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CD review THE SABBATHIAN "Ritual rites" EP

Veröffentlicht am 2. September 2014 von Markus W. in The Sabbathian, Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Doom Metal, Classic Rock, Rock, CD Review, News

The Sabbathian is a trio that is playing doom metal based on the mighty Black Sabbath. Looking on the name this isn't a big surprise. What the band does is also adding an occult force to their sound and combine it with some Candlemass riffs.

The Sabbathian was formed by Chad Davis and was joined by guitarist Joey Downs. The line-up is completed by singer Anette Gulbrandsen.

The production of the record is basic. The mix could have deserved a bit more diversifiaction and the sound could be a bit more powerful. Still the result is OK.

The songs didn't really convince me. The trio sticks too much to their sources of inspiration. Anette's vocals are well performed and fit to the sound of The Sabbathian. But the whole combination sound a bit like Avanatrium without getting close to their level; not from the songwriting and not from the production.

The music from this EP is alright; not more but also not less. I personally prefer the originals from Sabbath and Candlemass, plus Avatarium. Something for doom fans with a bigger wallet.



  1. Ancient's curse
  2. Ritual rites
  3. Nightshade eternal


Label: Svart Records

Genre: Doom Metal

CD review THE SABBATHIAN "Ritual rites" EP