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(8/10) It was in 2012 when Italian Trick Or Treat released their debut called "Rabbits' Hill pt.1". Already the name of this album sounds a bit weird considering a heavy metal record. So far so good. Of course the lyrical blueprint is the famous novel "Watership Down", written by Richard Adams, but I'm not sure if this really fits to metal. Maybe I'm not open-minded enough, but it feels a bit like the rabbit of evil and the bunny of doom. Anyhow, let's park this imaginary picture for a moment and focus on the music.

Here things are far more interesting and exciting. Trick Or Treat started as a Helloween cover band back in 2002, something that follows them up till now. The cross references on the debut have been unmistakable and their new release "Rabbits' Hill pt.2" continues with this passion for German melodic speed metal.

Trick Or Treat are more than only copycats. Of course it's a higher pace that rules. Having this speed combined with some catchy melodies leads to some melodic headbangers that are also produced in a quite good way.

However, the band has too much potential and bands like Helloween and Freedom Call build more a framework for the guys from Italy. Their songs include own elements like the partly deeper vocals, close to growls, as being part of the opener.

The best moments are the truly heavy eruptions like on "They Must Die". This is pure melodic speed metal, but also the more moderate "The Showman" has its moments, esp. in the Deep Purple-like middle part.

The only moment when things get a bit too cheesy is the sticky acoustic "Together Again" which is 'tears-producing' ballad that's a bit overdone. That Trick Or Treat can do better is what they prove with "Never Say Goodbye".

After having heard the album a several times I must conclude that Trick Or Treat sound pretty cool. I like their fast power metal that sticks out from other bands in this genre, something that asks for respect  since melodic speedy power metal offers limited new possibilities that might re-invent the wheel. The only question remaining is: Why this name and why the rabbits?





  1. Inle' (The Black Rabbit Of Death)
  2. Together Again
  3. Cloudrider; Efrafa
  4. Never Say Goodbye
  5. The Great Escape
  6. They Must Die
  7. Beware The Train
  8. United
  9. The Showdown
  10. Last Breath


Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Melodic Speed Metal

Release Date EU: July 8th, 2016

CD review TRICK OR TREAT "Rabbits' Hill pt.2"
Tag(s) : #Trick Or Treat, #Helloween, #Rabbit, #Heavy Metal, #Speed Metal, #News, #CD Review, #Symphonic Metal, #Power Metal

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