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(9/10) Is KXM a new supergroup? I don't know. Are they a bunch of experienced guys? Absolutly. Are they playing cool music? Of course they do.
KMX is the name of the new band which was formed by three well-known guys. Doug Pinnick from King's X, George Lynch from Lynch Mob/Dokken and drummer Ray Luzier from Korn. That's also where the band's name comes from. It's an acronym out of the bands the guys are involved. The K comes from Korn, the X comes from King's X and last but not least Lynch Mob delivers the M to KXM.
This combination of styles sounds already like 'wow'. Considering all the different styles coming together by the three guys the result must be impressive. And it is. 

It was in the beginning of 2013 when the idea about KXM was born. The three guys started to jam together. No clear goal in mind, just enjoying the moment of making music, they started. Since the flow of creative output didn't want to stop the result of these sessions is the 12 tracks long debut of the band.
Their sound is pretty unique. Modern metal element from Korn which are also coming back in Lynch's unique guitar sound, are part of the sound as well as the more complex song structure from King's X and the screaming guitar from George Lynch. The result is an explosive mixture, reflected in tunes like ...

"Stars" is the first track on the album and sets the scene for the rest of "KXM". The structure of the song is a bit complex aft er the first listening session. But over time it becomes a really great tune with an enormous groove and a modern guitar riff from Lynch. "Stars" sounds a bit like a jam session. Another great tune is the ballad "Never stop". It's an accoustic guitar beauty with some country feeling and a lot of passion. Ballads can become sometimes just boring stuff on a rock album, but KXM made it a highlight on their debut. "Faith is a room" is another cool track. It is darker than the other ones and has a pounding rhythm. It's irresistable. Also "Do it now" is remarkable. The song has a bit of a sleazy hardrock charme with a partly dominating part which is in interaction with Lynch's guitar play. The little bit gloomy vocal line gives another extra to the track. Those songs are quite representative for the entire album. It's highly entertaining and pleasure for your ear canals.

It took me a few rounds to figure out the entire beauty of the musical gem. Maybe you have the same and my advice is to not give up. This is an album which wants to be discovered and not just listened to.



  1. Stars
  2. Gun fight
  3. Rescue me
  4. Never stop
  5. Faith is a room
  6. I'll be OK
  7. Sleep
  8. Love
  9. Burn
  10. Do it now
  11. Human frcition
  12. Tranquilize
  13. Resecue me (radio edit)

Label: Rat Pak Records
Genre: Hardrock

CD review KXM "KXM"
Tag(s) : #KXM, #King's X, #Lynch Mob, #Dokken, #Korn, #Hardrock, #Rock, #Alternative Rock, #CD Review

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