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(7/10) Eternal Idol is the name of a new melodic metal outfit, hailing from Vicenza. "The Unrevealed Secret" is the name of the band debut that was published by Frontiers Music a few days ago.

Even though this album is a debut, it's the musicians that aren' rookies at all.  The band is the brainchild of Fabio Lione, known from bands like Rhapsody Of Fire and Angra. The charismatic singer teamed-up with Nick Savio from Hollow Haze, a band that's provides 60% of Eternal Idol's staff. 

Eternal Idol is into melodic metal which isn't a stunner, considering the background of the individual band members. "The Unrevealed Secret" includes a lot of bombast and drama. The record comes with a kind of symphonic approach that is fortunately not overdone. There aren't these big orchestrated parts like some other genre companions use. The arrangements do embrace a stagy style but all in all the twelve songs are kept basic, as much as it can be done within this genre.

Interesting, even though not new, is the interplay of two singers. On the one hand there is Lione with his powerful voice with Giorgia Colleluori as the female counterpart. This combination first of all works very well and secondly adds a nice contrast to each of the tracks.

This album could be interesting for fans of bands like Avantasia, Angra and Co.. It provides fine melodic metal that might not be revolutionary, but at least it's well crafted and embedded in a really good production.





1. Evil Tears
2. Another Night Comes 
3. Awake in Orion 
4. Is the Answer Far from God?
5. Blinded 
6. Sad Words Unvailed 
7. Desidia 
8. Hall of Sins 
9. Feels Like I'm Dying 
10. A song in the wind 
11. Stormy Days 
12. Beyond 


Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Symphonic Metal

Release Date EU: December 2nd, 2016

CD review ETERNAL IDOL "The Unrevealed Secret"
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