.

Kurdt: I did the music and we were demoing the songs. Mike and myself, we sent the songs back and forth. The pressure was modest at that time and that was the great thing about it. All the response was after the record was done. So, we just knew that people would actually pay attention to what we did, but we didn't let it affect us this time. We were just happy to work together again and wanted to make the record that we were trying to make for a while.

Mike: We purposely started this project saying "we're not a band yet". We were just trying to write some new songs, do a record and take one step at a time, seeing how it goes. That was one way to keep the pressure off ourselves.

Kurdt: We did the announcement that was is back in the band when the record was basically written and we knew that we had a good one. He didn't even decide till we knew that we had a good record. So there was no pressure. But now it's the next record, OMG (laughing).


MHMB: Indeed, now expectations are pretty high.

Kurdt: True, now I'm doomed (laughing again).

Mike: But seriously, in the meantime we are old enough. We don't feel the pressure; we just do it for the fans and hopefully they like it.


MHMB: "XI" has a certain ease. It doesn't feel forced or like 'we have to it'. Is this because Mike is back or was there more?

Kurdt: It was definitely different for me, because the Mike Howe era of Metal Church was much more rock'n'roll and much more melodic than the David Wayne era, something that actually appeals to me much more. So, the prospect of Mike coming back allowed me to write songs that are much more in a vein, in a style, that is still heavy and 100% Metal Church, but leaning more towards rock'n'roll, which was very exciting for me. It was really great for me to write from this aspect.


MHMB: Mike, you have been out of the music business for many years. Actually since you left Metal Church in the 90s you haven't been part of any band. How is it to literally be back in the spotlight after all those years without being on stage?

Mike: It feels fantastic.


MHMB: That's great. Was it a big change for you or did it feel more like something natural?

Mike: It was surprisingly natural. It's like riding bike. You get back on and your memories, your muscle memories and all that comes back. You just feel like a kid again. That's also what we get back from the fans saying "You make us feel like we are 20 again", something that goes for us too.


MHMB: Looking at the setlist, you're focussing more on the earlier releases plus the new album.

Kurdt: Yes, we are focussing more on the Mike Howe era, that's right.

Interview with Kurdt Vanderhoof and Mike Howe from METAL CHURCH
Interview with Kurdt Vanderhoof and Mike Howe from METAL CHURCH

MHMB: Thinking about 'Dynamo' and 'Eindhoven', you guys had some good shows here. The 1991 concert was even released as a VHS video. How does it feel to be back?

Mike: It feels great. It's not the same place, that's the thing for me, but, playing music festivals in Eindhoven is a great thing. I'm ready and I'm very excited about it.


MHMB: Speaking of live recordings, there aren't that many live releases from Metal Church. Do you think that we can expect a live album / DVD in the near future?

Kurdt: That's right, there are no proper ones out there. It was more like fulfilling contract obligations and it wasn't like 'great'. I would love to do a proper double real live album and we talked about it. But the timing for that is very important and we have to make sure that the moment is right for such a release. Anyhow, I would love to do it and we'll know when it's the right moment.


MHMB: Kurdt and Mike, it's the first time that you're together on stage. In the first Mike Howe era, Kurdt you were more a crucial player behind the scenes.

Kurdt: That was actually another inspiration for us, because this time we made a record and we have to play these songs together on stage.

Mike: It feels great for you to recognise this question because most of the time we bring this up.


MHMB: One of the reasons I'm asking this is because I have the feeling that very often it is important to have a guitarist and singer on an equal level, something you guys represent too. Does this have such an important impact on a band and the music?

Mike: Yes, it's the chemistry that is important.

Kurdt: Yes, definitely. Of course we are a band and everybody puts their stamp on it, but maybe it affects the initial part of writing new songs when Mike and I are collaborating together.


MHMB: Kurdt, how about Vanderhoof? I liked the two albums you released, but is it frozen forever or are you thinking about another release?

Kurdt: No, it's not frozen at all. The Vanderhoof thing turned into Presto Ballet, which was a natural progression. That's my 70's rock ideas that I need to get out of my system and then it morphed into the prog-rock thing. Actually we are hoping to release a new Presto Ballet album this coming November.


MHMB: Kurdt and Mike, thanks again for spending some time with Markus' Heavy Music Blog and let's look forward to a great show tonight.

Kurdt & Mike: Thanks for having us.



Thanks to Eron Witzel for support...


Interview with Kurdt Vanderhoof and Mike Howe from METAL CHURCH

Final line-up for DYNAMO METAL FEST 2016

Veröffentlicht am 9. Mai 2016 von Markus W. in Dynamo Metal Fest, Tour, News, Anthrax, Metal Church, Sacred Reich, Life Of Agony, Powerwolf, At The Gates, Audrey Horne

The Dynamo Open Air has a long history. Years before the famous Wacken Open Air opened the gates for the first time, it was the Dynamo Open Air in Eindhoven, Holland that brought thousands of metalheads to Noord Brabant. Many influencial thrash bands like Testament, Anthrax, Laaz Rocket... made the festival to a real highlight in metal, with a peak of more than 100.000 visitors in 1995.

20 years later, in 2015, new life was blown into this iconic festival, followed now by the new 2016 edition. The line-up for this one-day festival is oustanding. Bands like Anthrax are coming back to Eindhoven but also Life Of Agony and Sacred Reich are part of the line-up. A highlight is for sure the show of the re-energised Metal Church with their new/old frontman Mike Howe. So, there is no reason for not going to Eindhoven on July 16th this year.


Dynamo Metal Fest homepage

Final line-up for DYNAMO METAL FEST 2016


Veröffentlicht am 26. März 2016 von Markus W. in Metal Church, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Speed Metal, Thrash Metal, News, CD Review

(9/10) Years before grunge became popular it was a bunch of metal bands from Seattle that made the rainy West Coast city to a real rocking one. Queensryche has their roots in the North West of the US of A and also the mighty Metal Church call Seattle their hometown.

Their debut, simply called “Metal Church”, was and is a milestone in metal, followed by “The Dark”, an album that could easily keep the same high level as the debut.

After having published those two outstanding records the band had to deal with a line-up change. Frontman David Wayne left the band and it was Herectic singer Mike Howe, that took over. Metal Church managed this change in an excellent way since "Blessing in Dishuise", “The Human Factor” and “Hanging in Balance” could help the band to continue their successful journey.

Then came the earlier mentioned grunge period that made it hard for metal bands to survive and also Metal Church stopped their activities for some years.

In the new century Metal Church came back with a partly new line-up and some interesting records, but it was the announcement of Mike Howe 'coming home' to Metal Church that went viral in the metal scene; and the fact that Vanderhoof and Howe worked on new songs and a new album even increase the leven of excitement.

“XI” is name of this impatiently awaited album that features eleven new tracks. After having heard the disc several times I can tell you that each of the tracks sounds like as time would have stood still for two decades. “XI” picks it up where Metal Church ended with “Hanging in Balance”.

Kurt Vanderhoff pulls heavy riffs out of the metal hat as if it would be the easiest thing on earth and Mike Howe might got older, as we all, but his voice is still a true metal siren that enriches each of the eleven tracks on "XI".

Songwise "XI" includes everything you want to get from Metal Church. The opener "Reset" is a fast track that includes all the band's trademarks, followed by "Killing Your Time" which feels like a trip back to "The Human Factor". Metal Church had always tracks where they include some acoustic guitars. "Signal Path" is one of these tracks on "XI", starting unplugged before Vanderhoff adds the first riff to this moderate paced metal smasher. 

A definite highlight on "XI" is entitled "Blow Your Mind". The slow and creepy beginning is leading to goosebumps. The tune, step by step, builds up a to a slow and mean Metal Church track that fits perfectly to Howe's voice. He isn't only singing, he blows life into this track.

All those tunes are good stuff, but one of the best songs is coming at the end. "Suffer Fools" is the closer of this tremendous album. It's a fast and aggressive tune that is a true bouncer.

I mentioned often mainman Kurdt Vanderhoof and Mike Howe, but the album wouldn't sound that good if not Rick Van Zandt (g), Jeff Plate (d) and Steve Unger (b) would do a great job too. Metal Church stands like a rock when it comes to the new album. This record isn't a 'solo show', this longplayer is teamwork.

"XI" is the long awaited return of the mighty Metal Church. This album is 100% Metal Church, this album is metal, this album can compete with the early classics and this album needs to be part of all serious metal collections. Thanks you.





  1. Reset
  2. Killing Your Time
  3. No Tomorrow
  4. Signal Path
  5. Sky falls in
  6. Needles & Suture
  7. Shadow
  8. Blow Your Mind
  9. Soul Eating Machine
  10. It Waits
  11. Suffer Fools


Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Power Metal

Release Date EU: March 25th, 2016


METAL CHURCH tour dates for North America & Europe

Veröffentlicht am 18. Februar 2016 von Markus W. in Power Metal, US Metal, Metal Church, News, Tour, Heavy Metal, Speed Metal

That power metal legend Metal Chruch will release a new album in a few weeks isn't that new anymore. The metal community is already curiously looking forward to this album with Mike Howe on vocal duty.

To promote the new longplayer Metal Church also announced quite some shows in North America and Europe. Here are the dates:

METAL CHURCH tour dates for North America & Europe

CD review FINAL SIGN "Hold High the Flame"

Veröffentlicht am 18. Januar 2016 von Markus W. in Final Sign, Liege Lord, Metal Church, News, CD Review, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, US Metal, Omen

(7/10) Liege Lord, Omen and Metal Church are bands you like a lot? Than you have to listen to those guys. Final Sign are from North Carolina, USA and they are into pure US power metal.

The musical cooperation of singer Shawn Pelata and guitarist Brian Williams started already in 1999. Pelata should become singer in Williams project K-Octave which even led to a release. "Outer Limits" was published in 2001 and I don't know if the band is still exisiting. At least there was no further album from the guys.

Not that much of an issue since Final Sign started in 2013. Williams and Pelata have been joined by Howard Baker (b) and Kevin Haverlah (d) and the four guys worked together on the band's debut called "Hold High the Flame."

The record features eight US metal tracks that feel like a time warp back into the eighties. Roaring riffs and pounding drums is what you get, combined with a strong pumping bass. On top there are the massive vocals by Pelata. This guy is a real metal siren.

"Daring The Sun" is the fast opening track with a massive chorus and some NWoBHM inspiration. The almost six minutes long stomper "Burn the Temple Down" is next followed by the raging title track. "Hold High the Flame" shows the entire vocal range of Pelata and maybe it's due to the name of the track that I was reminded to the early Queensryche.

"Possessor" is a real headbanger right off the bat while "The Sinister Silence" has a strong melody and a lot of power metal. This composition leads you to "Scaling Lies". The mid-pace song has some acoustic sections combined with heavy guitars. Good stuff.

The end is near, at least when it comes to "Hold High the Flame". "Madness Eternal" is a six minutes long tune that is very much influenced by Iron Maiden, esp. when it comes to the vocals.

"The Ominous Black" is the finale furioso of the longplayer that brings back some undusted oldschool metal. 

"Hold High the Flame" is full of thunderous riffs and great vocallines. The sound might not be the most excellent one (bass and drums sound a bit too undifferentiated) but it's is still good enough to enjoy the songs. In one or another way it gives the album an authentic touch. I like the record and power metal fans should have heard it.





  1. Daring the Sun
  2. Burn the Temple Down
  3. Hold High the Flame
  4. Possessor
  5. The Sinister Silence
  6. Scaling Lies
  7. Madness Eternal
  8. The Ominous Black


Label: Divebomb Records

Genre: US Metal

Release Date: October 30st, 2015

CD review FINAL SIGN "Hold High the Flame"

More details of METAL CHURCH's next album

Veröffentlicht am 13. Januar 2016 von Markus W. in Metal Church, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, US Metal, News

Power metal band Metal Church will release a new album on March 25th, and the record is called "XI".

The album is the first one since many years with singer Mike Howe and it was recorded in Kurdt's studio in Aberdeen, Washington.

Here comes the cover and tracklist of "XI". Stay tuned for more.



  1. Reset
  2. Killing Your Time
  3. No Tomorrow
  4. Signal Path
  5. Sky Falls In
  6. Needle and Suture
  7. Shadow
  8. Blow Your Mind
  9. Soul Eating Machine
  10. It Waits
  11. Suffer Fools

plus (on a Deluxe Bonus Version available on Rat Pak Records website only)

  1. The Coward
  2. Blister Fist
  3. God Hit
  4. The Enememy Mind
  5. Signal Path (Radio edit)
  6. Badlands (2015 version)
  7. Shadow (Demo Version)
  8. No Tomorrow (Alt Mix)




More details of METAL CHURCH's next album

METAL CHURCH talks about the upcoming album

Veröffentlicht am 24. Oktober 2015 von Markus W. in Metal Church, Power Metal, Heavy Metal, US Metal, Speed Metal, News, Video

Power metal icon Metal Church are currently working on a new album with Mike Howe being back behind the mic. Now the guys are talking about the upcoming album plus some more. Worth to watch and - listen. More than promising!!!


CD review Ronny Munroe "Electric wake"

Veröffentlicht am 3. Juli 2014 von Markus W. in Metal Church, Ronny Muroe, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, CD Review, News

(6/10) I have to say that I like the voice of Ronny Munroe. Esp.his contribution to the latest Metal Church records had a positive inmpact on the legendary power metal band. 

Next to Metal Church Ronny Muroe is also on regularly base working on solo material. He released already two full-length records and "Electric wake" is the name of his latest achievement. His third solo record comes with ten songs and a playing time of 40 minutes. 

Munroe doesn't change his style a lot and stays with the typical power metal made in the US. Of course you can hear from time to time some Metal Church parallels. I think that this is very logical and it doesn't matter. 

The title track "Electric wake" is one of the well-crafted anthemns on the album. The melody lines are well thought through and the chorus including the bridge are power metal per excellence. The same goes for the slower and pounding "Not you not me" as well as for "Sleepless mountain", a midtempo tune with a raging drum beat. Those anthems are really good headbanger stuff. The closer "United" belongs to the creditside too. The song speads a powerful spirit and Munroe's screams are the cherry on the cake. A good and rocking closure of the album.

Unfortunatley there are also tracks which doesn't reach this level. Next to the mentioned highlights there are some songs which I think are a bit trivial. "The others" is one example. It's not a bad song, but a bit uninspired. It sounds a bit like 'Manowar light'. Also "My shadow" didn't enflame the metal fire. It's long drawn out and doesn't belong to the best outputs of Ronny Munroe. 

When it comes to sound I think, that the vocals are a bit too dominant. Compared to that the rhythm section is powerful but too much in the background. It's not disturbing, but it could have been done better in my point of view.

Conclusion: Ronny Munroe is a good singer. He released solo album with some ups and downs. I'm personally more looking forward to a new Metal Church album with him behind the mic, than to another solo record. But Metal Church fans should still check out the album.





  1. Burning time
  2. Electric wake (feat. George Lynch)
  3. Turn to stone
  4. My shadow
  5. Not you not me
  6. Pray
  7. Ritual damage
  8. Sleepless mountain
  9. The others (with Dave Rude (Tesla) and Pamela Moore)
  10. United


Label: Rat Pak Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

CD review Ronny Munroe "Electric wake"


Veröffentlicht am 7. Juni 2014 von Markus W. in Ronny Munroe, Metal Church, George Lynch, Power Metal, Heavy Metal, News

Ronny Munroe, singer from Metal Church, works on a solo album. He released the first video for the song "Ghost", which is feat. George Lynch.



Veröffentlicht am 2. Juni 2014 von Markus W. in Ronnie Munroe, Metal Church, Power Metal, Heavy Metal, News

You might Ronnie Munroe from Metal Church. He also works on his solo album. The song he published is called "The others". Munroe got support from Pamela Moore (Queensryche's Sister Mary) and Tesla guitarist Dave Rude. Check it out.

I also had already the chance to pre-listen to two more tracks - "Ghosts" and "United". Both tunes are typical power metal tracks dominated by the voice of Ronnie. All Metal Church fans will like it.

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