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CD review GUS G. "Brand new revolution"

Veröffentlicht am 26. August 2015 von Markus W. in Gus G, Firewind, Hardrock, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, News, CD Review, Ozzy Osbourne, Shred

(8/10) It feels like Gus G. being a guy that can't stand still. It feels like the six-stringer is almost omni-present. Just looking back on the amount bands he was and partly is still active leads to an impressive long list. Firewind is one of those bands, there his contribution to Ozzy Osbourne's latest releases too, his participation in Nightrage and so on. Gus G. has a passion for metal and his guitar that is worth all respect.

What I personally like is the fact that he isn't purely focussed on playing as fast as possible and as many notes as possible. Gus G. always puts the song in focus and contributes to those with his leads and solos. This is also underlined by the fact that "Brand new revolution" isn't a pure instrumental release. The Greek guitar wizard looked again for a contribution of various singer that enriches the tracks.

The power metal on the second solo album gets a voice by well-known singers such as Mats Levén, who does again an excellent job on three songs. The same goes for Jeff Scott Soto who contributed to another two tracks. 

A bit of a surprise to me was the fact that Adler singer Jacob Bunton is performing on five of the new songs. Due to his higher pitch the tracks get more of a, partly dark, hardrock expression while Levén and Soto are more adding the metal vibe with a bit rougher vocals.

A tune that stands out from the others is called "What lies below". The reason why is due to the fact that it is kept much more modern compared to the other numbers. It's a real modern metal track that shows another side of Gus' guitar play. The vocals are done by Elize Ryd from Amaranthe - a good choice for this song and a perfect match.

And even though the album isn't an instrumental one Gus G. also put at least one song on "Brand new revolution" that sets him into the spotlight only. The opener "The quest" is a four minutes long track that gives the six-string wizard the opportunity to let the guitar scream. I was grown up with shred guitarsts like Tony MacAlpine and Marty Friedman. "The quest" reminded me very much to those days.

To sum up: Gus G.'s second album, released under his own name, is a great metal experience that confirms again that the Greek guy belongs to the best guitarists in these days.





  1. The quest
  2. Brand new revolution
  3. Burn
  4. We are one
  5. What lies below
  6. Behind those eyes
  7. Gone to stay
  8. One more try
  9. Come hell or high water
  10. If it ends today
  11. Generation G.
  12. The demon inside


Label: Century Media

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release date EU: July 24, 2015


CD review GUS G. "Brand new revolution"