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CD review SCORPIONS "Savage Amusement" 50th Anniversary Edition

Veröffentlicht am 5. November 2015 von Markus W. in Scorpions, News, CD Review, Hardrock, Heavy Metal, NWoBHM, Power Metal, Rock, Classic Rock

(*/10) “Savage Amusement” followed the highly successful “Love at First Sting” and it was the first album that couldn’t convince as much as the predecessor. Maybe it was due to the stressful life on tour or it was due to the more commercial metal that gained momentum at the end of the 80’s that “Savage Amusement” is missing the ease and the lightheartedness of the earlier records. The sound became more polished and the edges were missing.

The longplayer had some stellar songs, like “Rhythm of Love” and “Don’t Stop at the Top”, but there have been also numbers on “Savage Amusement” that couldn’t live up to the milestones the fans got used to get from the five guys. Songs like “Media Overkill” sum it up very well. “In the end they try to eat your soul” is one of the lines in “Media Overkill” and it feels like this, in real life, limited the creativity of the band during the song writing process for the 1988 released album.

“Savage Amusement” is the last album that was produced by Dieter Dierks and it marks the end of an era.

Like on the other discs from this anniversary series also “Savage Amusement” is full of gift from the Scorpions treasure chest. Six unreleased songs and demo tracks enrich the longplayer and are again of big value for collectors.

All eight albums that have been part of the 50st anniversary edition stand for an important, if not the most important era in the life of the German hardrockers. It documents their way from early classic rock based days towards a loud metal band. It contains all the highlights that are evergreens and that are still part of almost each Scorpions show.

Happy birthday Scorpions.





  1. Don't Stop at the Top
  2. Rhythm of Love
  3. Passion Rules the Game
  4. Media Overkill
  5. Walking on the Edge
  6. We Let it Rock ... You Let it Roll
  7. Every Minute Every Day
  8. Love on the Run
  9. Believe in Love
  10. Taste of Love (Unreleased Demo Song)
  11. Edge of Time (Unreleased Demo Version)
  12. Don't Wait Too Long (Unreleased Demo Song)
  13. Fast and Furious (Unreleased Demo)
  14. Dancing in the Moonlight (Unreleased Demo Version)
  15. Living for Tomorrow (Unreleased Demo Song)
  16. I Can't Explain

Label: BMG/SPV

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: November 6th, 2015

CD review SCORPIONS "Savage Amusement" 50th Anniversary Edition
CD review SCORPIONS "Savage Amusement" 50th Anniversary Edition