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Veröffentlicht am 8. August 2017 von Markus W. in Helloween, Pumpkins United, Tour, Live, 013, Tilburg, Heavy Metal, Speed Metal, Power Metal

The announcement of a 'Pumpkins United' tour was a sensational news for metal fans all over the place - especially for the ones following Helloween since their very early days. What sounded like almost being too good to be true became reality.

Michael Weikath, Kai Hansen, Michael Kiske and Markus Grosskopf will embark on a world tour, playing Helloween classics together on one stage. These four guys will also be accompanied by the rest of the current Helloween line-up which means that Andy Deris, Sascha Gerstner and Dani Loeble will be part of this unqiue moment in time as well.

The tour will start on October 19 in Mexico and will include shows in South America, Europe and Japan. This unique package will also perform a gig in The Netherlands. It's the 013 in Tilburg that will host a 'Pumpkins United' show on November 20. Up to date this s the only show in the Benelux and tickets are available HERE.