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CD review AXXIS "Kingdom of the night II"

Veröffentlicht am 21. Februar 2014 von Markus W. in Axxis, CD Review, News, Hardrock

(8/10) It was on the day 25 years ago when German band Axxis released their debut "Kingdom of the night". Since the guys are well known for also unconventional things (see "ReDiscoVered" or the 20st anniversary show) they also couldn't let go this opportunity. "Kingdom of the night" was released 28.2.1989 and became one of the most important German hardrock releases. Now the band of singer Bernhard Weiss decided that it is time for a version II. But Axxis is not only re-recording their first CD, they do more. Weiss said, that looking back in time gave the band a creative push and writing of new songs went on and on. In the end the band had so much material, that they couldn't press it on one disc.

That's why Axxis actually splits up the album into two parts which are separately available. There will be the 'black edition' and the 'white edition'. Your guess is right. The 'black edition' covers the more heavy and dark songs from the bands debut while the 'white edition' takes care about the more quiet songs and the ballads.

The 'black edition' starts with the well know "Kingdom of the night", a track which reminds me to my own youth. Axxis made a new version from the bands classic and it's great to here it again. Next to this bands classic there is more outstanding material on this record. "The venom" is a heavy riff based killer, but still melodic and catchy. The same goes for "Soulfire", which is one of my personal faves. "Never again" is more of a mid-tempo rocker. With a full sound the pounding drums push the song forward. With "Lass dich gehn" Axxis also recorded a power song with German lyrics and they managed that it sounds cool instead of embarassing.

The 'white version' is more for a car ride with your girlfriend. I don't want to say that the songs don't rock, they do ("Hall of fame" and "Marry married a monster"), but Axxis also have placed the softer songs and the ballads on this disc. With "Living in a dream" the guys also placed another highlight from the debut on this edition. You can see the song as a kind of 'part 2' of the "Living in a world", which was the opener on the debut. It is a great songs which even after 25 years tranfers the same spirit than in 1989. At the midway point Axxis placed the real ballads. Songs like "Crosses", "My eyes" and "Gone with the wind" are pure emotions. And again, also here the German quintet never gets into cliches and stereotypes. It's the hooks which are doing their job. Ones heard the melodies are caught in your mind. 

For me Axxis was and is special. Eventhough they never had the big breakthrough they managed to stay in the business for more than 25 years based on passion and an tirelessly work of Bernhard Weiss. This deserves a lot od respect. The sound of Axxis is timeless and authentic. I like their attitude and their music and I like those two albums. Thumbs up.





'black edition'

  1. Kingdom of the night
  2. Venom
  3. Beyond the sky
  4. The war
  5. Never again
  6. Soulfire
  7. More than for one day
  8. Lass dich gehn
  9. Lie after lie
  10. Marry married a monster (our version)
  11. Bites inside


'white edition'

  1. Hall of fame
  2. Heaven in paradise
  3. Living in a dream
  4. Crosses
  5. My eyes
  6. Dance into life
  7. Marry married an monster (her version)
  8. We are the world
  9. Take me far away
  10. Gone with the wind
  11. Temple of rock


Label: AFM Records

Genre: Hardrock

CD review AXXIS "Kingdom of the night II"
CD review AXXIS "Kingdom of the night II"

CD review EZ LIVIN "Firestorm"

Veröffentlicht am 20. Februar 2014 von Markus W. in Ez Livin, Hardrock, News, CD Review, Bonfire

(7/10) Who still knows Hans Ziller? Who knows Bonfire? And who knows Ez Livin? If you're interested in hardrock and metal not only since yesterday you should have heard these names already earlier. Ziller founded Bonfire (named Cacumen in the early days) and after a break of a few years he rejoined the hardrockers from Ingolstadt again in 1996.

Now Hans Ziller is back with his 'second' band Ez Livin'. He founded this band actually already in 1991. In the same year he released the debut of the band called "After the fire". With this record in the backpocket the band joined the Metal Hammer Roadshow with bands like Axel Rudi Pell, Casanova and Domain - the great times of German hardrock.

After all these years Ez Livin' are back now with a new record. The name is "Firestorm" and the curiousity was big, if we really have to do with a 'firestorm' or a more 'the flame of a candle'. Fortunatelly it is more the first than the second. Eventhough I must say that the album hasn't only good songs. Some of them are more average ("Too late" and "Let's fly away"). Good that there are also some great tunes on the album. My fave is the really cool "The damage is done". Actually the songs reminds in the verse a bit to Dokken and some Kiss. What I really like with this piece of music is the chorus. Catchy and still not cliche. "That's how we rock" is another good one on the album. Supported by keyboards and some clssic rock elements the song has some great hooks, eventhough it could spread a bit more energy since it's the opener. The swinging "Loaded gun" is a great song for a car ride into the sunset. "Into the night" is the fastest and most heavy song on "Firestorm". Together with the earlier mentioned "Damage is done" the best tune on the album. With "Easy living" the album also has a cover version. Starting with the hammond organ the version is not bad but demands a few listening session - at least for me.

Ziller also brought back someone else into German rock/metal, which most of you might know from the past. The vocals are done by David Reece from Bangaloire Choir/Accept and with his vocal range he contributes a lot to the quality of the songs. I noticed for the first time that he sounds a bit like Paul Stanley from Kiss.

The production and mix, done by Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline etc.) is good.

To sum up: A solid German hardrock album with some really good songs. A small disadvantage is the limted amount of songs. Eight tracks (37 minutes) plus a 'director's cut' is not enough for a full-length album. It ends before it really got started. Could be a bit more next time.





  1. That's how we rock
  2. Loaded gun
  3. White lightning
  4. Let's fly away
  5. Easy living
  6. The damage is done
  7. Too late
  8. Into the night
  9. Let's fly away (directors cut)


Label: LZ Records / Sony Music

Genre: Hardrock

CD review EZ LIVIN "Firestorm"

CD review SKINTRADE "Refueled"

Veröffentlicht am 19. Februar 2014 von Markus W. in Skintrade, Hardrock, CD Review, News

(8/10) After a successful period in the 90's Swedish hard rockers Skintrade are back. The band released in this period two excellent hardrock records and played on the big European festivals like Rock am Ring. and the Dynamo open air. After these milestone the band dissolved and the Skintrade members decided to go seperate ways.

But the fans always kept on asking for a reunion of the band and finally in May 2011 Skintrade came back. With the album "Skintrade - past and present" the band released a 'best of' album which included older remastered songs as well as a few new songs.

In the meantime the Skintrade signed a deal with AOR Heaven and have a real comeback with the new album "Refueled", the first full-length album since 1995.

The new record reflects what Skintrade really stands for. Energetic songs with powerful riffs and a good groove. The band has an amazing feeling for good melodies which they merge with a hard rocking attitude. By this you get an easy approach to the songs which also never slide too much into cliche.

The start coulnd't be better. "Monster", which is also the first single, and "Liar" are grooving and hard rockers which sets the tone for the entire album. The first mentioned one more with the groove, the second one more with the blues influences. The blues also comes back in a few other songs e.g. "Wild one".  rock ballad can't be missed on such an album. On "refueled" its named "Been to the bottom" and its really a rock ballad since it has the more acoustic verse while the chorus is strong an powerful. The song also shows the feeling of the band for great melodies in their songs. "Hardcore MF heartattack" has a well chosen name. If your heart beat has the same speed as the rythm of the song you for sure run into trouble. A real neckbreaker. The song just blows you away and for me together with the first two tracks the best one on the album.

"Refueled" became a really good grooving hardrock album which is very refreshing. Mycket brå.





  1. Monster
  2. Liar
  3. Pay in blood
  4. Hardcore MF heartattack
  5. Close my eyes
  6. Getting away with murder
  7. Mountain
  8. Been to the bottom
  9. Worse than wasted
  10. Dying in your arms
  11. Wild one
  12. Look me in the eye


Label: AOR Heaven

Genre: Hardrock

Photo: AOR Heaven (Promo)
Photo: AOR Heaven (Promo)

Photo: AOR Heaven (Promo)


CD review NOTHING "Guilty of everything"

Veröffentlicht am 18. Februar 2014 von Markus W. in Nothing, Alternative Metal, News, CD Review

(8/10) Nothing from Philadelphia was founded in 2011 by Domenic Palermo and are playing pretty cool music. "Guily of everything" is the bands debut and will be released in beginning of March in Europe. The sound and the inspiration of the band goes back into the 90's when alternative rock bands like the mighty Smashing Pumpkins had their best period. But the debut of Nothing is more. It is loud, it is dark, it is fragile, it is dark and it is beautiful.

"Guilty of everything" starts interesting. "Hymn to the pillory" is a very melodic song with a sphereful almost acoustic start which will go over into a swinging tune. The song could be even the harder version of a Coldplay song. I like the song and it sets the tone of voice for the other tracks. The album contains in total 9 very intense songs which spread a kind of sad atmosphere. The mix between the heavy slow riffs and the melancolical and fragile vocals create a special mood and a dense and tight soundscspe. It feels to me like a combination of the good old Phillip Boa and some heavy down tuned guitars. This mixture works very well. In one or another way it is a new interpretation of 'the good and the bad'. Sometimes the album even enters the indie dark rock area. "Bent nails" is such an example. Like Fields Of Nephilim, just a bit harder. My faves are the releaxed "Somersault", the grooving "Hymn to the pillory" and the punky "Get well". Esp. with the last mentioned tune Nothing manages to keep the main sound by adding new elements. This makes the album very interesting and you're not tempted to even think about the skip button.

The only small diadvantage is the short playing time. Nine song lead to 40 minutes. Since the songs are good it would have been a pleasure to listen also to a tenth one. Maybe next time.

I haven't heard about the band before snd for me they are a positive surprise. Check it out.





  1. Hymn to the pillory
  2. Dig
  3. Bent nail
  4. Endlessly
  5. Somersault
  6. Get well
  7. Beat around he bush
  8. B&E
  9. Guilty of everything


Label: Relapse Records

Genre: Alternative Metal

CD review NOTHING "Guilty of everything"

MHMB follows the paths of METALLICA :o)

Veröffentlicht am 18. Februar 2014 von Markus W. in News, Metallica

You could say that MHMB follows the paths of Metallica. That means being on the way to the Antarctica. Here are the metal hits that represents the days:


Day 1: from Amsterdam to Buenos Aires ... Saxon: 747 (Strangers in the night)

Day 2: Buenos Aires with a extra stop in Montevideo ... Avantasia: Lost in space

Day 3: Buenos Aires ... Fates Warning: Another perfect day

Day 4: Buenos Aires ... Vengeance: Raintime

Day 5: Buenos Aires ... Monkey3: Suns

Day 6: Buenos Aires ... The Bosshoos: Do it

Day 7: Buenos Aires to Ushuaia ... Saga: The flyer

Day 8: Ushuaia to Kap Hoorn ... Black Sabbath: Children of the sea

Day 9: On sea ... Iron Maiden: Rime of the ancient mariner

Day 10: Elephant Island ... Devin Townsend Project: Happy animals

Day 11: Piguin Island and Camp Bellinghausen* ... Metallica: Trapped under ice

Day 12: 


to be continued


* Here are some extra infos about Metallica's show in the Antartica:

Markus’ Heavy Music Blog on the path of Metallica in the Antarctica. It was December 2013 when US metal legends Metallica played their show in the Antarctica. The show was unique since the band was the first one who played on all seven continents within one year.

On my tour through the Antarctica at the moment I had the chance to visit camp Bellinghausen. It’s partly a Russian camp and has an airport, which can also handle bigger planes. Metallica was flying in for their show, had a short stay in the camp and went further by boat towards another camp close by, where the actual show happened. I had the chance to talk to some Russian and German scientist who where in the camp when the famous metal guys arrived. This was the moment for them. If you see the camp you can fully understand this. It’s really in the middle of nowhere and not the most inspiring place to be – even in the summer period.

The scientists there had some mixed feelings regarding the event. On the one hand it was very exciting – as mentioned already. On the other hand the questioned how senseful it is to play a show there. This area is pure nature and showed stay like this. I hope that there will be no other band having the same idea pretty soon. The Antartic should stay pure nature and should not become a commercialized.

I also took some pics to give you an impression about the place. I will set them online as soon as I have a stable internet connection again.



CD review SUPERCHARGER "Broken hearts and fallaparts"

Veröffentlicht am 17. Februar 2014 von Markus W. in Supercharger, Hardrock, CD Review, News

(8/10) Aftersome good releases fom Swedish bands it’s now time for a Danish hardrock band – The Superchargers. The band released their debut album „Handgrenade blues“ in 2009. In these days the band comes out with thri newest record called „Broken hearts and fallaparts“ This title sounds a bit like Volbeat and the thought could get even stronger by the fact that Supercharger is coming as well from Denmark. But I have to say that those are the only two parallels with the danish megasellers. Supercharger sticks much more the pure energetic rock’n’roll. The music could be described as a mix between Volbeat and D.A.D. with a bigger 80’s sleaze rock inspiration

So you could say that Superchargers are playing bad-ass rock'n'roll with a lot of street attitude. And this is what you get. Fast and dirty the band gives you 41 minutes of a good time. Already the the punky opener "Like a pit bull" gives you what you need. The song is a punch into your face. Like a pitbull the songs never let you loose again. After three minutes you think it's time to breath. Not it's not. "Supercharged" is a sleaze rocker which grooves a lot. A song in the best 80's tradition. The song reminded me a bit to Dregen. With "Blood red lips" the band shows their 'sweet' side. The title of the track says it all. Rock'n'roll and women belongs together - that what the song tells us. These three songs are just the start. I actually could continue that way. Fast monsters like "Hold on buddy" and "Suzi the uzi" (starting with the hammond organ played "Take me out to the ballgame") go hand in hand with straight rockers like "Get what you deserve" and "From the gutter" which reminds to Alice Cooper. Also "Hung over in Hamburg" with the harmonica parts is special and has some Mötley Crüe references. The songs grooves like hell.

The pool of good Sacndinavian bands in this genre is again amazing. Is it the spirit of Köttbullar and Smorrebroed or where does it come from? There is a lot of good stuff out there at the moment and the Supercharger are definitly a part of it. This album is the perfect soundtrack for your next party.





  1. Like a pit bull
  2. Supercharged
  3. Blood red lips
  4. Hold on Buddy
  5. Five hourse of nothing
  6. Yeah, yeah, yeah
  7. Suzi the uzi
  8. Hung over in Hamburg
  9. Get what you deserve
  10. The crash
  11. From the gutter
  12. Goodbye Copenhagen


Label: Gain Music Entertainment

Genre: Hardrock

CD review SUPERCHARGER "Broken hearts and fallaparts"

CD review VANISHING POINT "Distant is the sun"

Veröffentlicht am 17. Februar 2014 von Markus W. in Vanishing Point, Heavy Metal, News, CD Review

(7/10) Starting in the 90's under the header Eye Australien power/prog metal band Vanishing Point comes out with a new album. Actually it is album number 5 in the groups discography. The band went though a lot of lien-up changes over time. Therefore it is not a surprise that "Distant is the sun" is only their fifth release. From the original line-up it is only singer Silvio Massaro who is still in the band. All the other band memebers have been on 'heavy rotation', incl. the ones who founded Eye.

The continous element with Vanishing Point is their music. The progressive power metal still remains, regardless from the line-up. Eventhough their songs did reach the level of tunes from bands like e.g. Dream Theater Vanishing Point was and is still writing good music with higher songwriting quality.

Songs like "Circle of fire" and "Era zero" are good rocking tracks. Technically probabaly OK it just seems that the inspration is lacking a bit. They just don't want to stick. "Let the river run" is another eaxample for this.How often have we heard this kind of music already. By the way, it eminds me in parts to "Alone" from Heart, esp. when it is about certain melody lines in the chorus. This is pure mainstream, which is nothingbad per se. I just miss a bit the own identity behind this tune. And why have they chosen the acoustic instrumental "April as a closer for the album? Is this the silence after the storm approach?

That Vanishing Point can do better becomes more obvious with tracks like "Walls of silence". This is a powerful track with a good melody, some choir parts in the verse and a chorus which works perferct. The combination of enery and harmony.

The album is not bad, but it's not standing out either. There is light and there is shadow. For me the album has a solid quality level, but misses a bit of spontanity and unexpected parts. "Distant in the sun" shows for me too less progress for a prog-band. I personally prefer the new Vanden Plas much more.





  1. Beyond redemption
  2. King of empty promises
  3. Distant in the sun
  4. When truth lies
  5. Circle of fire
  6. Let the river run
  7. Denied deliverance
  8. Story of misery
  9. Era zero
  10. Pillars of sand
  11. As December fades
  12. Handful of hope
  13. Walls of silence
  14. April


Label: AFM Records

Genre: Prog Power Metal

CD review VANISHING POINT "Distant is the sun"

CD review VANDEN PLAS "Chronicles of the immortals - Netherworld"

Veröffentlicht am 16. Februar 2014 von Markus W. in Vanden Plas, Prog Metal, Dream Theater, News, CD Review

(9/10) After a four years German prog metal band Vanden Plas is back with a new CD. After they have released their latest album in 2010 they come back with the newest record called "Chronicles of the world - Netherworld".

The album is an awesome comeback. Not only that the band made again a big step forward on an already high level - it is also the fact that the new album tells a story which makes it standing out. The whole thing started years ago, when Vanden Plas and Wolfgang Holbein started a creative cooperation. Holbein is not a nobody. In fact he is one of the authors selling millions of books all over the world. Since he is also a fan of Vanden Plas he approached the band and suggested to work together. The result was the rock opera called "Bloodnight". During 2012 and 2013 the show became a overwhelming success. All 25 shows have been sold out and the audiance rescted very positive.

The new album from Vanden Plas contains ten songs which represents path 1 of the theater piece.  This leads to the assumption, that there will be also a path 2. And indeed, this is the plan - path 2 is expected to be released in 2015.

So, what to say about the song. I must say that you get 100% Vanden Plas, which means 100% powerful progressive metal. I actually think, that the album is better than the latest releases from Dream Theater. This has to do with the fact that Vanden Plas puts the song much more in focus instead of giving individual musical excellence a front row seat. I appreciate this a lot and Vanden Plas achieve a perfect mix out of musical complexity, hard, powerful music and catching melodies. This combination isn't found too often. I was actually reminded to the last releases of the incredible Savatage.

The album starts with an orchestral intro with spoken word (done by Holbein himself). A dramatic opening for this album, which fits perfect to kick off this album. "The black night" is following this introduction and a is an eight minutes long power prog track. Dense keyboards build the base for this song while a heavy riff gives the song the needed aggressiveness.  It's also Kuntz's fantastic vocals which we know alteady from the past, which makes this album an experience. Crystal clear and still with a lot on passion and strength. A almost brutal riff opens "Godmaker". A start like a thunder, before the song continues a bit more silent with vocals and piano. But of course this doesn't last for too long. Heavy riffing accompanies the song and make it a 5 minutes prog metal masterpiece. After all these energetic eruption it is time for a more peaceful tune. "Misery affection- Prelude" is its name. A short ballad performed as a duett supported by a piano, which lead you to "A ghosts requiem". The style continues. Piano based with beautiful vocals and a choir the song is carrying a lot of emotions - as it needs to be if you want to tell a story. In the end it gets back to more power and the choral passage finalizes a touching track. "New vampyre" is another stunning VandenPlas song, before "The king and the children of lost war" the next eight minute anthem starts. Pounding guitars are pushing this song and the band shows their whole repertoire in this tune. This is my personal fave. "Misery affection" comtinues what tHe prelude introduced a few songs earlier before "Soul alliance" with its pumping cool bassline and "Inside" round off sn excellence musical journey.


"Chronicles of the immortal - Netherworld" became a great album from performed by an awesome band and written by a highly creative team. Great that we can look forward to path 2. in the meantime enjoy path 1. It's worth it. Highly recommended!





  1. Vision 1ne
  2. Vision 2wo The black knight
  3. Vision3hree Godmaker
  4. Vision 4our Misery affection prelude
  5. Vision 5ive A ghost requiem
  6. Vision 6ix New vampyre
  7. Vision 7even The king and the children of lost war
  8. Vision 8ight Misery affection
  9. Vision 9ine Soul alliance


Label: Frontiers Records

Genre: Prog Metal

CD review VANDEN PLAS "Chronicles of the immortals - Netherworld"

CD review HEART "Fanatic live from Caesars Colosseum"

Veröffentlicht am 13. Februar 2014 von Markus W. in Heart, Rock, CD Review, News

(8/10) Something new from Heart yes and no. It's a new live album of one of the biggest rock bands. The Wilson sisters, who also got a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, recorded a new live album in 2012. Heart taped the magnificent show at Ceasars Colosseum in Windsor, Ontario and release it in these days as a CD/DVD.

For the setlist the band could choose from a huge and comprehensive archieve based on an almost 40 years (Heart started in 1976) long history in rock music. The band played newer songs like "Fanatic", the title track from their latest release with the same name. Next to that there are the older classics like "Barracuda" (oh man, who I like this riff) and "Dog and butterfly". But they put also all of their commercial highlights from the eighties on the setlist. "What about love" and one of the best Heart songs ever "Alone" are performed in an great and motion touching way. The only tune I missed actually, as being a kid of the eighties is the rocking "If looks could kill". Remarkable the still cristal clear voice of Ann Wilson and the top production of the album. Both deserve the highest rates.

You could discuss if this live album was needed or not, since the band has already 4 of them in their discography. In the end it is to each of you to answer this question. For me it was definitely worth to go for this album. It's a great perfomed compilation of the best Heart songs, the last live album was from ten years ago and the new one is a signal that the band isn't tired of good rock music - even after such a long time in business.

Thumbs up.

PS: Since I only had the CD I can't talk about the visual impression of the show on DVD/BluRay.





  1. Fanatic
  2. Heartless
  3. What about love
  4. Mashallah!
  5. Even it up
  6. 59 crunch
  7. Straight on
  8. Dog and butterfly
  9. Walking good
  10. These dreams
  11. Alone
  12. Dear old America
  13. Crazy on you
  14. Barracuda


Label: Frontiers Records

Genre: Rock

CD review HEART "Fanatic live from Caesars Colosseum"

New album from IAN ANDERSON

Veröffentlicht am 13. Februar 2014 von Markus W. in Ian Anderson, Jethro Tull, Rock, News

Legendary Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull worked on a new album called "Homo Erraticus" which will be released on April 18th via Kaleidoscope. Let's see what's coming.



New album from IAN ANDERSON

MONSTER MAGNET confirmed for Metalfest on the Lorely

Veröffentlicht am 13. Februar 2014 von Markus W. in Monster Magnet, In Extremo, Kreator, Sabaton, Powerwolf, Tour, News

This years Metalfest at the Lorely in Germany come with a pretty impressive line-up. In the meantime also stoner rockers Monster Magnet are confirmed. Check out more bands.

MONSTER MAGNET confirmed for Metalfest on the Lorely

CIVIL WAR signs with Napalm Records

Veröffentlicht am 13. Februar 2014 von Markus W. in Civil War, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Tour, News

Napalm Records have a new family member. Swedish metal band Civil War has signed the cooperation with the label.

In addition the bands on tour in February and here are the dates:

CIVIL WAR signs with Napalm Records

Metal and punk goes LEGO

Veröffentlicht am 13. Februar 2014 von Markus W. in News, Heavy Metal, Punk

Metal and punk goes Lego. YouTube presented three video makeovers from bands like Motörhead, The Damned and Sex Pistols. Check it out. Really cool stuff :o)


CD review MOTORJESUS "Electric revelation"

Veröffentlicht am 12. Februar 2014 von Markus W. in Motorjesus, CD Review, News, Hardrock

(8/10) Motorjesus started in 1990 in Moenchengladbach, Germany under the banner The Shitheadz. It took till 2004 when the band released their first album. 2006 the changed their name into Motorjesus and in the meantime they have thrown two more full-length records on the market. Now it's time for their newest album called "Electric revelation".

To be clear already from the beginning - this album rocks. Motorjesus plays straight forward hardrock with a lot of street attitude. I think that there aren't that much covers which express in an excellent way the kind of music they are representing. The music of Motorjesus smells like diesel and dust. In total there are 12 songs and one intro on "Electric revelation". 

Already the opener "Trouble in Motor City" (The arrival" is an intro) rocks. But "The run" is even better. The rhythm guitar grooves through the whole song and the chorus gives the tune the catchy melody. Another song I like is "100.000 volt surivor". A dirty rock'n'roll beast which we know from bands like the Black Label Society, esp. in the chorus. Than there is the fast "Midnight rider". You can feel the engine roaring while listeing to this song. Straight forward with a pumping base which brings the motor up to speed. You expect also a ballad on this album? Here it is. It's called "Rust" and it's one of the better ballads. It's not too sweet and Motorjesus manages to keep the street attutude even with this song. I was actually reminded to Little Ceasar whe I heard the track.

The only thing is that in some songs there are some wooden melodies which are maybe by purpose. Don't know. But for me they are blocking a bit the flow of the song

Resumee: An excellent hardrock album with engery, power and a sense for good melodies. I guess live shows are even better, since this is definitely live music. Check it out.





  1. The arrival
  2. Trouble in motor city
  3. The run
  4. Speed of the beast
  5. Back in the action car
  6. Rust
  7. 100.000 volt survivor
  8. Electric revelation
  9. Midnight rider
  10. The warning
  11. Resurrection man
  12. Dead army
  13. The right hand of the devil


Label: Dakkar Records

Genre: Hardrock


CD review MOTORJESUS "Electric revelation"
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