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CD review FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH "Got your six"

Veröffentlicht am 11. September 2015 von Markus W. in Five Finger Death Punch, Alternative Metal, Modern Metal, Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal, News, CD Review

(8/10) Time is flying. Eight years ago Fiver Finger Death Punch released their debut called "The way of the fist". Zoltan Bathory and his gang released in the meantime five records and "Got your six" is the six discography entry.

The new longplayer sounds big. This has to do with the sound of the record, but also the new songs. It was Kevin Churko 9Ozy Osbounre, Slash and Rob Zombie) that signed responsible for the production. The focus was on the live situation and the guys wanted to create and album that reflects this atmosphere and spreads the same power than what fans know for their shows.

Next to sound it's mainly the tunes itself that are harder again and more to the point. There are two tracks that are more mellow. "Diggin' My Own Grave" and "Wash It All Away" are their names. The last mentioned one is not even a soft one. it still comes with a brutal riff but has some very melodic parts embedded too. For the rest the album sounds like a mixture of Machine Head and Korn.

It's a murderous groove that builds the foundation most of the songs. On top of that there are mighty riffs and the aggressive shouts of frontman.
Highlights to mention are the midpace groover "Jekyll and Hyde". The slightly distorted vocals are damn cool and it sounds like Ivan Moody tells a story; what he basically also does. "My Nemesis" is another good modern metal track before "No Sudden Movement" isn't there to take prisoners.
"Boots and Blood" bridges over to modern thrash. Something that finds it's continuation in "You're Not My Kind".
Five Finger Death Punch didn't belong to my most favorite bands yet. "Got your six" might change this. I'm very positively surprised of the new longplayer. Now it's only the childish artwork that need to be worked on and here we go. At least the music is great and that's what counts.





  1. Got your six
  2. Jekyll and Hyde
  3. Wash it all away
  4. Ain't my last dance
  5. My Nemesis
  6. No sudden movement
  7. Quesion everything
  8. Hell to pay
  9. Diggin' my own grave
  10. Meet my maker
  11. Boots and blood


Label: Eleven Seven Music / Warner ADA

Genre: Modern Metal

Release Date EU: Septmber 4th, 2015

CD review FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH "Got your six"