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CD review THE RAGGED SAINTS "The sound of breaking free"

Veröffentlicht am 13. Oktober 2013 von Markus W. in The Ragged Saints, Hardrock, CD Review

(8/10) Sometimes it is just a pleasure to discover new bands which are playing good music. I just wonder why some bands don't get more attention. I had that pleasure yesterday when I heard for the first time about The Ragged Saints. They are from Helsinki, Finland, will release their new album "The sound of breaking free" in a few days and play melodic hardrock with some AOR elements here and there.

How do the songs from The Ragged Saints sound? There is e.g. "A place where I belong" which reminds to Whitesnake while the rocking "Never walk away" has esp. in the verse some catchy Pretty Maids segments. The band mentions also Def Leppard as their influences, which you can hear from time to time. This gives you an idea where the inspiration of the band comes from. Next to the mentioned tracks there are more remarkable songs on the album. To mention is the rocking "Love won't fade away' which is probably the hardest song on the record. "While the world is burning" is almost in AOR regions and "The end" reminds has some Bad English moments.

The songs are all very melodic, have great hooklines and got a good production. The Ragged Saints have a knack for good rock songs. But they are also demanding enough to not get boring. I never had the intention to use the 'skip' button. It's just enjoyable music which gives you a good time. All hardrock fans should risk a listening session.



  1. The sound of breaking free
  2. A place where I belong
  3. Don't get me go
  4. I'll never give up on love
  5. Love won't fade away
  6. We are the same
  7. While the world is burning
  8. New beginnings
  9. Never walk away
  10. Befeore time goes by
  11. The end

Label: Prog Power

Genre: Hardrock

CD review THE RAGGED SAINTS "The sound of breaking free"