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CD review DEATH "Leprosy" re-release

Veröffentlicht am 28. April 2014 von Markus W. in Death, Death Metal, Thrash Metal, CD Review, News

(*/10) Doubtless Death has been one of the biggest influencers for a whole new genre - death metal. Brutal and racing fast death metal songs have been merged with technical capabilities. And with Chuck Schuldiner, the founder of the band, Death had a very virtuoso guitarist. Next to this Chuck also did the vocal and I like his voice, since it is not purely growling like we know from other Tampa bands like Cannibal Corpse and Obituary. Schuldiner used a mix between growls and with very rough, more thrash-like vocals. This made the band also easier accessable for a broader audiance. 

As we all know Schuldiner died far too early, but his legacy stays. A bunch of excellent death metal records are still a pleasure to listen to and are still unqiue. After a few earlier re-releases from discs like "Human" and "The sound of perseverance" it was time for a re-release of the band's first real masterpiece called "Leprosy". 

The original release date was in 1989 and followd the debut "Scream bloody gore". "Leprosy" is up till today a milestone in heavy metal and a reference album for many bands. It combines the unleashed power and aggressiveness of bands like Possessed with the screaming guitars from Slayer and the demonic vibe of Venom. All this spiced up with the already mentioned unique vocals from Chuck. Songs like the brutal "Left to die" or the diabolic "Open casket" with it's well placed breaks are death metal anthems. All of the songs are remastered by Alan Douches, which improves the quality just a bit compared to the original release, which had already areally good sound.

So what's really new with the re-release? Next to the regular album the new version comes with two extra CD's. A nice add-on. One disc contains rehersal material and the other is a live recording of Death in December 1988. 

The problem with those two extras is the sound quality. That tapes from the rehearsal aren't high quality is in the nature of things. And those recordings are definitely something for die-hard fans of the band. Also the two live shows, which have been recorded in Rochester, New York and Bloomfield, New Jersey are something for collectors only. Also their sound is very much bootleg level and comes pretty low-fi and basic out of the speakers. But they are for sure documents of the history of Death.

All in all  "Leprosy" still is a milestone in death metal. With the two extra CD's the re-release also offers extra goodies which makes it very interesting for all collectors and enthusiasts of the band.





Disc 1

1. Leprosy

2. Born Dead

3. Forgotten Past

4. Left To Die

5. Pull The Plug

6. Open Casket

7. Primitive Ways

8. Choke On It


Disc 2

Leprosy - 9/23/87 Rehearsal 

1. Open Casket

2. Choke On It

3. Left To Die

4. Left To Die - Take 2

Leprosy - 12/05/87 Rehearsals

5. Left To Die

6. Open Casket

7. Pull The Plug

8. Choke On It

9. Born Dead

10. Forgotten Past


Disc 3

Live at Backstreets, Rochester, NY - December 13th, 1988

1. Leprosy

2. Open Casket

3. Zombie Ritual

4. Pull The Plug

5. Left To Die

6. Mutilation

7. Forgotten Past

8. Born Dead

9. Denial Of Life

10. Primitive Ways

11. Infernal Death

Live at The Dirt Club, Bloomfield, NJ - December 11th, 1988

12. Leprosy

13. Pull The Plug

14. Forgotten Past

15. Primitive Ways

CD review DEATH "Leprosy" re-release