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GIN FIZZY pics from their show in De Lier, The Netherlands

Veröffentlicht am 2. April 2017 von Markus W. in Gin Fizzy, Thin Lizzy, Rock, Hardrock, Live Review, Classic Rock, News, Live, Tour

Gin Fizzy is a Dutch cover band who did a show on April 1st in De Lier, The Netherlands. The five-piece band played the entire "Live and Dangerous" album from classic rock legends Thin Lizzy. Here are some pics from this night.


Gin Fizzy are:

  • Vincent Frijdal (Vocals)
  • Ivar Bosten (Guitar)
  • Louis de Roo (Guitar)
  • Menno Bouma (Bass)
  • Frans Ogier (Drums)
GIN FIZZY pics from their show in De Lier, The Netherlands
GIN FIZZY pics from their show in De Lier, The Netherlands
GIN FIZZY pics from their show in De Lier, The Netherlands
GIN FIZZY pics from their show in De Lier, The Netherlands

CD review SINNER "Tequila Suicide"

Veröffentlicht am 20. März 2017 von Markus W. in Sinner, AFM Records, Heavy Metal, Melodic Metal, News, Classic Rock, Thin Lizzy, Hardrock, Blues, Mat Sinner, CD Review

(8/10) I'm not sure if there are busier musicians in German rock/metal than Mat Sinner. Primal Fear, Voodoo Circle, ... are outfits that include the Swabian bass player on the four string guitar and sometimes also as being producer too. Next to all these highly successful bands Mat Sinner always kept his band Sinner alive and kickin'.

My first Sinner longplayer was the 1986 release "Comin' Out Fighting", an album that features great songs like the title track and "Lost in a Minute". The icing on this metallic cake is the Billy Idol cover "Rebel Yell" that sounds as good as the original. Now, I don't want to revel too much in the past. We reached 2017 and Sinner releases their 17th longplayer "Tequila Suicide".

That Sinner's sound is inspired by Thin Lizzy is well known. These influences are also very present on the new record and songs like "Gypsy Rebels" and "Road to Hell underlines this very well.

These tunes are good ones but the real smashers of the album are halfway down the tracklist. My favourite on "Tequila Suicide" is called "Dragons". Sinner kicks it off with a grooving bass line and some Hammond sounds. The song is kept in moderate pace, has a mighty punch and a chorus that is catchy as hell. I have to admit that I had this number on almost endless loop.

"Battle Hills" is next on the list and brings the Highlands right into your living room. It's another tune that shows a certain Thin Lizzy connection before Mat Sinner and his gang unveils their bluesy side. "Sinner Blues" is what the title promises. It's a more silent track that, if I remember it right, hasn't been part of any earlier Sinner record. Listening to "Sinner Blues" is a joyful experience, since it's more than 'just' a standard ballad. This song includes feel and emotion.

To sum up. Sinner sticks to their roots and their trademarks. Even after all these years Mat Sinner maintains a fresh and dynamic sound for his solo outlet with "Tequila Suicide" being an example of dedication leading to high quality. Keep on rocking.





  1. Go Down Fighting
  2. Tequila Suicide
  3. Road to Hell
  4. Dragons
  5. Battle Hill
  6. Sinner Blues
  7. Why
  8. Gypsy Rebel
  9. Loud & Clear
  10. Dying on a Broken Heart


Label: AFM Records

Genre: Melodic Metal

Release Date EU: March 31st, 2017

CD review SINNER "Tequila Suicide"

CD review BLACK STAR RIDERS "Heavy Fire"

Veröffentlicht am 27. Januar 2017 von Markus W. in Black Star Riders, Thin Lizzy, Nuclear Blast, Hardrock, Classic Rock

(8/10) It feels like it would have been yesterday that Black Star Riders released their fabulous debut "All Hell Breaks Loose" and indeed, it was just three years ago. However, the band used these years to become a constant player in rock. The group, that was build in the roots of Thin Lizzy, started back in 2012. Scott Gorham, Damon Johnson, Marco Mendoza and Ricky Warwick began to record new songs that, due to various reasons, didn't end up on a Thin Lizzy record. The guys decided to publish them under a new banner - Black Star Riders.

"All Hell Breaks Loose" was the title of the album and it was the ignition of a band that gained more rock fans with each album the unveiled. Two years after having released the debut the band pushed with "The Killer Instinct" the next album into he record shops, followed now by "Heavy Fire".

The newest 'kid in town' features ten brilliant rockers that have the potential to make the band even more popular than what they are today. It all starts with the title track. "Heavy Fire" is a moderate paced tune that's raw and powering, some attributes that also go for "When the Night Comes In". It's the catchy chorus, which makes the latter to a special one on the album. Classic metal is the base for "Dancing With the Wrong Girl" before the heavy grooving "Who Rides the Tiger" takes over. Here we talk about a wild ride that leads to the more silent "Cold War Love".

After having gone through a more sentimental track like "Cold War Love", it's again time for some harder stuff. "Testify or Say Goodbye" delivers what's needed. For me, this tune belongs to the best ones on this great longplayer. The verse reminded me actually of New Model Army before the track turns into an excellent chorus that's fully reflecting traditional classic rock a la Black Star Riders. This number is a real treat for your ears.

A strong bass line kick starts "Thinking About You Could Get Me Killed" and it stays the rhythm that dominates the song that also comes with cool hooks. This is the way hardrock must sound like - groovy and dirty.

"True Blue Kid" is a good song even though there are better ones on the album, like the next burner called "Ticket to Rise". The female background vocals in the chorus add some extra suspense to this tune that is kept again in mid-pace.

We're getting closer to the end and the last track is near. "Letting Go Of Me" is an excellent choice and a well done closer. It's again one of these Black Star Riders tracks that kicks ass. It's a powerful way of rounding off an album that can easily handle a comparison with the two predecessors.

Overall "Heavy Fire" is a longplayer that is 'heavy' and 'fires' on all cylinders. Black Star Riders is a vital rock'n'roll engine that energizes and entertains as far as it will go. Good music for a good time, something that's not too bad for the new 2017 year.




  1. Heavy Fire
  2. When the Night Comes On
  3. Dancing With the Wrong Girl
  4. Who Rides the Tiger
  5. Cold War Love
  6. Testify or Say Goodbye
  7. Thinking About You Could Get Me Killed
  8. True Blue Kid
  9. Ticket to Rise
  10. Letting Go of Me


Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: February 3rd, 2017



CD review BLACK STAR RIDERS "Heavy Fire"

Line-up MONSTERS OF ROCK completed

Veröffentlicht am 17. März 2016 von Markus W. in Rainbow, Thin Lizzy, Manfred Mann's Earthband, Hardrock, Classic Rock, Rock, News, Tour

Thin Lizzy and Manfred Mann's Earthband complete the line-up of the two Monsters Of Rock festival in June this year.

As earlier reported it is Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow that is headlining the shows in Bietigheim-Bissingen and on the Lorely.

Line-up MONSTERS OF ROCK completed

CD review MIDGE URE "Breathe Again: Live and Extended"

Veröffentlicht am 31. Oktober 2015 von Markus W. in Midge Ure, Ultravox, Thin Lizzy, Rock, Acoustic, Visage, Prog Rock, CD Review, News

(8/10) To mention each of the important musical mielstones of Midge Ure would be a very long list of bands and projects the iconic musicians was involved in.

I don't think that such an outstanding career was to foresee when Ure started in 1976 with Silk, releasing the first single called "Forever and ever". What happened during the next almost four decades was a success story that doesn't happen that often. Thin Lizzy, Ultravox, Visage and Band Aid, those are just some of the bands and projects Ure enriched with his creativity and passion for music.

"Breathe Again: Live and Extended" is, in one or another way, a view back and it is the 1995 release "Breathe" that builds the base for this live album. By purpose "Breathe" was build on celtic influences with various acoustic instruments and the long player became a bit success.

Midge Ure wants to revitalize this spirit of "Breathe" by performing the entire album live on stage. "Breathe Again: Live and Extended" is the capturing of this endeavour.

The live album can be split in two parts. Section one is consisting out of the eleven tracks from the mentioned album, all in a pure acoustic version. But on top of it the album also comes with highlights like "Vienna", "Fade to Grey" and "If I was"; songs that are alltime classics. What makes those tunes special on this live release is the fact that they are re-arrenged and also fully acoustic. This gives the songss a totally new expression.

Midge Ure publishes with "Breathe Again: Live and Extended" an excellent live album that includes milestones in rock. To recommend.





  1. Breathe
  2. Fields of Fire
  3. Fallen Angel
  4. Free
  5. Guns and Arrows
  6. Lay My Body Down
  7. Sinnerman
  8. Live Forever
  9. Trails of Tears
  10. Lay Your Good Lord
  11. The Maker
  12. Vienna
  13. Fade to Grey
  14. If I Was
  15. Lament
  16. Dear God
  17. All Fall Down
  18. Fragile
  19. Become


Label: Oblivion/SPV

Genre: Rock

Release Date EU: October 30st, 2015

CD review MIDGE URE "Breathe Again: Live and Extended"

CD review '77 "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us"

Veröffentlicht am 31. Oktober 2015 von Markus W. in '77, ACDC, Hardrock, Classic Rock, Rock, News, CD Review, Blues, Thin Lizzy

(7/10) You could make life easy for yourself and label '77 as the Spanish AC/DC. But this would be far too easy, even though the five-piece from Australia can be seen as a major inspiration for '77's sound. But the four-guys from Barcelona are more than just a copycat.

'77 at its best is what you get if you see them live. I still can remember their great performance when they opened for Audrey Horne a few months ago. Their show was fully based on power and energy, all combined with well-crafted hardrock songs that are made for a party.

The new album "Nothing's gonna stop us" has the gained self-confidence of the guys already in its name. The bands forth longplayer is a next step for '77 that takes them a bit away from AC/DC by adding some more Thin Lizzy and 70's Kiss to their sound. Traditional classic rock also gains momentum when it comes to those guys. This is something that I had to get used to, but after a few times listening to the album I have to say that it makes sense.

The four guys from Spain don't reinvent rock'n'roll, but the enjoy it and they live rock'n'roll. '77's music makes fun, is entertaining and, again, works best in a live environment.

"Nothing's Gonna Stop Us" is a cool 70's based hardrock album that gives you a good time. Check it out.





  1. It's Alright
  2. Tonight
  3. Come & Join Us
  4. Street Dogs
  5. Nothin' Gonna Stop Us Now
  6. GMDF
  7. Tightrope
  8. Still Waiting
  9. No One Like You
  10. She Makes Me
  11. Too Young to Go
  12. We Want More Rock and Roll


Label: Century Media

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: October 30st, 2015


CD review '77 "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us"

CD review HORISONT "Odyssey"

Veröffentlicht am 11. September 2015 von Markus W. in Horisont, Rock, Prog Rock, News, CD Review, Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, Hardrock, Rainbow, Thin Lizzy

(8/10) The horizon is something wide and endless. This is also valid for Horisont; the band. The album is called "Odyssey" and also this fits - more in the way of an endless journey than having no direction.

The style of Horisont is classic rock that is multi-layered. The band from Gothenburg merges many different influences into a picture that is convincing with beautiful details and that gives always new perspectives. Each time you listen to the album you'll find new small little sonic highlights. 

The songs on "Odyssey" combine classic rock influences with early NWOBHM elements and progressive elements. 

The opener is the first impressive piece on the longplayer. You have to be brave to place a 10 minutes long opener at the beginning of an album. Horizont took this bold decision - and it was the right one. This epos reflects everything the band has to offer. Classic metal riffs, a bit if Rainbow-inspired melodylines and keyboard sections that reminded my to German space proggers of Eloy. Even though the tune is ten minutes long it doesn’t come with any length.

The other songs are shorter. Three to five minutes long, each track presents a soulful vibe, sometimes harder and sometimes more emotional. A number to recommend is called "The night stalker". It's a beautiful half ballad with a lot if blues included. For me one of the best tracks on “Odyssey”.

Rockers are on the album too. One is called "Back on the street" and it comes with Thin Lizzy inspired guitars and some UFO cross-references. 

But also the unforgettable Rainbow made an impact on Horisont. "Blind leder blind" is one of the numbers that reflects this influence. Rainbow's "Rainbow rising" times isn't too far away.

The guys also added a song to "Odyssey" that is kept in Swedish when it comes to the lyrics. "Städer brinner" is the name of the tune that comes with a solid groove and word, that I don’t understand J

The end of the album is booked for a tune called "Timmarna" which is again one of the longer tracks on the album. It’s a soulful half-ballad with a lot if twists and influences.

I haven't heard of Horisont before I got this album. A pity, since this is excellent music and it's another evidence of the great work of Rise Above who signed the band. 





  1. Odyssey
  2. Break the limit
  3. Blind leder blind
  4. Bad news
  5. Light my way
  6. The night stalker
  7. Flying
  8. Back on the streets
  9. Beyond the sun
  10. Red light
  11. Stader brinner
  12. Timmarna


Label: Rise Above

Genre: Classic Rock

Release date EU: September 18, 2015


CD review HORISONT "Odyssey"

CD review DEAD LORD "Heads held high"

Veröffentlicht am 24. August 2015 von Markus W. in Dead Lord, Thin Lizzy, News, CD Review, Rock, Hardrock, Heavy Metal, Classic Rock

(9/10) It's amzing. Sweden seems to be THE country at the moment, that 'produces' most classic rock bands. Dead Lord is one of them. 

The guys aren't arounfd for such a long time. Founded in 2012, Dead Lord released their debut called "Goodbye repentance" one year later via High Roller. This record got a lot of positive feedback - from fans as well as from the media.

Dead Lord is highly inspired by the 70's. The guitar sound reminds very often to Thin Lizzy which obviously made an impact on the four guys. Already the debut was that 70's flavoured and the new album "Heads held high" continues with it. 

In the meantime Dead Lord signed with Century Media and the mentioned new album is the label debut for the Swedes. "Heads held high" comes with ten new songs that are great classic rock.  And it's not only the songs that have this classic touch. Also the production and the sound of the album is a journey back in time. Things don't sound overproduced. No, it's a warm and organic sound that is a treat for your ears in times when sometimes almost aseptic sounds take away the soul of an album. "Heads held high" is an example for how songs and sound can go together in a perfect way and support each other.

When it comes to tracks I have a few highlights. One of those is the melodic opener "Farewell" that sounds tight and spot-on. "Ruins" follows. Dead Lord inceases the pace and this time it's the great guitar solos that stand out. And the twin guitars adds the density to Dead Lord's sonic expression.

Those two songs also show another crucial success factor in Dead Lord's sound. It's the voice of singer Hakim Krim that is special and unique. 

Another great number is called "The bold move". It's with more than six minutes the longest song on the record and comes with a lot of Deep Purple cross-references. More than once I had to think about "When a blindman cries". But not to be misunderstood; we aren't talking about a copycat. "The bold move" is a typical Dead Lord anthem that gains heaviness along the way.

And last but not least the title track. "With heads held high" the four guys have written a very rhythm-based song that comes with some Uriah Heep elements. Dead Lord can hold their heads high since they can be proud of their second disc. 

"Heads held high" became I great new rock album and I could imagine that the songs gain intesity while being preformed live. I have seen the guys a few month ago when they opened for Wolf. It was a great show and those guys are born to be on stage. Rock's alive.





  1. Farewell
  2. Ruins
  3. Mindless
  4. No regrets
  5. Cold hearted madness
  6. Strained fools
  7. When history repeats itself
  8. The bold move
  9. Don' give a dramn
  10. With heads held high


Label: Century Media

Genre: Classic Rock

Release date EU: August 21, 2015

CD review DEAD LORD "Heads held high"

New video from the BLACK STAR RIDERS

Veröffentlicht am 28. Februar 2015 von Markus W. in Black Star Riders, Thin Lizzy, Hardrock, Rock, Classic Rock, News, Video

Here comes the newest video from the Black Star Riders - "The killer instinct".


CD review AUDREY HORNE "Pure heavy"

Veröffentlicht am 21. September 2014 von Markus W. in Audrey Horne, Hardrock, Classic Rock, Rock, Alternative Metal, Thin Lizzy, Kiss, CD Review, News

(8/10) The new album from Audrey Horne means 45 minutes of pure fun and rock'n'roll entertainment. The continuity of the high quality level of the band from Bergen, Norway is amazing. What started in 2002 as a funproject of some black metal guys turned into a successful classic-/hardrock band. 

"Pure heavy" is now already the fifth full-length release of the band and I think one of the most mature ones. Over time the sound of Audrey Horne moved more and more towards pure classic rock. This style was present in their sound of the early days already, but at that time they mixed it more with some alternative and post grunge elements. Therefore "Pure heavy" is a well chosen title of the record.

"Pure heavy" comes with eleven killers and no filler. For me the best song of the album comes already early in the beginning. After the good opener "Wolf in my heart" it's the fast "Holy roller" that creates pure excitement. It is right to the point with some crispy guitars and galloping beats. A live song per excellence.

As I said earlier the classic rock influences became bigger. Songs like "Gravity" and esp. "Out of the city" have a strong Thin Lizzy touch. Audrey Horne interprets this style in a good and own way. They are inspired but they never copy.

With "Diamond" the album also has a one and a half minutes intermezzo just by the acoustic guitar and Toschie's vocals. But than it's over with the silence again. The riff from "Into the wild" brings you back into the headbanging mode. 

Next to mentioned tunes their is the mean groove monster "Waiting for the night" with a great melody plus a catchy chorus that rocks. 

The hypnotic "Boy wonder" is the final track on the album and again a powerful one that leaves you behind slack-jawed. What suits the track too is the short releaxed instrumental part half way. This is a welcome break followed by a melodic guitar solo. 

"Pure heavy" is an excellent new album from Audrey Horne and I liked what I heard. Fans of the and can easily go for it and hardrockers in general will not be disappointed too. Cool stuff.





  1. Wolf in my heart
  2. Holy roller
  3. Out of the city
  4. Volcano girl
  5. Tales from the cyrpt
  6. Diamond
  7. Into the wild
  8. Gravity
  9. High and dry
  10. Waiting for the night
  11. Boy wonder


Label: Naplam Records

Genre: Classic Rock

CD review AUDREY HORNE "Pure heavy"

CD review BLACK TRIP "Goin' under"

Veröffentlicht am 4. Juli 2014 von Markus W. in Black Trip, Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy, Saxon, Heavy Metal, CD Review, News, Wolf

(8/10) If you're too young to experience the NWOBHM you get the chance to catch up by listening to the new record of Black Trip. The band is from Sweden and the mainman behind Black Trip is fromer Entombed and Nifelheim drummer Peter Stjärnvind. 

He had the idea for Black Trip already in 2003, when he, together with Daniel Bergqvist, wanted to start a band which takes care about their musical heritage. The music of their youth was obviously the metal sound of the early 80's when the NWOBHM reached its peak. Bands like Iron Maiden and Saxon entered the scene as well as Thin Lizzy, which played an important role at that time too.

But it took till 2011 before things got more concrete. And it took another 3 years before the band finally released their debut "Goin' under". Bergqvist isn't on board anymore, but Stjärnvind found with Joseph Tholl and great singer for the band. The line-up is completed by Sebastian Ramstedt (g), Johan Bergebäck (b) and Joan Wikstrand (d). 

"Voodoo queen" openes the album which contains eight songs in total. Even this is so eighties. The first thing you recognise is the antiquated sound of the album. It fits perfect to the music and gives you the feeling time warp back the starting days of metal. The influences of Iron Maiden are more than obvious in "No tomorrow". The way the tune is build up, the twin guitars and the riff including the vocals remind me to the early Paul DiAnno days of the iron ladies. You can find this also back in "Thirst", eventhough it is a slower paced track. The final anthem "Going under", the title track, can be seen as a highlight too. It's a more than five minutes long homage to heavy metal, which is highly entertaining and a well-crafted metal track.

There is definitely a retro trend in metal at the moment. It's esp. Sweden which brings a lot of those bands to the surface. Black Trip is one of them; and they are one of the better once. For me they belong, together with Imperial State Electric, to the leaders of this trend. A cool basic album which is a highlight in these days of almost steril and overproduced releases. This album is real and authentic. Thumbs up.





  1. Voodoo queen
  2. Radar
  3. Putting out the fire
  4. No tomorrow
  5. Tvar dabla
  6. The bells
  7. Thirst
  8. Going under


Label: SPV

Genre: Heavy Metal

CD review BLACK TRIP "Goin' under"

CD review DARKEST ERA "Severance"

Veröffentlicht am 4. Juni 2014 von Markus W. in Darkest Era, Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy, Power Metal, Heavy Metal, Atlantean Kodex, CD Review, News

(8/10) Darkest Era is from North Ireland. The quinett comes from Belfast and plays mix between traditional metal which is in the tradition of bands like Iron Maiden and Thin Lizzy. But they also combine it with harder element like you know from bands like Primordial. All this spiced up with some Irish folklore elements leads to a quite good metal dish. They call it 'Celtic Metal' and I think that the term describes it very well. 

The band started already in the early 2005, when Ade Mulgrew (g) and Sarah Wighell (g) decided to make music together. It took the band some demo and a couple of EP's before they released their first album. The 2011 debut is called "the last caress of light". After three years it's now time for the second record. "Severance" is the name of the disc, which comes with 8 songs.

The beginning of the album could mislead you a bit. "Sorrow's boundless realm" could give you the impression that you got the album of a black metal band. This is mainly based on the high speed part in the beginning. But as soon as the vocals from Krum starts it becomes clear that we are talking more heavy-/power metal. Parallels to the German Atlantean Kodex aren't deniable here and there. And that's not a bad reference.

What I like with Darkest Era is the combination of great melodies, epical soundscapes and really heavy metal parts. And the band has with Krum a guy behind the mic, who has a great voice. One of the tunes which makes this pretty obvious is "The serpent and the shadow". It's a melodic metal track with some Maiden-like guitars and really cool vocal lines. Still pushing by the merciless beat the track becomes a highlight on the album. The epical side of Darkest Era shows to advantage in the closer. "Blood, sand and stone combines all the elements of the band in a eight minute long anthem. The song stays exciting the whole time. This is based on the interplay between acoustic, silent parts and heavy riffs. All rounded off by a traditional metal solo after six minutes. Also here it becomes understandable, that the band mentions Iron Maiden as one of their influencers.

The other five songs keep the same quality level. That makes "Severance" to a cool album which was a positive surprise to me. I guess we will hear more from the band in the future.





  1. Sorrow's boundless realm
  2. Songs of gods and men
  3. The serpent and the shadow
  4. Beyond the grey veil
  5. Trapped in the hourglass
  6. The scavenger
  7. The thousand screaming souls
  8. Blood, sand and stone


Label: Cruz Del Sur

Genre: Power Metal

CD review DARKEST ERA "Severance"