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CD review HORISONT "Odyssey"

Veröffentlicht am 11. September 2015 von Markus W. in Horisont, Rock, Prog Rock, News, CD Review, Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, Hardrock, Rainbow, Thin Lizzy

(8/10) The horizon is something wide and endless. This is also valid for Horisont; the band. The album is called "Odyssey" and also this fits - more in the way of an endless journey than having no direction.

The style of Horisont is classic rock that is multi-layered. The band from Gothenburg merges many different influences into a picture that is convincing with beautiful details and that gives always new perspectives. Each time you listen to the album you'll find new small little sonic highlights. 

The songs on "Odyssey" combine classic rock influences with early NWOBHM elements and progressive elements. 

The opener is the first impressive piece on the longplayer. You have to be brave to place a 10 minutes long opener at the beginning of an album. Horizont took this bold decision - and it was the right one. This epos reflects everything the band has to offer. Classic metal riffs, a bit if Rainbow-inspired melodylines and keyboard sections that reminded my to German space proggers of Eloy. Even though the tune is ten minutes long it doesn’t come with any length.

The other songs are shorter. Three to five minutes long, each track presents a soulful vibe, sometimes harder and sometimes more emotional. A number to recommend is called "The night stalker". It's a beautiful half ballad with a lot if blues included. For me one of the best tracks on “Odyssey”.

Rockers are on the album too. One is called "Back on the street" and it comes with Thin Lizzy inspired guitars and some UFO cross-references. 

But also the unforgettable Rainbow made an impact on Horisont. "Blind leder blind" is one of the numbers that reflects this influence. Rainbow's "Rainbow rising" times isn't too far away.

The guys also added a song to "Odyssey" that is kept in Swedish when it comes to the lyrics. "Städer brinner" is the name of the tune that comes with a solid groove and word, that I don’t understand J

The end of the album is booked for a tune called "Timmarna" which is again one of the longer tracks on the album. It’s a soulful half-ballad with a lot if twists and influences.

I haven't heard of Horisont before I got this album. A pity, since this is excellent music and it's another evidence of the great work of Rise Above who signed the band. 





  1. Odyssey
  2. Break the limit
  3. Blind leder blind
  4. Bad news
  5. Light my way
  6. The night stalker
  7. Flying
  8. Back on the streets
  9. Beyond the sun
  10. Red light
  11. Stader brinner
  12. Timmarna


Label: Rise Above

Genre: Classic Rock

Release date EU: September 18, 2015


CD review HORISONT "Odyssey"