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CD review WITHERSCAPE "The inheritance"

Veröffentlicht am 30. Juli 2013 von Markus W. in Witherscape, Death Metal, Edge Of Sanity, Dan Swano, Opeth, CD Review

"The inheritance" from Witherscape is a new album from Swedish mastermind Dan Swano. You probabaly know Dan from Edge Of Sanity or Bloodbath, but also from various production work he did in the past. For this album he worked together with Ragnar Widerberg, a very talented instrumentalist.

“The inheritance” goes into the same direction that Opeth has chosen. It combines melodic death metal with a lot of progressive influences. Listen e.g. to “Astrid falls” and you know what I mean. Highly melodic parts are combined with eruptions of death metal and growls. And it is done in a way, that it is still one song. It just fits together. This is of course where you can see and hear the experience of the two guys (it’s not more in this band). The arrangements of the songs are just great – especially in songs like “To the calling of blood and dreams” or “Dying for the sun”. I was also surprised by the flexibility of Dan’s voice. He can do it all - from very harmonic normal singing to real strong growls.

“The inheritance” is a good album from two very experienced guys which contains music on a very high level. But the album needs time to develop. It’s not enough listening to it just for one time, since you constantly explore new things. And it makes lust for more.





  1. Mother of the soul
  2. Astrid falls
  3. Dead for a day
  4. Dying for the sun
  5. To the calling of blood and dreams
  6. The math of the myth
  7. Crawling from validity
  8. The wedlock observation
  9. The inheritance


Label: Century Media Records

Genre: Prog-/Death Metal

CD review WITHERSCAPE "The inheritance"