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CD review AUDREY HORNE "Blackout"

Veröffentlicht am 20. Dezember 2017 von Markus W. in Audrey Horne, Blackout, Hardrock, NWoBHM, Rock, Classic Rock, CD Review, Napalm Records

CD review AUDREY HORNE "Blackout"

(9/10) Audrey Horne, hailing from Bergen, Norway, can hark back to some excellent longplayers and energetic live shows. Their hunger for hard rock music obviously can’t be fully stilled which is great for fans of classic rock music - in this case since it leads to a brand  new longplayer.

Three years after having pushed “Pure Heavy” into the open it’s “Blackout” that is the next delight for fans of well-crafted rock music. Toschie, Arve, Kjetil, Thomas and Espen added an album to their discography that shows again why these five Norwegians can constantly add new folks to their fan base.

“Blackout” comprises ten new songs that stand in the tradition of the earlier releases. Audrey Horne built the new longplayer on some classic rock roots and metal influences from the 70’s/early 80’s.

The five Norwegians start into the album with a song that most of you might have heard already. “This is War” was unveiled a while ago as video to promote the upcoming release. The tune is a lively one, done in a typical Audrey Horne fashion. It’s an uptempo track that combines the power of rock and catchy melodies, leading to a real earworm experience.

The next number on the album is built on a heavy bassline by Espen Lien. “Audrevolution”, which is the title of this song, has a punky expression. The joy of this tune is the straight forward approach that shows the beauty of simplicity. Next song, next variation. The title track “Blackout” refers to the 70’s rock roots and it’s bands like Thin Lizzy that came to my mind while listening to “Blackout”.

Compared to these energizers the gently swinging “This Man” feels more like a welcomed break before “Midnight Man” marks the next energizer on “Blackout”. The uptempo “Light Your Way” is a typical Audrey Horne smasher before “California” reveals again some classic rock passion. The tune, known from the last tour, is a heavily grooving one, kept in a moderate pace – a song that works perfect in a live context.

“Satellite” shows a bit of a new aspect of the Norwegian quintet. The number, that is still 100% Audrey Horne, is very rhythm-based with drums and bass getting a lot of attention. I like this tune since it widens the frames and feels like a successfully done experiment. Next to the moments that stretch the borders it is the flow of songs on the album that is done in a good manner. Almost in contrary to “Satellite” it’s “Naysayer” that honor the NWoBHM with some riffs reminding of the earlier Maiden days. Instead of ending up with a scattered picture with all these variations it’s the band’s sound signature that keeps every together very well, leading to a Gesamtkunstwerk.

It’s the galloping “Rose Alley” that rounds off another excellent Audrey Horne album. “Blackout” underlines Audrey Horne’s position in rock. This album is more than just some songs on a record. It showcases a band that has a distilled rock’n’roll vibe running through their veins, leading to another album with a real ‘wow factor’.





  1. This is War
  2. Audrevolution
  3. Blackout
  4. This Man
  5. Midnight Man
  6. Light Your Way
  7. California
  8. Satellite
  9. Naysayer
  10. Rose Alley


Label: Napalm Records

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: January 12th, 2018


Live Report DANKO JONES /AUDREY HORNE, Melkweg, Amsterdam, 19.03.2017

Veröffentlicht am 20. März 2017 von Markus W. in Danko Jones, Audrey Horne, News, Hardrock, Rock, Roc'n'Roll, Melkweg, Live Review, Live, Punkrock

Both bands, Danko Jones as well as Audrey Horne, are coming back to The Netherlands on a regular base; this year playing two shows in 'tulip country'; one in Tilburg on Saturday night followed by this gig in Amsterdam a day later.

Bergen-based hardrockers Audrey Horne got the task to warm up the crowd and the ones of you who had the chance to see the Norwegian quintet during an earlier show know, that these guys will succeed - and the did. The band focused again on the "Youngblood' album from 2013 and the ones of you who have seen the guys at last years Dynamo Metalfest are very familiar with the tunes, unfortunately this time without the smasher "There Goes the Lady". However, fans of the quintet could get over it since the guys added with "California" a brand new track to their setlist. If this track is representing the new material, Audrey Horne is strengthening the classic rock vibe with new songs that seem to sound awesome.

And what could finish a show from the Bergen-quintet better than jumping off the stage on the floor, performing "Straight Into the Grave" surrounded by fans that were partly surprised and mainly highly enthusiastic. It's only rock'n'roll and I like it, that's what an Audrey Horne show is about.

Audrey Horne was and is a pretty cool band; musicians who love the stage and like to play live. It was a great, and also challenging decision of Danko Jones to take the guys with him on tour. Good band, good songs, good attitude - horns up.

Live Report DANKO JONES /AUDREY HORNE, Melkweg, Amsterdam, 19.03.2017
Live Report DANKO JONES /AUDREY HORNE, Melkweg, Amsterdam, 19.03.2017
Live Report DANKO JONES /AUDREY HORNE, Melkweg, Amsterdam, 19.03.2017

Danko Jones left the winterly Toronto, embarking on a tour through Europe. The Amsterdam show marked the middle of the tour of Danko Jones and his two partner in crime - John Calabrese and Rich Knox. 

Concerts of the Canadian guitarist are energy boosts and the Melkweg show was no exception. "I Gotta Rock" was the first out of 21 songs that turned the venue into a madhouse. It was a very clear statement about what this evening is about - rock'n'roll, power and no compromise.

The three-piece band pushed the pedal to the metal, from the first note to the last tone played that night. As always, Danko Jones and his band where fully motivated and with each tune that was blown into the hungry rock'n'roll crowd, the temperature rose at Melkweg. Talking about the fans; the trio has a pretty wide fanbase - from younger kids up to older fans who already appreciated the 70's rock days. This show was party of different generations, all fascinated by rock.

As mentioned earlier, the set featured 21 songs and the choice of tracks was no reason for complaint. The band focused on the last two records, "Wild Cat" and "Fire Music", but there was also enough old stuff, like "Lovercall" from the 2002 debut, that helped to turn the venue into a temple of rock'n'roll. Even though Danko Jones has many songs in his repertoire he also added a cover version to this show. The Clash have been honored that night with a heavy version of "I'm So Bored With the U.S.A..

That Danko Jones is, next to being a passionate guitar player and good singer, a great entertainer too is what he showed partly between the songs. This man loves his fans and talking to them is more than an obligation; it's a pleasure for the Canadian rocker. So he 'sold' a slightly adjusted verse of "The Twisting Knife" as a goodie for the fans, he appreciated that fans came to listen to his songs even though there are billion of songs existing and he showed his appreciation for everybody who came to a show on a Sunday night, without even thinking about Monday. And as he stated somewhere during the show: "I'm enjoying myself immensely", something that was more than obvious.

Danko Jones stands for pure adrenaline that gets even an extra boost the moment he enters the stage; at least this is what can feel as being part of such an event. He uses music and his songs as an outlet, electrifying the fans with every single song. This Sunday night in March was a hot one with bands and fans heading for the same aim - loud music, fun and party. 


Live Report DANKO JONES /AUDREY HORNE, Melkweg, Amsterdam, 19.03.2017
Live Report DANKO JONES /AUDREY HORNE, Melkweg, Amsterdam, 19.03.2017
Live Report DANKO JONES /AUDREY HORNE, Melkweg, Amsterdam, 19.03.2017

Setlist Danko Jones:

  1. I Gotta Rock
  2. Play the Blues
  3. Sugar Chocolate
  4. First date
  5. You Are My Woman
  6. Code of the Road
  7. The Twisting Knife
  8. Forget My Name
  9. Do You Wanna Rock
  10. Legs
  11. Full of Regret
  12. My Little Roc'n'Roll
  13. Had Enough
  14. Going Out Tonight
  15. Watch You Slide
  16. Cadillac
  17. Lovercall
  18. Gonna Be A Fight Tonght
  19. Rock Shit Hot (Encore)
  20. I'm So Bored With the U.S.A.(Encore)
  21. Mountain (Encore)


Setlist Audrey Horne:

  1. Redemption Blues
  2. This Ends Here
  3. Youngblood
  4. Pretty Little Sunshine
  5. California
  6. Out of the City
  7. Waiting for the Night
  8. Straight Into the Grave


Location: Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Date: 19.03.2017



Interview with Toschie & Arve from AUDREY HORNE

Veröffentlicht am 2. August 2016 von Markus W. in Audrey Horne, Classic Rock, Interview, News, Rock, Heavy Metal, Heavy Rock, Dynamo Metal Fest

Interview with Toschie & Arve from AUDREY HORNE

Markus’ Heavy Music Blog: We are here at the Dynamo Metal Fest in Eindhoven. When you hear these two words ‚Dynamo‘ and ‚Eindhoven‘, what comes to mind?

Toschie: There is a club here in Eindhoven called Dynamo and we played that club Of course, I have also heard about this festival way back.

Arve: I think it was much bigger in the past?


MHMB: True. It was much bigger and had a revival last year with this new location.

Arve: OK. So we heard about it in the past but today was the first time that we played this festival.


MHMB: Audrey Horne went on stage pretty early today as the second band. How was that?

Toschie: Yeah, it was special, but there were a lot of people that early. When we do bigger festivals, for example in France or Germany, we are sometimes early too and sometimes late on the billing list. Especially for the early shows we are always nervous in the sense of 'will there be anyone out there?'. But it's always really packed, also the early shows. If you would do this in Norway, being the second band on a festival, no one would be there. People often come for the last three to four bands and hang around on the festival camp for the rest of the day. You hear people say "show starts, let's go there".

Arve: I think that this is also one of the good things with a one-day festival. People show up and going for the whole festival. I mean, if you go for 3 or 4 days, people start to get tired and you might want to sleep longer.


MHMB: Today we have nine bands and the festival is, as you said Arve, a one-day event. I have the feeling that those huge festivals have become a kind of general entertainment event while a smaller festival like this one is more focused on the music. How do you see this as a band?

Arve: Let's say, for us it's different. As you said, this one is better for the music, because people are really focussed on the music. I haven't had a walk around here yet, but I guess there is not that much more to do here than listen to the music. And we like this focus on the music, which is definitely a good thing for us. But I also think that if the festival is for more than one day, people also need something else to entertain themselves than only music.


MHMB: The last time I saw Audrey Horne live was in the Baroeg in Rotterdam, which is a rather small venue. How is it to be on such a big stage like the one here at Dynamo?

Arve: I actually love both. On smaller stages you can get far more intimate with the audience and you can connect far better. The bigger stage instead provides more space to move. So, both have good things with it.

Toschie: They are two different things. I personally, I get more of a kick out of club shows. Festival shows are cool in the sense that you have a lot of room and you have the chance to play for a bigger audience, which is always beneficial. The first time we played Helfest made Audrey Horne more popular in France. So many people saw us, most of them for the first time, and we got a huge response from France which gave us the opportunity to play a club show tour in France. So, being on the main stage of a festival is like perfect marketing for a band.

Arve: Another thing is that at smaller venues you are creating the atmosphere and the energy together with the audience, while on bigger stages you more or less have to do it between ourselves. However, both are fun.


MHMB: If I look on the billing of today, you guys stand out a bit. Between all the power metal, death metal,... you guys are into classic rock with Audrey Horne.

Toschie: I love to be the dark horse. I remember when we first started to play metal festivals I felt sort of out of place. I felt almost like I don't belong here. But then, after I while, I noticed that fans are actually listening to us. In between all the brutal metal we serve something 'sexy' with our music and people like it. It's almost like sitting around a table of half empty beer bottles and somebody puts down a bottle of champagne - that's us. An interesting thing that I noticed in Europe in general is that most festivals are themed, like a traditional metal festival, a black metal festival and so on. In Norway things are different. There they take very different music which leads to billings that include Behemoth and R.E.M. playing at the same festival. That's something very normal in Norway. Just before I came here, I was in the more northern parts of Norway to visit family. They had a festival up there where they had bands doing German-like Schlager music following Danko Jones. That is also one of the reasons why people don't go to a show at the festival too early. It is more a happening where you go to have a drink with your buddies and maybe watch a show of a band later.


MHMB: Let's have a bit of a look into the future. You guys will play a few shows in Norway during the summer, but the main question is: when will there be a new Audrey Horne album?

Toschie: Yes, that's right. We will do some festivals in Norway and I think this is pretty much it, what we will do live this year.

Arve: The next Audrey Horne album is actually our biggest focus at the moment. Right now we are writing new songs.

Toschie: So we need some time at the moment. We will be in the rehearsal room and in Arve's studio for the pre-production. Hopefully in January/February 2017 we'll start recording the new album.



Interview with Toschie & Arve from AUDREY HORNE

MHMB: Can you tell us already a bit about how the new album will sound?

Arve: To be honest, we don't really know yet. We have been writing for a while and we have a bunch of ideas. Some are more like classic hard rock as on the last two albums while some other stuff is slightly different. We haven't put it together yet and it still can go in all directions.


MHMB: A totally different question. You guys are from Bergen which is probably the most important metal town in Norway. What is the secret of Bergen producing so many good rock and metal bands? It can't only be the rain, or?

Arve: I actually think that it has a lot to do with rain. You can't do many things outdoors due to the weather so you do indoor stuff, like playing music.

Toschie: I also think it has a lot to do with the size of the city. In Oslo you have, for example, the garage rock bands that stick to themselves and you have the black metal bands sticking to themselves and so on. Bergen instead isn't a big city nor is it a small village. So when we go out we hang around with musicians from the jazz scene, from the indie rock scene, from the black metal scene and so on. We have friends in all kind of genres which makes it easy for people to get influenced by each other. Based on that there are a lot of crossover things happening in Bergen, something that makes music far more interesting and innovative.


MHMB: That was all my questions. Thanks guys for spending some time with Markus’ Heavy Music Blog.

Arve and Toschie: Thanks for having us.

Interview with Toschie & Arve from AUDREY HORNE

Final line-up for DYNAMO METAL FEST 2016

Veröffentlicht am 9. Mai 2016 von Markus W. in Dynamo Metal Fest, Tour, News, Anthrax, Metal Church, Sacred Reich, Life Of Agony, Powerwolf, At The Gates, Audrey Horne

The Dynamo Open Air has a long history. Years before the famous Wacken Open Air opened the gates for the first time, it was the Dynamo Open Air in Eindhoven, Holland that brought thousands of metalheads to Noord Brabant. Many influencial thrash bands like Testament, Anthrax, Laaz Rocket... made the festival to a real highlight in metal, with a peak of more than 100.000 visitors in 1995.

20 years later, in 2015, new life was blown into this iconic festival, followed now by the new 2016 edition. The line-up for this one-day festival is oustanding. Bands like Anthrax are coming back to Eindhoven but also Life Of Agony and Sacred Reich are part of the line-up. A highlight is for sure the show of the re-energised Metal Church with their new/old frontman Mike Howe. So, there is no reason for not going to Eindhoven on July 16th this year.


Dynamo Metal Fest homepage

Final line-up for DYNAMO METAL FEST 2016

Live review AUDREY HORNE, '77, and PET THE PREACHER, Baroeg, Rotterdam, 29.11.2014

Veröffentlicht am 30. November 2014 von Markus W. in Audrey Horne, '77, Pet The Preacher, Hardrock, Rock, Classic Rock, Live Review, News

A Saturday night and rock'n'roll is a good combination. Can't be better. It was the Baroeg in Rotterdam that hosted one of those rock Saturday nights yesterday. A triple power rock package, being on the road right now in Europe, stopped in the Dutch harbor city to rock the house. Audrey Horne is the headliner of the tour supported by the Spanish four-piece '77 and Danish Pet The Preacher.

It was the Danish dynamite trio that had to warm-up the crowd. Unfortunatley I missed the Pet The Preacher show but what I heard was that the guys did a good job. And knowing their powerful hardrock/classic rock sound I can easily imagine that.

Live review AUDREY HORNE, '77, and PET THE PREACHER, Baroeg, Rotterdam, 29.11.2014
Live review AUDREY HORNE, '77, and PET THE PREACHER, Baroeg, Rotterdam, 29.11.2014
Live review AUDREY HORNE, '77, and PET THE PREACHER, Baroeg, Rotterdam, 29.11.2014

Than it was time for '77. The band from Barcelona made clear that Spain rocks. The big idols of '77 are AC/DC. They get lot of inspiration from the guys from down under. '77 plays straight-forward hardrock that is very much riff-based and has those typical AC/DC basslines. Actually music for live shows.

And that is also what the crowd got that night. In almost an hour the band burned down the Baroeg. The songs sounded live even better than on the album. It was amazing how tight they played together - esp. since they had two new guys on bass and drums. But the two youngsters did a great job. And in the end it is also the entertainment talent of the Valeta brothers that is a real success factor of '77. The two guys have been constantly in action, moved from the left to the right, played in front of the stage and actually took a round through the venue while still playing the six-string. This is rock'n'roll and if you haven't heard from the band before you should go to see them live.

Live review AUDREY HORNE, '77, and PET THE PREACHER, Baroeg, Rotterdam, 29.11.2014

This put a lot of pressure on Audrey Horne. Could they top such a show? Yes, they did. Bergen is more than only rain, clouds, black metal and death metal. At least since Audrey Horne started many years ago.

The focus of the five-piece from Norway was on their latest longplayer "Pure heavy". And their show was exactly this - 'pure heavy'. After the Muppets show theme as an intro they started with two highlights from the new album. "Wolf in my heart" and my fave "Holy roller" have set the tone of voice for the coming 90 minutes. A few more song from "Pure heavy" have got a spot on the setlist like "Volcano girl", "tales from the crypt" and a few more.

In the second half of the show Audrey Horne revealed also some older stuff. "Redemption blues" from "Youngblood" has been performed as well as "Blaze odf ashes" from the self-titled second album. Only songs from the first two albums have been missing. But however - each of the sixteen performed rock tunes was a highlight anyhow.

Also remarkable was the power the band spread from the first to the last note. Toschie was constantly in action. The trio Ice Dale, Thomas Tofthagen and Espen Lien was posing in best rock'n'roll style and Kjetil Greve's punch on drums was the merciless motor behind the other guys.

In the end things get really unique. The band actually left the stage and performed in the crowd while they have given the stage to a guy filming (I'm curious when this lands on YouTube). So you had Toschie, Thomas, Ice and Espen standing in the middle of the venue surrounded by fans which went crazy. This was a pure rock'n'roll feeling. And while other bands talk about being close to their fans Audrey Horne practiced it. Respect.

It was great evening with bands that are for sure fun to watch and listen to live. The tour continues through the UK, Germany and few more contries. If I would be you I would go there. Pure fun and pure heavy.

Live review AUDREY HORNE, '77, and PET THE PREACHER, Baroeg, Rotterdam, 29.11.2014

Setlist Audrey Horne:

  1. Intro: Muppets show theme
  2. Wolf in my heart
  3. Holy roller
  4. Youngblood
  5. There goes the lady
  6. Volcano girl
  7. Out of the city
  8. Tales from the crypt
  9. Pretty little sunshine
  10. Into the wild
  11. Show and tell
  12. Blaze of ashes
  13. Straight into the grave
  14. Redemption blues (Encore)
  15. Waiting for the night (Encore)
  16. This ends here (Encore)


Live review AUDREY HORNE, '77, and PET THE PREACHER, Baroeg, Rotterdam, 29.11.2014
Live review AUDREY HORNE, '77, and PET THE PREACHER, Baroeg, Rotterdam, 29.11.2014
Live review AUDREY HORNE, '77, and PET THE PREACHER, Baroeg, Rotterdam, 29.11.2014
Live review AUDREY HORNE, '77, and PET THE PREACHER, Baroeg, Rotterdam, 29.11.2014
Live review AUDREY HORNE, '77, and PET THE PREACHER, Baroeg, Rotterdam, 29.11.2014
Live review AUDREY HORNE, '77, and PET THE PREACHER, Baroeg, Rotterdam, 29.11.2014

AUDREY HORNE rocked the Baroeg in Rotterdam

Veröffentlicht am 30. November 2014 von Markus W. in Audrey Horne, Hardrock, Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, News

Here are some photos. The review will follow...


Update: Review is online with a few more photos (also from '77)

AUDREY HORNE rocked the Baroeg in Rotterdam
AUDREY HORNE rocked the Baroeg in Rotterdam
AUDREY HORNE rocked the Baroeg in Rotterdam
AUDREY HORNE rocked the Baroeg in Rotterdam
AUDREY HORNE rocked the Baroeg in Rotterdam

Interview with Torkjell "Toschie" Rød from AUDREY HORNE

Veröffentlicht am 13. Oktober 2014 von Markus W. in Audrey Horne, '77, Pet The Preacher, Hardrock, Rock, Classic Rock, News, Interview

Norwegian classic rockers Audrey Horne released a new album a few days ago. MHMB wanted to know a bit more about „Pure heavy“. I was talking to singer Toschie some days ago and he gave some new insights into the album and also a preview on the upcoming tour in autumn. Here you go:




Markus Heavy Music Blog: Hi Toschie. Great having the chance to talk to you. How are you?


Toschie: I’m good, thanks.


MHMB: Are you in Bergen right now - and is it raining (note: Bergen has a lot of rain due to geographical circumstances)


Toschie: No, actually we had a great summer this year. But there is a lot of rain supposed to come during the weekend.


MHMB: Something more pleasant is the fact that you guys have a new album up and running. How does it feel?


Toschie: It’s always a great feeling. It is something you work on for a long time, you develop it, you ‚polish‘ it’ and you want it to be as good as possible. So when a new album is being released it is very exciting since there is the curiosity about how people will perceive the record. It’s about the question if the fans like the new stuff or if it’s only us who likes it. 

So far we have received really good reviews on our album and this gives us of course a good feeling.


MHMB: I have to say that I like it too. And I can see some development during the last albums. It seems that you guys have taken away the melancholic parts in your songs.


Toschie: That's right. It just happened. We never really planned to change our music. But we adjusted the way we wrote music and we also recorded differently. On the first two albums we had the situation that Arve was sitting at his place and wrote some music. Thomas was doing the same thing. Than I actually came over to both of them and added the melody lines and the lyrics. After that we went into the studio with those finished songs, which we actually haven’t really played so far. During time we recognized that something is missing. We had the feeling that this typical live atmosphere isn’t on our albums. That was the kickstart for changing the way of how we wrote music. We began to work on new stuff all together in the rehearsal room and also tried to record live - all together. By doing this we had the idea to get the right attitude and energy on the album.

This way of working had an impact on our music. It is something different if you sitting at home with your guitar in your lap compared to the new approach. That’s one reason why the album lost the melancholy from your earlier releases.

Photo: Napalm Records (Promo)

Photo: Napalm Records (Promo)

MHMB: Classic rock got a bigger focus on „Pure heavy“. The alternative metal trademarks of the first albums are almost gone over time. Was this also due to the new way of working?


Toschie: The before said also had an influence on the more classic rock approach on the new album. It is basically the fact that all of us has listened to the same bands when we were young. Since we worked all togther those influences came more up to the surface again and had an impact on our music.. 


MHMB: This might also added a certain ease to „Pure heavy“. It feels like you guys did what you wanted to do instead of recording what you had to record.


Toschie: Yeah, it’s that, but it’s also the we are became older. And if you get older you start to care less. Things that have been really important when we started twelve years ago are less important today. We have chosen the approach of ‚let’s go out and focus on something that we enjoy‘. The rest doesn’t matter.


MHMB: If you compare „Youngblood“ and „Pure heavy“, where do you see the biggest differences?


Toschie: In the end it is very much the same. We wrote „Pure heavy“ in the same way as we did „Youngblood“, we recorded it in the same way and we also taped it live. The difference is that on the new record we wanted to use the benefits of the recording studio. We wanted to make the sound a bit bigger. We did some more overdubs, we used some samples and played around with some ideas regarding the sound. So „Youngblood’ is much more of a band playing live while the new album added another dimension to it. This is something which we always do. We don’t want to repeat ourselves constantly. We want to bring it to the next level.


MHMB:„Pure heavy“ has in the middle of the album an intermezzo called „Diamond“. It’s a full acoustic song and my thought was: Are you trying out if a ballad also would work for Audrey Horne?


Toschie: We started to write songs for „Pure heavy“ quite shortly after releasing „Youngblood“ and all the new material was meant to be on the new album. One exception: „Diamond“. This track is actually out of the „Le fol“ session. We wanted to do a slow song at that time. But for the one or the other reason we never finished it. While working on the new record we came across „Diamond“ and we recognized that it’s a pretty good song. So we sat down and finished the track. We kept it there, as you said, as an intermezzo and we realized that it shouldn't be too long. It’s enough to keep it short and acoustic. It actually was Jørgen, the producer, who convinced us based on the lyrics to keep it on vocals and guitars onl. And it works pretty well.

Photo: Napalm Records (Promo)

Photo: Napalm Records (Promo)

MHMB: Toschie, I heard a rumor regarding  „Tales from the crypt’.Is it true that you guys wanted to record the song together with Joan Jett?


Toschie: This is true. When we wrote the song we noticed that the guitars on that song are kept very simple and to the point. I just said, that it feels like a song Joan Jett should sing on. So we contacted our manager and asked him to try to get hold of her to see, if she is interested in doing something. But we couldn’t get in touch with her and we had to go to the studio. Time was running at that time. So we it was a good idea, but we did the song for ourselves.


MHMB: My personal highlight on the album is „Holy roller“. This song just blew me a way when I heard it the first time. I hope you guys have it on the setlist for the coming tour.


Toschie: Oh believe me - it will be there since we love to play this song live.


MHMB: Talking about the tour. Audrey Horne will be on tour this autumn in Europe. You’re supported by ’77 and Pet The Preacher. Do you know those guys already?


Toschie: I never met them so far but of course I heard their music. Pet The Preacher was fairly new to me while I knew about '77. I think it will be great tour since all bands are really good ones and fit perfectly together in a rock package. After touring with different bands like Enslaved and Solstafir in the past it's this time more a ‚good time hardrock' combination. 


MHMB: Toschie, is there something more from your side for the fans?


Toschie: Not that much, but I want to say to all the readers that they should check our new album "Pure heavy" and that they should come to our shows. As you mentioned we will have a tour now during autumn, but we are also planning an new tour in the beginning of 2015 to visit even more cities.


MHMB: That's good news. Thanks a lot for your time and we'll see each other on tour.


Toschie: Thanks for having me. 



CD review AUDREY HORNE "Pure heavy"

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(8/10) The new album from Audrey Horne means 45 minutes of pure fun and rock'n'roll entertainment. The continuity of the high quality level of the band from Bergen, Norway is amazing. What started in 2002 as a funproject of some black metal guys turned into a successful classic-/hardrock band. 

"Pure heavy" is now already the fifth full-length release of the band and I think one of the most mature ones. Over time the sound of Audrey Horne moved more and more towards pure classic rock. This style was present in their sound of the early days already, but at that time they mixed it more with some alternative and post grunge elements. Therefore "Pure heavy" is a well chosen title of the record.

"Pure heavy" comes with eleven killers and no filler. For me the best song of the album comes already early in the beginning. After the good opener "Wolf in my heart" it's the fast "Holy roller" that creates pure excitement. It is right to the point with some crispy guitars and galloping beats. A live song per excellence.

As I said earlier the classic rock influences became bigger. Songs like "Gravity" and esp. "Out of the city" have a strong Thin Lizzy touch. Audrey Horne interprets this style in a good and own way. They are inspired but they never copy.

With "Diamond" the album also has a one and a half minutes intermezzo just by the acoustic guitar and Toschie's vocals. But than it's over with the silence again. The riff from "Into the wild" brings you back into the headbanging mode. 

Next to mentioned tunes their is the mean groove monster "Waiting for the night" with a great melody plus a catchy chorus that rocks. 

The hypnotic "Boy wonder" is the final track on the album and again a powerful one that leaves you behind slack-jawed. What suits the track too is the short releaxed instrumental part half way. This is a welcome break followed by a melodic guitar solo. 

"Pure heavy" is an excellent new album from Audrey Horne and I liked what I heard. Fans of the and can easily go for it and hardrockers in general will not be disappointed too. Cool stuff.





  1. Wolf in my heart
  2. Holy roller
  3. Out of the city
  4. Volcano girl
  5. Tales from the cyrpt
  6. Diamond
  7. Into the wild
  8. Gravity
  9. High and dry
  10. Waiting for the night
  11. Boy wonder


Label: Naplam Records

Genre: Classic Rock

CD review AUDREY HORNE "Pure heavy"

AUDREY HORNE is one tour is on tour

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Norwegian classic rockers Audrey Horne are on tour this autumn. Their support is 77 from Spain and Pet The Preacher. Sounds like a cool package. Here are the dates:


AUDREY HORNE is one tour is on tour

New AUDREY HORNE video feat Johan Hegg from AMON AMARTH

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Audrey Horne hooked up with Johan Hegg from the mighty Amon Amarth for the new video of the Norwegian hardrockers. The song is called "Out of the city" and is a pretty good one. But the video is even better. A hilarious one.


AUDREY HORNE tour dates

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On September 26 Audrey Horne will release their new studio album "Pure heavy" followed by a tour through Europe together with 77 and Pet The Preacher. Sounds like a cool package


Support: 77 

26.11.14 Germany Essen Turock  
27.11.14 Germany Hamburg  Headcrash  
28.11.14 Belgium Hasselt Muziekodroom   
29.11.14 Holland Rotterdam  Baroeg 
01.12.14 UK Manchester Satans Hollow  
02.12.14 UK London Underworld  
03.12.14 France Nantes  Ferrailleur    
04.12.14 France Luynes  Korigan   
05.12.14 France Colmar  Grillen   
06.12.14 France Paris  Nouveau Casino 
08.12.14 Germany Köln Underground  
09.12.14 Germany München Feierwerk  
10.12.14 Germany Berlin Magnet  
11.12.14 Germany Ludwigsburg Rockfabrik   
12.12.14 Austria Wien Arena
13.12.14 Switzerland Oberentfelden Börom Pöm Pöm






Photo:  Øystein Haara /

Photo: Øystein Haara /


GRAND MAGNUS headlines "Rock revelation" tour

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Under the header "Rock revelation" the following package tours through Europe next spring: Grand Magnus, Audrey Horne, Zodiac and The Vintage Caravan. A cool package...

Source: Pirate Smile (Promo)

Source: Pirate Smile (Promo)


Tour dates from AUDREY HORNE

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Norways rockers Audrey Horne will play some shows in Europe. Karma to Burn and the Dutch band Gold will be their support. Check out the dates.

Source: Naplam Records (promo)

Source: Naplam Records (promo)