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Veröffentlicht am 24. Februar 2017 von Markus W. in Blackfield, Rock, Prog Rock, Hardrock, News, CD, Ambient, KSCOPE, Steven Wilson

(9/10) “V” marks, how could it be different, the fifth album of the genius cooperation of Aviv Geffen and Steven Wilson. These guys started their collaboration after Geffen, a big fan of Porcupine Tree, invited the band to Israel for a concert. What start in 2000 led to the two musicians working on some first songs together resulting in the “Blackfield” album that was published in 2004.

Blackfield stick, with the exception of “Welcome to My DNA”, to a numbering of their record and therefore it’s a logical consequence to entitle this longplayer “V”.

The two iconic musicians deepened their cooperation with each longplayer, being supported by Seffy Efrati, Tomer Z. and Eran Metelman.

The album starts with a classic intro named “A drop in the Ocean” which an atmospheric piece of music that brings some calmness into nowadays hectic life. “Family Man” is next and provides a more rocking vibe. The song never gets really loud, but it reaches a level of intensity that is outstanding. What surprises is the fact that each of the tunes in “V” is very spot-on. You might expect long epical tunes on such a record but not in this case. Two tracks go above a four minutes length while the rest stays within a framework of 3-4 minutes.

There are more of these beautiful rocking anthems on “V”. “We’ll Never be Apart” is one of them and “Later” unveils the rocking passion of the duo.

Next to their tunes there are the soulful moments like “Sorrys”; songs built on beautiful melodies and wide soundscapes that makes each of these numbers to a delicious acoustic experience. Like with intro, these songs are best while taking you earphones, and closing your eyes. The music will take you to a cinematic journey that comes with a lot of emotional depth. Fragile moments next to powerful sections provide the listener with a constant arc of suspense from beginning to end.

“V” is Backfields’ fifth studio longplayer and it’s hopefully not their last. This pair of experienced and passionate musicians brings beauty in this grayish world. Excellent music done by outstanding musicians. Two thumbs up.





  1. A Drop in the Ocean
  2. Family Man
  3. How Was Your Ride
  4. We’ll Never be Apart
  5. Sorrys
  6. Life is an Ocean
  7. Lately
  8. October
  9. The Jackal
  10. Salt Water
  11. Undercover Heart
  12. Lonely Soul
  13. Fromm 44 to 48



Genre: Progressive Rock

Release Date EU: February 10th, 2017