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By coinsident my way crossed Axolotl, a band from Gelsenkirchen in Germany. Actually I heard the song "Teutonic invaders" on YouTube (http://mwiemetalblog.over-blog.com/axolotl-unknown-but-good) - the title track from their current album. I liked the song immediately. But who is Axolotl? The band is Matthias Frankenhoff (v), Michael Frankenhoff (g), Fabian Keller (g), Denis Kree (b) and Holger Gebhard (d).

Axolotl plays true old-school thrash metal with some death metal element. The songs and the sound remind me a lot to the old Kreator. The songs are a straight forward punch in your face with a lot of energy. The relaxed intro "The sounds of times to come" is not more than the calmness before the storm. Already "The inverted cross" shows the real face of Axolotl. Matthias, with his screeching voice combined with some growls, gives the songs a lot of identity. The guitars sound powerful and it's sometimes actually a quite classic metal sound with good leads and harmonies. Half way the instrumental "Mors et corrupt" surprises, since it is just a piano.This song gives your easy some time to recover, before the earlier mentioned "Teutonic invaders" continues the thrash/death journey. With "Metal and beer" the band has also a 'party song' on their record.

The only critical point is, that the fast songs sound a little bit too similar. I hope that the band managed to get some more variation into the song writing of the coming songs (actually they are working on their second album). But anyhow. It is a good debut album which makes fun listening to. And it brings you back to teutonic Ruhrpott metal from the late 80's.

PS.: But who decided for the bands name? I think that Axolotl does not really sound like metal ;o)



  1. The sound of times to come
  2. The inverted cross
  3. Renaissance after armageddon
  4. Your own psycho
  5. Grave new world
  6. Winning madness
  7. Mors et corruptio
  8. Teutonic invaders
  9. Hate you
  10. Nocturnal hearts
  11. Metal and beer

Genre: Thrash metal

Photo: Sina Sabellek
Photo: Sina Sabellek

Photo: Sina Sabellek

Tag(s) : #Axolotl, #Thrash Metal, #Death Metal, #Kreator, #CD Review

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