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CD review THE POODLES "Devil in the details"

Veröffentlicht am 30. März 2015 von Markus W. in The Poodles, Gotthard, Hardrock, Rock, Classic Rock, News, CD Review

(8/10) 'The devil is in the detail' is a saying and The Poodles decided to use this as a base for the name of their newst longplayer. "Devil in the detail" became the name of the sixth album and The Poodles managed being able to handle all those details that decide on success are failure.

"Devil in the detail" isn't a failure at all. The band presents themselves in good shape and offers 12 songs that are melodic metal/hardrock that can be compared with the latest release from Gotthard. This means that there isn't a lot that changed with the sound of the 2005 founded band, but they developed the details (again this word :))

The opening double header "Before I die" and "House of cards" is well chosen. Heavy riffs are combined with good hooklines that are a pleasure to listen to. "The greatest" is the first track that takes out the heaviness a bit. It is a normal rock song with a good quality, even though it isn't the best on the album. It's very much mainstream.

The partly funky "(What the hell) Baby" stands out a bit more. It has a big pop appeal  and it is sugar sweet. And since we love sugar there is no way to escape from the track. A song that follows a kind of the same pattern is "Stop". The hookline is very well done and the straight-forward rhythm does the rest. In my point of view a real winner on the album.

A tune you should check out as well is "Creator and breaker". The number has a good groove and a melodyline that sticks from the very first moment. This is actually something that goes for all of the songs. You get into them from the very first moment on and we talk about haunting melodies, since the tracks are catchy.

A word about the sound. Mats Valentine has been responsible for the production and he gave the album an powerful sound and made it a really rocking one.

"Devil in the detail" is an excellent melodic metal/hardrock album that gives you good time and is the soundtrack for your next ride into the sunset.





  1. Before I die
  2. House of cards
  3. The greatest
  4. Crack in the wall
  5. (Way the hell) Baby
  6. Everything
  7. Stop
  8. Need to believe
  9. Alive
  10. Life without you
  11. Creator and breaker
  12. Borderline


Label: Gain Music

Genre: Melodic Metal

CD review THE POODLES "Devil in the details"