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CD review AVATAR "Hail the apocalypse"

Veröffentlicht am 18. Mai 2014 von Markus W. in Avatar, Modern Metal, CD Review, News

(8/10) I haven't known Avatar before and when I got the new album I was curious what to expect. Based on the cover my thoughts went into a wrong direction. Not pirate style traditional metal came out of the speaker, it was riff based modern metal with rough vocals and a full sound. Very cool.


The band is based in Gothenburg, Sweden and was founded already in 2001 by John Alfredsson. They started with death metal the Gothenburg style before they adjusted their direction. This change was also accompanied with some line-up changes, but in the end the result is convincing enough to justify the new sound.


It's the mix and the diversity of different sound elements which makes this disc standing out from a lot of other releases in modern metal. "Death of sound" e.g. is a real sick tune. With the bass lines and the interlaced songstructure it reminds even a bit to System Of A Down. Something totally different is "Tsar boma" - the song has German lyrics which are arranged in a way that they almost could come from Rammstein. It's a funny intermezzo which sounds like Rammstein on a modern metal trip. The guitarlines in "Get in line" remind a bit to the German metal institution too. With the industrial beat and the hard riff the song also shows some Rob Zombie trademarks.

"Puppet show" reflects a circus or funfair in the musical part. Almost with a polka rhythm the song sounds different from the others. A Volksfest vibe is immediately present. In the end even a horn section finds its spot in the tune. Actually the song reminds partly a bit to the legendary Leningrad Cowboys. Cool and standing out. Towards the end it becomes dark and gloomy. "Something in the way" and esp. "Tower" are slower songs which spreads a real threatening sphere. They sound damn cool and the keys/samples create a drastic scenario. The closer is for me actually the best track on the album.

My question is, why the band needs such a 'carneval image' and all this masquerade. This looks a bit ridiculous to me and takes away attention from the really good songs. These tunes, jeans and t-shirt would deliver enough quality for a successful career.


"Hail to the apocalypse" is afresh and modern metal album which has a lot of surprises. As soon as you think you know how the band sounds they come with a new twist. Everything is hold together by the vocals from Johannes Eckerstrom and the approach of being unpredictable. Interesting to follow this band in the future.







  1. Hail the apocalypse
  2. What I don't know
  3. Death of sound
  4. Vultures fly
  5. Bloody angel
  6. Murderer
  7. Tsar bomba
  8. Puppet show
  9. Get in line
  10. Something in the way
  11. Tower



Label: Gain Records

Genre: Modern Metal

CD review AVATAR "Hail the apocalypse"