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(8/10) After the heavily discussed last album and a 5 years break Human Fortress are back with a new album. 50% of the band changed. Human Fortress today is the 'old' members Todd Wolf, Volker Trost and Laki Zaios with the new guys Dirk Liehm, Andre Hort and the Brazilian singer Gus Monsanto. The band from Hannover, Germany named their newest release "Raided land". The songs are a mix out of the older "Defenders of the crowd" times combined with some modern features. For the ones who never heard something from the band so far, Human Fortress plays epic melodic metal, comparable with e.g. Kamelot.

Already the title track and opener "Raided land" reflects this. Starting with some kind of spinet sound the songs takes up speed and heaviness and becomes a 4 minutes rocker. "Child of war" takes back speed, but not the heaviness. It's a song with a pounding rhythm and a lot of feeling. "Evil curse" shows the same pattern. The "Prelude" leads to another good song on the album called "Pray for salvation". This ones starts also acoustic, followed by more heavy guitars. After an acoustic middle part with a good solo the riff starts again. Great variation. "Under siege" starts almost with a Iron Maiden guitar sound and continues with a dark melody. An interesting song.

Human Fortress added with "Raided land" a good new album to their discography. Good melodic metal which is a must for fans of Kamelot and Avanatasia. Thumbs up.



  1. Raided land
  2. Child of war
  3. Wasted years
  4. The chosen one
  5. Shelter
  6. Gladiator of Rome (part 2)
  7. Dark knight
  8. Prelude
  9. Pray for salvation
  10. Evil curse
  11. Restless soul
  12. Under sige
  13. Guard the blind

Label: AFM Records

Genre: Melodic Metal

CD review HUMAN FORTRESS "Raided land"
Tag(s) : #Human Fortress, #CD Review, #Heavy Metal

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