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CD review FREEDOM CALL "666 weeks beyond eternity"

Veröffentlicht am 1. Mai 2015 von Markus W. in Freedom Call, Heavy Metal, Melodic Metal, Speed Metal, News, CD Review

(7/10) If we go back in the year 2002 it was Bavarian Freedom Call that released their third longplayer called "Eternity". It was and still is one of the best albums the band produced so far. The mix between speed metal, neo-classic element and power metal is performed very professional and the catchy melodies have been the cherry on the cake, even though it has been those melodies that might made it also difficult for some metalheads to fully enjoy the sound. Happy metal wasn't everybodies darling.

However, the guys from Nuremberg are looking back on a successful 2014 - which they also diserved. Their tour brought them to the US as well as on European highways. Taking this positive energy, Freedom Call decided to re-release the mentioned milestone "Eternity". The disc got the 'diabolic' name "666 weeks beyond eternity" which refers to the mentioned third album as well as to the latest studio longplayer called "Beyond".

I don't have to say a lot about the song since I guess you know them already. Hard riffs, the excellent vocals of Chris Bay and the rhythm section with new drummer Ramy Ali and returned bassist Ilker Ersin gives the new recording a cool groove. Happy metal that is coming around quite heavy. That's CD 1.

On CD number two you get even more Freedom Call. The new song "666 weeks beyong eternity" is a typical Freedom Call song that makes a lot of fun and is excellent food for headbanging. Fast and furious.

Next to this new tune there are live recordings from "Live in Helevetia" on the disc, plus "Warriors" in an unplugged version. And last but not least there are three bonus tracks from "Land of the crimson dawn" on the album too. All nice goodies, but I was hoping for one to two other new songs. Or live recordings which aren't taken from a former live release.

All in all "666 weeks beyond eternity" is a nice release that will be a must for collectors. For all the others, you need to decide if the package contains enough new stuff that makes it interesting enough to go for it.





  1. The spell
  2. The eyes of the world
  3. Flying high
  4. Island of dreams
  5. Bleeding heart
  6. Flame in the night
  7. Metal invasion
  8. Ages of power
  9. Turn back time
  10. Warrior
  11. Land of light
  12. 666 weeks beyond eternity
  13. Metal invasion (live 2011)
  14. Warriors (live 2011)
  15. Land of light (live 2011)
  16. The eyes of the world (live 2011)
  17. Metal invasion (special version)
  18. Warriors (unplugged)
  19. Flame in the night (by Powerworld)
  20. Land of light (by Neonfly)
  21. Warrioirs (by Hannes Braun)


Label: Steamhammer/SPV

Genre: Melodic Metal


CD review FREEDOM CALL "666 weeks beyond eternity"