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CD review GUANO APES "Offline"

Veröffentlicht am 19. Mai 2014 von Markus W. in Guano Apes, Rock, Alternative Rock, CD Review, News

(8/10) If you have not been stranded on a desert island for the last two decades you know the Guano Apes. Actually is was 20 years ago that the band from Göttingen, Germany started their success story. Selling in total more than 4 million records as well as getting an MTV Music Award means something. This doesn’t come from nothing. After an eight year long break Guano Apes released in 2011 their fourth album – “Bel Air” – and now it’s time for a new highlight.

The title of the new disc is “Offline”. A well chosen one, which reflects on the information overflow in these days and the need to escape from that. Have some offline moments.

The album is more straight forward than the predecessor. I think that on “Bel Air” the band was more searching their position after the longer breaks. The album felt to me like a mix of many different and creative ideas. Compared to this “Offline” became a really rocking album which is right to the point. Maybe the tunes are a little bit less diverse than on the earlier release, but this, on the other hand, also makes the album easier approachable.

One of the songs I really like on the new album is  "Like somebody". The tune reflects a lot the trademarks of the German quartet. It has the pumping and grooving bassline combined with Sandra very unique vocal. Those two things make the song so typical Guano Apes. With "Close to the sun" the album has another highlight which reminds me a bit to "When the ships arrive" from "Bel Air". The track is a cool mid-tempo rocker with an awesome chorus. With "Fake" the album has a mean and dirty song which hits the bull's eye. With the unleashed energy coming with the track it's a potential highlight in the upcoming live shows. "Jiggle" sounds probably most like the earlier Guano Apes. The song is easy and complex in one. Yes, I know. This sounds like a contradiction, but eventhough the tune has different layers it sticks directly. Hard to stand still during this song attacks your ears and brain. After this rock'n'roll storm the closer brings you back again into a more mid-pace environment. "The long way home" is an almost chilling tune with a good melody that makes you almost dreaming. But actually all songs are really good. Small thing I miss are the real screams from Sandra, which she was so unique for in the earlier days. But hej, Guano Apes got also more mature over time too and they still rock. That's cool.

Unfortunately the album isn't too long. It's just 40 minutes and another two songs would have been a nice extra. The production is beyond a shadow of a doubt very good. It's actually really energizing and spot on.

So, put the disc into your player, press the ‘play’ button, go offline and enjoy ‘Offline”.





  1. Like somebody
  2. Close to the sun
  3. Hej last beautiful
  4. Numen
  5. Cried all out
  6. It's not over
  7. Water wars
  8. Fake
  9. Jiggle
  10. The long way home


Label: Epic / Sony Music

Genre: Rock

Photo: Harry Weber
Photo: Harry Weber

Photo: Harry Weber