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Veröffentlicht am 24. Juli 2014 von Markus W. in Bölzer, Black Metal, Death Metal, Celtic Frost, Trypticon, Hellhammer, CD Review, News

(8/10) It's interesting to see what kind of metal comes from the country in the alps. On first sight it seems to be the wealthy Heidi-country with mountains, cows, watches and the perfect world. Bands like Gotthard and China slightly fits into this stereotype quite well (Not to be misunderstood: I don't mean this in any negative way).

But there are bands which build the flipside to all those cliches. Switzerland has the dark side too. Bands like Hellhammer or later on Celtic Frost underline this fact. If you're listening to the story of Tom G. Warrior you know what I mean.

Bölzer is another band from the country with the white cross which fits into this category. The band adds a black shade to the white cross. The newest release is called "Soma" and comes with two tracks. It can be seen as an EP since the total playing time is about 19 minutes. The heart of the record is called "Labyrinthian graves", which is a more than twelve minutes long tune.  It combines crunchy guitar riffs with powerful growls. The arrangement and the structure of such a long song is good since the tension and excitment is kept during the entire time. Everyone who counts Celtic Frost and Trypticon to his/her favorites should spend 12 minutes to listen to this track. You will not regret it. The first song is a bit shorter, which means five minutes. It's a mean death metal track that is kept a bit slower than the second one. But also here we can find desperate sound eruptions which sounds like the apocalyise. 

"Soma" is an intesive EP which puts a dark shadow on the summer sun. Check it out.





  1. Steppes
  2. Labyrinthian graves


Label: Invictus Productions

Genre: Black- / Death Metal