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CD review PRAYING MANTIS "Legacy"

Veröffentlicht am 26. August 2015 von Markus W. in Praying Mantis, Heavy Metal, News, CD Review, Hardrock, Melodic Metal, NWoBHM, AOR, Rock

(7/10) The story of Praying Mantis is not an easy one. In one are another way their career almost reminds to Canadian metal underdogs of Anvil. The roots of Praying Mantis go back to the seventies when the Troy brother formed the band. 

The band played several shows, mostly smaller ones, sometimes on parties. After also having had a couple of demos it took Praying Mantis till 1981 to come out with their debut called "Time tell no lies". Still the band haven't had all the luck on their side. The journey of Praying Mantis was a bumpy road with ups and a lot of downs too. It deserves all respect that they are still around and even better, holding in hands a new album of the guys.

"Legacy" is in the meantime the tenth release of Praying Mantis and the second for Frontiers. The new disc is another step towards melodic hardrock. Even though they started as one of the first NWoBHM bands they guys added more and more melodies to their songs by not denying their roots.

The way I would describe "Legacy" is 'timeless'. The guys can look back on a lot of experience; built up over time. And after having had the whole rollercoaster experience of the music business they play save this time. "Legacy" isn't rocket science. But it is a good melodic rock album that excels with good melodic rockers and some metal riffs.

Basically all the songs on "Legacy" are good ones. I still want to highlight some. Looking on the bands career and the importance of Japan it doesn't surprise that one song is called "Tokyo". The tune itselft is a melodic rocker that has a gentle guitar and great hooks.

The heavier side of Praying Mantis is represented by songs such as "Against the world" while "The one" become very sweet and sticky.

To sum up: "Legacy" is an album that shows that not giving up leads to some late recognition. Believe in what you're doing, follow your passion and keep on going; that's what we can learn from Praying Mantis while listening to their new album.





  1. Fight for your honour
  2. The one
  3. Believable
  4. Tokyo
  5. Better man
  6. All I see
  7. Eyes of a child
  8. The runner
  9. Against the world
  10. Fallen angel
  11. Second time around


Label: Frontiers 

Genre: Melodic Hardrock

Release Date EU: August 21st, 2015

CD review PRAYING MANTIS "Legacy"