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CD review SIX FEET UNDER "Torment"

Veröffentlicht am 28. Februar 2017 von Markus W. in Six Feet Under, Death Metal, Metal Blade, News, CD Review, Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal

(7/10) I'm not really sure to what extend fans expect progression with new Six Feet Under longplayers. Up to now Chief growler Chris Barnes and his band released in the meantime more than ten studio, some of them being real genre classics. the newest one, recently added to the band's discography, is entitled "Torment", being their 12th one of the death metal dinosaur.

"Torment" includes  two interpretations of death metal. On the one side there are the simple and deep growls by former Cannibal Corpse frontman Barnes while the instrumental section of this trio - Jeff Hughell and Marco Pitruzella - adds a musical diversity to Six feet Under that's contrastive. This combination could do something for the songs on the album and indeed, some of the tracks benefit from it. It's especially the faster tracks that stand out on "Torment". The raging "Exploratory Homicide" is one of the best tracks on this disc and also "Schizomaniac", with it's grooving parts, belongs stands for good stuff that ended up on "Torment".

What's a bit of a bummer is the cookie-cutter approach used by Six Feet Under. Since quite some album the band caught in a gridlock, meaning the development of their sound stopped a while ago. The addition of some blast beats doesn't break this spell and Six Feet Under's appetite for development is rather limited. There was the attempt to add some variation to Six feet Under's sound but the final result doesn't vary much from what you heard on the last records.

However, approaching this from a positive view point also means that fans of Six Feet Under fans get what they are looking for - brutal oldschool death metal with Chris Barnes' mumbling growls, heavy riffs and a grooving rhythm section. "Torment" is far away from being a bad album, it's just not adding a lot of new things to the table either.





  1. Sacrificial Kill
  2. Exploratory Homicide
  3. The Separation of Flesh from Bone
  4. Schizomaniac
  5. Skeleton
  6. Knife Through the Skull
  7. Slaughtered as They Slept
  8. In the process of Decomposing
  9. Funeral Mask
  10. Obsidian
  11. Bloody Underwear
  12. Roots of Evil


Label: Metal Blade

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: February 24th, 2017


CD review SIX FEET UNDER "Torment"

New DRAGONFORCE album in May this year

Veröffentlicht am 27. Februar 2017 von Markus W. in Dragonforce, Heavy Metal, Speed Metal, Power Metal, News

"Reaching Into Infinity" is the title of the upcoming Dragonforce album that will be released on May 19th via earMUSIC. Here comes already the tracklist and the artwork.



1. Reaching into Infinity
2. Ashes of the Dawn
3. Judgement Day
4. Astral Empire
5. Curse of Darkness
6. Silence
7. Midnight Madness
8. WAR!
9. Land of Shattered Dreams
10. The Edge of the World
11. Our Final Stand

Special Edition with multi-angle Bonus DVD:
Disc 1 - CD
1. Reaching into Infinity
2. Ashes of the Dawn
3. Judgement Day
4. Astral Empire
5. Curse of Darkness
6. Silence
7. Midnight Madness
8. WAR!
9. Land of Shattered Dreams
10. The Edge of the World
11. Our Final Stand

Bonus Tracks
12. Hatred and Revenge
13. Evil Dead

Disc 2 - Bonus DVD
DragonForce Live at Woodstock Festival Poland 2016
1. Holding On
2. Heroes of Our Time
3. Operation Ground and Pound
4. Holding On (Multi-angles)
5. Heroes of Our Time (Multi-angeles)
6. Operation Ground and Pound (Multi-Angles)
New DRAGONFORCE album in May this year

INQUISITION tour dates

Veröffentlicht am 27. Februar 2017 von Markus W. in Inquisition, Live, Tour, Black Metal, Death Metal, Thrash Metal, News

INQUISITION tour dates

NEW MODEL ARMY documentary and tour dates

Veröffentlicht am 27. Februar 2017 von Markus W. in New Model Army, News, Rock, Indie, Alternative Rock, Live, Tour

New Model Army will release a documentary entitled „The New Model Army Story: Between Dog and Wolf“. Release date of the DVD / Blu-ray will be March 3rd via earMUSIC.

New Model Army will be also on tour in March and here are the dates:

  • 02 March Lille, Le Splendid
  • 03 March Rennes, L'Etage
  • 04 March Vaureal, Le Forum
  • 05 March Lyon, Ninkasi Kao
  • 07 March Lausanne, Les Docks
  • 08 March Pratteln, Z7
  • 09 March Vienna, WUK
  • 10 March Budapest, Barba Negra Music Club
  • 11 March Wörgl, Komma
  • 12 March Regensburg, Mischwerk
  • 14 March Augsburg, Kantine
  • 15 March Ravensburg, Oberschwabenklub
  • 16 March Karlsruhe, Substage
  • 17 March Aschaffenburg, Colos Saal
  • 18 March Dortmund, FZW
  • 19 March Bielefeld, Ringlokschuppen
  • 21 March Rostock, Mau Club
  • 22 March Stockholm, Debaser Strand
  • 23 March Göteborg, Sticky Fingers
  • 24 March Oslo, John Dee
  • 25 March Malmö, Babel
  • 26 March Kiel, Max
  • 28 March Bremen, Aladin
  • 29 March Hengelo, Metropool
  • 30 March Rotterdam, Maassilo
  • 31 March Norwich, The Waterfront
  • 01 April Bilston, The Robin 2
  • 02 April Northampton, Roadmender
  • 04 April Glasgow, The Garage
  • 05 April Newcastle, Riverside
  • 06 April Sheffield, Corporation
  • 07 April Southampton, Engine Rooms
  • 08 April Durbuy Rock Festival (BE)
  • 27 May Bearded Theory Festival (UK)
  • 21 July Mainz, Frankfurter Hof
  • 27 August A New Day Festival (UK)
  • 28 August Castell Roc, Chepstow Castle (UK)
NEW MODEL ARMY documentary and tour dates

CD review ORDER TO RUIN "Lunar Asylum"

Veröffentlicht am 27. Februar 2017 von Markus W. in Order To Ruin, Death Metal, News, CD Review, Thrash Metal

(7/10) Münster, Germany becomes more and more to a centre of well-done rock music. Bands like Long Distance Calling and Black Space Riders are coming from there and now it's a death metal band that presnts another aspect of the local metal/rock scene.

Order To Ruin is the name of a band that can refer to some releases already. Denis Pfeffer started the group in 2012 with a first EP called "Underworld Path". After some line-up changes it's nowadays, next to Denis, Mike Seidel on bass and Simon Busse on guitar who blow life into Order To Ruin. 

This new record is number six in the bands history. After a one minute intro, "Planet Zero" marks the real start of the album. Like the band described in their release info sheet it's deep growls and traditional guitars that dominate the scene, all present in this first smasher. After such a well-done start things continue with the raging "The Mystery of a Madman", a song that includes a pretty cool bassline. On to a next tune. "Dreamdemon" is following the same pattern as the first two songs and slowly we get to the small downer of this release. 

Order To Ruin put great songs on this album but the songs felt a bit of the same only different. The title track, esp. in the beginning, differs a bit and the same goes for Maiden-inspired to "Arcane Walker". However, in the end it's the surprise moments that I was missing on this longplayer and a bit more variation would have made a good album even better.

Anyhow, Order To Ruin released a longplayer with more than solid headbangers that are all done and produced in a good way. Order To Ruin - a band that could be interesting for fans of Amon Amarth and Co.





  1. Transcending Superior Cosmos
  2. Planet Zero
  3. The Mystery of a Madman
  4. Dreamdemon
  5. Necromorph
  6. LZ 129
  7. Lunar Asylum
  8. Arcane Walker
  9. Predators from Gaia


Label: Self-Released

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Release Date EU: February 1st, 2017



CD review ORDER TO RUIN "Lunar Asylum"

CD review DANKO JONES "Wild Cat"

Veröffentlicht am 26. Februar 2017 von Markus W. in Danko Jones, Heavy Metal, Punkrock, News, AFM, Hardrock, Toronto, Alternative Rock

(8/10) Toronto, ON is a great city. The Blue Jays, the Waterfront area with the lake and the CN Tower, all exciting things to watch and experience. It’s a vital city with a positive vibe that makes you feel home very easily. It’s not a surprise that the city comes with a great music scene too and Danko Jones is a part of it.

The charismatic singer and guitarist is a steady part of rock and metal too, with a bunch of studio records in his musical backpack.

Not only that Danko Jones release good records, it’s his passion for music that makes his live shows even more intense than what comes on a regular longplayer. However, new songs are important too and after having released “Fire Music” in 2015 the Canadian musician puts a new disc on the market. This time he’s inspired by the energy of a wild cat and as a logical consequence, the title for the record was found – “Wild Cat”.

The opener "I Gotta Rock" is an energizer in the typical Danko Jones fashion. Spot on and to the point, that's what the tune is about, followed by the hammering "My Little Rock'n'Roll". A more melodic number, entitled “Going Out Tonight”, a song that combines a great rock’n’roll vibe with a punk simplicity, rounds off this starting trilogy. "You are My Woman" is reminding in parts of Thin Lizzy before "Do This Every Night" focuses on a mighty beat and a grooving bassline. With "Let's Start Dancing" the frontman moves into a fast and furious mode. This tune is more like a melodic riot than a proper dance song.

What's next? The title track. It reminded me in some way to Blackfoot since the tune has a certain Southern expression while still being 100% Danko Jones. The rest of the album can easily live up to the mentioned songs. Danko Jones can maintain a high quality level throughout.

As with the predecessors also "Wild Cat" is a powerful rock beast that will create extra excitement in the group of Danko Jones fans. And in case you missed the Canadian axeman so far, you should give this longplayer a chance. Excellent music and great entertainment. Stay hungry, stay wild, become a "Wild Cat".





  1. I Gotta Rock
  2. My Little Rock'n'Roll
  3. Going OutTonight
  4. You Are My Woman
  5. Do This Every Night
  6. Let's Start Dancing
  7. Wild Cat
  8. She Likes It
  9. Success in Bed
  10. Diamond Lady
  11. Revolution (But The We Make Love)


Label: AFM Records

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: March 3rd, 2017


CD review DANKO JONES "Wild Cat"

CD review ONCE HUMAN "Evolution"

Veröffentlicht am 25. Februar 2017 von Markus W. in Once Human, CD Review, News, Melodic Death Metal, Death Metal, Thrash Metal, earMUSIC

(7/10) The debut “The Life I Remember” has been released in 2015 and created some interest and excitement. Once Human’s sophomore record “Evolution” follows this year and comes with nine new tracks that are anchored in death metal a la Arch Enemy.

The band is the brainchild of former Machine Head guitarist Logan Mader, also known from bands like Soulfly. After having been behind the scene, producing metal records from bands such as Devil Driver, Mader did the step back into the spotlight with Only Human.

“Evolution” is an album that is death metal-based but it also shows some references to metalcore. In general there’s nothing wrong with this release, but you can sense already that it’s not the very prefect one too.

Lauren Hart does a great job and her screams are more than once comparable with the earlier mentioned Arch Enemy during the Angela Gossow days. Also riffs and production don’t give a reason for complaints. The album sounds divers and powerful even though some of the songs are coming with an end that’s fading out.

What’s in my opinion a bit of a downside with “Evolution” is that it feels like the band using a cookie cutter approach for their songs. After a few tracks I had the feeling of having heard it before. Again, there’s nothing wrong with the individual songs and maybe it’s only me, but the album felt a bit lengthy over time. The second thing I want to mention is that Only Human has recorded good music but the level of uniqueness isn’t sky-high.

“Evolution” is solid melodic death metal album that is modern and dynamic. It comes with a lot of power and energy, featuring songs that are good but not unique. Not more, but also not less.





  1. Flock Of Flesh
  2. Eye Of Chaos
  3. Mass Murder Frenzy
  4. Gravity
  5. Dark Matter
  6. Paragon
  7. Drain
  8. Killers For The Cure
  9. Passenger


Label: earMUSIC

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: February 10th, 2017

CD review ONCE HUMAN "Evolution"

New NIGHT DEMON longplayer in April

Veröffentlicht am 24. Februar 2017 von Markus W. in Night Demon, Heavy Metal, NWoBHM, Power Metal, News, Steamhammer

Heavy metal maniacs Night Demon will release their sophomore album "Darkness Remains" on April 21st, 2017 via Steamhammer/SPV. The disc follows the well-received debut "Curse of the Damned" and features ten new songs. Here comes the artwork and the tracklist.
  1. Welcome to the Night
  2. Hallowed Ground
  3. Maiden Hell
  4. Stranger in the Room
  5. Life on the Run
  6. Dawn Rider
  7. Black Widow
  8. On Your Own
  9. Flight of the Manticore (instr.)
  10. Darkness Remains
  11. We Will Rock You (Queen cover) (Bonus)
  12. Turn Up the Night (Black Sabbath cover) (Bonus)

New NIGHT DEMON longplayer in April


Veröffentlicht am 24. Februar 2017 von Markus W. in Blackfield, Rock, Prog Rock, Hardrock, News, CD, Ambient, KSCOPE, Steven Wilson

(9/10) “V” marks, how could it be different, the fifth album of the genius cooperation of Aviv Geffen and Steven Wilson. These guys started their collaboration after Geffen, a big fan of Porcupine Tree, invited the band to Israel for a concert. What start in 2000 led to the two musicians working on some first songs together resulting in the “Blackfield” album that was published in 2004.

Blackfield stick, with the exception of “Welcome to My DNA”, to a numbering of their record and therefore it’s a logical consequence to entitle this longplayer “V”.

The two iconic musicians deepened their cooperation with each longplayer, being supported by Seffy Efrati, Tomer Z. and Eran Metelman.

The album starts with a classic intro named “A drop in the Ocean” which an atmospheric piece of music that brings some calmness into nowadays hectic life. “Family Man” is next and provides a more rocking vibe. The song never gets really loud, but it reaches a level of intensity that is outstanding. What surprises is the fact that each of the tunes in “V” is very spot-on. You might expect long epical tunes on such a record but not in this case. Two tracks go above a four minutes length while the rest stays within a framework of 3-4 minutes.

There are more of these beautiful rocking anthems on “V”. “We’ll Never be Apart” is one of them and “Later” unveils the rocking passion of the duo.

Next to their tunes there are the soulful moments like “Sorrys”; songs built on beautiful melodies and wide soundscapes that makes each of these numbers to a delicious acoustic experience. Like with intro, these songs are best while taking you earphones, and closing your eyes. The music will take you to a cinematic journey that comes with a lot of emotional depth. Fragile moments next to powerful sections provide the listener with a constant arc of suspense from beginning to end.

“V” is Backfields’ fifth studio longplayer and it’s hopefully not their last. This pair of experienced and passionate musicians brings beauty in this grayish world. Excellent music done by outstanding musicians. Two thumbs up.





  1. A Drop in the Ocean
  2. Family Man
  3. How Was Your Ride
  4. We’ll Never be Apart
  5. Sorrys
  6. Life is an Ocean
  7. Lately
  8. October
  9. The Jackal
  10. Salt Water
  11. Undercover Heart
  12. Lonely Soul
  13. Fromm 44 to 48



Genre: Progressive Rock

Release Date EU: February 10th, 2017

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