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CD review VISTA CHINO "Peace"

Veröffentlicht am 30. August 2013 von Markus W. in Vista Chino, Stoner Rock, Kyuss, CD Review

The desert is not dead – the desert is ALIVE! Kyuss is back. Of course under a new name (Vista Chino), but with the same sound. After years of Garcia Plays Kyuss and Kyuss Live John Garcia started a band with new name – Vista Chino. This was mainly due to some legal reasons, but I also think, that the name doesn’t matter as long as the music is good. And I have to say that the music is good.

“Peace” is now the first album of the band and has 10 great songs. The starting point of the album is where they ended in 1995 with Kyuss’ “…and the circus leaves the town”. To stick to the terms I have to say that the circus is back. And that’s good.

Vista Chino plays very cool stoner rock. Nick Oliveri’s booming and pumping basslines together with Brant Bjork’s energetic drumming build the foundation for all the songs. On top of that the cool down-tuned swinging guitar from Bruno Fevery which creates together a sound like shimmering air in the desert heat. And with John’s distinctive voice you’re just back to the 90’s. Listen to songs Like “Barcelonian” or “Sweet remain” and you know what I mean. Also to mention is the 13 minute long “Acidize…the gambling moose”. Even though it is a very long song it doesn’t get boring at all. It is exciting from the beginning to the end. But actually it is not fair to just mention some tracks since all of them are good and there aren’t any fillers on the record.

“Peace” is an album which brings the heat into the coming autumn and for me this album is another highlight in 2013. Put on your sand storm glasses and enjoy the trip.





  1. Good morning wasteland
  2. Dragona Dragona
  3. Sweet remain
  4. As you wish
  5. Planets 1&2
  6. Adara
  7. Mas vino
  8. Dark and lovely
  9. Barcelonian
  10. Acidize … the gambling moose


Label: Napalm Records

Genre: Stoner Rock

Source: Naplam Records (promo)

Source: Naplam Records (promo)