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NEW MODEL ARMY documentary and tour dates

Veröffentlicht am 27. Februar 2017 von Markus W. in New Model Army, News, Rock, Indie, Alternative Rock, Live, Tour

New Model Army will release a documentary entitled „The New Model Army Story: Between Dog and Wolf“. Release date of the DVD / Blu-ray will be March 3rd via earMUSIC.

New Model Army will be also on tour in March and here are the dates:

  • 02 March Lille, Le Splendid
  • 03 March Rennes, L'Etage
  • 04 March Vaureal, Le Forum
  • 05 March Lyon, Ninkasi Kao
  • 07 March Lausanne, Les Docks
  • 08 March Pratteln, Z7
  • 09 March Vienna, WUK
  • 10 March Budapest, Barba Negra Music Club
  • 11 March Wörgl, Komma
  • 12 March Regensburg, Mischwerk
  • 14 March Augsburg, Kantine
  • 15 March Ravensburg, Oberschwabenklub
  • 16 March Karlsruhe, Substage
  • 17 March Aschaffenburg, Colos Saal
  • 18 March Dortmund, FZW
  • 19 March Bielefeld, Ringlokschuppen
  • 21 March Rostock, Mau Club
  • 22 March Stockholm, Debaser Strand
  • 23 March Göteborg, Sticky Fingers
  • 24 March Oslo, John Dee
  • 25 March Malmö, Babel
  • 26 March Kiel, Max
  • 28 March Bremen, Aladin
  • 29 March Hengelo, Metropool
  • 30 March Rotterdam, Maassilo
  • 31 March Norwich, The Waterfront
  • 01 April Bilston, The Robin 2
  • 02 April Northampton, Roadmender
  • 04 April Glasgow, The Garage
  • 05 April Newcastle, Riverside
  • 06 April Sheffield, Corporation
  • 07 April Southampton, Engine Rooms
  • 08 April Durbuy Rock Festival (BE)
  • 27 May Bearded Theory Festival (UK)
  • 21 July Mainz, Frankfurter Hof
  • 27 August A New Day Festival (UK)
  • 28 August Castell Roc, Chepstow Castle (UK)
NEW MODEL ARMY documentary and tour dates

CD review THE SMASHING PUMPKINS "Monuments to an elegy"

Veröffentlicht am 15. Dezember 2014 von Markus W. in Smashing Pumpkins, Alternative Rock, Alternative Metal, Rock, Indie, Independent, News, CD Review

(7/10) The Smashing Pumkins are part of the alternative rock/metal scene since many years. The band released already quite some records and has with "Monuments to an elegy" a new longplayer on the market. It is the eighth CD of Billy Corgan's band - he is the only founding member and he is responsible for the creative direction of the band.

After having a longer break, actually the band disbanded in 2000, The Smashing Pumpkins released the comeback album "Zeitgeist" in 2007, followed by "Oceania" in 2012. After 24 more months the successor is published and according to Corgan it will not take too long till the next album will see the light of day. "Day of night" will be record number nine that will be released in autumn 2015. According to the singer and guitarist there has been the idea to publish a double album. In the end the decision was to release two seperate records in order to give the songs the attention needed.

Now, talking about the songs; what can we expect? "Monuments to an elegy" comes with nine tracks. Each of them is a well crafted alternative rock song, that gives you all the trademarks of the band. It is the unique voice of Billy Corgan that makes The Samshing Pumpkins very outstanding. It is his mumbling and almost monotonous way of singing that gives The Smshing Pumpkins its recoginistion value. Combined with the melancholic basic vibe the band created almost their own genre.

What is different with this album is the modernised sound of the band. That gave me a hard time since I like the band classic like "Siamese dreams" and "Mellon Collie" a lot. It was the mentioned unique sound in combination with an almost unsteered ferocity that excited me. This came partly back on "Zeitgeist" and also "Oceania". But the new album takes a more modern, I would say almost 'pop', direction. The Smashing Pumins used quite some samples and keyboards which give the music of the band a new expression. Tracks like the opener "Tiberius" reflect the old times partly, but there are on the other side tunes like "Run to me" that clearly shows a new side of the band. The last mentioned song is the most extreme on the album and is full of keyboards and sample. It is the most trendiest track the band/Corgan ever published and has nothing to do with band highlights like "Today".

"Monuments to an elegy" is doubtless a good album that will find its lovers. But I personally miss the unwillingness to compromisses from the earlier days. Or is the new album exactly reflecting this unwillingness? Could be as well. However, the new album shows another development of Billy Corgan's band and it is worth to give the album a fair chance.





  1. Tiberius
  2. Being beige
  3. Anaise!
  4. One and all
  5. Run 2 me
  6. Drum + fife
  7. Monuments
  8. Dorian
  9. Anti-hero


Label: Martha's Music

Genre: Alternative Rock

CD review THE SMASHING PUMPKINS "Monuments to an elegy"

CD review SHIT THE COW "Rissna" EP

Veröffentlicht am 20. August 2014 von Markus W. in Shit The Cow, Stoner Rock, Indie, Punk, Garage Rock, CD Review, Mammoth Mammoth, News

(9/10) Yesss. Shit The Cow is back with a new EP. Don't ask me why I like these guys, but their songs are just awesome. Already the last EP "Salt of the earth" took almost endless rounds in my player and the same happened to their first EP volume/cow". And now it's time for new stuff.

The guys from Stockholm, Sweden just kick ass. If you haven't heard them before I would describe them as the Swedish version of Mammoth Mammoth. It's the this mix if stoner rock, indie rock and garage rock which puts a spell on you. These guys are playing the music they like. No glimpse on money and commercial success. It seems that they just want to have a good time and having fun by what they are doing.

The new EP is named "Rissna", which is the small city up North in Sweden where they recorded the songs.

The opener "This is the shit" is really cool shit. It is a faster rock bastard which makes you addicted. The tune has potential for becoming a indie club hit. "Common enemy" takes it a bit easier. The track has a punky attitude and the vocals aren't maybe all to the point. But who cares. Song number three sounds like a metal track - at least when you read the name; "Legion of death". Stylewise it is similar to the opener and is a typical live tune. "Down below" goes really into the indie field. It's a slower track and spread almost a kind of dark expression. Last but not least "Piece of lead". The bouncer is probably the weakest tune on the album. It doesn't kick-in from the beginning. Could be that this one needs a bit more time.

But however. Still 80% winners and 20% OK. Not a bad average. As I said in the beginning; I like the energy and the kick-ass attitude from those guys and I can recommend you to check this EP. I wonder why they haven't got a record deal yet. They would have deserved it and if someone from a record comany reads this, please sign them.





  1. This is the shit
  2. Common enemy
  3. Legion of death
  4. Down below
  5. Piece of lead


Label: Selfreleased

Genre: Stoner Rock



CD review SHIT THE COW "Rissna" EP