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CD review FOX "Lucifer"

Veröffentlicht am 31. August 2013 von Markus W. in Fox, Hardrock, CD Review

Switzerland is in the meantime known for quite some hardrock bands. Just think about Krokus, Gotthard, Crystal Ball and Shakra.

Fox is the band of the former Shakra leadsinger Marc Fox. "Lucifer" is his second release after the the 2012 released called "2012". The records contains in total 11 hardrock songs. The tracks are a mix between Motley Crue, Cinderella and Gotthard with an essence of AOR here and there, esp. in the ballads.

There is no doubt that Fox has a pretty good voice, which gives the songs have a lot of rock'n'roll spirit. There are faster songs like "Hang on Ruby" and "Right to the end", which is by the way the heaviest song on the album. Ballads are probably needed on these kind of albums. There are three of them on the album, which is at least one too much for me. I would have been fine with "Too young to die" which is the most intensive. With "Wonderland" the album has also a boogie based rocker, which has a touch of AC/DC. A good song with a pounding bass and a catchy chorus. On "Gimme your love" Fox gets support from a female singer (unfortunately I could get hold of her name. If you know the name please write into the comments)

The production is professional and powerful. But this is not a big surprise, since Dennis Ward was responsible for it.

"Lucifer" is no revolution in the hardrock sector, but it became a good rock album which has some good songs. It's a good soundtrack for the last days of summer.

What I don't get is that lucifer/devil/dark image, which is transferred by the cover and the photos of Fox. I guess it is a kind of irony but it doesn't fit at all to the songs, since they all transport a very positive party feeling. I also think, that nobody was singing in such a melodic and positive way about "Lucifer". No idea who came up with this image, but I want to recommend to Fox to change this. Keep it to what it is: Hardrock, Club, Party, Good times, Jeans and cigarette smoke.



  1. The answer
  2. Hang on Ruby
  3. Lucifer
  4. Back for more
  5. I'll do it all right
  6. Wonderland
  7. Nothing to loose tonight
  8. Gimme your love
  9. Too young to die
  10. I can't sleep
  11. Right to the end

Label: Sony Music Entertainment

Genre: Hardrock