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CD review BROTHER FIRETRIBE "Diamond in the firepit"

Veröffentlicht am 28. April 2014 von Markus W. in Brother Firetribe, Hardrock, Rock, AOR, CD Review, News

(9/10) First class hardrock from Scandinavia - nothing really new. Brother Firetribe is on of of those bands which found their passion in this genre and they rock. The five guys are from Finland and their most known member is Nightwish guitarist Emppu Vuorinen. The band, which was founded already in 2002, is very successful in their home country with high charts entries. In the rest of Europe they haven't reached such a high status, but this might change with the new album "Diamond in the firepot". It's already the third album of the band and follows the predesessor "Heart full of fire" from 2008.

Eventhough there has been a period of 6 years between the two records "Diamond in the firepot" feels like a logical continuation of the band's journey. In total 11 songs and one intro are a treat for your ears. The band has the gift to combine very catchy melodies with a real rocking guitars. Eventhough the keyboards are creating a tuneful base the songs never get too sticky sweet. The six string is always powerful enough to make each song rocking. Brother Firetribe are a mix between the good old Bad English and the earlier Treat - not a bad reference.

Already "Love's not enogh" is a clear signal for what to expect in the coming 45 minutes. The pushing rhythm of the tune make it really irresistable. Another track to mention is the Sammy Hagar cover "Winner takes it all". It's a cool version which doesn't go too far away from the original. But with the keyboards it gets a bigger AOR touch than in the Hagar version. A remarkable element is also the almost funky bass solo half way. The first single "For better and for worse" is another song which is on my fave list. Harmonies and arrangements make the song to a catchy tune which sticks. "Desperately" is the ballad on the album. It's an emotional song with a beautiful chorus and it reminds me a bit to Smokie which isn't a bad thing in this context.

For me "Diamond in the firepit" is, together with the latest SunStrike, one of the best melodic hardrock releases so far this year and a prove that Finland is more than only Nightwish, dark metal and black metal.





  1. Intro
  2. Love's not enough
  3. Far away from love
  4. For better and for worse
  5. Desperately
  6. Edge of forever
  7. Hanging by a thread
  8. Trails of tears
  9. Winner takes it all
  10. Tired of dreaming
  11. Realty bites
  12. Close to the bone


Label: Spinefarm Records

Genre: Melodic Hardrock

CD review BROTHER FIRETRIBE "Diamond in the firepit"