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CD review TRIVIUM "The Sin and the Sentence"

Veröffentlicht am 17. Oktober 2017 von Markus W. in Trivium, Roadrunner, News, CD Review, Thrash Metal, Metalcore, Heavy Metal, Melodic Metal, Modern Metal, Alternative Metal, Groove Metal

CD review TRIVIUM "The Sin and the Sentence"

(9/10) Florida-based powerhouse Trivium began their winning streak back in 2003 with the debut, being the starting point of a rise that found a first peak with the sophomore “Ascendancy” and their third longplayer “The Crusade”. Trivium became a big player in metal music, leading to awards, award nominations and a big fan base that appreciated very much the bands contemporary metal sound in a modern outfit. I have to admit that I was also thrilled by these records and seeing them live was a pleasure too.

Even though commercially successful, the latest album doesn’t belong to the highlights of Trivium’s career. “Silence in the Snow” became very melodic with the heaviness of their sound going over board. For that reason I was very curious about Trivium’s eighth album which will be available in record shops on October 20st. Would it be a continuation of what “Silence of the Snow” gave us or would the guys return to a harsher sound that reflects the earlier day much more.

I’m happy to report that it’s the latter. “The Sin and the Sentence” became a brutal piece of music that’s refreshing and will please Trivium fans from the early days. A more than obvious sign of returning heaviness is the fact that frontman Matt Heafy uses screams and shouts again, something that was missing a lot on the previous record.  Next to the very dynamic vocals the album also brings back the ferocious riffs and the twin guitars Trivium is known for. All these typical Trivium-trademarks get completed by a massive rhythm-section that includes with drummer Alex Bent a new band member. Even blast beats are returning after many years of absence.

The first tones on “The Sin and the Sentence” are a kind of introduction to the title track. The tune feels like a melodic start into the longplayer with Heafy singing mainly while adding gentle growls in the chorus. The songs good but it’s “Beyond Oblivion” that marks the first real highlight. The riffs and the scream in the beginning of this blast are blood-curdling and even though the tune has its melodic moments it stays a metal monster. “The Sin and the Sentence” contains more of these tracks that are a delight for Trivium fans. One of these numbers is the thrilling “Wretchedness Inside”, a brutal riff attack with a merciless groove and Heafy shouting as good as in the early days. Partly these shouts are part of "The Revanchist" too, even though being more embedded into a melodic framework. Since things are well-balanced, also this track is representing the reinvigorated Trivium in a good way.

Trivium followed a kind of ghost light with their previous longplayer and fortunately they could adjust the tack towards the brutal, but melodic, metal sound they are known for. This album blows away any doubt that came with “Silence in the Snow”. Silence is gone and metal is back. Thank you Trivium.





  1. The Sin and the Sentence
  2. Beyond Oblivion
  3. Other Words
  4. The Heat from Your Hate
  5. Betrayer
  6. The Wretchedness Inside
  7. Endless Night
  8. Sever the Hand
  9. Beauty in the Sorrow
  10. The Revanchist
  11. Thrown into the Fire


Label: Roadrunner Records

Genre: Modern Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: October 20st, 2017