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CD review ANVIL "Hope in hell"

Veröffentlicht am 30. Juli 2013 von Markus W. in Anvil, Heavy Metal, CD Review

For me it looks like, that the release of the new Anvil album is similar to the release of a new iPhone. Expectations are very high and in the end it is just a phone – or like in this case a CD ;o) It sounds maybe negative, but it is not meant like this at all, since Anvil released an album with their typical trademarks.

I listened now several times to the new album called “Hope in hell” and I must say, that I like it a lot. Of course the album is not a revolution in the metal business and Anvil also didn’t become a progband. This is good. They do what they can do best and this is writing straight forward metal song with some real street credibility. Esp. Anvil knows all the ups and downs in the music business, they never gave up and they never lost their positive approach.

Songs like “Badass rock’n’roll” and “The fight is never one” are really good straight forward metal songs which makes fun listening to. The title track has a pounding rhythm which drives the song. I think, that the band was inspired by Deep Purple when they wrote “Through with you”. Esp. in the beginning the main riff reminds partly to Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the water”. But nevertheless – a good song. With “Mankind machine” the band even manage to get the technical ‘machine vibe’ into the song. “Shut the fuck up” is than the last song on a great album and makes appetite for the live shows of the band.

So, like said in the beginning, “Hope in hell” is a good standard metal album which is worth listening to. Give it a try, since I was happy that I did it.



  1. Hope in hell
  2. Eat your words
  3. Through with you
  4. The fight is never won
  5. Pay the toll
  6. Flying
  7. Call of duty
  8. Badass rock’n’roll
  9. Time shows no mercy
  10. Mankind machine
  11. Shut the fuck up

Label: Steamhammer/SPV

Genre: Heavy Metal

CD review ANVIL "Hope in hell"