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Veröffentlicht am 13. November 2017 von Markus W. in Black Sabbath, The End, Heavy Metal, Hardrock, Doom Metal, NWoBHM, Classic Rock, Live, CD Review, DVD Review


Actually 'the end' happened already some months ago. Black Sabbath, the iconic four-piece band that influenced metal and rock music as much as probably no one else, said goodbye after almost 50 years in rock. After half of a century the band returned to their cradle of metal, Birmingham, to play a final show. It was like coming home and ending things at the place where this legendary journey began.

It was on February 4th, when Tony Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne and Geezer Butler, together with drummer Tommy Clufetos, entered the stage for a final show with the final curtain dropping that night.

Black Sabbath has a huge amount of fans all over this planet and not everybody could make it to England that night. Therefor Black Sabbath will publish a DVD/Blu-ray package entitled "The End" which tells the story of the final tour with its highlight in Birmingham.

Black Sabbath final release will come in various formats. Next to DVD and Blu-ray there will be a 2 CD set as well as the record being available as 3LP vinyl version.

It goes without saying that this final show was a glorious retrospective bringing the metal foundation to life. The setlist sorely consisted out of songs that have been published during the 70' - from "Black Sabbath" to "Technical Ecstasy".

It gives you the shivers when Ozzy announced the final song. Not only because of the folks got what they wanted; it has been also the last chords that has been performed in this constellation. "Paranoid" has been the glorious closer; not only of a single show. It marked the ending of an era in rock.

Black Sabbath became a legend already during life time and they will be never forgotten. Their extremely influential role in rock and metal music can't be emphasized enough and now it's up to the next generation to take the lead, spreading powerful metal music all over the world. Thank you Black Sabbath for all the excellent songs that make you immortal. 


Label: Eagle Vision

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: November 17th, 2017


CD review SAINT VITUS "Live Vo.2"

Veröffentlicht am 17. September 2016 von Markus W. in Saint Vitus, Black Sabbath, News, CD Review, Doom Metal, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, NWoBHM

(8/10) It's Black Sabbath that normally gets a lot of credits when it comes to doom metal and yes, the guys initiated a genre that inspired many bands up till now. Iommi's guitar riffs are unique and metal would sound different today without Black Sabbath. However, there are bands that belongs to the very influential ones too without having ever left the underground. Saint Vitus is one of these bands that stand for real doom metal.

Their eight longplayers brought the guys quite some attention in the underground, but they never led to the big stages and spotlights. Maybe this wasn't a too bad thing, because it kept the band's sound authentic, real and without any trend ingratiation.

Saint Vitus released so far two live album and "Vol.2" is the third one. Sounds a bit strange, but it's what it is. The band recorded a show In Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxemburg that have been part of the "Lillie: F65" tour.

The album is presenting the band in front of a sold-out venue in great shape and form. Saint Vitus rocked though early classics like "War is Our Destiny" from the 1985 album "Hallow's Victim", playing "Thirsty and Miserable" too while including some of the new material as well. Songs like "Let Them Fall" and "The Waste of Time" fitted perfect into the setlist, showing the homogeneity of Saint Vitus sound. The last song of this album brings the listener back to 1986. "Born Too Late" is another classic of Dave Chandler and gang that finalizes a well-done live album that is kept raw and real.Thumbs up.





  1. War Is Our Destiny
  2. Look Behind You
  3. Let Them Fall
  4. The Bleeding Ground
  5. Patra (Petra)
  6. The Troll
  7. The Waste Of Time
  8. White Stallions
  9. Thirsty And Miserable
  10. Dying Inside
  11. Born Too Late


Label: Season Of Mist

Genre: Doom Metal

Release Date EU: September 23rd, 2016

CD review SAINT VITUS "Live Vo.2"

CD review WRETCH "Wretch"

Veröffentlicht am 15. September 2016 von Markus W. in Wretch, Black Sabbath, Doom Metal, Heavy Metal, Dark Metal, News, CD Review

(7/10) Wretch, that's Karl (g/v), Chris (d) and Bryce (b), guys, that are deeply rooted in oldschool doom metal. This powerful trio released their self-titled album a few days ago. "Wretch" includes seven songs, each of them a slow riff monster in the tradition of bands like St. Vitus and The Obsessed.

The tunes aren't extremely long. Most of them are around four minutes and in this perspective the album could be seen as an EP. However, the intensity the three guys put on the album is enormous.

It all starts with the slow and grooving "Running Out of Days" which works very well as being the opener for a real underground doom journey. With an almost hypnotic beat and guitar riff it's hard to not be fascinated by this tune. Wretch also put an eight minutes epos on this longplayer. "Icebound" is its name and it's one of these tracks that slowly builds up to a mighty doom hymn. There is no mistaken when it comes to crosslinks to Black Sabbath since Iommi-like riffs build the base for this quite good song. A welcomed section in this tune is the tempo break halfway when things all of a sudden get faster, with a well-done guitar solo being included. After such a more furious interplay the song turns back to its dark and grooving roots from the beginning. It's not easy to keep the level of excitement in an eight minutes doom song. But the way how "Icebound" is arranged makes it to a great one all along the way, something that shows the quality of the trio when it comes to songwriting.

"Wretch" became a dark doom metal release that turns the world into grey.





  1. Running Out of Days
  2. Rest in Peace
  3. Blood finger
  4. Winter
  5. Icebound
  6. Grey Cast Mourning
  7. Drown


Label: Bad Omen Records

Genre: Doom Metal

Release Date EU: August 26th, 2016


CD review WRETCH "Wretch"

CD review BLOOD CEREMONY "Lord of Misrule"

Veröffentlicht am 12. März 2016 von Markus W. in Bllod Ceremony, Classic Rock, News, CD Review, Rock, Doom Metal, Hardrock, Psychedelic Rock, Black Sabbath

(8/10) Toronto, Canada is the home-base of psychedelic rocker Blood Ceremony. The four-piece, that released already three longplayer, worked on a forth one, that will be unveiled end of March.

The quartet started in 2006 and released their debut "Blood Ceremony" in 2008. Their sound is taking the best of classic rock, doom, folk and psychedelic and combines it in an exciting way, which leads to soulful songs - some harder, some softer. In the end it's the embedded emotions that makes this record to one of the more thrilling ones.

Blood Ceremony songs are longer, sometimes more epical and have quite some emotional depth, something that becomes apparent already with the first tune. "The Devil's Widow" is a lively rock song that finds it's roots in the 70's. Doomy riffs bring back the early Black Sabbath while the flute, played by Alia O'Brien, gives the number a Jethro Tull vibe. The combination of both actually works very well.

Quite some of the tracks on "Lord of Misrule" are melancholic which makes other tracks more standing out. "Half Moon Street" is one of those compositions that contain the general atmosphere by sounding very light-hearted, at least compared to some of the other stuff on the longplayer.

One of the most intense tracks on the band's fourth record is "The Weird of Finstere", a song that comes from the early days of the band back in 2008. At that point in time there haven't been lyrics for this beautiful track, something that changed in the meantime. "The Weird of Finistere" is one highlight on this record.

The classic rock influences come back towards the end with "Old Fires". The organ plays a more important role during this song, which belongs to the faster ones on "Lord of Misrule".

"Things Present, Things Past" is the nineth and last track on this album. The band took a different approach with this closer. While the former records mostly ended with some heavy stuff, it's a quiet song that marks the end of "Lord if Misrule". Accoustic guitar, flute and O'Brien's excellent vocals are the main components of this track that comes close to the earlier mentioned "The Weird of Finstere".

Yes, this kind of music has its momentum right now. Yes, there is a certain hype around modern classic rock, psychedelic rock and the 70's. However, this album sticks out a bit more than other releases by being more touching and by having more depth. "Lord of Misrule" is no musical fast food. This album needs room and time to grow.





  1. The Devil's Widow
  2. Lorely
  3. The Rogue's Lot
  4. Lord of Misrule
  5. Half Moon Street
  6. The Weird of Finistere
  7. Flower Phantoms
  8. Old Fires
  9. Things Present, Things Past


Label: Rise Above Records

Genre: Psychedelic Hardrock

Release Date EU: March 25th, 2016

CD review BLOOD CEREMONY "Lord of Misrule"

CD review CHURCH OF MISERY "And Then There Were None..."

Veröffentlicht am 4. März 2016 von Markus W. in Church Of Misery, Black Sabbath, Doom Metal, Heavy Metal, Occult Metal, Saint Vitus, CD Review, News

(7/10) For some of you metal from Japan means bands like Loudness, but there is more to explore in the land of the rising sun. One of those bands that never really made it on the radar is Church Of Misery. Actually this isn't totally right, since the guys are on the radar, but they might not be the most shiny spot on the screen.

Church Of Misery is mainly Tatsu Mikami, bassplayer and mainman of the band. He started Church Of Misery in the mid-ninties, being fascinated by doom metal a la Black Sabbath and Saint Vitus. Mikami combines these slow and doomy riffs with lyrics, mainly about serial killers. The combination of slo-mo riffs and malicious lyrics is the main trademark of the band and also the new longplayer "And Then There Were None..." representing those more than once.

"The Hell Bender" is the first song and it starts with a creepy sample before a slow and evil guitar riff takes over. This song is vicious and if music is about transporting emotions, than this is real music, just no 'happy songs'.

The murderous lyrics and the doomy sound is the literally red thread, or even the red threat, throughout this album that contains seven songs.

Church Of Misery are pure underground and they will never become mainstream. Mikami and his constantly renewed gang found their niche in metal where they can celebrate their sound, mixed with the horror of real life.

If you love music that gives you the creeps, than this is your record to go for.





  1. The Hell Benders
  2. Make The Die Slowly
  3. Doctor Death
  4. River Demon
  5. Confession odf an Embittered Soul
  6. Suicide Journey
  7. Murderfreak Blues


Label: Rise Above Records

Genre: Doom Metal

Release Date EU: March 4th, 2016

CD review CHURCH OF MISERY "And Then There Were None..."

CD review BRIMSTONE COVEN "Black Magic"

Veröffentlicht am 17. Februar 2016 von Markus W. in Brimstone Coven, Black Sabbath, Doom Metal, Heavy Metal, Retro, Rock, Classic Rock, News, CD Review

(6/10) That Brimstone Coven are inspired by Black Sabbath isn't a secret. The band's debut wasn't a real jaw-dropping expereince and I was curious if the second release will mark a step forward. Not really.

The opener "Black Magic" already shows how deep the guys are grounded in 70's doom metal. Actually the tune belongs to the better ones on the record. The verse reminded me of Lake Of Tears before a chorus satrts that you have to get used to.

But "Black Magic" is a bit lengthly. There are doubtless some cool tracks on the album, like the rocking "Black Unicorn", and also the faster "Slow Death" belongs to the more thrilling numbers on "Black Magic".

After a while I got the feeling that I have heard it now. There are songs like "As We Fall" that are quite trivial. The same goes for "The Plague". The tunes have the right approach and some good ideas, however the final result isn't a mind-blowing musical experience. Also "Forsaken" is too vacous and I hope that the band will add more power and inspiration to their next release.

"Black Magic" has some magic moments but also many black shadows. I wonder if the Brimstone Coven can compete with other bands being part of the current retro rock wave that's flooding the scene right now.

Let's keep it like that, the third album will decide.





  1. Black Magic
  2. Black Unicorn
  3. Beyond the Astral
  4. As We Fall
  5. Upon the ,ountain
  6. Slow Death
  7. The Seers
  8. The Plague
  9. Forsaken
  10. The Eldest Tree


Label: Metal Blade

Genre: Doom Metal

Release Date EU: January 29th, 2015

CD review BRIMSTONE COVEN "Black Magic"

CD review LUGNET "Lugnet"

Veröffentlicht am 4. Januar 2016 von Markus W. in Lugnet, Hardrock, Classic Rock, News, CD Review, Black Sabbath, Dio, Rainbow

(8/10) 'Lugnet' is a Swedish word and it means 'serenity'. And I must say that the debut album of Lugnet, the Swedish band, has this ease in each of the eight tracks.

Lugnet is Roger Solander (v) Marcus Holten (g), Danne Jansson (g), Lennart Zethzon (b) and Fredrik Jansson(d). The five guys get support on the record by Bruno Erminero who added the warm hammond sound to each of the tasty tracks. 

The five piece plays classic rock that is deeply rooted in the late seventies and early eighties. I would compare their sound with Rainbow during the "Long Live Rock & Roll" days. And even though Blackmore, Dio and Co. played in another league I was impressed by "Lugnet", the debut of the Tungelsta based band.

The first thing that stands out is the voice of singer Solander. This man sounds like a mixture of Dio, Coverdale and Tony Martin. The way he interprets Lugnet's tunes is impressive. It makes fun to listen to this guy. 

But also each of the track itself sound pretty cool. Lugnet could gain already some attention in their homeland and listening to the debut also explains the 'why'. Songs like the faster "Vein" or the galloping "In the Still of the Water" are all in one - catchy and hard. Heavy downtuned guitars meet melodic vocallines embedded in organic hammond sound waves. The guys have a sense for good hooklines and I must say that each of the songs is a small highlight for classic rock fans.

Maybe Lugnet might not re-invent the wheel, but they are hungy for rock'n'roll and they have the right attitude. This is worth a lot.





  1. All the Way
  2. Sails
  3. Veins
  4. Tears in the Sky
  5. It Ain't Easy
  6. Gypsy Dice
  7. In the Still of the Water
  8. Into the Light


Label: Pride & Joy Music

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: January 15th, 2016

CD review LUGNET "Lugnet"

CD review NEW LIGHT CHOIR "Volume II"

Veröffentlicht am 2. August 2015 von Markus W. in New Light Choir, Scorpions, Uriah Heep, Black Sabbath, News, Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, Hardrock, CD Review

(8/10) New Light Choir is a duo. It's John Niffenegger (v, g, b, m-tron) and Chris Dalton (d) that founded the band in 2010 and New Light Choir is so far a pure studio project without having live activities planned yet.

The title of the album leads to an assumption that the new album is already longplayer number two of the duo. No, it's their debut. It comes with ten songs that are mainly inspired by bands like Black Sabbath, Scorpions and Uriah Heep.

"Higher fire" was chosen to be the opener of the record. We are talking about a powerful first track with a galloping rhythm and a good punch. All in all a good start.

The next track is named "All I need" which is a melancholic rock song that reminded me to Nick Cave; at least the music and less the vocals. This 'grey vibe' comes back in a few more numbers like "December flying" and the hypnotic "April witch" - a tune, that belongs to the best ones on the record.

But New Light Choir also knows how to increase speed. Tracks like the awesome "Frost and fire" and the speedy "New light in October" are cool tracks that shows the variability of New Light Choir's sound.

"Volume II" which is actually 'volume I' is a great classic rock album that contains well done songs. Each classic rock and retro fan should check out "Volume II".





  1. Higher fire (Proximity)
  2. All I need
  3. Frost and fire
  4. April witch
  5. Violet skies (from the ashes)
  6. July sky
  7. New light in October
  8. December flying
  9. Darkest of nights
  10. Sea of stars


Label: High Roller

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release date EU: August 7, 2015

CD review NEW LIGHT CHOIR "Volume II"

CD review BEDEMON "Child of darkness"

Veröffentlicht am 23. Februar 2015 von Markus W. in Bedemon, Pentagram, Black Sabbath, Doom Metal, Classic Rock, Rock, News, CD Review, Psychedelic Rock

(*/10) Bedemon is America's first doom band. The band was formed in 1973 and was the cradle for Pentagram. Randy Plamer, Geof O'Keefe and Bobby Liebling have been the main person behind Bedemon and what you get on "Child of darkness" is the original recording from the 70's. 

This means that the sound is very basic and has sometimes a better bootleg quality. But the album is an icon from doom metal fans since it offers you a view back to the early days of doom metal.

The songs itself are pretty interesting. Each of them is very impressing and shows the potential the band had. The album combines craziness, hard riffs and an evil vibe to a special melange. It would be great to hear those songs with a modern production since I think that they would even gain.

Highlights on the album are the psychedelic "Last call", the slow and heavy "Frozen fear" and the The Doors-like "Into the grave".

"Children of darkness" is an album for die-hard doom metal fans and collectors. Thanks to Relapse Records, that they re-released this forgotten masterpiece of doom metal. 





  1. Child of darkness
  2. Enslaver of humanity
  3. Frozen fear
  4. One-way round
  5. Serpent venom
  6. Last call
  7. Drive me to the grave
  8. Skinned
  9. Through the gates of hell
  10. Touch the sky
  11. Child of darkness II
  12. Time bomb
  13. Nighttime killers
  14. Axe to grind


Label: Relapse Records

Genre: Doom Metal

CD review BEDEMON "Child of darkness"

BLACK SABBATH live in Paris - online

Veröffentlicht am 16. Februar 2015 von Markus W. in Black Sabbath, Rock, Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, Doom Metal, News, Video

Black Sabbath posted their concert from Paris in 1970 online on YouTube. The show was filmed on 20 December 1970 and contains the following setlist:

1) Show intro / setting up for concert
2) Paranoid
3) Hand of Doom
4) Iron Man
5) Black Sabbath
6) N.I.B.
7) Behind the Wall of Sleep
8) War Pigs
9) Fairies Wear Boots

Here comes the link:


SATYRICON sign with Napalm Record and release a live album

Veröffentlicht am 13. Februar 2015 von Markus W. in Satyricon, Black Sabbath, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, News, Video

Norwegian black metal legend Satyricon signed with Napalm Record. The first release of the cooperation will a live DVD called "Live at the opera" that will be released beginning of May. 

Satyr said about the recording:

“The whole thing started with us doing one song, “To The Mountains” a year and a half before the actual show. We performed at a closed event in the main hall of the opera with the Royal Norwegian Opera Chorus. It was very inspirational. I then said to the conductor that I would love to do a whole show like this. He loved the idea, I was serious about it, and he was serious about it.


We spent approximately one and a half year working with composer and arranger Kjetil Bjerkestrand on the choral arrangements. When I picked songs, I was not necessarily looking at only songs suitable for choral arrangements or typical in the Satyricon live set. For me, it had to be a combination. If you look at songs like “Die By My Hand”, it`s pretty obvious we`ll want to use a choir for that because it has a choir on the record too. On the other hand, there were other things I had to consider. For example, “K.I.N.G.” is probably the most famous Satyricon song ever – and not necessarily a song I can imagine with choral arrangements. But just because people hear it more or less the same way always, I thought it would be interesting to take that song and give it a totally different vibe for this one time. And it`s also interesting to see if we can work it around the structure of a song that is more or less straightforward.


For something that we planned for so long, put so much work into, and something this unique – of course it would be nice to film it and record it. But I made it very clear to the people around Satyricon that I`m not going to turn this into a recording session where you can buy tickets.When you hear or or watch this recording you should feel like you're there.


This is not “Satyricon – Best Of from the Opera”, this is a show! The perfect parts need to go in there, but also the parts that are not so perfect. That`s the nature of it, that`s the real deal. It's not a live album. It's a celebration of what Satyricon stands for as a band.”

SATYRICON sign with Napalm Record and release a live album

CD review OZZY OSBOURNE "Memories of a madman"

Veröffentlicht am 14. Oktober 2014 von Markus W. in Ozzy Osbourne, Heavy Metal, Black Sabbath, Rock, Hardrock, CD Review, News

(*/10) The prince of darkness, Ozzy Osbourne, can look back on a long career, full of remarkable milestones. Most of them very positive, some of them more doubtable. But the guy from Birmingham managed always to keep on standing in the spotlight and when it comes to music I must say that he never had a real dip. True, esp. some of the more recent albums have been discussed a bit more controversial, but also those had their highlights.

A trademark of Ozzy is his unique voice which makes him standing out from a lot of other singers. Next to that the guy has an enormous entertainment potential – even nowadays. But Ozzy also had the good luck of always having an excellent guitarist next to him. Regardless if it has been the mighty Tony Iommi riffs in the Black Sabbath days, the sophisticated guitar sound of Randy Rhoads, the more melodic riffing from Jake E. Lee, the massive riffs from Zakk Wylde or the sound of Greece guitar wizard Gus G. – they all added something to the music of Ozzy Osbourne. It almost feels the one needed the other.

The new ‘Best of..” album is a journey through the discography of Ozzy. It’s a chronological trip starting with “Crazy train” from the solo debut and ending with the newest single release “Let me hear you scream” from the “Scream” record. Since it is from old to new the album shows how the sound of Ozzy Osbourne developed during time and you can hear as well the above mentioned influences from the six-stringers. From this point of view the album is a nice summary of the achievements of the prince of darkness.

The release is available as CD (that’s what I’m referring to in this review) and there is also a DVD/BluRay package, which I unfortunately haven’t seen. But looking on the tracklist of the DVD (see link) promises an even bigger excitement than just the CD version.

However. “Memories of a madman” is a compilation of Osbourne’s solo hits (note: I’m missing “Shot in the dark”) that give rookies a good overview and that completes the collection of die-hard fans.





  1. Crazy train
  2. Mr. Crowley
  3. Flying high again
  4. Over the mountain
  5. Bark at the moon
  6. The ultimate sin
  7. Miracle man
  8. No more tears
  9. Mama, I’m coming home
  10. Road to nowhere
  11. Perry Mson
  12. I just want you
  13. Gets me through
  14. Dreamer
  15. I don’t wanna stop
  16. Life won’t wait
  17. Let me hear you scream


Label: Epic Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

CD review OZZY OSBOURNE "Memories of a madman"

CD review THE SABBATHIAN "Ritual rites" EP

Veröffentlicht am 2. September 2014 von Markus W. in The Sabbathian, Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Doom Metal, Classic Rock, Rock, CD Review, News

The Sabbathian is a trio that is playing doom metal based on the mighty Black Sabbath. Looking on the name this isn't a big surprise. What the band does is also adding an occult force to their sound and combine it with some Candlemass riffs.

The Sabbathian was formed by Chad Davis and was joined by guitarist Joey Downs. The line-up is completed by singer Anette Gulbrandsen.

The production of the record is basic. The mix could have deserved a bit more diversifiaction and the sound could be a bit more powerful. Still the result is OK.

The songs didn't really convince me. The trio sticks too much to their sources of inspiration. Anette's vocals are well performed and fit to the sound of The Sabbathian. But the whole combination sound a bit like Avanatrium without getting close to their level; not from the songwriting and not from the production.

The music from this EP is alright; not more but also not less. I personally prefer the originals from Sabbath and Candlemass, plus Avatarium. Something for doom fans with a bigger wallet.



  1. Ancient's curse
  2. Ritual rites
  3. Nightshade eternal


Label: Svart Records

Genre: Doom Metal

CD review THE SABBATHIAN "Ritual rites" EP

CD review ASTRAL DOORS "Notes from the shadows"

Veröffentlicht am 24. August 2014 von Markus W. in Astral Doors, Black Sabbath, Whitesnake, Dio, Hardrock, Heavy Metal, Rock, News, CD Review

(8/10) Nothing new with the Classic Rock fans from Astral Door. I can't say if this is good or bad, but I liked them from the beginning and the new record "Notes from the shadows" is a good one too.

The new album follows the 2011 release "Jerusalem" and comes with 11 hardrock/metal tracks which spread the classic feeling from the early 80's. A crucial factor in this is doubtless the voice from frontman Patrik Johansson. Eventhough he sounds like some icons from 80's hardrock I never had the feeling that the guy consciously copied. He has just such a voice. That's it.

As the title says already "Notes from the shadows" is a bit darker than the earlier releaes of Astral Doors. The lyrics take a closer look into the black bible which fits pretty well to the classic heavy metal they are playing.

A fave of mine is "Disciples of the dragon". A song which underlines why Dio is mentioned so often in context with Astral Doors. But I see the band, as said earlier, not as a copy of the mighty rock singer. For me it's more that they involve his sound into their music and keeps the thought alive. "Wailing wall" might even brings this more up to surface.

That also Whitesnake belongs to the group of crucial influencers of the Swedes becomes obvious with the phantastic "Walker the stalker". The song is a real bad-ass headbanger.

What is a new thing is the bigger impact of blues. "Shadowchaser" is one song that reflects this pretty well. The tunes is also pretty close to Coverdale & friends which due to the vocal lines, the bluesy beginning and the hammond organ supporting the track. For me one of the best tracks on the album. 

The highlight of the disc is the 9 minutes long "Die alone". It's a midtempo tune with a massive rhythm line.  

"Notes from the shadows" is an album which will be loved by fans from the band and supporters of heavy rock should check the album.  I like it since it is powerful, it rocks, it has its charm and it rocks. Well done.






  1. The last temptation of christ
  2. Diciples of the dragon
  3. Wailing wall
  4. Shadowchaser
  5. Die alone
  6. Hoodoo ceremony
  7. Southern conjuration
  8. Walker the stalker
  9. Desert night
  10. In the name of rock
  11. Confession












Label: Metalville

Genre: Heavy Metal





















Nothing new with the Dio fans from Astral Door. I can't say if this is good or bad, but I liked them from the beginning and the new record "Notes from the shadows" is a good one too. 


A fave of mine is "Disciples of the dragon". A song which underlines why Dio is mentioned so often in context with Astral Doors. But I see the band not as a copy of the mighty rock singer. For me it's more that they involve his sound into their music and keeps the thought alive. "Wailing wall" might even brings this more up to surface.


What is a new thing is the bigger impact of blues. "Shadowchaser" is one song that reflects this pretty well. For me there are more parallels with Whitesnake. This mainly due to the vocals, the bluesy beginning and the hammond organ supporting the track. For me one of the best tracks on the album. But also "In the name of rock" belongs to this category. The riff and the melody reflects Coverdale and friends in certain parts.


"Notes from the shadows" is an album which will be loved by fans from the band and supporters of heavy rock should check the album.  I like it since it is powerful, it rocks, it has its charm and it rocks. Well done.





The last temptation of christ

Diciples of the dragon

Wailing wall


Die alone

Hoodoo ceremony

Southern conjuration

Walker the stalker

Desert night

In the name of rock



Label; AFM Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

CD review ASTRAL DOORS "Notes from the shadows"
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