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CD review SATYRICON "Live at the opera"

Veröffentlicht am 30. April 2015 von Markus W. in Satyricon, Black Metal, Classic, News, CD Review, Opera, Live, Thrash Metal, Death Metal

(9/10) When metal meets classic it's always a thin line between genius and disaster. History has shown that even big bands failed - just like this. Also Metallica with their "S&M" album belongs to this group.

Now it was time for Satyricon. The idea of merging black metal and classic isn't totally new. Satyr and Satyriocn played already a session together with the brass section from the Norwegian Royal Orchestra which was a big success. This kind of collaboration might be for some fans a sell-out while for others it's a next step in creativity. It for sure streches the borders, or even tears down walls. However, I think that Satyricon did an excellent job with this album.

"Live at the opera" was recorded two years ago. It was on September 8, 2013 when the band shared the stage with the Norwegian Opera Choir in Oslo.

The joy with "Live at the opera" is the fact that the band didn't re-arrange the songs entirely. Those are still black metal songs based on mighty riffs and the brawly vocals from Satyr. But the songs become much more intense and it is the choir, that is so well integrated that it creates goose bumps while listening. Songs like "Now diabolica" and "Die by my hand" are brilliant examples here for. It is a thrilling listening experience that you can't escape from.

Other highlights towards the end are "Mother North" with its apocalyptic vibe, but also the mighty "K.I.N.G.", which was hard to 'translate' into a choir arrangement, is a treat for your ears.

"Live at the opera" is a live document that looks back on an extraordinary and special show in Oslo. It gives fans, that haven't had the chance to join the 'party' a chance to at least partly experience and enjoy the show. I guess the entire vibe of this night can't be burned on CD/DVD.

Satyricon fans will love the release and "Live at the opera" might open up also for possible new fans. This is not a sell-out. This is musical creativity at its best. Thank you.





  1. Voices of shadows
  2. Now diabolical
  3. Repined bastard nation
  4. Our world it rumbles tonight
  5. Nocturnal flare
  6. Die by my hand
  7. Tro og kraft
  8. Phoenix
  9. Den siste
  10. The infinity of time and space
  11. To the mountains
  12. The pentagram burns
  13. Mother North
  14. K.I.N.G.


Label: Napalm Records

Genre: Black Metal

CD review SATYRICON "Live at the opera"