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Live review HAMMERFALL/GLORYHAMMER/LANCER, TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht, 16.01.2017

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A 66% Scandinavian metal package brought a cold breeze and hot metal to Holland. Swedish metal Templars HammerFall embarked on a headliner tour through Europe, supported by their label companions Gloryhammer and Swedish comrades Lancer - three bands that guaranteed a glorious metal night in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Lancer from Arvika had to enter the stage first. The guys have a new album out, entitled "Mastery”. Their powerful speed metal was well appreciated and songs like the title track from the latest release as well as "Iscariot" are good song tunes done for being performed on stage. But also some gimmicks have been part of Lancer's 30 minutes gig, peaking on singer Isak Stenvall swaying around the mask that decorated the album's artwork.

Live review HAMMERFALL/GLORYHAMMER/LANCER, TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht, 16.01.2017

All this was the right introduction for what came next. Scottish/Swiss space invaders Gloryhammer filled the middle slot and their show was remarkable. First of all it was great to see how solid Gloryhammer's fan base in Holland seems to be. The moment the band entered the stage the room, at least the first rows, turned into a madhouse. 'Hoot' shouts filled the entire room. One can think about the costumes and concept of Gloryhammer whatever you want, the music and energy just rocks. The entire scenery made me smile more than ones but the epical sing-a-long power metal just puts a spell on you. The funniest Moment though was when singer Thomas Winkler aka Angus McFive gave the task to a fan to arrange a beer for the Hootsman by crowd surfing to the bar and back. Good music and entertaining show, embedded in a weird scenery.

Live review HAMMERFALL/GLORYHAMMER/LANCER, TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht, 16.01.2017

After such a performance it was up to the headliner to push even harder. Now, HammerFall is in business since two decades, they have tons of good songs and they have been a revitalizer of heavy metal in the grunge/modern metal 90's.

Next to the quality of hits like the new “Bring It!”, the great “Renegade” and the grande finale “Hearts on Fire” fans got with 90 minutes a full quantity headliner package. HammerFall left no doubt that they are the main act that night. Supported by a great stage set the guys obviously enjoyed playing in Holland, which was by the way their first show in Utrecht ever. A surprising moment though was Joacim Cans' rhetorical question about how many people are part of a Hammerfall show for the first time. I guess it was half of the crowd, something that wasn't to expect and a clear sign that Hammerfall should come back more often to Holland. Anyhow, regardless if new or longtime fan, everybody obviously had fun that night. Actually the amount of energy in the room was outstanding, esp. thinking about a Monday night.

Like mentioned earlier, the quintet can look back on a rich back catalogue which makes it hard to choose. One milestone that is effected by that is the ground-breaking "Glory to the Brave", the bands fantastic debut. HammerFall didn't went on the same road as many other bands, playing an entire album – not even as a 20 years special anniversary special show. The five-piece decided to promote the new longplayer and celebrate their classic with a "Medley to the Brave" featuring various songs from the debut. A good decision.

For the rest it was an entertaining and professional show that included Oscar's 'hammer guitar', Joacim Cans and Pontus Norgren kicking of "Glory to the Brave" acoustically while sitting in front of the drum kit and last but not least 90 minutes of authentic heavy metal with a strong traditional touch.

Seeing HammerFall live on stage is definitely a great thing. It might be that the latest longplayer was 'just' a good one, but HammerFall live on stage still shows the impact and power of the guys and their music. All in all it was a great way to spend a crispy Monday night with three bands that have us much in common by still being quite different. Horns up.

Live review HAMMERFALL/GLORYHAMMER/LANCER, TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht, 16.01.2017
Live review HAMMERFALL/GLORYHAMMER/LANCER, TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht, 16.01.2017

Setlist Lancer:

  1. Dead Raising Towers
  2. Future Milennia
  3. Mastery
  4. Iscariot
  5. Purple Sky


Setlist Gloryhammer:

  1. Rise of the Chaos Wizard
  2. Legend of the Astral Hammer
  3. Hail to Crail
  4. Questlord of Inverness, Ride to the Galactic Fortress!
  5. The Hollywood Hootsman
  6. Angus McFife
  7. Universe on Fire
  8. The Unicorn Invasion of Dundee


Setlist Hammerfall:

  1. Hektor’s Hymn
  2. Riders of the Storm
  3. Bring It!
  4. Blood Bound
  5. Any Means Necessary
  6. Renegade
  7. Dethrone and Defy
  8. Crimson Thunder
  9. Last Man Stnading
  10. Let the Hammer Fall
  11. Built to Last
  12. Medley to the Brave
  13. The Dragon Lies Bleeding
  14. Glory to the Brave
  15. Origins
  16. Punish and Enslave
  17. Hammer High (Encore)
  18. Bushido (Encore)
  19. Hearts on Fire (Encore)


Location: TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Date: January 16th, 2017




CD review LANCER "Second storm"

Veröffentlicht am 10. April 2015 von Markus W. in Lancer, Hammerfall, Helloween, Power Metal, Heavy Metal, News, CD Review, Melodic Metal

(7/10) Lancer are from Sweden, from Arvika to be precise. The band was founded in 2009 and the guys found their passion in melodic power metal. After having had their demo "Reaching higher" in 2010 the five piece band released an EP called "Purple sky" in 2012. One year later the debut was available in the record stores, followed by the brand new longplayer "Second storm".

"Second storm" can live up to what the title promises. Lancer found their passion in powerful classic metal that is filling the gap between the older Helloween and Hammerfall. The nine new tracks, that give you a 50 minutes metal experience, might not be pure musical innovation, but this isn't important in this case. The big benefit is that fact that Lancer playing their music with passion and it feels like the guys are living for their songs.

The opener "Running from the tyrant" is setting the tone of voice for the entire album. Fast guitars and a merciless beat are the main caracteristics of the tune that is an pure energizer. The pace gets more moderate with songs like "Iwo jima" and the dramatic "Eyes of the liar". At this stage I also must mention the singer Isak Stenvall who has a classic metal voice that covers also the high screams.

"Aton" is in the centre of the record and is with nine minutes extraordinary long. Starting with a typical Dokken riff the epical long track stays in midpace. The tune comes with good hooks and the guitar solos spice it up. I felt a bit reminded to Iron Maiden, at least in some parts. And there is the bluesy middle part which is a well placed break that adds something extra to the track.

Since I mentioned Iron Maiden - listen to the twin guitars on "Children of the storm" and you know what I'm talking about.

The thing that gave me a smile was the cover. The metallic robo-bird looks a bit funny, but however - the cover reflects the album very well and there are far worse ones.

All in all I must say that Lancer released an album that should be checked by fans of melodic power metal. This album is true.





  1. Running from the tyrant
  2. Iwo jima
  3. Masters and crowns
  4. Behind the walls
  5. Aton
  6. Children of the storm
  7. Steelbreaker
  8. Eyes of the liar
  9. Fools marches on


Label: Despotz Records

Genre: Power Metal

CD review LANCER "Second storm"

New video from LANCER

Veröffentlicht am 22. Januar 2015 von Markus W. in Lancer, Helloween, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Speed Metal, News, Video

Swedish power metal band Lancer will release a new album in April. The record got the title "Second storm" and the first song is released as a video. "Masters and crowns" is a fast track that reminds to Helloween. 

Here is also the tracklist of the upcoming album:

01. Running from the Tyrant

02. Iwo Jima

03. Masters and Crowns

04. Behind the Walls

05. Aton

06. Children of the Storm

07. Steelbreaker

08. Eyes of the Liar

09. Fools Marches On

New video from LANCER